Mounting guidelines

Peugeot 206
(also CC)

they only light when the poles are the right way around.Tipp: Change additional SMD with some in different colours -just like you want! SMD LED and additional material can be found in our Onlineshop Dials silver blue SMD main-lightening red SMD needle-lightening Your Wunschtachoteam wishes you success and lots of fun with your new dials! .just bend up the nibs and remove the glass. We can also do this for you. Deconstruct the cockpit: On the backside you wil find Torx-screws. (This is not neccessary . you can fix the new dials with double sided sticky tape at some parts. The needles for tank and temperature are mounted quite hard. Just pull them up with some power. if the needles can not be removed.if you want to do the mounting guidelines yourself. Alternativ for taking-off the needles: You can cut the dials (new ones and old ones). remove them! (blue arrwows in picture 2) Torx-screw-drivers are available in every do-it-yourself-market. If you want you can take off the plexi-glass: If you want to you can take it off . It might be neccessary to modulate the dials are little bit. Now do the same with the oil-temperature. Otherwise they must be put on with glue later on. For this put the steering-column down. Put on the needles and turn them to the left to the deadline-pin in the original position. please esspecially take care not to break them.Dials blue lightening red needles Before the demounting of the cockpit always branch of the battery (30 Minutes before) Important: Never remove the steering-wheel with airbag Demounting the cockpit: The cockpit can normally be pulled through between the steering-wheel and the controls and instruments without needing to remove this. Please don’t use glue including dissolver! Mounting the cockpit: When putting on the needles in the original position again take care. Please take care about the direction of the LED .blue 5 white SMD LED with (for example) red ones picture 4 . if you want so! Just contact us! Putting on the new dials: If you want to. that they can move easyly. Following Mounting: Simultaneous to the demounting Lightening. For example tank and temperature (pic 3-2 red cuts) Changing the SMD LED (absolutely neccessary): 9 orange SMD LED with blue ones picture 4 . You can easyly take out both big needles Turn them against clockwise to the left (above the deadline-pin) and pull them up at the same arrows in picture 1) Carefully removing the needels: Mark the original positions of all needles before you remove them! Please take care not to break them while taking them off this is not We suggest you to have soldering-knowledge.

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