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The Question of Change at Scale of the Whole

The Fowler Center for Sustainable Value
Making people and earth economically, environmentally and socially better—now and for future generations.
www.worldinquiry.org “Awe is What Moves Us Forward”

Top Rated Stars in Virtually Every Industry Are Becoming Leaders in Sustainable Value Innovation

• Firms of Endearment
– Whole Foods, Toyota, GE, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters— generating investor returns at a rate of some 1,026 percent over a ten year period compared to 122 percent for the S&P 500?

‐Global V2G Market to Reach $26.6 B by 2020

‐Sustainable Grid is Enabler of the New Energy Economy ‐Wal‐Mart Unveils Sustainability Index for It’s 65,000 Suppliers Haiti’s ENERSA Brings its Solar Expertise to Africa  ‐Smart Meter Shipments to Top 100 Million in 2011 "Bankruptcy of the Soul of Our Institutions" ‐Wyndham’s New HQ Powered 100% by Wind Energy ‐Market Dominance for Electric Cars by 2030
‐GE’s Eco‐imagination Revenues Reach $18 Billion  ‐‐Ten Honda Plants Achieve Zero Waste

‐‐Green Building Market To Hit $173.5 Billion by 2015 ‐‐CEO’s Believe Sustainability Tipping Point is Within 10 Year ‐‐Cleveland’s Clean Economy Jobs Rank 18th in Top 100 ‐Green Investments Top $2 Trillion since 2007

“As sustainability for cities and the planet becomes ever more important, the question isn't whether cities will do this; the question is: which ones are doing it first? And who will do it best?”
IBM Report on the Future of Cities

A third form of leadership?

The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: Success Factors Building Sustainable Societies & Enterprises
Acting in combinations: Seeing and Appreciating strengths; collaboration across boundaries. Top down, bottom up, and whole. Designing …beyond dialogue

The infinitesimal & iconic

The infinitesimal & the iconic:
…the power of small and large

How many years of experience in this room?

“I’ve seen that there is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”
– Meg Wheatley

Opening Exploration: –3 Questions for Reflection –See blue page handout in  folder.  

Opening Conversations – See blue pgs. 
(in diverse pairs—someone new)

A  B B  A

15 Minutes 15 minutes

Special spirit of inquiry: • • • • Explore strengths, innovations, visions Create your own questions, discovery mindset Take brief notes At the end… summary and thank your partner.


Coffee and tea Reconvene at ____o’clock.

Table Discussion: Discovering our  Passions and Strengths – See blue pg.
1. Share and summarize why people are drawn to SC2019 and to be  here today – and your tables highest hopes for this summit.
[15 minutes]

2. From questions 2 & 3 in the interviews, share the most inspirational  local or external stories of innovation to create an economy for a  sustainable future [15 minutes] 3. Be prepared, if called upon to briefly announce either  (1) your table’s highest hopes for this summit, or (2) one innovative story (local or external) that  most inspires you 

Stakeholder Groupings
1.       Academia/Education 2.       Arts and Culture 3.       Large Business 4.       Small/Med Business 5.       Community Stakeholder 6.       Neighborhood Leader 7.       Engineer/IT/Scientist 8.       Government/Elected Official 9.       Media/Communications 10.     Non Profit Organization 11.     Student


Neon Yellow Purple Light Blue Neon Orange Dark Green Neon Red Dark Blue Dark Orange Red Yellow Neon Green

Academia/Education Business (Small/Medium) Arts/Culture & National Stakeholders Non-Profit/Philanthropic Government/Elected Official Student Engineer/IT/Scientist Community Stakeholder Business (Large) Neighborhood/Community Media/Communications

Table Numbers

Scaling Up Energy Efficiency
Stakeholder Group Discussions – See blue pg.
Select a Timekeeper, Recorder and Reporter

1. 2. 3.

Share and discuss “Proudest Prouds” so far in your sector – exemplary     innovations and achievements [15 minutes] Brainstorm ways for your sector to “Scale UP” Energy Efficiency by 2019:  what could we accomplish by then? [20 minutes] Identify a Bold, Iconic Aspiration or Outcome indicator related to Energy  Efficiency that you would like to see you sector accomplish by 2019.
[10 minutes]

Igniting and Expanding Our Local Food Agenda Roundtable Discussion: See blue pgs.
1. Share your 1‐10 scale ratings [10 minutes] 2. Discuss what a “10” would look like – the economic, social and  environmental benefits of the ideal Local Food project(s)
[20 minutes]

3. Brainstorm small and large actions, projects, activities that  would immediately help us move toward your 2019 ideal – the “10” [20 minutes]

Design:  Co‐creating the Future—How Might We?
How Might We…?


What is Design Thinking?
“Designing renders visible our hopes and dreams; it is the first signal of human intentions.” —William McDonough

Opportunity Areas—see around the room.
Please think about areas that excite or attract you the most– your top 1st and 2nd choices?

How Might We…?

Rapid Prototyping Guidelines
• Bring the idea to life ‐ make it 3‐dimensional • Use any available materials – Drawing – Storyboard – Three‐dimensional model – Role play – Mock up/draft – Business proposal – Skit—showing the future

Working with the “Appreciative Eye”

"If we did all the things we are  capable of doing, we would  literally astonish ourselves." 
‐ Thomas Edison

Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle
Strengths Innovations & Insights Positive Core Assets

Results Initiatives and Action Plans Post‐Summit Momentum

SC 2019: Building an Economic Engine for a Green City on a Blue Lake

Opportunities Valued Future We Want

Aspirations Brainstormer Possibilities

Rapid Prototyping

1. Name the 3 most important or    exciting things that happened at this summit. 2. What one message will you communicate to  others—starting this week– to help ensure the  success of this work and this community of action?  3.   What are your personal commitments? 

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