BMW Z3 Roadster Launch

Phase II
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Non-traditional media was given higher priority in marketing communication with 60% of the marketing budget allocated to it. Marketing Campaign of BMW Z3 Target Market: Demographically target segment would consist of Generation Xers interested in unique image statements. The prominent PR event launched in New York‟s Central Park generated extensive broadcast and print coverage. To use the roadster to motivate and stimulate the dealer network to meet higher standards to qualify for the roadster To build an order bank to enable the new Spartanburg plant to build to the specifications of BMW customers Phase I BMW Z3 Roadster Launch Phase II This report outlines the marketing communication plan for the phase II of the launch of BMW Z3 Roadster.      1 . The Psychographic variables among the above segments are a “lover of life” mindset and a propensity to set unique expressions of individuality. Radio DJ program generated three times the WOM effect of other programs and got them 6000 spots from the event. Successful feature on Jay Leno‟s Tonight Show. The following are the key campaigns that took place till December 1995:  The campaign with MGM was successful in building the brand equity of the BMW Z3 in association with Golden Eye. We‟ve used the 6M model to formulate the integrated marketing communication program. Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue received 6. Objectives  Establish Z3 as an cultural icon and weave it into their American experience   Phase I of the marketing communication plan was launched in June 1995.000 orders for the 100 special edition Z3 cars offered. men and women in their 40s expressing or desire to have the roadster and late baby boomers. BMW Z3 Roadster Launch  Promote BMW as a global brand building production plant in America and delivering the same quality. It discusses the various factors in choosing a communications mix to best utilize the budget to maximize sales by increasing the reach and building relationships that lead to purchase decisions. Incorporation of “Build your own Roadster module” on BMW‟s Website tripled hits (35000 to 125000/day).

 BMW Z3 Roadster Launch Key learning and issues from phase I Positives:   Positioned BMW Z3 as an affordable. The car will reach the dealers in March and the marketing communication strategy until then will be a part of phase II Objectives of Phase II (Mission)    Brand Reinforcement – Maintaining the buzz Convert the initial excitement to purchase decision Differentiate Z3 from 5 series Rationale behind Phase II objectives 1. Although this response is highly encouraging the following should be kept in mind. 2. stylish & fun to drive car Strong penetration into the American culture and attaining the position of a cultural icon Perceived as a high quality driving machine Successfully allayed the perceived doubt over capability of BMW to deliver same quality standards from its US plant as its German plant High word of mouth publicity. Brand reinforcement: Phase I was a success and 9000 booking were made which surpassed the expected number of 5000. Convert the initial excitement to purchase decision: Analyzing the success of phase 1 marketing communication Cognitive From awareness to knowledge     Issues:  Expected launch from other car manufacturers who were also planning to enter the Roadsters segment Possible cannibalization of BMW 5 series customers Less no of cars (145) available for display resulting in vehicle rotation among dealers for display Franchises are not of BMW quality standard and need further improvement Loss of consumer interest or buzz in market due to lag of 3 months between order and delivery Heightened customer expectations due exceptional use of nontraditional marketing     Affective From liking to conviction  Behavioral Purchase decision??  Page 2 . This was evident from bookings reaching 180% of the expectations. BMW Z3 is an innovative product which tends to get a response mainly from “Innovators”. positive review and coverage in media Strong association with the character of Bond and related „stylishness‟ Phase II Phase I had been a success and the response from the customers was above expectations. Such customers are limited and in order to reach a greater number of the target market the brand needs to be reinforced.

Non-traditional media The campaigns from Phase I that shall continue: 1. However. gen Sophisticated Xs. Some of the campaigns would need to be continued in the phase II as well. 40s. Late and High self baby esteem boomers and those with a propensity to be unique Media Direct and Traditional channel experiential Media preferred marketing Product Affordable. . New suggested campaigns Message 1. This will help in reaching to the youths by connecting to renowned director and promote the same in advertisements 2. Therefore. Adventure. 3. Differentiating Z3 from 5 series: BMW 5 Series revised model will be launched in April and hence the campaign will also run in parallel with the Z3 campaign. hotels holiday resorts Traditional versus Non-Traditional Media: The non-traditional media proved to create greater sales and also proved more effective for every dollar spent as they spent about 50% less than the Share-of-Voice/Share-of-Market rule. due to the cost effectiveness and impact of the non-traditional methods in Phase I it is advisable to utilize the non-traditional media for marketing communications. Parameters Z3 5 series Target Experiencers Thinkers – segment – youth. luxury travel. Product placement in music videos of top rock band of US and promoting the video on the web site. Affordable luxury experience 3. Classy. Affiliation with youth icon: Contact youth focused movie director to produce 3 minute short movie on Z3 and provide these video on the webpage. differentiation Convertible formal Use Personal car Business for long users. Also specific attention on to the target audience needs to be increased. Traditional media will also be used but since 5 series is more likely to benefit from it therefore lesser presence in this media will help in differentiating the two products. “Build your own Roadster module” The new campaigns that can be launched in phase II are 1. It‟s essential that the target segments and communication channels are well differentiated in order to ensure minimum cannibalization and also avoid confusion in the minds of the customer. BMW Z3 Roadster Launch The target audience needs to be engaged in order to build a relationship which leads to a purchase. there‟s need for innovation as the nontraditional campaigns from phase I would now appear repetitive and won‟t have the same edge. Made in America Media 3 1. Ultimate driving machine 4. exciting & fun car 2.

Eg. 3. Send a catalogue to existing BMW customers. Sponsoring adventurous event of adventure club Display ads or microsite 1. providing engines to participating team teams. Alliance with elite clubs 3. Events & Experience   Traditional Media 1. Advertising  Print Media 1. Sponsoring online gaming event 2. BMW Z3 Roadster Launch 3. Advertise in the sports section of the newspaper  Television & Cinema 1. Product placement can be done in programs which show road travel 3. 2. Experiential Marketing 1. Advertise during popular sports. Motor Sports etc. Sponsorship: Sports event like the PGA tour (golf). adventure clubs and derby clubs 2. Conference: arranging discussion with BMW head designer & Z3 design team at design conference (if taking place in JanMar ‟96) to cater to technology enthused people 3. adventure programs and travel programs 2. Showcase of Z3 to the members of elite clubs like golf clubs. 3. Promoting Z3 on the tickets of business and first class passengers 4. Therefore. Place the advertisement on Car magazines like Auto Sports. Positive word of mouth can be achieved in the using experiential marketing: 4. Teasers of bond driving the Roadster in movie theatres 1. Displaying Z3 video on personal screen for business class passengers in flights 2. Place the product in car review programs which are followed by car lovers 4. Create advocators: Connect with those customers who‟ve booked the car to reinforce the feeling of taking the right decision.  Page 4 . first an animation on the msn page comes BMW Z3 is targeted at those people who are image conscious. Advertise in travel magazines like Travel and Leisure and American Road Magazine. and encourage to provide feedback as well as share their enthusiasm and experience on web portal. Use of microsites or display ad on other companies‟ websites like adventure clubs & travel portals to reach sporty and adventure enthused customer Animations on famous web pages 1. Word of Mouth publicity 2. 3. Partnering in sports: Participating in a sporting event like the F1. Alliance with airlines 1. Invite them to join the BMW club and encourage interaction with existing BMW customers to provide a feeling of community of likeminded individuals. sailing competitions and prize for runner who completes the marathon or halfmarathon . 2. Consumer Advisory Panel consisting of handpicked or pre-screened individuals (usually identified /segmented from existing 9000 customers database) to visit production facility. recommendations and public opinion of the car becomes extremely important.a brand new Z3 Roadster.  Online Buzz Sponsoring web events and get Z3 publicized 1. when we open msn page .

we calculated the below mentioned projections for luxury performance segment: 1. Direct marketing 1. we estimated the following: 1.3 66 78 83. 5 . Sales Promotions  Financing 1. 1995 94.826 units.1% Exhibit 1 and derived growth parameters for 1996 car industry in US and worldwide (WW) for BMW Using the information in exhibit 4. This is a certain market advantage that BMW possesses and is a testimony of its high market visibility.6% 620.8 US growth 23. Roadster launch budget is 15% of total advertising budget of 1996 which is $18. The existing BMW customers would be sent a catalogue showcasing the Z3 roadster with information on its performance and visual display in various locations 2. Invite major news agencies and television channels to cover the events sponsored by BMW 4.03mn.6mn in 1996.5 12. Put the billboards on interstate highways to target people who drive long distances.8% and share of market is 10. Estimated sales if the current buzz continues are 10.8% 18. 2. Projected advertising budget for BMW is $120. Assuming that the budget for the phase II would be greater than the pro rata value as prelaunch is a critical period for the product.8% 590.2% 7. Offering a cash back to banks would encourage them to promote to customers.4% Worldwide (Units in 1000) WW growth 2. Mass marketing also needs to be included in the plan but is needed to be done efficiently. The campaign needs to be targeted as the product is a niche one. BMW share of voice is 7. high value credit card customers.4 573. the conservative estimate using the phase I estimation methodology would be 5. Please find below the analytics for the above estimations: 3. Therefore taking it to be one third of the total budget which comes out to be $6. 3. 2. However. Year 1991 1992 1993 1994 US (Units) 53. 534. Public Relations 1.09mn. Using exhibit 10 and the above results.9 7. For example.8% 1996 projected 109.2 15.1%.2 5. The BMW customers would be sent a gift on their birthdays which would be a merchandize of the Z3 Roadster and tickets to the events sponsored by BMW Money (Budget constraints) It‟s of paramount importance to keep the budget in mind while making the communications strategy. BMW Z3 Roadster Launch  Billboards 1.4% Banks will promote the Z3 to high end customers through advertisement of the Z3 in bank statements in order to increase the reach and provide cheaper financing options which increases desirability.487 units.1 2.

5mm 84501 $1035 5000 $5. Market surveys to check brand recall and brand image Quantitative Evaluation  Using analytics to identify what communication mix is more effective. BMW Z3 Roadster Launch Total Media Expenditure by BMW Total Sales unit for BMW Projected Sales Expenditure per unit in Phase I Phase I target units Phase 1 advertising budget Units booked in Phase I Actual Sales Expenditure per unit in Phase 1 Phase 2 advertising budget Conservative Estimate for phase 2 booking Aggressive Estimate for phase 2 booking $87.   Page 6 . Also.03mm 5826 10487 Using Exhibit 2 and 8 one can conclude that the success of the product placed in a movie is no dependent on the success of the movie. rather it is a function of how the product is perceived and how is it placed in the movie. Qualitative Evaluation  Taking feedback from existing buyers about their brand & product perception. Communications Evaluation The communications mix needs to be constantly evaluated and modified on the basis of sales and customer feedback.17mm 9000 $575 $6. how did they find out about the product. The effect will be evaluated on the basis of bookings and online hits.

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