Fall quarter has started and with that comes meeting lots of new students!

This is week 3 at PSU and our staff team is in the process of putting students into discipleship groups (or d-groups). We have had lots of girls show interest in d-groups which is exciting and an answer to prayer. As of now, I am leading two d-groups on Tuesdays and I am hoping to lead one or two more on Wednesdays (one of those will hopefully be with students at Linfield College of Nursing). My d-group on Tuesdays at 2:00 is with Molly, Brittany, Renee, and Jessica. These girls are a part of our student leadership team. Molly is 20 and a junior at PSU. She is studying history and lives at home with her family. I met one-on-one with Molly every week this past spring. She was a counselor this summer at a camp for kids with diabetes (she has diabetes also).


She initiated a prayer group with a couple of her Christian co-workers. She is such a sweet girl and really has a desire to know God more and learn how to talk to her friends and classmates about Jesus. Brittany is 22 and recently moved here from California to attend the Art Institute of Portland. She is studying photography and is super talented! She just got an RA position in her student housing building. We are praying that God would use her to influence the freshmen in her hall. I met Brittany through Renee when she started coming to Downtown Cru (our weekly meeting) this past spring. Brittany’s smile is infectious and everyone loves being around her.


Renee is 21 and a senior at PSU. She is studying speech and hearing and lives in an apartment off-campus with 3 other girls. This summer Renee went on a summer project to France with the JESUS Film Project. Right now she is praying about what God wants her to do once she graduates. She is considering full-time ministry but is seeking God’s plan for her life. Renee is faithful, joyful, and encourages everyone around her. Jessica is 19 and a sophomore at PSU. She is studying graphic design and lives at home with her family. Jessica has been discipled by a good friend of mine, Taylor Turkington, at her church. Taylor and I have challenged Jessica to ask a few classmates or coworkers to read the Bible with her. Jessica is excited and ready to take this next step of faith. She has a desire to reach students on her campus with the gospel.

As you can see, these girls are treasures! Last week, we met and talked about our summers and how we want to grow in the Lord. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to spend time each week pouring into these girls. We will spend our time in the Word, starting in Mark. Please join me in praying for this d-group, as well as the other two or three d-groups I will be leading!
From both of us,



Praise God that we are meeting lots of new students! Pray for Molly, Brittany, Renee, and Jessica – that God would use them to spread the gospel on their campuses. Pray for my other d-group: Kelsey, Katherine, and Ashley. Pray for our Fall Retreat (Oct 21-23). Pray that lots of students come and grow closer to the Lord.