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Bulletin from Greg Hands M.P. #313 Date: Friday, 14 October 2011 18:04:40 United Kingdom Time From: To: Greg Hands M.P.

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Greg Hands M.P.s Diary Website of the Week: First Steps Dance Academy Photo news: First Steps Academy Awards Presentation Hands welcomes new ISP policy on Internet Porn Counters Creek public meetings Crime falls in H&F despite London riots Save money while saving energy in K&C H&F Transport Summit 2011 Funding fillip for local initiatives in K&C Hands in Parliament: Hands supports Defence Secretarys work in South Asia Hands in the papers: Osborne aide in Barclays 'swizz' jibe How to contact Greg Hands M.P.

Issue 313 Friday 14th October 2011

Since the last edition, Greg:

Appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, Sky News, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and the BBC News Channel on behalf of the Conservative Party to discuss the allegations surrounding Dr Liam Fox. Visited Chelsea social housing estates with officers of the Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, including Elm Park Gardens, the Cremorne and Worlds End Estates, Pond House, Chelsea Manor Court and Wiltshire Close. Presented the certificates and medals for attainment by girls and boys at the First Steps Dance Academy, Lillie Road, Fulham. For more, see photos and Website of the Week below. Met representatives of various Chelsea residents associations to hear their concerns over subterranean developments in the Borough. Greg has taken a strong interest in these issues, and will be pursuing them further. Provided the Vote of Thanks for guest speaker Rt Hon George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, at the annual dinner of the Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservative Association. Chaired a seminar in Parliament on prospects for the Taiwan economy and how UK companies can enter the Chinese market through Taiwan. 5 speakers were on the panel, including Taiwans Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs. Attended a meeting of the Taxpayers Alliance to discuss the UK economy. Spoke out in the House of Commons to defend Defence Secretary Dr Liam Foxs pursuit of improving security in South Asia. For more, see below. Met in London the German Deputy Finance Minister Steffen Kampeter MdB to learn more about German approaches to the Eurozone. Welcomed local Fulham filmmakers from Studio Eight Productions to discuss the environment for film production in the UK. Met the Czech Foreign Minister, H.E. Karel Schwarzenberg, for discussions with various UK politicians on developments in the Czech Republic. Greg is the Chairman of the All-Party Czech and Slovak Group in Parliament. Welcomed a group of human rights activists from the Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan to discuss the worsening human rights situation in that country. Conducted a surgery for local Chelsea and Fulham residents at Fulham Town Hall. Gregs surgeries are generally weekly, and held weekly, at either Fulham Town Hall or Peter Jones, Sloane Square. To make an appointment, email or telephone 020 7219 5448.

Website of the Week:
The website of the First Steps Dance Academy, the Fulham ballet school, where Greg this week presented the certificates and medals to girls and boys.

Photo news: First Steps Academy Awards Presentation

Greg Hands MP handing out the medals and certificates to children who have successfully completed their ballet examinations at the First Steps Academy ballet school, Lillie Road, Fulham.

Hands welcomes new ISP policy on Internet Porn

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed an announcement this week by Internet Service Providers that will help protect children online. It follows the early work of the cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection, run by his Conservative colleague, Claire Perry MP. The four leading Internet Service Providers, TalkTalk, Sky, BT and Virgin Media have confirmed that they will work together to make it easier for families to block access to internet pornography. By October 2012, these companies will make all new internet customers choose whether they wish to restrict the web content that their computers can receive, using a service called Active Choice. Each of the companies offers filtering technology already, but subscribers are not prompted to choose whether to install it. The group will also sponsor a media campaign to encourage existing customers to install the technology. Commenting on the news, Greg Hands said: This announcement shows that the British Internet industry is finally waking up to the problem of children accessing adult content on the Internet. I think this is a good first step, and I hope that the inquiry will lead to further safeguards being introduced.

Counters Creek public meetings

Thames Water will be holding two public meetings in November to update residents on the latest developments: Hammersmith Town Hall, Monday 14 November at 7.30pm Kensington Town Hall, Thursday 17 November at 7.30pm

Residents are free to attend either meeting, irrespective of the borough in which they live. More information will be available shortly.

Crime falls in H&F despite London riots

Crime is falling again in Hammersmith & Fulham despite the August riots that affected several parts of the capital. There were 11,740 crimes committed across the borough in the six months to September 30 which is 4 per cent down on the previous year. If the decrease is maintained for the rest of the year it would be one of the best crime performances locally since records began. The impressive decrease was achieved despite the fact that large parts of London were affected by violent disorder and looting in August although proactive work by the local Police and council saw Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) emerge largely unscathed. Early indications from the Metropolitan Polices latest figures show serious youth violence tumbling by 4.5% locally bucking and increase of 9.8% across the capital. Commercial robbery almost halved (down 46.9%) compared in a London-wide jump of 4.9% over the six months. Total robbery was down 4.8% in H&F and residential burglary fell by 9.5%. Police Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Lucy DOrsi has praised the hard work of her officers as well as the councils funding for extra town centre patrols. Ch Sup DOrsi said: Despite the challenges of August's disorder across London the latest crime figures for the borough remain encouraging. My team has tactically changed the way we deal with those who commit burglary and robbery and we have been rewarded with reductions in the number of victims. Higher levels of covert and overt patrols around Shepherds Bush Green has resulted in a reduction in violence. We have also introduced enhanced patrols to tackle those individuals intent on targeting young people on their way to and from school. It is my intention that we can reassure young people so that they feel safe. H&F Council is spending 1.3million a year for three enhanced town centre squads of beat bobbies with local firms adding an extra 350,000 a year. The additional cash means the borough has 44 more Police officers than it would do otherwise. Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Cabinet Member for Residents Services, says, Our no nonsense approach is reaping dividends. Getting more warranted officers on to our town centre streets has been the centrepiece of the councils successful crime fighting approach. Combined with strong and determined zero-tolerance style policing the results speak for themselves. The council is continuing to do its bit by finding the cash to pay for extra beat bobbies and we expect the local Police to keep up the pressure up on the criminal minority so these impressive results continue. Read more at

Save money while saving energy in K&C

Residents are being encouraged to take back control of their energy bills during Energy Week (Monday 24 to Friday 28 October). This year the Council's community bus will be out and about and officers will be on board to talk about: what the Council is doing to reduce its own carbon emissions, save money and adapt to climate change how to save money on your energy bills by being more energy efficient

The bus will be at: World's End Plaza on Tuesday 25 October from 9am to 4pm Sainsbury's Ladbroke Grove on Thursday 27 October from 9am to 4pm

Councillor Nick Paget-Brown, the Deputy Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "This is a great chance for residents to find out useful tips on how to reduce their energy bills as well as speak to officers about what the Council is doing." For more information about the event contact the environment team on 020 7341 5166 or email

H&F Transport Summit 2011

Stuck in traffic? Trapped on a train? Come along to the Get H&F Moving Transport Summit Tuesday November 8 7 - 8.30pm Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, London W6 9JU For more information visit: Hosted by H&F Council's Environment and Residents' Services Select Committee.

Funding fillip for local initiatives in K&C

Residents in each of the boroughs 18 electoral wards have the opportunity to access up to 20,000 in community funds to improve their local area and develop neighbourhood initiatives. 'City Living, Local Life aims to get Councillors and their communities working together to develop practical solutions to local issues, with 20,000 being allocated to each ward. People who want to find out how to get involved should come along to Tea in the Park this Saturday, 15 October, in Holland Park, near the cafe, between 10am and 3pm. They will be able to meet local Councillors and discuss over a cuppa how they can use the scheme to make a difference. Similar schemes have already paid dividends for a number of local communities. In Golborne, locals opted for a loveGolborne campaign to encourage local pride and increase tourism. While residents in the St Charles ward tackled antisocial behaviour by young people in the Dalgarno area which resulted in establishing an Air Cadets programme, running a local football tournament and developing a youth outreach scheme. Colville ward residents opted to set up a forum so councillors and local people could discuss what projects they wanted to prioritise. This has resulted in bringing like-minded residents together who are now involved in a variety of projects including community gardening ventures. Cabinet Member for Civil Society Cllr Rock Fielding-Mellen said: We recognise and celebrate the diversity within our borough, and so this exciting initiative is intended to enable Councillors in all wards to work with local residents on whatever the local priorities might be. There is no central paradigm or strict set of rules; instead, this is true localism in practice. This money is not intended to be enough to solve all problems but should help get projects started or provide a fillip to some that are already underway. There is no limit to the number of projects that may be agreed by a ward provided it is within budget. You could even get Councillors collaborating across ward boundaries if this offers a way to address local issues. For further information email, phone the Community Engagement Team on 020 7598 4633 or go to

Hands in Parliament:
Monday 10th October 2011

Hands supports Defence Secretarys work in South Asia

The Secretary of State for Defence (Dr Liam Fox): First, I am sure the House will wish to join me in paying tribute to Lance Corporal Jonathan McKinlay of 1st Battalion the Rifles and Marine David Fairbrother of Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, who were killed in Afghanistan on 14 and 19 September respectively. Our thoughts, as ever, are with their families and friends, for whom this will be an immense personal tragedy. The south Asia region is one of the United Kingdoms highest engagement priorities, and the Ministry of Defence enjoys strong historic relationships with most countries in the region. We have developed a broad range of positive initiatives to enhance cooperation between Ministers, senior officials and military officers, and continue to work to broaden and deepen those links in support of the Government's strategic objectives. Greg Hands (Chelsea and Fulham) (Con): I join the Secretary of State in his tribute to the dead. May I also tell him that he has our full support, not least in deepening our security ties with south Asia? Will he use this opportunity to explain to the House his involvement in Sri Lanka? Dr Fox: I shall be delighted to do that, especially in front of so many Members with a new interest in defence. In 1996, when I was a Minister in the Foreign Office, I worked on what became known as the Fox agreement, which was part of the early peace talks in Sri Lanka. In recent years I have been attempting to work again for reconciliation in that country, and to encourage investment in it. As I said when I spoke there recently, there will be no future for Sri Lanka unless all citizens, whatever their gender, religion or ethnic origin, are treated in the same way and allowed to realise their full potential.

Hands in the papers:

Osborne aide in Barclays 'swizz' jibe

Kamal Ahmed, The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 9th October 2011 One of the Chancellor's key aides has said that an investment product marketed to retail clients by Barclays is a "swizz" and that the Government should look at some form of "kitemark" for complicated savings products so savers are protected. Greg Hands, parliamentary private secretary to George Osborne and a junior member of the Treasury, said he had been offered the structured bond from Barclays as he was a customer of their stockbroking division. He said the complicated nature of the product revealed that banks still had a long way to go to make their offers transparent and suitable for investors. High levels of household debt and investments in unsuitable and complicated products was seen as one of the reasons for the financial crisis. Mr Hands, who worked in derivatives for eight years before becoming an MP, said the bond was almost impossible to price. "I do sometimes wonder about some of our banks and others with the marketing of their financial products," he said at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference last week. "I am a client of Barclays stockbrokers and I am amazed at some of the stuff they are putting out to purely retail individual investors, not high net worth clients." At the event organised by the Social Market Foundation, Mr Hands then referred to the recent offer he had received from Barclays: "This is an exclusive offer until the 28 September," he said the offer document explained, before continuing: "It is a very complicated product that is a bond linked to the level of the FTSE. I used to price some of these products and it was not possible to price this product. I'm not saying Barclays is exceptional in this, I believe other banks are likely to be similar. But there are a very complicated set of options embedded in this product which are called in the world of derivatives an American-style set of binary options where basically your capital is at risk if at any point during the next five or six years the FTSE falls below a certain level. "You could end up losing a considerable part of your capital which I don't think is particularly explicit in this product." Mr Hands said that only at the bottom was there a suggestion that "structured products are not for everyone" or investors should "seek independent advice". He said many retail investors did not have access to suitable advice. "This is basically what you would call on the street a swizz. "I doubt if we are going to have people able to market this kind of product to purely retail investors potentially investing a few hundred or thousand pounds without any kitemark or independent study. Last night, a spokesman for Barclays said: "Barclays Stockbrokers provides a service through which clients can trade a wide range of securities. We make available from time to time structured products which enable sophisticated investors to express a view on the market. The literature complies with FSA guidelines and makes it clear investors' capital is at risk."

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