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Matthew Lee Knowles October 2011







Alliterative statements chosen and extracted from Justine [Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade]

“In this respect he is like those perverse writers whose scandalous works live on long after their own lives have ended; the writers, themselves, can perpetrate no more evil after death, but their evil ideas continue to be propagated, instigating crime, inspiring blasphemy, motivating wickedness: and this notion cheers them to their very graves, for even there they cannot be enjoined to relinquish the perpetration of evil.” “The scoundrels,” Justine agreed.

From Justine, Book IV-v, Marquis de Sade

As the author of all being and

Through thickets and thorns while the The tide rather than

It no it is important

Ask what if as man proceeds along

To understand the true This then shall be the purpose of the following work to To the corruption of the

The principles of truth will lead that soul back to the The same time depicting the

Honourable men hold dear however

To the demonstration of truth the

And grandmothers aunts and As different as black and

Justine and Juliette have just

Suffered business reverses so severe To the grave the

And intellect are those of a

Then turned to their Them hurled them bodily into the street finally the girls went to a convent to which their Their father and turned them Her head against her

Breast and began sobbing unashamedly but

It is satisfied in the past imprisoned

It fully instead it

Teaching my fingers to respond to the

Together to take up the The hungers of the flesh whenever they arise and the thirst

Begging for bread no but Too sensitive to the Opinions of others

Than to roam the

It’s immoral it’s illegal it

Try to blot these

Alone and forsaken after To this woman to Help in her hour

To adjust to their Standards stroking her sister Added with an acuity

We are wise we will

Suddenly screamed I will suffer After a moment she added

Slightly when she saw

Thus realizing the inevitability of their

And an almost

Sad stories this afternoon she said

Sorrowfully as she stood

After saying a brief prayer at

At the rectory and requested an

Was wearing a simple white At all appreciative Who took whom when who Had drifted high above her

To surrender completely to the Then taking the

Flowed freely from Any will it and as And nodded her agreement he took a white handkerchief from his To see beyond the carelessly tousled hem of the dress too distracted Too naive to suspect the motives of the

State and so moved was she that she attempted to soothe Him by running her delicate white hands Tender tears the

Chest this movement caused Justine to change

The more at this point the

Tropard so thick was that portal’s wood that Himself savagely jerked her into an horizontal

His head between her legs good heavens Shouted the startled young girl suddenly

At the hips and grunting like an animal

Opportunity wriggled out of

His goal however he had

To the door just as Tropard The expression on the face of the young father Tropard suggested that the

Which Juliette was wearing

Turn to Juliette who though

Worldliness was not without Indeed it is

Flaming chariot for her face and figure

Answered and has a

That is to those Indecency has its charm and in Often that one of her occupation

A priest a nun or a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm moaned the jaded madame With ecstasy when the act was

And act in accordance

Sisters in sin then she

And a few weeks after

You keep yourself clean that you

With any man who would

Do these things and in ten years time

Talents were such that in less than Her that he offered his hand

Herself to her former habits

Them to their

Has in his heart

His hand underneath her dress hold

Time like this decency is the last thing

To tears however the soft warm teardrops Heart they only hardened it seizing her

Been brought up believing

Futile for Dubourg far from

He had stripped her Thereafter whatever the case the

However her fortunes had It however there is one resolve in which I

Same space of time she This cruel truth alarm the proper and the righteous for the

To the end of that

Your feet if you carry out your

It delighted in it thrived on it Twice a third time

As a housemaid after

Poor person persecuted

The city’s richest tradesmen to Hand and leading her to his He urged her onto his

Service in return service yes sir said

Reproduce there’s no real reason

And threw her arms around

Spectacle of her suffering actually savoured

Therefore had to spend two

The interviewer to stuprate her the

Trepidation at the thought of entering the

Whiskers rocked with laughter when

She said this so

He can get his hands no I have been happily

Evil era to encounter

To be tended socks to

Are absolutely sanitary and

The tiny little foot to

The time for there

If it is

The toes and licking the Foot beautiful foot fuckfuckfuckfuckfoot

One of these licentious old

Sire she cried it is such

The time to

A dog and a

Time to exercise them Sir sighed she More matter I must

Hear her let me have

His hand dropped to his lap where he Sir repeated Justine such language surely Front of her fuck shouted Hairpin fuck foot F-U-C-K

The gentle Justine tried to Her his one hand

Shall sir wept she I shall

His household would place her

Inhabit it yes I

To sit there terror-stricken And all who roam about Of the body of one of The world the flesh or the

Her taking his gnarled old hand in hers She said softly then suddenly

Stake did St. Stephen

Of of of

Hairpin touching his hand gently to her

Yes your foot yes Out of the role of one

His hand tore at his

As an assistant

Sir she screamed

Than during the first month this

Took a turn for the

And through prayer and good works and Help him combat his

Floor with a flying tackle our father

Had she abandoned herself to her

However if Hairpin had

To the seventh as time

With which he went About them affairs soon reached a

Shall not sway me sinful Eve born equal in every

Is easy it is profitable and if undertaken in

Then that some of them Of them or some of

They took it at the expense of their As a noble deed and Strong nation no sir Justine said At her feet at all The room this is the girl the treacherous old man told the lawmen she’s the To her hairpin told the policemen they all protest their innocence these thieves look around the Out of bed think of

Finally found a friend

Her youth had led her to her

Too late to cancel them

As they sat around a

The foot of the scaffold at the Are young and very attractive A fortune in a matter of a

Of your own gain oh

She smiled sardonically

To tell the truth when there’s

We are weak who

She said softly

To the guillotine remember that

And pretend you are asleep

All die at the guillotine anyway

The cellblock to the

Bedlam has been stirred up by The darling Justine took the

Her heart was heavy

And Dubois made a safe getaway and with the aid

Rocky road of righteousness

Are a free woman again

Anyone and anything

To merit true happiness in the

To hear them talk these titled noblemen these wealthy merchants these

Are poor who are abused

We Justine we who

We lack the weapons with which And scheme and steal and A tyrant or an ass

Smooth-voiced voluptuary however lovely Justine

Move me I cast my

So saying she The table and retreated to

Whole world willing

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Into trouble well I’ll intercede Only on one condition

Thus hoping to buy time she accepted the

The girl’s virginity to the

Her he clutched her

Hurled herself to her

Must become a member of my

And her adversaries gentlemen announced

Are most aroused by youth and

To the chin this

The lust-crazed bandit then ripped into the

Than suffer this then to the This time now when the

They thrust her toward

The third bandit made the

The other three bandits tore

To the abdomen then

He held her Again and again

A rider astride a Horse he busied himself

Her toward him and he bit her All sides until at last with a

Twelve to fifteen inches then lying between the

Her with his fists caving her in half

Force but far from staying Ironheart’s fury

Altar an ugly black

Tiring of this the Her to her feet he punched her

Her he gnawed at her

Itself finally it became Ironheart’s

His hands he seated himself some seven Her thrilled him immensely he

He laughed harder and harder All the cords at once and

Were when you walked

Of me at once oh Come now sweet child coaxed

Sir she said So that she can sell Adherence to an agreement

Alongside her bed and ate Awaits you as a

Tried to peer through the At Bondy and as

Them then holding the ends of the

Again and cackled delightedly as Again and again

Force that she fell to the floor right in front Ironheart if I were she I

Her he took her To tell you that Therefore I would thank you to take

As bad as all Congress without your consent we’ll simply chat She was deriving a strange sort

Arms were large and sinewy and as

Had held her

My mind marriage

He had perpetrated upon her

To tell me these things

Marry me under my The length of the room then turn to

Turned again to the

Her his eyes met hers

She said sorrowfully My refusal might mean

Absurd to assign so great a To think that goodness that Or lesser diameter of one of To resist you then wrong though

Temples let me therefore bypass that altar the If it is

If he in imitation Argument any scrutiny at all

Anal altar is a

His discourse proceeded his hands

His goal her heart Went weak with

She was strongly tempted to surrender to

Fear fear no more for

It to spill involuntarily in

Their way to the

He apparently had failed to hear

To the window the The path toward the shack their

Having disarmed her with his His watch fob he prepared himself Him he pried her

The other three outlaws leave the shack leaped to

Other Ironheart hurried out of

Against a tree and told him to identify himself the He said that he was on his

One can lose one’s head only once

With anyone if we were Taught you more this morning than the Much more my

In cash all in all it was a

At any bank along

To Saint-Florent’s temple you know that This the luckless traveller Went white with

To Lyon and there also empty the The risk to leave this man

Then turning to the

This man to live then in order to

Think two of the

As a hostage for a Tries to escape in the

Her breast in his large hand Am amazed and

Her kissing her wildly caressing her passionately his Her ear his hand To the tree

To the test thereupon she told the

Than happy to take In with her I’ll introduce

Sir she whispered to Saint-Florent Thrown into the company of these thieves by the

Take them to Sir she said

They reached the town

For further grief for

The first thing tomorrow Supposed house of Saint-Florent’s sister

He had availed himself of the hymenal

Without resources without hope and without

Majesty behold my miseries and my Torments and take me to thy The ground gathered together the rags to And cleared a space in a

The face then as the

Made the monstrous man’s Tree the tips

Save Saint-Florent she

You abandon yourself to your

Scoundrelous Saint-Florent suddenly Savagely in the stomach when she

To realize the extent to

Had prized so highly thus having risked her

Back by being

Sun was high strengthened by the sweet ministrations of slumber she

Her hands brushed her

Social convention the sin in short

Than his partner turning the To a halt the travesty They drew alongside the thicket

And as concerns appeals for alms

To you to alleviate the

My misfortunes not my

Mock solemnity well my friend he mused Far be it from us to frustrate

Smiling self-satisfiedly What better way could we

Then struggled to take the

Arm across the other and

Tale acquainting the two

This than by seeing that Through to the trees then stretched the bonds until the Thrill you Jasmine to see the

Seen what a shame that she hasn’t a spear

As a means of alleviating

Ass-reaming angels and Squeeze satan save Thereupon the hot-tongued

Tempted to throw

How heart-rending her Tearing open his trousers and unsheathing the

He had earlier impaled his

Colleague’s anus the craven count commanded

Arms about Bressac’s thighs and That one might think he sought to drive the spear out through the Obscenities over and over

After another then as

This afternoon’s tortures then

Her roughly to her feet he And I’ll be able to keep an

The time comes to

She smiled reassuringly and said Weeks which followed Justine worked He had said he

An appearance at the castle and

Then the case of the burning of the Corroborated the child’s claim A an alternative to degradation and death and

The winter passed then the

The Marquise prepared to return to Than the Marquise went to work to After amassing a

The Marquise returned to the

Her however he

Of solicitude and on many occasions A typical discussion all religions are based on a

The world today what then

Them for truth they

The weapon of the vested interests the To see right through them is there

A Nazarene slut and a

Acclaim himself as the Ambassador He Offers only slight-of-hand tricks and hocus-pocus Time not the doctors and the lawmen and the

Twelve dupes and they roam the

This time so offended the public that

That a man of thirty prefers the

Absurdities for awhile they are

The expense of the freedom of the most notorious thief

The dunces take up where their

History of man has been deified here he

All his dreams articles of faith all

In insanity I Today this same God this

To death at the hands of the

Almighty Jesus Christ at the beck and call of a

Ten or twelve-million times in the In whose intestines he is This one is told to Were he supreme were he almighty were he good were he just would he wish To teach men to

Asia articulated only by a

With him days would pass when Tones and all this despite the fact that

He one day had told her

Incredible inconsistency is it not that I

If I know loss it is

To end significantly this was the Told her the awful use to

He wanted her to murder his

Imitate it but this is If I fear anything it is only that I

This monster yet try though Their flames and thus the

His hands listening to his

Her ever since he spared her

To you that this The power to alter the

Tomorrow transformed appears in the More specifically by making the murder The state murders thieves without the slightest qualm the

And atheists and And circumstances and thus as To guard the morals of the Thieves to guard the purses of the

Smiled in obvious self-satisfaction so That why by threatening to murder the Marquise myself

Of improving my own fortunes oh The thoughts of the

Are presented alongside my eloquent arguments The threat forced Justine to view the Air and spun her around above him then lowering her to her feet again he held her to him and kissed her

With which the murder was Himself having heard the howling

Through the woods behind the

He had been betrayed he

The four trees to which the Her however her All snarling savagely as they strained at the leash and

He had her

His eyes he inspected her Her feet he shoved her toward one of the trees then he tied one end of the coil of The around the tree trunk

This accomplished he turned to

That is enough tie up the

Attack continued the animals bit and scratched jerked and Body had been ravaged by the beasts

The foot of the tree

To the tree Life it was like the last Tied to these trees

To go to the Commotion surrounding her collapse Jasmine will corroborate Her and taking her chin in his hand the craven count titled her face toward

The thought that

Made me miserable

The few yards to the thicket However her bleeding had

To reach the town Asked for a physician and

Offices of one The possessor of thick shaggy eyebrows there

You is that your crimes make you

So saying she

His house he added he Her features delicate her eyes soulful her She said was Rosalie she And around and

Accepted under age twelve and were always

Anymore turning over almost all

The centre of the room immediately the Her beautiful face her splendid blonde hair

Her hips her

His head he

That at last the time

Why Rodin while working as a surgeon also

To maintain the school but to teach

Or charity or altruism or any of

They positioned themselves at two Blame these continued breaches on nothing but

The time has come to right the

To the waist then Her skirt over her hips To the gently-tapered

An animal he seized a

She said this Rodin seized

The sentence is twenty-five strokes and then the The more raising the long-tongued

His head he A second time a third a fourth a fifth a twenty-fifth

White pillars which were

His belt he dropped his

Suddenly he stopped short

Her skirt from her hips he

Then he began to tear Kneading them squeezing them manoeuvring them

Brandishing this before him he bent the girl backward

The threshold of the lovely altar toward which his worship was

The child you try to

To class he told her loosening the

Turned away from the crack in the

Through the cracks in the Test while at the same time

A stool and arranged

And fondled the areas below at

A pair of adolescents against Of one of Their conversation thusly checked the two

Helping him remove his

Smooth sun-bronzed stomach The physician’s knees this accomplished he traced

Testimony to the accuracy of the

Then fell to kissing the youth again this time The stomach and thighs in seconds the

You couldn’t contain your passions you

The boy to him until the

So saying he seized Five lashes ten fifteen twenty-five the Thirty-five fifty finally To discipline you thus it continued throughout the

Horrible things to have witnessed not only have Then seeking to console the

Soul still stained with Original Sin

Sweet friend she said softly

That with two or three

Thereupon the jaded libertine took the

An actor long accustomed

By a boy of twelve before Had himself climbed the heights of his

To be taking the

I have been instructed in Postponed for at precisely this point

A day for almost a month and never without apparent

Seen my succulent sex-box What firmness what roundness what elasticity what exquisitely

Turn them over to

A libertine a roue a lecher yes and

The devil and to the

Always resist you as firmly as The physician taking her tiny

Her however his

Sir she said sternly

To speak to me in this

She said silently

True to his word the

Be brought before

To ministering to her infirmities the

To burrow through the Took advantage of the opportunity to

She said sir

To find the path back to

To go to a priest the Of his own earlier declarations of

To virtue locking the children inside the house he threatened to kill them Of possible means of escape then one

Thorough search of the house that An extensive array of medical and

To escape the house and to summon the

To believe that the two plan to

Success everyone she asked said

Then she tearfully related the events of the To the laboratory the

Tears Justine promised the dear girl that Her power to help then kissing her goodbye she hurried

The way to the

Some surgical instruments then she

So replied she a father so To the laboratory and the Then chaining Rosalie to the bed the

The altars of Venus and

Dialogue the depraved doctor’s His colleague Rombeau hoping to clarify her

The same applies to the An autopsy on a We will go to work Must admit dear mentor mused I shall take it back it is Added and while we’re at we might as well The only door to the

Trapdoor located outside the house to that Through a tunnel in the Their last visit to the

On the other side of

They started across the yard than

Turned their attention to Justine tonight

Succulent sex-box said The beating of the human heart then The corner of the room behold this

Lovely lovely lovely wouldn’t you love to thrust your tongue between them Into her while I’m at it by all means go ahead

Only once and then only

I think of it I To carry them out there’s

The fireplace and thrust it into the flames with this To the police they’ll

As good as a parcel as

Think that will prove too

Her here her To go to the

Her and abandoning her to her

The poor child threw herself to the Sobs then the spell passing she

The insane Rodin thrust the The soft tender flesh of the

And she was lying alongside a

Weary weak with

The air the tower

A church or a monastery and She spoke thusly a small appeared alongside

Throughout the region for their Once a year on the Feast of I’m sure it’s permitted and if

Them out of the world here to this Them so highly that they give them over wholly to

And an aged

Thus sorrowed to the

Them by reversing the first sign tears

Than it appears thanking the The path less than two Of Saint Mary-in-the-Woods oh citadel of

It is here if anywhere that I

Told the porter that she wished to Her sins when he reminded her that the hour The statue of the miraculous Virgin to whom this Than the superior of the monastery himself the Softly saintly man replied she Too late to

From afar full of fervour

Too happy to do you the

His hand to her

The confessional then the pious-looking ecclesiastic took Fact disguised Father Severino his face

In this inquiry nor did it

To the monastery when the

To ascertain that she was telling the truth on three specific points that

Her by the hand and led her

And if we anchorites fail to add

Take consolation in the fact that

To a room two stories below the church proper the Table in the centre of the room were three

Assuredly will be adding to ours astonished The main altar to the The depths of the building the

Her he cupped her breasts in his hands

Then one of the three As big as a gorilla and

At the sight and all

The side of the head the

Said the monk sternly complete submissiveness What we want and we’ll Thought gasped the astounded Justine that

Chaos how you call She spat thoroughly sickened is this the

Him I hate Him I loathe Him

Then turning her so that

Her for yourself he chuckled take her And we’ll all have a go at

To the floor we tolerate

We don’t know what the word The better we get to know it the

Say do you speak of the same

Her roughly to her feet again he

Persuaded to part with her principles To the stomach then nudging her toward

At the armpits and Two sausage-thick fingers in the

Then the two halves of the The licentious priest turning her so that To sink your teeth into them

The full welcoming treatment after all though

As a newcomer gather around now and The order than the

Accomplices formed a circle around An appraising glance at this portion of the anatomy the

To the centre of the The first of the four to

The floor then while two of the

Held her legs apart he Them pinching them punching them

Of brutality over the siege of

The room as the monstrous invader tore open the girls bowels throbbing and twisting the To sustain the siege fell to the floor now Father Clement came forward Through with her the little twat Then flicking the whip testily

Three times across the

High above his head

The shoulders to the

Her alternately he struck at her abdomen and sucked at her mouth and Testified to her anguish the He bit her lips now he tweaked her buttocks now he stabbed at her chest with his chin now he scratched at her His bites her abdomen red from his His assault on her breasts he Finally in a fit of ferocity The tender target

There one there by God there Then forcing the poor girl to drop to

To the submissive role the

Air and as His face happily away from her Clement’s round having come to a close

Anchorites and a His respects to her buttocks this having If she did I think I’d eat it because I’m

Age and inclination as

The only temple suited to

Of the other women one of whom was instructed to whip his back while

The chicken this travesty over the

A pointed nose and an

A single man and a rapist at

The act and thus as the incense of temptation

To their apex seized the two

Above his mouth and as

Then having inspected the temple

Fervent prayers for forgiveness

Acolyte stormed about Venus’ Altar as To worship there but actually to plunder the place this project One of the other girls a fifteen-year-old Then with his tongue he performed the

One of the older

Them with her tongue meanwhile two other women took On opposite sides of this vile tableau and the Took to counterfeiting them

Was inundated with the waters

The vigorous thrusting as the

Bare bodies had been

One of his instruments of Symphony of shameful sensuality

As sweet and sassy as

Some time having spoken thusly he snapped his Of age and one of

The priest told her take this spunky creature to the

Around the wall and alongside each was a To waste your tears and to hope that as days pass and you grow accustomed to the place the I cannot it is These four debauchees’ thirsts but also to Abuse and degradation in this abominable The only alternative to

Then proceeded to describe the nature of the monastery and the

Women whose soul function was

Was these girls who were The latest addition to their ranks as to the girls there Class was called the children’s class and contained Those aged seventeen to twenty-one their Twenty-two to thirty was called the

Thirty-one or over

Colours and was called the mature class At sixteen and whenever a

Where the girls went after they were

Only a week or two while on other occasions

Of fifteen years or longer indeed one

There for twenty-six years longer than three of the

The principles of their church and the

Six-story building three stories

A moat and inaccessible by any

The pavilion that the

The rooms where the orgies took

Three of the monks went to the church where they

Who was left behind was

Time of it there were appointed to the group two

Of a part of the body other than that requested by the Style sixty strokes

To bring a monk to orgasm three Or otherwise the execution of

To serve as the monk’s toilet

To rise at the appointed hour thirty strokes the

Knees between his legs gratifying him with her mouth as he It is the place is not without its Those who lend themselves most enthusiastically to the

The intensity and the variety of the

Are thus assured an ample

Had hardly concluded her

Him to lift her skirt to her

The bell in the spire tolled nine times immediately the

Time to greet the

Through the formalities of the inspection then took the To the girls named thereon this enterprise completed the

He sat before her and engaged her at the Altar Alongside him and to arouse

Then instructed the superintendent to bare the

Which he wanted to whip Sex shouted he madly sex SEX S-E-X

Accompanied by an ecstatic shouting and

The time the The rescue of the other coincidentally the The dormitory awaiting the arrival

Supper-time orgies however she was spared

At least the agonies of serving as a

The policy of the monastery that

The girls to spend the

With wine as with A beautiful auburn-haired twenty-six-year-old named Armande

But I’ve been so busy

The threshold of the Temple Thrust his loathsome tongue inside the tabernacle Him with her hands

The time tonight we’ll see what we Them then with the unveiling of the

The sight of the glistening red liquid to

The insane ecclesiastic told the girls that

To behold together the most Serve as somewhat of a shield

To anoint himself he took to biting at the entrance to the

The two girls he began to strike at them

Were thatched with bright pink welts

The latter’s breasts then exhorting the girls to

Brunt of the blows which otherwise both

To the trick quickly separated them

Fell to the floor exhausted from

He said harshly to his

Him he kissed her

Away at the breasts and

The thing to I refer is what is

Virtue is my vice and vice-versa

Attaining a subjective good and

Throbbing twat cries out to

His hand between her

Is good so I shall do it The thing to

Attaining a subjective good and In my eyes it is

Of his country or the conventions of

To understand they fail to realize that tastes Them did the sodomite ask to

Ways with what

To the contrary there Things in the animal kingdom the tiger devours the wolf the wolf devours the

Suffer yes she said

Fornicator from fornicating Him and he’ll answer that he

Writers whose scandalous works This notion cheers them to their That eve the tolerant

Whips were so slick with

And so forth and it’s all

To hear talk around the dormitory about the Them as they roamed about the convent grounds the As far away as Nice and Hendaye Grenoble and Le Havre and Task was to play the role of the Virgin in the miracle a theatrical fraud to Toward Heaven threatened with the most savage torment if she should The pilgrims rejoicing that they Totally convinced that the

As the altar at the offertory of the

Tongue then when the Thighs with the other viciously thrust the transubstantiated

His enormous sex-pole hammered the Sacred Host

Obscene orifice of As if this appalling act

Of his monastery on the Feast of

That the day of the The monks and the rest of the Of safety having over the space of two months sawed through the

Scissors she had found she

The treacherous ten meters’ distance to the ground once there

She stepped into the slimy

Trudged through the syrup-thick mud of the moat’s bottom the And hard closing around her ankle

Skeleton trudging further she soon

Alive among the knaves and Through the inside of that

Snow-frosted countryside a sparkling silvery glow sprinting The woods then keeping to the shadows of the trees

The long trek toward

Are brought after they are That this is the Of the dear Omphale or of another of

The path toward the Benedictine’s bell tower The woods then satisfied that

Finally free from Sooner had she said this The grip of two men who thrusting Her head bound her hands and feet and spirited her aboard a carriage only after Thought was that emissaries of the

A peg leg and a

The taller of the two

Terrifying that they

Been bled bled

A hand and with a

The shorter one to the house of the To the purpose of the trip As a chimpanzee added Mad mad mad A huge melon-like affair punctuated by a

History of her misfortunes he asked have

The question then recalling that

To see what this has to Then turning to the

I must inquire into

Which was a worn

Inflating it when it

Henchman he said have

The straps were two more rods the

To the shoulder realizing the The two nances clutching their sides toppled to the As indeed are all

Nance by name Narcisse

Was wearing a flowing white

She said quickly no sir

A rack-shaped apparatus approximately

Small white basin standing on both sides

Firm flesh between his fingers To stop to return all the Her buttocks facing him so that he She took each step several Arms around her thighs and He kissed her he questioned her

Base acts having been completed Gernande brought To the apparatus in the centre of the

To the nance’s tugs and turns This accomplished the savage nobleman touched a lancet to His hands in delight he

Away and watched intently as Blood blood blood now all but consumed by this madness Gernande tore open his trousers An armchair immediately as Helplessly as his hands tightened on the buttocks of the Buckled but held up by

Her head dropped to her shoulder her

And as soon as she thought she could eat some

An armchair alongside

I deemed it of utmost importance Tell you at the onset that Out of vengeance or scorn or any sentiment of hatred or hostility All in all it’s a

So speaking Gernande again squeezed

To Justine that the

Troublesome task the troublesomeness Heard this her heart The pen-legged man to the dome-ceilinged laboratory there they waited until the The pen-legged man tore open the Countess’ dress the poor woman then Began kissing and biting her buttocks

The pen-legged man to the

Torpor that the

He told her whereupon he plunged his His mouth as he nuzzled her

This point that Justine came to realize that

Induce it to lift its tiny head it The nances toward the

Them to molest the Countess they The knots too loose he then tightened them explaining that Touched a razor to the Took to masturbating the two

That the Countess’ torments

Toward that end thus employing every talent

Travels through the thoroughfares

To the place the To believe that there were none therefore in planning their escape the two The assumption that once they scaled the That sort they would find themselves on the road through the

The case as the two

To the ground outside the fortress they discovered to their terror that they Bedecked with barbed wire and broken

The Count’s stagecoach to leave in the

To the vehicle the The driver tugged the horses to a halt the

There appeared in the window the

Whimpered this whole enterprise was

The two of them into the

The driver to return to the chateau that Them that morning now they prepared to put the plan Toward the section of the Through the door on the other side of The peg-legged man to return with the two

The clatter of the carriage at the same time

The cruel blade thudded into the To the ground dead the

Therefore would be theft she tied the horses to a tree At last she approached

Had branded her with a hot

Trek toward the Highway however before she had Than amazed at the mention of this Then read this said the lackey thrusting

A material as well as a

The trials and tribulations the So saying she

To you hasten to meet him the That the messenger identify the Him Justine for her part had

Toward the gate in the

Who has wronged you and who

It is not because I

Had robbed her of her

Saint-Florent he was forty-five

She felt that she would stand

All I care about and To live with the thought that the little twerps breathe the

This enterprise two-thirds of the

I desire it but also I

To me more than pays for the

Professed high principles perhaps it is however I’m The beneficiary rather than the Accept a post as my housekeeper and

Say I say no sir Are for all your wealth and

Two thousand louis all told

As whore than as procuress as so saying she

Of decency of honour of principle

Thee and having thus returned peace to

Woman who was

For alms feeling compassion for

Is it impossible The temptation to

Hands folded her in half Bearded bandits who had been

To the father’s will thus tranquilized

And Toulouse Aix and

All the sexual activity I desire among

It appalling is it

Theatrically on top of the desk there

More than permitting me fifteen minutes

Observe the triumph of Virtue over

And fished about for a

To finance the remainder of the trip to She had left she was walking sadly The highway toward this

Field not far from The hooves of their mounts as the knaves abandoning their Heavens she told herself here Taught her that the He told her taking her tender hand in his

Far from here follow although I am a

Took to the highlands the

At an hour as perilous to a They appear to have treated you thereupon

Inn in Vienne in

And spirituality are an inspiration to all

They were forced to walk alongside their mounts picking their way through Travel they came to

The way up the treacherous Said your sister stammered

In all sexual indignities to which I

Tell the truth They approached he tied their

To lead to the Sire replied she stunned

Task will be to turn this wheel for ten

Occasionally two ounces of wine on

The cliff pointing to the

Them lie there perhaps a third were thrown The course of their work the remainder were thrown Or for otherwise having violated one or another of the rules of One of the last of

Instrument of your investment in

I not right I put it

Work with the women at the wheel then

And buttocks slapping at her belly and

To discover the most spectacular thing Was his penis which was Women with whom Turned the wheel that like the

And as hairy as a

To the arduous task before her the

And you’ll be astounded at

Short stocky man of some

The Altar of Sodom as While many roues were content with two or three partners the As many as nine and ten in a

Himself until he had Or slashed open a stomach

Man more monstrous Walls painted black were decorated with whips

Another skeleton its arms arranged

Her neck he led her to taste the

Was a wooden beam from which A noose and nearby was an

Stool of the sort often seen And above it a That Justine had to touch Been gnawed at by a beast blood

To ooze from the wounds and to trickle down the legs this To decompose then striking the wall around the effigy with the Thusly soon aroused the passions of the monstrous Roland to the The lovely Justine taking down his trousers he displayed his Which could compare with it regard it well

It and if I cleave you in half in A fierce attack at the Altar

To pulp then smearing the the The monster touched a match to

Thighs and torso turning the

Aid a few days ago Virtue to fall victim to Villainy’s Once more face-down over the edge of the couch he thrust

More rapidly his monstrous member

This success the villain began thrusting She were being split in two suddenly saber still half-sheathed

Tighter now the pressure of the The same time thrust

To the rope that Telling the truth It because I’ve experienced it

This stool with the noose tight

Slashed the noose I shall stab

His hips forcing his

The noose then he tied a rope to Celts he continued it is called Cut-the-Cord

Sickle like so I will sit

To slash the noose with the

This dagger in the other now when I tug

After all and

This dagger tugging experimentally at the Fast now with full force Split second during which she seemed to be suspended Success she severed He ruffled her hair with his

The ghastly game time and time

To be happier than at the

True that the greater the crime the greater the Sweeter she incurs injury sweeter still she

Criminal character of the circumstances To the severity of the

To be the case then it is not criminality itself which is Instrument of its realization indeed it is

A pleasure above and

Turn to the public square the next time there The eyes of the citizens there

No need to steal nonetheless

Of time of certain of another

A production which attracts a greater audience an Of one of their number on

In it it is their life their sustenance their

The nights of torment at the hands of the

Trust more than you for this if it fails it

That the sufferings they experienced in the To verify my theories and those to them thus There forthwith once they had made their way to that The apparatus for the Cut-the-Cord game this time though Was he who was Himself he gave her his After you’ve adjusted the noose around

Tempted to put it to

Of my semen or evidence of the onset of

Throes if the latter cut the The former allow the ejaculation to

Having directed her thusly he mounted the stool obedient to

His neck he fondled himself as she cursed at him and

The sign to tug the rope the

High above his head

To the ceiling of the room when the Him his happiness

Had vanished having accumulated through his activities as a A criminal a kind and

Than to observe the

To the turning of the Then he instructed the chef to reorganize the kitchen so that The thieves themselves

With whom he was

Had he already situated himself

The entire crew the thieves and their And their prisoners alike were arrested Sighed Justine as she and her sister

To be taken to Grenoble this is the result of ten

Where is justice where is mercy where is God then immediately My fortunes my life my Thine if thou but wantest them

The courtroom back to the jail there A woman and in a Years ago don’t you remember your The policemen attempted to separate them Dubois wheeled toward

Your pleasure you say you

The hands of the wicked Saint-Florent to

As you and without a More to my name have made my

Turned her over to the As soon as the arrest The past ten years tears Eyes Justine recounted every experience

About the advisability of pursuing a The Concergierie at the same time

Seen behold she said Abounds and if there’s a A knave for allowing it or an incompetent ass

In its infinite

Triumphs in the end look to

The scaffold surely that proves the It my child in this strongbox is

Acting because I am his mistress and

Arrested as a suspect one moment sir said

To all who take the trouble to Search me sir said

To testify that he held this After all is not attained in a single night it is

The entire territory empowered to

A case as grave as

The summons to the

Monk from the monastery of Saint Mary-in-the-Woods Have ever encountered however if you have the good sense to talk Clouding his countenance he continued sweet child Transfer from Saint Mary-in-the-Woods oh true And perhaps a tryst with a Tell him that you told me under the

In this manner if die I must I’ll die but it

To try to

A priest a sin against

A few seconds ago calling me a monster telling me

All but a crack he added

Her story indeed having once heard The band of thieves escaping from them with the treacherous Her saving his life raped her and abandoned her Then in seeking treatment for the wounds thus

As the altar for an

Then in escaping from this ghastly theatre

Then seeking to give aid to

The two kissing the tears

A wheel like an animal and finally was all Arrested as a counterfeiter and Older sister orphans older sister orphans Arms around the girl acquainted

Darling darling darling

Each others eyes collapsed in each others’ embrace His mistress and her sister to his Have ended henceforth in this household

Feeding her the finest foods

Wrinkles of worry were Again took on a vitality and an animation appropriate Throughout France the ill treatment which the

As a convict and For the good fortune which had finally befallen her the hand Country estate of Chief Justice de Corville

Them inside the house but the

All windows as night fell and Slamming shutters Justine seeking to arrest the damage struggled to pull closed the largest of the Window where Justine was To reveal the horrible truth about Justine the

A convent at once and Surely attain so saying she signed

The tragic sufferings which this Of the folly of my own

Her heart consumed her Then burst out through her stomach the

Soul such earthly suffering

To the church then hastening to As Chief Justice and became a With which we