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The benefits of having a trained What does a Doula doA Where a Doula works 4

Doula 4 Anywhere! A doula works in birth centres,

A doula offers: private and public hospitals and at
Studies have shown that having a doula Brofessional birth support to you, your homebirths, always in conjunction with
present during labour: partner and your family. Bhysical, midwives / doctors – never as the sole care
emotional and informational support during
Shortens the labour process (Campbell et al,
pregnancy, labour and beyond, along with
2006; Langer et al 1998), Doulas work privately with you and are
the comfort of experienced continuity of not employed by your midwife / doctor or
6educes caesarean section rates (Thomassen care. by the hospital. As a courtesy to your
et al, 2003; Scott et al 1999; Kennell et al, 1991) midwife / doctor it is advised that you inform
This is usually done via: them of your choice to include a doula in
Has a positive effect on breastfeeding (Langer !" a specific number of visits to your home your birth team.
etal, 1998).
during Pregnancy
Doulas provide balanced information so you
:nhances the wellbeing of mothers and babies, !" assistance in birth planning and preparation
can make your own decisions.
reduces the need for medical assistance, !" accompanying you to hospital / specialist /
mothers feel better about themselves, more caregiver visits
positive about the labour and bond more !" working through your fears
Prices vary depending on the services
easily with their babies (Marshall H Klaus, John H !" teaching relaxation techniques offered, the doula’s experience and what
Kennell and Phyllis H Klaus, The Doula Book, !" providing information, resources and other skills your doula offers. Your doula may
Cambridge, Perseus Publishing, 2002)
emotional support throughout pregnancy. be professionally trained in areas such as
yoga, remedial massage, naturopathy,
Provides continuous support in labour
A doula is on call 24/7 for approx 2 weeks homeopathy, and more.
increasing the chance of a spontaneous
vaginal birth (i.e. give birth with neither before and after your due date or as required.
caesarean nor vacuum nor forceps), women What a Doula isn’t4
were less likely to use pain medications, had Doulas are not medically trained. They do
The role of the doula during labour and birth is to
slightly shorter labours, had no identified not perform clinical tasks, give medical
enhance the experience for you and your
adverse effects and women were more diagnosis/advice or second opinions. The
partner. The doula will be there from the time doula’s non-medical support leaves your
satisfied. (
you call for as long as you need her. midwife/doctor more available to care for
Improves mothers perception of her you and your baby.
experience of labour, her ability to cope with Bostnatal visits to help your new family to bond
labour, herself as a woman and of her body with your new baby, help with general baby Do E still need childbirth education
(Gordon, Walton, McAdam, Derman, Gallitero and care, feeding options or just to be those extra
Garrett 1998) hands.
Absolutely! It is vital that both you and your
Improves mothers self-esteem, lowers anxiety partner learn about the birth process.
Et is important to clarify exactly what each doula Sharing a class with other expectant
and reduces depression at 6 weeks offers and choose the one that suits you and
post-partum ( couples adds to your experience and better
your partner best. prepares you for an extraordinary day!
Doulas in South Australia Professional Birth Support
How do Doulas and Bartners work Paula Bruckard
togetherA Myrtle Bank, 0411 983 723

Luci Bubner
Doulas work as part of the birth team. Her
Lockleys (Henley Beach), 0417 877 708
knowledge and experience can help partners,
family and/or friends participate comfortably
at the birth. Natasha Chant
Semaphore, 0433 100 242
The Doula can give other support people ideas,
reassurance and a rest. Her role is to "be there Jayne Hawkins
for you" and help you have the best possible Gawler South, 0406 430 919
birthing experience, and she does this by

Please note many doulas are happy to travel

working with whoever else is there - and by Helen Hriskin
supporting them also. Stepney, 0412 225 532

A Doula can never replace the love and Jane Ireland

caring that family and friends can provide Cowandilla, 0402 473 712
during the birth experience. No one else can fill
this special role. Melissa Serafin
Loxton, 0438413869 Doulas of South Australia
Marcia Stillwell
Stirling, 0415 746 920 / 8339 6760

Jen Watkins !a!Doula’s!passion!is!to!

Aldgate, 0402 082 169 / 8339 7543 support!women!and!their!
Kellie Clark (trainee) families!to!create!their!own!!
Clapham, 0407 112 799 memorable!and!unique!
Kirsten Forrester (trainee) journey!through!!
“A very special thank-you… You Barossa, 0438 807 858
made such a difference at the birth pregnancy,!labour!and!!
for us both, encouraging me when it Julia Fry (trainee) parenthood!
all seemed too hard and helping me Dulwich (Burnside), 0407724628
achieve the birth that has given our
little girl the best start in life. Emma Kingsford-Smith (trainee)
Thanks for sharing this special time Adelaide (city), 0404 388 284
with us.” “With a doula there, I could fully
Jill - Adelaide Angela Lambe (trainee) concentrate on my wife and be right
Morphett Vale, 0434 571 517 by her side throughout labour. She did
all the running around for us;”
Bronni Simpson (trainee) Mark - Henley Beach
Mitcham, 0402 423 103