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Purdue Student Senate Minutes Session XI September 21, 2011 This official meeting of the Purdue Student Governments

Senate was called to order at 7:02 pm on September 21, 2011, in Krannert G018 by Vice President Monica Harvey. Present: Cabinet: Brett Highley, Monica Harvey, Laura Donaldson, Amanda Evans, Mike May, Corey Bultema, Susan Bonitati, Sara Yelich Senators: Joe Harmeyer, Nicholas Grady, Nick King, Tessa Wisdom, Katherine Horton, Trevvor Long, Matt Elliott, Matt Swiontek, Zachary Briggs, Kevin Jacobs, Ivan Santoso, Ben Doll. Brandon Dalton, Nathan Shrock, David Rosenthal, Ashley Munson Advisors: Martia Brawner Proxies: Addison Lopp for Joe Rust and Lauren Chapman for Jen Barth Board of Directors: Luke Policinski, Jim Xu, Johnny Lee, Mike Cross, Sachit Revankar Court: Paul Cronkhite Guests: Howard Taylor, Frank Freeman, Brad Krites, Eddie VanBogaert, The Exponent I. Approval of Minutes: The minutes were approved as submitted. II. Guest Speaker: Howard Taylor, Director of Recreational Sports - Mr. Taylor showed a virtual tour of the construction of the new Co-Rec and what it is planning on looking like. He also showed us a picture slideshow of the ongoing construction and explained some of the specifics of certain areas. - Mr. Taylor introduced himself and explained that he has been at Purdue since 2005 and had looked into a new facility almost immediately. He said ever since the process started, he has gotten a lot of student input. He said that the majority of the new facility will be open August 2012 and have the full opening in October 2012. - President Highley asked Mr. Taylor to speak more about the graduated increase in fee. Mr. Taylor said that most campuses funds projects like this with tuition. He said that it was planned to phase the project in with three periods of increased fees. The first fee took place this past August and predominately took care of the T-Rec facility. August 2012 will be the next fee and the final fee will take place in 2013. - Senator Doll asked what was the money differential between just tearing the previous building down and rebuilding something brand new. Mr. Taylor said there was some thought into doing that but there were parts of the Co-Rec that had to be kept like the pool. He said that the basketball courts and racquetball courts were kept as well because of their good condition. Mr. Taylor said that there was roughly 10 to 15 million dollars were saved by just remodeling the existing building. - President Highley asked what the difference in the $91 fee and the $81 fee was. Mr. Taylor said the goal was to give the best facility at a good cost. There were often times when the estimation of costs was largely different from the actual costs. He also said that the fee method was good because the facilities would be open before a fee takes place. III. President, Vice President, and Committee Reports - President: President Highley said the University Senate passed PurdueCARES and PSG will give its feedback soon. He also mentioned that there was a great meeting last week on working at a state level. President Highley also said hes planning on a free student legal consultations session soon. - Vice President: Vice President Harvey said that the IClicker rental program is going to be very successful. She also mentioned that PSG would be more involved with students that are veterans in the near future thanks to a newly hired associate director.

- Chief of Staff Donaldson reminded the chamber to fill out their office hours every week. - Treasurer Evans said that the SOGA board successfully funded 100 applications. - Advisor: Martia Brawner had nothing to report. - President Pro Tempore: Senator Swiontek had nothing to report. - Academic Affairs: Senator Horton had nothing to report. - Governmental Affairs: Senator Rosenthal had nothing to report. - Student Affairs: Senator Munson had nothing to report. - Internal Affairs: Senator Briggs had nothing to report. - Ad-hoc: Senator Harmeyer spoke for Senator Rust and said the Ceremonies and Traditions Committee is looking at different procedural possibilities that the senate could adopt. Senator Harmeyer also mentioned that PSG has adopted a highway and has not really done anything to it. IV. Informal Discussion There was no informal discussion. VI. Old Business a. Bill 11-11 An Amendment to the Purdue Student Government Constitution to Add Gender Identity and Expression and Genetic Information to the Non-Discrimination Statement Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Bill 11-11. Senator Grady seconded the motion. The bill passed unanimously 18-0. VII. New Business a. Recommendation 11-2 Freedom to Pursue Career Opportunities Senator Swiontek said that the recommendation will have the Strategic Planning and Assessment committee look into the freedom to pursue career opportunities. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Recommendation 11-2. Senator Long seconded the motion. The recommendation passed unanimously 18-0. b. Bill 11-12 An Act to Define the Process of Senatorial Appointment by Student Councils Senator Briggs said that this bill clarifies how senators get appointed. Senator Rosenthal asked what the requirements were as mentioned in Section D. Senator Briggs said that they are the same requirements as when students run for the senate election. Senator Jacobs asked why Section E exists. Senator Briggs clarified that this is just a double check to make sure everyone involved in the process is accountable. Senator Briggs moved to vote on Bill 11-12. Senator Munson seconded the motion. The bill passed unanimously 18-0. c. Bill 11-14 Pledge of Alliance to the Flag of the United States of America Senator Harmeyer said that the chamber should not pass the bill yet because he still needs to get feedback from international students as well as fix some spelling errors in the bill. Senator Harmeyer moved to postpone the vote will the Octoer 5th meeting. Senator Wisdom seconded the motion. The motion passed 18-0. d. Bill 11-13 Fee Accountability Act of 2011 Senator Swiontek said that he wants a better method of holding people accountable on how student fees are allocated. Senator Jacobs said that certain schools have a service fee while others do not and asked if senators will be able to vote on things that do not affect his or her constituents. Senator Swiontek said right now, that is the case. Senator Doll asked if this bill is well received by the student body. Senator Swiontek said this is in the best interest of the students. Senator Shrock asked

what would happen should the fee change over the summer, as PSG senate does not convene during the summer. Senator Swiontek said that the Purdue should have a plan on this well in advance and should therefore meet with the senate before summer break. Senator Rosenthal said that this bill needs to be clarified on the process and that the bill should possibly be a recommendation to the university. President Highley asked if this is a vote on a specific fee that has occurred or is this for the future. Senator Swiontek moved to send Bill 11-13 to the Student Affairs Committee. Senator King seconded the motion. The motion passed 13-3-2. VIII. Announcements Announcements were listed on the agenda. President Highley said that on October 4th, there would be a forum hosted by PSG and PGSG and President Cordova will be in attendance for questions. IX. Adjournment Senator Dalton moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Horton seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. Minutes submitted by: Parliamentarian Sachit Revankar Approved by: