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Conditionals (0,1,2)

Conditional 0 IF


conditions that are always true



present simple

present simple

it rains

she .always stays at home

I am late for work if I miss the 8 oclock bus.

My boss gets angry if I am late for work.

Conditional 1 - there is a real possibility that the condition will happen.




present simple

WILL + base verb

it rains

I will stay at home.

Sometimes, we use can or may instead of will, for example:

If you are good today, you can watch TV tonight.

unless = 'if ... not'. In other words, '...unless he hurries up.' = '...if he doesn't hurry up.'.
If it rains, we will stay at home.
He will arrive late unless he hurries up.
Peter will buy a new car, if he gets his raise.

Conditional 2

- there is an unreal possibility that the condition will happen


past simple

WOULD + base verb

it didnt rain

I wouldnt be at home now.

Sometimes, we use could or might instead of would, for example:

If I won a million dollars, I could stop working.
The verb 'to be', when used in the 2nd conditional, is always conjugated as 'were'.
If he studied more, he would pass the exam.
I would lower taxes if I were the President.
They would buy a new house if they had more money.

1. as long as (= only if, on condition

2. As soon as (=immediately after)
3. provided / providing (that) (= only
if, on condition that)
4. on condition (that) (=provided)
5. when

1. You can borrow my camera as long as you promise to

take care.

2. As soon as she comes, I will call you.

3. You can visit me any time provided / providing (that)
you call me in advance.
4. On condition (that) she passes her exam, her parents
will let her go to Italy for the holidays.
5. When I whine, she immediately comes to me.

Exercise 1. Zero Conditional: Create zero conditional sentences based on the words (You can
use if or when).

Example: You / not / eat / you / die = If you don't eat, you die.
1. My daughter / eat / too much chocolate / she /get / sick
2. If / no / rain / the grass / not / grow
3. If / it / hot / shops / sell / more ice cream
4. you / mix / blue and yellow / you / get / green
5. I / watch / television late at night / I / fall / asleep
6. Sandra / have / a party / the neighbours / get / angry

7. you / lose / weight / you / not eat
8. the weather /be / nice / Peter / walk / to work
9. you / add / salt / the food / taste /better
10. my son / get / sick / he /eat / too many sweets
11. my mother / have / a headache / she / take / an aspirin
12. you / heat / ice / it / melt
13. it / snow / children / make / snowmen
14. I / miss / the 7 oclock bus / I / be / late for work
15. Janet / not sleep /she / drink / coffee
Exercise 2. Write the verbs in brackets into the gaps in Conditional I. Use the will-future in the
main clause

If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________ (to watch) an interesting film.


If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

a) If I ___________(to learn), I _____________(to pass) the exams.

b) We _____________ (not/to swim) if the weather _________________ (to be) bad.
c) If he ______________ (to have) a temperature, he _______________(to see) the doctor.
d) I _________________(to be) very happy if my friends __________________(to come).
e) If I _______________(to earn) a lot of money, I __________________ (to fly) to New York.
f) If we _________________ (not/to come) home in time, we _______________(to miss) the film.
g) The teacher ______________ (not/to be) happy if I ____________(to forget) my homework again.
h) If our class _________________(to go) to England, I _______________ (to visit) the Tower of London.
i) If they __________ (not get) an umbrella, they __________ (get) wet.
Exercise 3. Write the verbs in brackets into the gaps in Conditional II.
Example: If I ____ (to go) to the cinema, I _________ (to watch) an interesting film.
Answer: If I went to the cinema, I would watch an interesting film.
a) If they ____________(to have) enough money, they _____________(to buy) a new car.
b) If he _____________ (to be) my friend, I _____________ (to invite) him.
c) The Smiths _____________ (to go) on holiday if they _____________ (to have) time.
d) If Susan _____________ (to learn) more, she _____________ (to be) better at school.
e) We _____________ (to call) the police if we _____________ (to see) a burglar.
f) If the pupils _____________ (to have) no school, they _____________ (to play) football.
g) If I _____________ (to come) home early, my father _____________ (not/to be) angry.
h) If I _____________ (to be) you, I _____________ (not/to go) to the party.
i) If you __________ (see) a terror film, ______ you ______ (be) frightened?
j) If Sheila __________ (not be) so rude, people __________ (like) her.
k) If your mother __________ (not like) your present, what ______ you ______ (do)?
Exercise 4. Make questions with the words in prompts, then write your own answers. You have
the type in brackets.
1. How / you / feel / if / you / win / a prize / ? (Second)
2. If / you / go / to a desert island / what / you / take / with you / ? (Second)
3. What / you / eat / if / you / be / very hungry / ? (Zero)
4. If / you / find / a wallet in the street yesterday / what / you / do / ? (Second)
5. If / you / go out / next weekend / where / you / go / ?(First)
6. What / you / do / if / you /see / an UFO / ? (Second)
7. Who / you / invite / if / you / have / a party / ? (First)

Exercise 5. Put the correct conditional type (0,1,2)

1. I (bring) _____________ you some food if I (know)____________ that you were hungry.
2. I (not buy)_______________ these things if I (be)__________ you.
3. I (can)_______________ repair the roof myself if I (have)_______________ a longer ladder. But I dont have
4. (go)_________________ with us if there (be)_________________ a ticket left?
5. I( get lost)__________________ if you (not go)____________________ with me. Come with me please!
6. If he (be)____________________ there he (answer)_______________ the phone. I am sure.
7. Provided that he (finish)______________ this book, he (can)___________________ to go for a walk!
8. If someone (offer)________________ to buy you one of those cars, which one (you
9. If you (read) _________________the article carefully, you (find)_______________ all the answers.
10. If you (wear)_______________ this coat, nobody (recognize)___________ you. Why dont you want to try it
11. If you go to London, where (you usually stay)________________________?
12. If we (pass)_____________ the exam, we (celebrate)______________ it. This is our tradition.
13. If you (shake)_____________________ the bottle, gas (come out)_______________________.
14. If you (be)_____________________ unemployed, what (you do)____________________?
15. She (not have) _______________accidents if she (practice)________________ more.
16. Someone (steal)_______________ your glasses if you (leave)_______________ them there.
17. Unless you (turn)______________ that music down, I (go)____________________ mad.
18. We( have to) ________________walk if we (run out) _________________of petrol here.
19. What (you do)______________ if you (hear) the alarm? Just imagine.
Exercise 6. Find the mistakes in the quotations and correct them:


We would accomplish many more things if we do not think of them as impossible.


Never work before breakfast. If you had to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first. - American



My warning: If you don't drive your business you would be driven out of business. - B. C. Forbes, American



If youth would know; if age could. - HENRI ESTIENNE


If you won't program yourself, life will program you! - LES BROWN, American Speaker


If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you won't have a job if he was any smarter. - American



If you will have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. - JOHN PIERPONT MORGAN, American Banker


If you can counted your money, then you're not a rich man. - J. PAUL GETTY, American Oil Tycoon


If the blind lead the blind, both would fall into the ditch. BIBLE

10. If you build a better mousetrap, you would caught better mice. - GEORGE GOBEL
Exercise 7. Rewrite these sentences using unless or if not.
1. He will break his leg if he doesnt skate carefully.
2. If you dont take the dog for a walk, it will bark at night.
3. She will break the bottle unless she is careful.
4. If I dont have any money, I cant go on holiday.
5. Unless he phones now, we wont wait for him.
6. If Kelly doesnt drive slowly in the rain, she will have an accident.

7. They will be very disappointed if you dont go to the party.
8. Unless you stop eating lots of sweets, you will put on weight.
9. He will lose his job unless he works harder.
Exercise 8. Circle the correct clause:
1. You can borrow my car (unless/as long as) you promise not to drive too fast.
2. I'm playing tennis tomorrow (unless/providing) it rains.
3. I'm playing tennis tomorrow (unless/providing) it doesn't rain
4. I don't mind if you come home late (unless/as long as) you come in quietly.
5. I'm going now (unless/provided) you want me to stay.
6. I watch TV (unless/as long as) I've got nothing else to do.
7. Children are allowed to use the swimming pool (unless/provided) they are with an adult
8. (Unless/Provided) they are with an adult, children are not allowed to use the swimming pool.
9. We can sit here in the corner (unless/as long as) you dont mind.
10. You won't pass the exam (unless/as long as) you try a bit harder.
Exercise 9. Put as long as, provided that or unless:
1. She's a sweet person __________that you don't contradict her.
2. You can't borrow my camera _________you're prepared to buy me a new one if you break it.
3. Camping is fun ____________as you don't forgot the torch and the can-opener.
4. I refuse to go________________you come with me.
5. A great white shark will be nice to you___________as you don't strike its nose.
6. ___________ that the weather is good, we'll spend the day in the mountains.
7. I refuse to watch Channel Two, _____________ they show less adverts.
8. _____________ I can find a cheaper one, I 'll have to buy that monitor.
9. ____________ as you wear a bullet-proof jacket, being a president is a safe job.
10. ____________ you're prepared to work very hard .you will never be a doctor.
Video part
Video exercise 1.
How Chocolate is Made
Watch the video and open the brackets to make right conditional
1. If you ________________ (want/see) how chocolate grows, _______________
(look) for cocoa trees.
2. If you cocoa fruit _______________ (turn) yellow, orange or red, it
_____________ (be) ripe.
3. When you ________________ (harvest) cocoa pod , you ______________ (cut) it
by hand.
4. If you ______________ (open)the cacao pod, you ______________ (find) between
20 to 50 seeds there, which are the cacao beans.
5. If you _______________ (process) the cacao beans, the _________________ (taste) like chocolate.
6. If you _____________ (grain) the seeds, you _______________ (get) cocoa powder.
7. After you _____________ (add) hot water to the powder, _____________ (mix) it with a special mixer stick.
8. If chocolate __________________ (not/be) tasty, it __________________ (not/spread) all over the world.
9. If we ______________ (take) ground cocoa beans and ______________ (melt) them, we ______________ (be
able/make) a chocolate bar.
10. After you _____________ (put) chocolate into the forms, let it dry for a little bit.
Video exercise 2.
Please, put the following sentences into 2nd Condition. Then watch
and check.
1. If that _________ (be) a movie, I _____________ (go) see it.
2. _____________ (it/be) totally weird if I ___________ (use) your shower?
3. If you _____________ (have) your own game character, we ___________
(can/hang out).
4. If I _____________ (be/ask) Leslie Winkle out, it ______________ (just/be) for
5. If you _______________(be) a robot and I ____________ (know) you didn't,
____________ (want) me to tell you?
6. If I ever _______________ (perfect) a time machine, I ____________ (just/go)
into the past and give it to myself.

7. If you just _______________________ (apologize) to Gabelhouser, he ____________ (give) you your job back.
8. If he _______________ (be) any bigger, he _____________ (have) moons orbiting him.
9. If all guys __________________ (be) like me, the human race _______________ (cannot/survive).
10. If I _____________ (can/afford) the rent, I _____________ (ask) you to leave.
11. Who _________________ (not/recognize) true genius if it ____________ (stand) in front of them giving a
12. It _____________ (be) so much easier if I ____________ (be) a violent sociopath.
13. If cats _____________ (can/sing) they ______________ (hate) it too.

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