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I/We wish to apply for a loan of Rs. (in figure) ( )(in words) for purchase / construction of ownership flat / bungalow or renovation / repairs / alteration and additional to the house / flat in my/our name/s for use and occupation by me/us and my family members. For this purpose I/We agree to abide by all the terms and conditions, as may be advised by the bank, from time to time. I/We agreed to executive all the required documents with a view to create the necessary security in Bank’s favour. To enable the bank to consider my/our request, I/We furnish the below the required particulars. I/We also hereby agree to furnish to the bank any other information / particulars as may be required now for the purpose and also from time to time during the currency of loan. I/We declare that the information/details furnished below is/are

true and correct 1> 2> 3> Full Name Age(years) Occupation : Surname : Service First name Father/husbands name Agriculturist SC/ST Yes/No Business Self Employed

(Tick whichever is applicable)


a) b)

Married/Unmarried Qualifications________________


of dependants Names a) b) c) _____________ _____________ _____________ Age ______ ______ ______ Occupation ______________ ______________ ______________ Relationship _______________ _______________ _______________ 6> Residential address : Present : Phone No: Permanent : Phone No : 7> Name and Address of Business / Employer : Phone No : 8> Name and address of Proposed guarantor : 1> Details of occupation A] If employed : Employment record Year from to Employer Post held Last Gross monthly Salary drawn (Rs) i) Whether confirmed in Present Service : Yes/No ii) Whether service is transferable : Yes/No .c) d) Income Tax PAN (permanent account number)__________ Passport. if available. No and date of issue _________ 5> No.

Company iii) Since when in business : iv) Own capital invested in Business (Rs) C] If self Employed : i) Nature of profession : Business Address ii) Since when in profession : Note : Submit financial statements of the business alongwith copies of Income tax / Wealth tax returns for the last three years. Other liabilities Rs. 3 .___________ Expenditure Rs.iii) Completed years of service _______Yrs Date of Retirement______ B] If in Business : i) Name and Nature of business :_________________________ Business Address ii) Constitution : (1)Proprietorship (2)Partnership(3) Ltd. a) b) c) Applicant Co-applicant Spouse 11> Net monthly surplus available for repayment of loan by applicants Rs. OR Chartered accountants certificate for Income / Wealth tax returns to be enclosed for ‘B’ and ‘C’ above. A) Rs:____________ B) Rs:____________ C) Rs:____________ E] For Non Residential Indians : Details of NRE/FCNR A/c in India : Details of present employers overseas : and Service Conditions Salary Drawn from the present employer -: 10> Income and Expenditure: Annual Income Rs. D] Agriculturists : I Annual income for the last three years.

NSS etc b. date of Registration.12> Other Investments a. Mutual funds NSC.ft Sq. LIC policies c. Bankdeposits (Specifynameofbank) d. g) Name and address of builder/developers of seller in case of resale.Mts f) Whether agreement for sale is lodged for registration with Subregistrar Yes/No If yes. Debentures Units. Shares. on Applicant Spouse Total Date of opening 13> Details of Outstanding Loans Name of Institution Purpose Outstanding amount Annual Repayment instalment 14> Details of Property a) Full address of the flat / house proposed : ( to be purchased / constructed) b) Total purchase / price / construction cost including stamp duty and registration charges :Rs. c) When construction likely to start / to be completed d) If flat/apartment/house is ready built e) Carpet / Builtup area : Sq. Others if any (Specify details) Details of Bank accounts Bank and Branch : Type of A/c: Balance : A/c No. h) Whether the property proposed to be offered as security for loan has clear marketable title Yes / No 15> Means of finance: .

if sanctioned. if any. i) Letter of allotment from housing Board / Builder/ Co-op Society ii) Permission from concerned authorities if the construction of house is to be undertaken outside Municipal limits. The house/ flat to be purchased / acquired by me /us from the loan assistance of the Bank is for self occupation ii. Rs. The house/ flat to be purchased/ acquired is unencumbered and is available with vacant possession iii. Rs. I/We agreed to put up our contribution prior to disbursement of loan. 17> Following alongwith this application for your information. Signature of applicant Date : 5 . shall be met by me/us from own sources iv. The cost escalation. I/We hereby declare that : i. iii) Receipts for payments already made to the owner /builder etc.Total cost of the house Own contribution + Other source Bank loan 16> Sources of own contribution: papers are submitted : : : Rs.

A Conveyance allowance Other allow Earnings : : : : : : Gross Salary earnings Less Deductions Net take home Salary P.F. Date of birth : 3.INFORMATION FROM THE EMPLOYER ---------------------------The Branch/ Chief Manager Bank of Maharashtra _____________branch Dear Sir Reg : Housing loan Proposal of Shri/Smt. We furnish below our above employee the information required by you in respect of 1.A H.A C.R. Retirement age and Date of Retirement 5. loan Income tax Other ded.P. Salary particulars for the month of Basic Pay D.C. loan P.F Soc. Name of the employee : 2. Subtotal Deductions : : : : : : : : : : .F V. Any other information about the employee in support of his loan application 6. Designation : Date of Joining: Confirmed in Service Yes/NO 4.

Certified that the above information is true and correct and the undersigned is authorised information/certificate.7. to issue such Name and Address of employer Signature of authorised official : Name of Official : Designation : Office seal Date : Place : Note : If the space provided above is insufficient information may be given on a separate sheet which should be attached to this form. 7 . We are agreeable to deduct the monthly repayment instalment of the loan if sanctioned from the salary of the employee and remit the same to you : YES / NO 8.

Residential Address : 13. Name and address of Business / Employer: Phone No. Date of retirement: Qualification: 9. Office/ Business Address: 12. Age: Years.INFORMATION OF THE GUARANTOR To. The Chief Manager Bank of Maharashtra. of dependants : Name/s a) b) c) d) 11. PAN No. Phone No : ii) Residence : Permanent: Phone No.560 004 PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO Dear Sir. Occupation: Service/ Business/ Profession/ 6. No. Father’s/Husband’s Name: 3. 5. 4. Full Name: 2. Basavanagudi Branch Bangalore. Mobile : iii) 7. No.__________________________________and furnish the particulars here below. of years in service/business/Profession: 7. Present Post Held : 8. 1. Landed Property: . REG : Housing Loan proposal of to Mr Mrs I offer to stand as a guarantor for the Housing Loan to be provided by you to Mr Mrs. Marital status : Married / unmarried 10.

Bal. No. Investment in business (with details) Rs. 9 . deposit. Qualification : 3. 1. e. Name of the village / town: Survey No. Occupation : Service Business Self employed Agriculturist. 11. Income from rent if any : Approximate value : Rs. d. 2. 1. Details of borrowing ( if any) From our Bank Rs. 10. Details of encumbrance: Recent Passport Area in Ha Size Approx. Age : First Name Father’s/Husbands Name. Date of opening Balance : Rs. Purpose Purpose Bal. if any) Rs. From other Bank From others Rs. I/We declare that the information/details furnished below is/are true and correct. Photo i) Amount Rs. ii) Nature of charge 9. c. Purpose Bal. Full Name : Surname 2.8. _________________Branch _________________ Dear Sir. a. Land Revenue: Rs. Other investments: (investment in shares. Details of Bank accounts Bank and Branch : Type of A/c: A/c. Total Assets Rs. Copies of latest income . (Attach salary certificate also) Date: Signature of the guarantor FORM FOR INFORMATION OF CO-APPLICANT/S ======================================= The Branch/Chief Manager Bank of Maharashtra. properties and other forms. wealth . Value: Rs. House / Flat Owned Location and address : Municipal taxes : Rs. assessments and receipts of tax paid for the last years. b. Salary income for the last year Rs.

If in Business i. Own Capital Rs. Business address: C. Details of occupation a. Whether service is transferable : Yes/No iii. Since when in business : iv.: NOTE: Financial statement of the business alongwith Income-Tax/Wealth tax returns for the last three years. OR Chartered Accountant’s Certificate for Income/Wealth to be enclosed for ‘B’ and ‘C’ above . : v. If self-employed i. Relationship with original applicant : a. Own investment : : Rs. Name & Address of Business/ Employer Phone No 6. Since when in profession iii.To Employer Employment record : Post Held Last salary Drawn (Rs. Marital Status : Married/Unmarried 2.1. Company of Business iii. copies of Tax Returns Date : Signature . Nature of Business ii. Nature of profession ii. Date of retirement : B. Constitution : Proprietorship Partnership Pvt Ltd.) i. If employed : Year From . Whether confirmed in present service : Yes/No ii.

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