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DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS improved productivity and flexibility for innovative weavers

A secure investment Immediately respond to market demands with flexibility the new DORNIER rapier weaving machine presents all the possibilities. Easier to operate and therefore supporting quicker setting to any style. With exceptional setting consistency and also immediate readiness to produce any new style, the machine reliably produces first quality fabrics even with the most difficult yarns. The new PS type meets the highest demands. Its exemplary integrity and increased performance assure a high level of productivity, while maintaining the highest flexibility. The DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS, is therefore the ideal tool for the innovative weaver to follow new directions and pull ahead of the competition.

The unique application spectrum offered by the DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS from exclusive silk fabrics for upholstery with 16 filling colors and Jacquard shed formation with up to 20,000 hooks, to coated netting fabrics e.g. for snow retainment fences utilizing the coarsest of yarn counts in warp and filling and densities of 0,5/cm or less. Highly economical production of leno fabrics with new leno motion EasyLeno 2T. 3

The human hand as the model the DORNIER filling insertion system with positively controlled center transfer

The superiority of a proven system The heart of the DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS, is the tip-to-tip filling insertion with positively controlled center transfer. Gearboxes with complementary cam assemblies drive the rapiers and the reed with exceptionally precise control. Prior to entering the shed, the left hand rapier with opened yarn clamp picks up the filling presented by the filling selector needle. After the positive closure of the thread clamp, a scissor cuts the filling at the fabric side. The transfer of the filling from the left hand to the right hand rapier takes place at the middle of the machine through a positive control of the yarn clamps. After transfer the filling is transported to the right hand edge of the fabric by the taker rapier. During the filling insertion cycle the shed remains open. The filling is only released by the positive opening of the yarn clamp when securely held by the catch selvedge. The movement and functionality of the rapiers during filling insertion are similar to the exchange of a baton between two runners in a relay race.
Secure filling transfer of fine to coarse yarns pick and pick and positive in every phase from the left hand to right hand rapier. Both guarantee immediate production readiness of the machine after a style change without readjustment and facilitate a pattern change on-the-fly with the machine running.

Two high-precision synchronized gearboxes, one at each side of the machine, provide the drive for filling insertion and reed beat-up. These have been considerably strengthened on the PS type together with a shortened power train that brings significant improvement in vibration during the proven, reliable center filling thread transfer. A continuous lubrication system provides for increased performance, low maintenance and high longevity of the new gearbox generation.

Filling insertion specific to DORNIER: 1. Filling pick-up by the left hand rapier before entry in the shed. 2. Filling transfer at the center of the machine. 3. Release of the inserted pick by the right hand rapier but only after the pick is securely held by the catch selvedge.

Highest flexibility at exceptional performance

The advantages for the user Even at filling presentation, the highest yarn load is extremely low due to the low rapier speed and positive control. Also during center transfer from the lefthand to the righthand rapier, the filling is positively controlled and thus securely transferred. The filling is released after the rapier has exited the shed in the open shed position and under absolutely controlled conditions. Day after day in the weaving shed, this unsurpassed insertion system has qualitative as well as economic advantages. Yarns with low tensile strength can be processed without any problem and with minimal stop frequencies. On the other hand, the robust construction of the filling insertion elements enables heavy filling yarns to be processed. The innovative, patented AirGuide allows the rapier rods to move contact-free into the shed and operate there without additional guide elements. Thus, high density warps can be woven without any problem and filament damage in the case of filament warps is eliminated. Open shed filling insertion with freely programmable shed closing time avoids over tensioning the filling and jump-back picks in case of elastic filling yarn. Better quality brings more profitable orders. DORNIER rapier weaving machines are therefore the first choice for successful weavers.
Soft thread clamps with hard metal inserts and precision-controlled transfer enable even coarse filament yarns of 2200 dtex with 450 filaments to be securely clamped and inserted.

The filling insertion system, with positive control in every phase, facilitates the processing of the widest range of yarn types and counts from fine silk yarns through glass rovings to the coarsest effect yarns. The count range lies between 0.77 tex and 3333 tex.

Resource savings through DuoColor: The waste saving unit for two freely selectable filling threads to be inserted is optional and can reduce selvedge waste by more than 50% depending on the yarn type.

In a competitive comparison, the peak thread tension level of the DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS, remained below even the basic tension level of all known negative tape rapier weaving machines. Therefore broken picks are a rarity.

Due to the open shed filling insertion, independent of shed closing, the friction of the filling on the warp ends is decisively reduced. This results in fewer broken picks, no over tensioning, no jumpback picks, clean left and righthand selvedges and a consistent inserted pick length, all contributing to best fabric quality.

Due to the open shed filling insertion, independent

Stress on yarn Other rapier weaving machines DORNIER rapier weaving machine, type PS

of shed closing, the friction of the filling on the warp ends is decisively reduced. This results in fewer broken picks, no over tensioning, no jumpback picks, clean left and righthand selvedges and a consistent inserted pick length, all contributing to best fabric quality.

Machine position in o

DORNIER has developed the perfect technical solution for filling insertion element guidance: The patented AirGuide system. The rapier rods glide contactfree on an aerostatic support. A guide strip guiding air to the rods replaces the previous guide rollers. Integrated temperature monitoring provides automatic self-control and therefore high process reliability for the first time on mechanical filling insertion systems. The maintenance costs and personnel workload are lower, efficiency is decisively improved.

The unique twist-free double filling insertion brings a significant increase in production with the same energy consumption. Insertion is very economical, especially when producing screen fabrics or when using Panama or rep weaves. This technology allows simultaneous filling insertion of more than two filling yarns.

Redesigning the presentation unit has greatly improved handling during width changes: Setup times are reduced, efficiency during style changes increased. This brings a decisive improvement in flexibility and efficiency, especially for fashion weavers.

The patented, pneumatic shaft coupling PSL automates shaft engagement and disengagement independent of the current shed setting and therefore significantly reduces the set-up times. Autolub (Automatic Lubrication) as universal undermotion lubrication serves as basis. The zero-backlash connection between shaft rods and drive cams provides highest stiffness and vibration-free running. This, in turn, protects warp ends and minimizes warp end breaks.

Unrivaled: DORNIER fabric quality

User-friendliness ensures reliability During the development of the DORNIER type PS rapier weaving machine, emphasis was placed on simplifying the functionality of aggregates. The improved DORNIER technology makes not only the handling easier, but also saves energy and time. Some examples: The new AirGuide reduces the workload for maintenance personnel and provides clean fabrics. The easy handling of the automatic start-mark prevention, ASP, facilitates quality assurance at machine stops and restarts. New selvedge formation devices reduce workload and simultaneously improve fabric quality. In the case of the filling tension devices, color selectors, leno devices and scissors, electronic controls replace previous mechanical solutions, eliminating time consuming adjustments. An easy sliding of width-related components along the profiled traverse, symmetric and asymmetric width changes without changing the center transfer position and pneumatic shaft coupling PSL mean further simplification for plant personnel.

Automatic Start-mark Prevention ASP: Preventing start-marks at the source. The simple functionality of automatic start-mark prevention saves time and significantly contributes toward quality improvement. All the functions outlined in the illustration can be simply called up on the machine display and changed as required, including the patented AE-function (dynamic startup) and automatic single pick mode. Settings are reproducible.
Harness leveling

Tension relaxation take-up reversal

Start with empty pick Start correction (time dependent)

Harness leveling

Start correction (time dependent)

Start-up torque (time dependent)

Tension relaxation let-off reversal

Start-up torque (time dependent)

Start correction (time dependent)

Tension relaxation let-off reversal

Intelligent weaving machine electronics programmed for the future

CAN-Bus the backbone of DORNIER weaving machine control DORNIER introduced the AT electronics with CAN-Bus Controller Area Network in 1989. In the meantime this future-oriented concept has been successfully applied in over 30,000 DORNIER weaving machines, illustrating the extensive experience with this technology that only DORNIER has in the weaving machine manufacturing sector. The high maturity of this electronic forms the basis for the expansion of the CAN-Bus from internal control only to external application as well. As a result all auxiliary weaving functions have been incorporated into the monitoring, regulation and control processes. DORNIER has thus taken machine intelligence to the next level, providing the user with significantly simplified handling techniques, a higher degree of functional security and nearly unlimited add-on potential.



User manuals, spare parts catalogs or all machine data can be called up, displayed and immediately transmitted over the Internet. The DORNIER Customer Service Department can directly access machine displays trouble shooting online. Unparalleled the DoNet Global Communication Network: Quick location and transposition of s etting instructions, remote diagnostics with instant problem solving and shorter delivery times for spare parts through direct communication.

Integrated Ethernet link for Teleservice and bi-directional networking with a host computer or departmental workstations. Inexpensive networking using standard wiring. Function monitoring and causeof-stop display are an integral part of this comprehensive electronic monitoring system.

Control cabinet with integrated CAN-Bus and various modules for start, stop, warp let-off and fabric take-up as well as start-mark prevention. Quick and easy the menu-prompted loading of new operating software by means of diskette, or alternatively online via modem or Internet access.




Standard color-graphic display. Ergonomic navigation through only a few Menu levels has been drastically simplified. Shortcut keys support rapid, direct access to important Menus and data for machine control. Weaving parameters such as speed, filling density and warp tension can be freely selected and stored as style data.

Transfer of performance data, style specifications and machine settings online, or utilizing inexpensive diskettes. Various levels of access utilizing contact-free keycards.


The technology engineered for heavy duty


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Robustly engineered, intelligently designed Connecting the two machine frame sides with a robust profiled traverse guarantees strength and stability with little vibration even at high weaving speeds. The machine must be neither bolted nor glued to the floor. The integrated rapier guide tube provides the rapier with the required stability at high speeds. The component systems related with filling insertion are bilaterally displaceable, facilitating time saving symmetrical and asymmetrical changes in width. The machine is driven with a continuously running motor over a magnetic brake-clutch unit. Intelligent electronics monitor the acceleration time and control the exceptionally short braking time. These are vital prerequisites for producing start-mark free fabrics by guaranteeing the full dynamics of reed beat-up on the first pick, thus eliminating start-marks at their source.


Keypad Pages 3/18/19

Selvedge formation Pages 14/15

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The selvedge sells the cloth the DORNIER selvedge formation devices

A new dimension in fabric selvedge quality DORNIER offers revolutionary and patented selvedge formation devices with decisive advantages, also as regards subsequent fabric processing. The 2-end full-turn leno MotoLeno, controlled in direct relation with weave requirements, variations in pick density and fabric construction, is freely programmable. The result secure selvedges without build-up that also withstand the rigors of subsequent finishing processes. Warp end breaks in the selvedge area are significantly reduced. Based on the MotoLeno, a further alternative is available the modular designed MotoEco double-disc leno. While one leno as before forms the fabric selvedge, the second leno replaces the catch selvedge. This results in waste saving with the potential of recycling the waste material. Furthermore, this device has all the advantages of the MotoLeno. All process functions are easily set directly on the machine display. The weaver saves yarn material and spare parts, personnel workload is reduced and efficiency increased .

The patented double disc leno MotoEco . Two full-turn lenos with system-dependent direction reversal work side by side. One leno creates the fabric selvedge and the other one the catch selvedge with the option of material recycling.

The inexpensive alternative to tucked selvedges the patented 2-end full turn leno type MotoLeno with synchronous motor drive. Leno thread crossing, direction of rotation, binding sequence and reverse mode are fully programmable on the display. This new leno device provides an intensive binding of the selvedge ends with extremely short filling tails, utilizing standard king spools. 14

The new QuickSet Tuck-in tucker unit allows economical production of label selvedges. All settings are made off the weaving machine using a setting gauge. The assembly unit is then fitted on the tucker already on the machine. This development has made it possible, for the first time, to ensure the quality demanded for a tucked depth of up to 8 mm. The narrow width of the selvedge means it can be tailored. Fast switching between leno and tucker selvedge, and vice-versa, is now possible. 15

The Electronic Color Selector, ECS, and the electronic filling tension device with integrated filling stop motion, EFC, are based on state-of-the-art stepping motor technology and are controlled by the external CAN-Bus. Settings and functions relative to the weaving process are precisely programmable on the machine display. Due to the modular concept, individual modules can be added quickly and easily. In this way, a single color machine can be inexpensively upgraded to handle up to 16 colors. A straight, short thread path with few deflection points keeps tear tension peaks for filling threads during thread feed at an unrivaled low level.


Electronics replace mechanics guaranteeing reproducible settings

The electronic let-off and take-up motions Also in this case DORNIER sticks to the concept of not only controlling and reacting, but also taking forward-thinking action. Absolute sensors measure the warp tension independently of the position of the whip roll and the movement of mechanical components. Warp tension thus remains constant. Exactly reproducible settings for pick density, machine speed, warp tension and contraction simplify start-mark prevention.

Let-off and take-up motions are identical in construction, simplifying

Sensor Pattern angle of rotation synchronous Sensor control circuit

handling as well as spare part inventory. Each motion utilizes a resolver as the measuring system, connected together with the sensor to a control circuit. Even when weaving with twin beams the precision of the entire system is maintained. The accuracy of setting the warp tension on the display is in the region of 1 gram and in the case of the take-up, up to 0.01 pick/cm.
Alternative sensors

Pattern angle of rotation synchronous

control circuit

Also the warp beam support assembly is flexible and adaptable to individual customer requirements. In addition to the tried and proven universal warp beam support, DORNIER also offers the EuroFix beam support for ground and top beam, for beam flange head diameters between 800 and 1,250 mm. The heavy warp beam gear remains in the machine during warp changes.


The DORNIER Weaving System with its family of weaving machines quality creates value

Identical subassemblies save time and money The DORNIER Weaving System with its family of weaving machines consisting of rapier and air-jet machines is based on the same machine frame and utilizing the same basic electronics. This means that operating and maintenance personnel in spite of different filling insertion systems are in fact working with two machines having a high degree of uniformity. Interchangeability of accessories and extensively the same spare parts save money and reduce inventory. The newly developed universal undermotion, AutoLub, is deployed in the air-jet as well as the rapier weaving machine, simplifying even the fast changeover from dobby to cam shedding using the new DORNIER FDC -system.

DORNIER type PS rapier weaving machines in Jacquard version as tool for creative weavers in clothing and home furnishings. Up to 16 filling colors, robust drives for Jacquard machines with up to 20,000 lifting hooks and top beam supports are just some of the combination options. Important for weavers: The reliable filling insertion system means fast restarts after style changes and even supports on-the-fly pattern changes during running.


The technical concept of DORNIER type PS rapier weaving machine fulfils all the basic criteria to meet the extreme demands of manufacturers of technical fabrics. Specific special devices give it a high degree of adaptability to manufacture even the heaviest and most complex cloths using known and newly developed fibers.

Alta moda fabrics for neckties, womens wear, tapestry and upholstery goods from silk. These fabrics illustrate the almost unlimited patterning potential of DORNIER weaving machines.

Economic production of screen fabrics using twist-free double filling insertion. Multiple filling insertion also for mounting fabrics for filtration, conveyor belts, hard ballistic and coating fabrics.

All kinds of industrial fabrics from the finest filter materials to airbags - r equiring zero defect weaving - through to glass roving. Specially designed and engineered solutions are available for this very diversified range of products.

High quality fabrics with dobby styles for up to 28 shafts for ladies and gents clothing from worsted, cotton and synthetic yarns with the option to mix these pic--pic with all sorts of effect yarns.


Dialogue with customers

A mutually beneficial partnership DORNIER understands the close contact between machine manufacturer and customer as a mutually beneficial partnership. The weaver should be in a position to fully utilize the potential of every DORNIER weaving machine as regards performance, flexibility, versatility and quality. To this end, DORNIER has set up a consulting hotline and Teleservice as well to help as quickly as possible when required. DORNIER also trains customer technicians in Lindau (Germany), Charlotte (USA), Shanghai (China) and Mumbai (India) as well as on-site before, during and after weaving machine installation and start-up. Our technicians stationed around the world are available to respond quickly to requests for support when technical problems cannot be solved online. By utilizing modern methods of communication such as the Internet or modem, together with the EPOS electronic spare parts catalog, delivery times for spare parts are kept to a minimum. Also exchanging experience with our customers is important to us. The obtained information directly from the user ultimately influences the further development of our weaving machines. Every suggestion is an important input, and every problem a challenge to try harder in improving our technology and our service. In Lindau, Charlotte as well as in Shanghai, machines are available for trials and evaluations in support of this effort.

Regular courses in modern training facilities are available in Lindau (Germany), Charlotte (USA), Shanghai (China) and Mumbai (India) for our customers personnel to swap experience and get to know the diversity of DORNIER weaving machines.


Technical Data

Filling insertion Positively controlled in every phase with lowest filling tension with patented AirGuide Width reduction Symmetrical up to 40 %, asymmetrical up to 10 % Filling insertion rate Up to 1,200 m/min, with double pick up to 2,400 m/min Yarn Count All yarn types from finest 7 den silk through to effect yarns up to 3,333 tex Filling colors 1-12 colors, any sequence pick and pick 16 color optional with Jacquard DuoColor and UniColor unit for waste saving (option) Filling accumulators from various manufacturers, controlled through the DORNIER-Electronic (CAN) Controlled filling tension devices Automatic package switching APS, without weavers intervention Shed formation Positive cam motion, max. 10 harness frames with 12 mm pitch max. 12 jacks with 18 mm pitch Rotary dobby for up to 28 harness frames with 12 mm pitch Electronic or mechanically controlled Jacquard machines with up to 20,000 hooks Leno motion EasyLeno 2T Fast Dobby Change type FDC (option) Pneumatic Shaft Lock, type PSL (option) Selvedge formation Normal leno selvedges 2-end disc leno MotoLeno Double disc leno MotoEco . Thermally sealed selvedges, tucking units Label selvedges with QuickSet Tuck-in tucker unit (option) Quick change from tucked to leno selvedges and vice versa Temples (trough and cover) Temples with cylinders and choice of width-independent full-width temple, quick change Warp Let-off motion EWL Electronic with absolute sensor and setting accuracy of 1 g. Warp beam support universal or Euro type for beam diameters 800 - 1,250 mm, top beam stand for up to 1,250 mm Cloth Take-up motion ECT Electronic, synchronized with EWL, setting accuracy 0.01 pick/cm Cloth roll diameter 540 mm, with off-loom wind-up up to 1,800 mm Start-mark prevention ASP including harness leveling, high torque start of main motor, single pick insertion mode Lubrication Gearboxes with continuous oil circulation also when machine is stopped Central lubrication system for all lubrication points, including universal undermotion AutoLub Electronics Multi processor technology with Controller Area Network CAN-Bus Graphical display, loading new software with diskette or online DoNet (Global Communication Network) Total networking between machine, host computer and DORNIER for spare parts ordering, user manuals, setting instructions, style and performance data, and remote diagnostics by teleservice Options A wide variety of options is available for a multiplicity of applications. Please ask our sales personnel for details

Machine type code DORNIER High (P)erformance Rapier Weaving Machine PS PTS12/J 190 Number of filling colors Shed formation S: dobby E: positive cam motion J: Jacquard machine Nominal width cm Dimensions Nominal width cm 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320 330 340 350 360 380 390 400 430 Machine width* with 4 colors mm 4375 4525 4675 4825 4975 5125 5275 5425 5575 5725 5875 6025 6175 6325 6475 6625 6775 6925 7075 7225 7375 7525 7825 7975 8125 8575 Max. reeded width mm 1415 1515 1615 1715 1815 1915 2015 2115 2215 2315 2415 2515 2615 2715 2815 2915 3015 3115 3215 3315 3415 3515 3715 3815 3915 4215 Min. reeded width with MotoLeno mm 813 879 937 976 1044 1095 1164 1253 1301 1342 1421 1463 1530 1610 1672 1832 1832 1832 2052 2052 2052 2052 2313 2313 2313 2450

Overall depth: with 800 mm dia. warp beam 1,923 mm with 1,000 mm dia. warp beam 2,122 mm *with 6 colors add 100 mm *with 8 colors add 600 mm For precise measurements of each type of machine outlined, please contact DORNIER Subject to change


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