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Jesus Christ Numerology


Anti-Christ = 121

The Light and The Dark Shall Merge.

The result is zero, from this side of the Veil.

Imagine what comes next!

This document may be distributed (unedited) only without cost.

Sheree Denise Rainbolt

In The Name Of Jesus Christ
(c) May 9, 2007

In Heaven, there are no names. There is no you and me. No over there then
over here. It is Zero Point. It is The All And Nothing. No boundaries, no
immigration issues, no rich and poor, employed and homeless, free and
imprisoned, and no Fox News. Can you imagine such a world?

I use to wonder why I came to this..uh...planet. I use to wonder what I came to

do, when I would do it, with who, and for what purpose. My older sister was an
darn great Astologer. She was/is gorgeous and intelligent. She taught me some
different concepts as I was growing up. Just enough to wet my appetite, but not
so much that she interferred with Drama Club and my Mormon Road Shows. She
is older than me, by nearly a generation. Such a gift.

I have always been interested in philosophy and things beyond the box. I was
reading books on ET’s when I was in 5th grade. I wasn't always well received.
After a few too many rolling eyes, I shut down talking about bigger, bolder and
deeper ideas. No one was as interested as I was/am in these things, and my
sister was not living at home. I was home alone with the Book Of Mormon, a
bratty little sister (whom I love) and some DQ bars. There would be little talk of
Pluto, Astrology, Buddha, Mysticism and ET’s. I made due with Star Trek.

I was raised in a Mormon church and baptized at 8 years old. If I knew then what
I know now, maybe life would look different. I am no longer a Mormon. I left when
I was 14. Well, it was actually my parents who left, after being exiled. It turns out
that there is no forgiveness of sins after all. Since we were booted, I wonder what
was going to happen to all those dead people we stood in for in the baptismal
basin at the Temple?

In any case, I have had a million angels with me my whole life, waiting for this
article. This is it. Make yourself comfortable.

We are roughly five years out from a monumental planetary shift, on all levels of
being. You really can't imagine it. You've read some things here and there about
The Venus Transit of 2012; Topics on ascension and pole shifts, harsh weather,
upheaval of thought, and more. I suspect it's more like....more. As in...”.The truth
will be shown to you.” This sharing is part of that truth. You have 5 years to
review it. Do not take longer.

The goal of this article is to first, teach you to look deeper at our world. While you
are taking that on, I aim to teach you how to define a new truth using a simple
new system called JESUS CHRIST NUMEROLOGY. This system of divination is
unlike traditional numerology by about half. You won’t be asked to throw
everything out. But, it is my view that a secret faction of science and church, has
hidden the truth of our existence from us, by canceling zero, and more.

By the good Grace of my favorite super hero, Jesus Christ, I come to you with a
new and improved numerology. A new numerology that lets you keep and
understand the impact of the sacred zero. An amazingly simple system that
explains the numbers 11 and 22 and asks us to uncover the truth, so the truth
can set us free.

Jesus = 70 sdh

sdh: single digit horizontal

There’s more.I will lay it out for you shortly. Come to it with time on your hands
and an open mind. Make sure you log all of your findings. If you are reading this
right now, you are responsible please.

The most important passage in the bible, which reveals the most important
numbers, is this:

(Torah) Genesis (6) 12:3

Abraham was promised that he would be the father of many nations (Gen. 17:4)
and that through HIM all the families of the earth would be blessed (Gen. 12:3).

In the name of Jesus Christ = 9

God of Heaven =9

In the name of Jesus Christ, God of Heaven = 9

Because of the above Covenant, please consider the following prayer:

As a perfect loving witness to Jesus Christ , God Of Heaven, I hereby detach

from and dissolve all covenants made between myself (on all levels of my being)
and “The God Of Earth” in all it’s forms and names. I see the truth and the truth
has set me free. No hard feelings. Check please.

Old Covenant = 3
New Covenant = 1
The Difference = 7
The Difference is Jesus

Jesus is not Jewish (99)

3 + 10 + 7 = 20 (truth)
3 + 1 + 7 = 11/2 (not)

When you lose the zero of 10, all Hell breaks loose FOREVER.

Ten is meant to be 10, not ONE.

Zero = 10 Cancel = 20 Total = 30 (1-2-3) AND THE 3 OF 12 / 3


Look at the 10 in New Covenant. Traditional numerology teaches us to cancel

the zero. That is a very bad idea thunk up by meanies. The difference between
10 and 1 is night and day in terms of meaning. 10 means completion. 1 means
beginning. Welcome to Satan’s idea of A & E, otherwise known as reincarnation
(69/15/6), otherwise known as prison. At least the food doesn’t suck.

So, we start right here.

Never cancel zero. Zero matters. In fact, zero is all that matters.

When you cross over from this plane, please remember these words: I
surrender my body, mind and spirit into the hands of Jesus Christ, God Of
Heaven. Make no other decisions. Be patient. If you don’t do this, you could be
left open to an unknowing army of do-goods who wish for you to go back and
give it another round at the poker game. You will be shown your illusion in
surround sound. Just smile, and pretend you care. When they leave the room,
remember what I said. What Jesus taught. The Light Angels Who Speak Truth To
You In Your Ear, Caught On Already. They are not sent by some God on High.
They are elevated, been there, done that Beings, who are hoping you hear me.

I will add here that Jesus Christ is not Jewish. Nor, is he really a man, woman
or child. Nor, is he form in truth. Jesus is an embodiment of True God. He
entered into the exact form and frequency where error occurred. If you are
performing Mc Beth, you must come dressed appropriately. You must have the
right skin, the right hair, the right clothes and the right accent. Otherwise you will
mess up the whole play and become a distraction. Jesus came to the Satan
Movie at the right time, with the right people, in order to make the correction
where it was needed.

The correction (2119) was the bloodline of Adam, then Noah, and 10
generations later, to Abraham. More on that later too. This is sort of an overview
for now.

Three numbers to remember

2119 BC and AD
2118 BC and AD
2117 BC and AD

Just for the record, please notice the two AA’s in Adam (1). Yes, this movie is
Satan start to finish. Want a refund?

What's In A Name?

Absolutely everything while in 3D. In Heaven, there are no names. There is no

you and then me. No over there thenover here. It is Zero Point. It is The All and
Nothing (74/11/2). No boundaries, no immigration issues, no rich and poor,
employed and homeless, and no Fox News. Can you imagine such a world?

Heaven = 9. Symbolically, 9 looks like the small letter g. In the English alphabet,
g = 7. It is relevant. When you see the number 9, you are also seeing the small
letter g, which represents 7. 9 and 7 are connected. Jesus = 7.

A name is a man made thing. It is used to *identify*. The Loving God of Perfect
Creation does not name things. Man names things. Why? To separate and
define. A name serves not the True God. A name is a tool for the darkness, to
use, twist, manipulate, fancy, and change at whim, depending on the Body
Electric in any given moment. Names are the Mother of all Covenants. You are
welcome and encouraged to take a blessed nick name, but don’t worry to much,
no name comes to you without 9 entwined. You are protected.

Covenants are not always useful things. They can be quite destructive in the
hands of darkness.

The very first Covenant in the bible takes place in Genesis with Noah. "I shall
bring a flood, kill every man, woman and child, but I will save you as long as you
PROMISE to call me your God and do as I say!"

I don't have the time now to describe what took place Before Genesis (BG), but I
would like to leave you with this image for now: Gene Isis. To give you more
than that at this time would only freak you out, and then you would miss the most
important part of this sharing below. I will add on as I have the writing finished.
It is a work in progress.

We have to go here first.

Remain open. There is more going on here than you know.

The Holy Bible = 666 (horizontal – 6 over each word) Other like minded texts
don't fare to well either. The Quran and the Torah both come in with numbers that
could use some light. A large portion of many *holy books* are Old Covenants
that keep us in hell. Many have awakened to this truth, on some level, and they
already know these things I am sharing now. But, time is short, and it is urgent
that people come to understand just *What* is The God Of The Earth.

Abraham speaks in the Torah about The God of Heaven (=9) and The God Of
The Earth (=3). He draws a distinct boundary between the two. This thought
stream is the primary truth in the bible.

There are two Gods. Earth is ruled by The God Of The Earth. But, and it’s a big
BUT, the 9 is here too, guiding us through if we listen, and is directly responsible
for this document.

Rashi, the classic 11th century commentator on the Torah, notes that Abraham
refers to God in two different ways in verses 3 and 7. In verse 3, which was
happening in the present tense once Abraham was already in Canaan, Abraham
refers to "the God of heaven and the God of the earth." However, in verse 7,
which refers to the past, before Abraham went forth from his birthplace and
before God had established the covenant with him, Abraham refers only to "the
God of Heaven." (ref 1)

It is important for you to read Genesis 24: 2-9. Abraham seems to know he had
been tricked and that Isaac was not of the True God. The bad seed personified.
The Covenant God made with Abram, after changing his name to Abraham, in
order to line the Cross of the Universe with 4 eights, was/ IS the Covenant we
live with today, through the bloodline of Isaac and Jacob, which, sadly is not of
the Light. By the way, Jesus blood = 9. I wonder if anyone collected some of
that? More on that later. I told you to make yourself comfortable.

Of course, you can't blame Abraham. It was an evil offense against all of
humanity by the God Of The Earth, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the
“God Of Heaven”. Looking at Abram’s numbers, I sense he had the kind of mind
to bust the whole thing wide open. It may in fact of been his Divine Mission. But,
Satan (10 – not 1) isn’t blind to the light. He sees it coming. He got to Abram
first, with the promise of a baby boy and some upcoming nations, like the one I’m
living in for instance. How many times have you heard the *not god* and thought
it was the True God. These things happen.

It’s far too late to understand what Abraham really knew and what he didn't know,
but we DO know that he insisted that Isaac's wife not come from Caanan. Cainan
was the son of Adam. The two AA's in Caanan is the signature of The God of the
Earth. (1 and 1 or 11) You will also find it in Isaac, and in one of Isis’ name, Aat.
The one she held in Heliopolis. The city of ON. The city of the Seven Hathors.
You will also find two AA’s in the name BAAL. Otherwise known as The Son Of
Dagan (3) BAAL spells 66 vertically, which is very interesting. There are many
44’s out and about looking for 100. Abraham was one of them. His new name
would spell 44 (vertically).

Baal + Abraham = 100 v. This happens with a few other prominent beings in the
Earth Movie. I will get to that, unless I have been shot and killed by now.

Read the text referenced above and follow the link offered below, to learn a lot
more about The King of Israel and the Prince of Nations. If the link is gone by the
time you read this, go to the Way Back Machine on the internet and seek out the
indexed archive of pages with that url. Web pages seem to evaporate when there
is too much attention to paid to clues. Do what you want, but its time to start
printing out things of interest, and stop relying on your hard drive.

THE SECRET GOD OF ABRAHAM = 140 / 5. Not at all good. The big news is
14/5. But, see that zero on the end? Not an accident.

I do not share these concepts, and these number translations, to scare anyone,
or make anyone angry, or to hurt feelings. All people everywhere are worthy of
perfect love. I am not here to paint evil faces. I am offering the numbers and
some translations, based on those numbers, and maybe, a little on my own
personal life experience. I share them for the sake of illumination. Few are ready
to see at this time. We are conditioned to be like the deepest fishes, in an ocean
of darkness, where heaven is unknown. I have faith that these next five years
(not five by accident) will open some eyes.

2012 = 5.
Abram and Sarai's names were changed to Abraham and Sarah, on purpose and
for the purposes of Baal/Satan/Dagan/Adam/Aat. There's those two a's again.
Baal, otherwise known as THE SON OF DAGAN is the god of Abraham and
Sarah, and the seed of this entity is not of the light. Whether or not Abraham and
Sarah knew what had gone wrong, we may never really know, but the Torah, in
Genesis 24: 2-9 (11) bring up the most important questions of all time? My
numbers go further to convey the truth of The Secret God Of Abraham = 140 /5

The God of Heaven = 9. The God of Earth = 3. As I said, the good news is that 9
is fully present and active in this vibration, as the rope (9) and the way home.
The number nine is INVINSIBLE.

But, the 3 is fighting for its life, even as I write this. You see it in religion, politics,
schools, our environment, our hamburgers and our leaders. The number three
does NOT represent the Trinity. That was a set up to get humans to bless the
number 3. The number 3 is Hell. This is going to upset a whole lot of people. Hey,
I didn’t invent 3! Three strikes, your out.

Getting back to the concept of NAME…

Name it, own it. Name it, sell it, buy it, live with the consequences of its signature.
There is good news in this and bad, clearly. But, first, you must become aware.
We ALL must become aware of how names, titles, contracts and covenants can
rule our illusion. Once you are made aware, you can review yourself.

Review your life. How would you do this with any knowledge of what you are
looking for, and how would you adjust when needed? It is so simple a caveman
could do it.

First, let me share with you that I am a regular normal wife, member of the
Boosters Club at the high school, a mother of 3 gorgeous children, an online host
of several forums, a writer, a teacher and a Fresh New Numerologist, with my
own way of adding up life. I am not a magical witch, or an evil Pagan, or a
Freemason, or Illuminati. For the record, there are good witches and good
Pagans, and good Free Masons. There is good and bad, true and false, in many
things. It pays to discern whenever you can. It is never kind or helpful to offer a
blanket of *Satan * to everything. I try to remember the words from A Course In
Miracles: "Only Love Is Real. What Is Not Love, Is A Call for Love." Truer words
were never spoken. I haven't done the numbers on it, but it rings true to depth
and core of my being. It isn’t the bodies doing evil They/We know not what we

I do not belong to any religion. People wish to label me a Christian because I

dedicate to follow Jesus Christ, but I am not a Christian as this Universe
describes it. I am a follower of Jesus Christ because of what he taught and how
he responded to his crucifixion. I do not use the term Christian.

To traditional Numerologists, using the English alphabet, light spells 29/11/2.

(that’s final). You arrive at that number by adding the numbers associated with
the letters in that word. A=1, B=2 and so on.

It is General Consensus that when coming across 11 and 22, you would not
reduce that number to it's single digit sum. These are called Master Numbers. As
well, you would drop the zero on 10 and call that 1. It is my belief that this
method of Numerology was likely created by the same dark forces who brought
the Great Flood, asked Abraham to sacrifice his son before the Lord, and
promotes people willing to kill other people in the name of God.

These forces are very real here. But, we have only been mistaken. There is
remedy. But, first, we need a new Numerology and I am happy to freely share it
and ask you to share it with others.


I always add horizontally first, one single digit at a time - NO reductions.

I add the whole phrase first, all together, straight across.

This is the purest, unaffected answer you will get. You are literally doing
NOTHING more than what the letter says to do. You are not changing, flipping,
reducing, or otherwise tampering, with purity.

11 and 22 are manipulations by the very forces who use these numbers for evil.
The 11 is critical to Satan to hide the 2. The 2 is really 11. Two Ones - Two AA’s.
This will make many people angry who have 11’s in the name and birthdates (I
am one of them) . But, like everything else, where there is dark, there is light to
balance it. Where there are two ones (aa), there is the Light of Jesus’ 11 to
counter it. I will not reduce 11 anymore. If you leave the 0 on all 20’s you will find
you don’t need to reduce the 11. The patterns will emerge. 11 does not *really*
mean eleven. It means 2 ones. And that is the biggie. That number 2. 2117,
2118, 2119. The number 2 ( without the 3 zero’s) represents the birth
(calendar wise) of Jesus Christ.

There is no such thing as a Master Number. God of Heaven doesn’t make

special people. No one is better than anyone else. But, Satan would love to have
some believe that they ARE special. They paint the Universe with a special
number called 22 and called it The Master Builder. A little snobby if you ask me.

It is the number the darkness created to rule the world with a number. Do you
have any idea how many US Presidents have 22 in their energy signature? You
should see Al Gore’s numbers. I will only go there if I have to. Isaac, son of
Abraham, equaled 22 at the time of his birth. His name was SC. No vowels.
Isaac is the bloodline of Baal/Satan/Dagan/ and the Serpent. This is not to be
taken personally by Isaac and kin. Its not meant to cause harm. I love Isaac, and
so do you in truth. Isaac is not a body. Isaac, the man, is a physical tool. Nothing
more. Like all of us.

Let’s test our Jesus Christ Numerology system on the phrase THE MASTER
BUILDER. It’s a big phrase and actually does more harm here than you can
imagine, when in the hands of its Creator (Satan). A numbers guy taught me that
the word THE is helpful when trying to zero in on a specific person, place or
thing. So, you can work the numbers with it, and without it, and see where it
takes you. In this particular instance, it is quite telling

Jesus Christ Numerology (cont.)

Adding horizontally, single digits only …themasterbuilder = 81/9

Adding TMB vertically = 180 /9

81 H + 180 V = 261 / 9

Makes sense so far, yes?

The number 261 represents North, South, East and West. I call this The Cross
Number. It is THIS number that blooms truth in 3D. If you are only adding
horizontal, or only vertical, you are not capturing the four quadrants of our Grid,
which is paramount to understanding things more deeply. You should add V and
H. This will hopefully be common sense.

There are three shapes/symbols I am shown (intuitively) to be critical.

Pyramid-Cross-Circle. = 101 (see the two ones with the ZERO in the center)

This shows how important zero is when living in a Universe with Two Ones (11) I
happily interpret this to be the Divine Zero (=10 sdh) of Intervention through

You now have the Cross (38/11/2) Number of 261.

Now, multiply 261 cross by 3 Pyramid 783 18/9

Add 261 (cross) to 360 (circle 22/4) 261 + 360 = 621/9

You now want to add the circle and the pyramid together to get the PC
number :-) .

PC = 1404 / 5

Side note: PC= 19

When I was receiving information about this formula I drew the three symbols on
paper. I studied them. Please do the same at this time, if you have pencil and
paper. Humor me. I realized that I needed to lose the cross in the final analysis
because it is already included in the 261 number. So, I crossed it out. What I had
left on the page was the Pyramid on top and the Circle underneath. And, then,
something struck me. I know this marking. I have seen it.

Notice the page number this falls on. This A and this circle. This A that represents
1. I removed the line in the middle of the A and found the same exact symbol that
was featured in the recent television movie: The Jesus Tomb.

The symbol was on the front of the tomb. It was a pyramid (no bottom)and a
circle under it. Watch the movie. Of course, Jesus’s bones are not there, but his
family IS. I will tell you where I think Jesus’s bones are…in a bit. They didn’t go
with him to Heaven. His body was stolen by the Poor Soldiers for Christ, and
hidden in the Temple until such time they could be safely moved out of

The pyramid and the circle.

So, the words, The Master Builder = 9 ?.

Hmm, so 22 must be designed by God of Heaven (9)!

Not so fast. Please work the formula without the word THE. There is only one
THE MASTER BUILDER, and it is a 9 indeed. But, Master Builder is NOT 9.
Work it out.

The reason 22 is said to be a Master Number is because it was designed,

contracted to be that, but not by a loving Universe. Jesus has much sacred 4 in
his numerology. You can go through and see it. 4 is what happens when you
bring 22 down from it’s high horse.

About the number 10

When you cancel the 0 in 10, you go from 9 to 11 in traditional numerology. Let
me spell that out. 911. Now, THAT’S a coincidence. The number 0 is universally
accepted to mean completion. Not 9. It means more that. The 10th Passover of
the bible was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The number 10 is not only
relevant, but sacred. But, take away the 0 and you never see 10 in traditional
numerology, as a final reduction.

The numbers line up like this:

1-2-3-4-5-67-8-9-11- 22.

No 10. This was intentional. There are scientists who allowed for this to happen
and kept it secret. There are perhaps church leaders who knew/know. If a stay at
home in the middle of nowhere can see it, then science can see it. It was not in
our best interest to lose 10.

RA = 10. But, in traditional Numerology, RA= 1. Imagine the effect of that.

The monumental effect this has had on the world cannot even be defined.

10 5 19 21 19 3 8 18 9 19 20 = 70

You can call this 7 as well, until you combine it with other numbers.

Did a simple God (at zero point) deliver special instructions for 11 and 22? Or
was that a Man or Scientist owned by something other than Love? Numbers are
things. They are symbols of other things. Do they exist in the Zero Point Field Of
True Creation? Or, are they only needed when you need to separate things and
then define them? Like names. Names put me here and you there. Boxes and
boundaries in a seemingly tidy little Universe..

Again, 22 is the number of the Master Builder / Architect and a huge signature in
free masonry and in our US Presidents. Isaac, Son of Abraham and Prince of
Nations is SC=22. He is also SK = 30, because names are the way the darkness
rules and keeps us confused. Give someone several names, you win the lotto.
They won't find out who and what you are for 5000 years, and by then, it will be
too late. The Ship will have left the port/dock/landing pad/homeland.

I find it VERY curious that the upcoming Venus Transit of 2012, which marks the
END of the Mayan Calendar, includes 1-2-0. The very same numbers in 10 - 11 -
22. The same numbers that were/are manipulated by unloving force. But now
you know. You are now informed.

There is a God of this Earth and that Earth God has a plan, and it has numbers in
it. The True Creator couldn't tell a 2 from a 4 if you stuck it in their face. They
don't have a face. Pure Love is All. Boxes and boundaries come from questions.
Questions come from Not Knowing. The need to know comes from the need to
be defined. Zero Point is a big place, but it represents All and Nothing. Perfect
Love in the manifest form of a Circle.

Even with all the questions, and no answers, 9 is the rope. We can gallivant
about the false Universe with our concocted numbers all we want. Regarding
numerology: Those triple and double digit numbers are where the bigger / deeper
answers are. Yes, we can know a lot about a person from their Sun sign, but dig
in to the full chart and you get a much bigger picture. The Single Digit reduction
could be like a Sun sign in many cases. There's just so much we really
don't know. And, may never know- because the idea is to keep is in the fog of
illusion. You will want to use all your number reductions, if you are reducing. They
can offer insight, but I would encourage to leave 10 alone.

I would also suggest you do not settle into an answer without adding horizontal
without any reductions. Do it both ways and see where it takes you. The more
you manipulate numbers, the more lost you become. I was reading the book
called Descartes Secret Notebook yesterday, and found that there were all kinds
of secret things in it, that no one has ever seen.

Our English alphabet says God spells 8. Actually, it does. But, only because it is
a fallen 8. Infinity - with no 10 to bring completion. Just a continuous loop of mad
control and experiment. Remember Gene Isis. (Genesis). Gene = 22. The first 2
letters of Isaac is Is. SK (his real name= 22). Isis Is The Eye Of Ra = 121 which is
also the number for the Antichrist (vertically) .

There are some very interesting 88's that have popped up lately. I just learned of

I AM THE CHRIST = 88 sdh ( 133v) 133 + 88 = 221. (AntiChrist=121)

Two 8’s and Two 3’s makes me very uncomfortable, in the wrong hands.
Exodus = 88

Venus Transit 2012 = 88

(only 88 when you keep 22 instead of 2 + 2) Telling.

Mormon = 88
Blood Line = 88
Birth Canal = 88

I have a good grasp on 8. Double eights are particularly interesting. If you are
going to reduce, reduce evenly.

If you look deeply at all the reductions, you will definitely see a pattern emerge,
and in that pattern lies Heaven or Hell. Just keep good records and know that it
could be years before you are smart.

Single Digit reductions, from larger numbers, moves you away from the answer.
Plus, sometimes, the SECOND REDUCTION is reversed ON THE H AND THE V.
In other words, the V read might be 93, but the H read is 39. That is A HUGE

It will still come out to the SAME single digit reduction, but the path to get there,
was very different. It does not always reverse however.

You will find that all differences ultimately reduce to 9. That means, there is no
difference in truth. In other words it is because of 9 that we have any measure
of sense, numerologically speaking.

Even though there has been a shoddy stab at Creation - there is a final reduction
of 9 in the MIDDLE of them to keep things balanced. The final difference between
any reversed pair of numbers = 9.

You would miss all that if you just simply reduce it all to 11. You would be
silenced: "Oh lookey! It matches!" Case closed. But by doing that, we shut down
other questions. Are question bad? I don't know. I can't stop asking them long
enough to figure that out. :smile:

Jesus Christ = 70 (purest number!)

Numerologists would typically lose the 0. Making it 7. You can continue to do

this, and it might provide insight as well, but please take the time to include the
reductions so that you can identify deeper patterns that might surprise you. You
will often find that Dark patterns share the same numbers as Light patterns.

The True Creator is Zero POINT energy.

When we are assisted here in this plane, it is never offered to *Tip The Balance*.
There is no desire, will, or agenda to kill Satan. Satan is a thought we have each
day. It is up to us to heal the Satan in our mind that continues to be afraid of life.
But, what the True Creator CAN DO is fearlessly take hold of the negative charge
and match it with a positive charge of the same exact frequency. That is why you
will find that "Jesus" can be reduced to 11 and "Lucifer" can be reduced to 11.
They share 11. But the second reduction is very different, and patterns abound to
show how one is good and one is..... well... not so much.

The Light must enter that exact vibration (number) expressing, in order to see it
with the Eyes of Knowledge. Not the Eye of Ra. By doing so, the natural remedy
is zero point. If Lucifer is beaming 35 and Jesus enters with 36, he tips the
balance by one, and 1 is not the truth. Zero is truth. So, I am led to believe that in
SOME cases, you will find a reversal number when the light and dark are merged
for some reason. Perhaps that reason is zero. I don't know all things yet.

Jesus, and a infinite army of angels are prepared to dive into 3D with the precise
signature required in order to bring the vibing frequency to a level playing field
with the same number in LIGHT or TRUTH. True Creator would not be allowing
us free will (in truth) if there was a tip in the other direction. That is up to us to

Asking for the balance is a good idea too, for there is automatic response to that
request, but it will be offered, always, from equal balance for all. When you ask
for a blessing, your heart space, and the love you have for the All will be a
determining factor as far as what you will actually experience is concerned. If you
are asking for help with things from a place of guilt, fear, envy, worry, sadness,
etc, then the help that comes will bring things back to neutral / center. Which is
where God is, and that should feel good. But, it may not include cash or a

But, the help we get from True Creator, whatever that IS, is the reason we are not
already dead and rotting. This is a simplified version, but I am running out of

It is my feeling (at least for now) that this merging of light and dark is automatic. It
happens automatically. When the darkness expresses, so will the light. To keep
things at Zero Point. There is a reason the word ZERO = 10. The number 1
= MAN (matter). The Zero is Love's response to matter.The zero is critical ! Lose
the zero, and you lose the balance.

Exodus = 70

Side note: Mitt Romney was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts before he runs
for President. I mention that due to the Mormon =88 above. I won’t even tell you
about the six’s. Not meant to say he is the Anti Christ. This is not a person. It is a
electric, living, breathing creative, non physical, non linear vibration who is bored
to tears.
You should also add vertically. That will give you the rest of the portrait of the
number. Without reducing, add the V and the H and see what you have.

Jesus = 74 V
70 H

I am clearing the name of Jesus Christ. He has no other name that is relevant
here on Earth. He has no name in Heaven. Heaven is the All and no names are
needed. Jesus is not a person, man, woman, or child in truth. Jesus is Love
made manifest to show us home. His name is critical.

Do not change it. Do not drop letters or switch numbers. Leave it be. When you
pray, sing, play, eat, dance and sing, use the name Jesus Christ and all is well.
Do not use the word LORD (22).

When referring to God, use this phrase please: God of Jesus Christ = 99. (very
sacred number). It also is reduced to 18 / 9. Which is the same 9 of...The God Of
Heaven, and the rope that keeps evil from destroying Grace.

One last thing I must tell you before I go. The number 153 is very significant in
Numerology. During my studies of current politics, I noticed the word NEY. As in
Dick CheNEY, Mitt RomNEY, Bob NEY. Ney means to catch in a net. All of these
men are thick with connection to what has happened and what could happen. I
know this might make some people uncomfortable, but its not personal, its
numbers. Darkness is not of the body, but of the mind. We all share mind. We all
share some responsibility. Only Love Is Real.

If I have made no sense, or if you feel I have faulty reasoning, or if you think me
insane - feel free to merge us both with 70 and call it a day.

Sheree Denise Rainbolt


My birth name = 209 H and V

My current street address = 111
Scorpio, Aries, Aquarius
My kids are full of 22's. (not planned)
My son was born on 11-11

http://health. com/group/ THEPENDULUMFORUM /

Numerology= 51/ 6
There is nowhere in the Jesus signature where these numbers is present.


Do not worry, all is well now. This numerology can show you the truth.

ref 1:
Parshat Chayei Sarah
http://www.hillel. org/jewish/ archives/ bereshit/ chayeisarah/ 2002_chayeisarah