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Introduction 1.1) Purpose…………………………………... 1.2) Scope…………………………………….. 1.3) Abbreviations……………………………. 1.4) Reference………………………………... 1.5) Technologies…………………………….

2) Overall Description 2.1) Product Perspective………………………
2.2) Software Interface………………………... 2.3) Hardware Interface………………………. 2.4) Communication Interface………………… 2.5) Product Function…………………………. 2.6) User Characteristics……………………… 2.7) Constraints……………………………….. 2.8) Use Case Model Survey…………………. 2.9) DFD Design (Context Diagram)…………… 2.10) ER Diagram………………………... 2.11) Database Design………………………...

3)Specific Requirement
3.1) Supplementary Requirement……………

all the information you need at your fingertips project status and plans.  Allocations of resources (tools. skills. Project manager. The basic project monitoring should have the clear personalized dashboard views provide at-a-glance summary of your status across all project.  Admin can be checked all project status any time from anywhere across the world. based on each user’s role and permissions.  From the entire project details we can be planned project. and working status. Team members can be share ideas from anywhere.  Here we can maintain all employee details like name. notes and discussion.  Here Admin. . related documents. address. Purpose: The need for managing the projects using international standards & monitoring through the web from across the worldwide organization branches are directing towards having an online project management tool. Allocation of resources and view resources load across all project activities. notes and discussions.  Project status and related data is securely shared in real time. project status and related data is securely shared in real time.  Track all employee and contact details. anywhere. technologies etc. Scope:  Any IT company can be added all its project details and update any time.  All the information at our fingertips project status.2 1) Introduction: 1.1. and role in project. view resources load across all projects and activities. based on each user’s role and permissions.2. related documents. 1.). More over the system need to be available for access over the web anytime.

User can easily upload and download these documents into the central location. 1.  Take a look to the project management software already available.4.  IIS: Internet Information Service . Reference:  IEEE SRS Format Technologies:      Dot Net: Application Architecture Sql Server 2005: Database WSAD: Development Tool IIS: Web Server Visual Studio: Design Tool 4 .5.  Every project involves creating document. 1. 1. used for make dynamic page.  CS: C# Files  SQL Server 2005: SQL Server 2005 is database management system that delivers a flexible and cost effective database platform to build robust on demand business application. while it’s happening. used to make static page.  ASPX: Active Sever Page. Abbreviations:  HTML: Hypertext Markup language.a web Server  HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser & a Web Server.3  Project Dashboard updates automatically to provide us with an up-to-date data of the current health of our projects.3.

 Specific Requirements will describe the functions of actors.  The Client Software is to provide the user interface on system user client side and for this TCP/IP protocols are used. Operating System (any) . interconnection and external interfaces.1. Product Perspective: HTML CLIENT HTTP/HTTPS IIS Sql server Client Side Application Server Database Server  The web pages (ASPX/HTML) are present to provide the user interface on customer client side. 2. Overall Description: Describe the general factor that effect product and its requirement.2. Communication between customer and server is provided through HTTP/HTTPS Protocol. their role in the system and constraints.4 2) Overview: SRS will include two sections:  Overall Description will describe major components of the system. 2. Software Interface: Client on Internet: Web Browser.

Sql Server 2005.4. HTML). There are multiple project that are mange every day.6.0.3. . IIS. By project reporting. OS (Windows). Communication Interface: Client on Internet will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Development End: Visual Studio 2005 (Dot Net 2. Client on Intranet will be using TCP/IP protocol. Operating System (any Microsoft OS). 2. Web Server: IIS. 2. Product Function:  Track Project Level Data: In this module. Operating System (any Microsoft OS). C#. There is multiple tasks that are may or may not be associated with a project. The entire information client need at him fingertips project status and related documents. Online Storage Every project involves creating documentation. Data Base Server: SQL Server 2005. User Characteristics: Every user should be comfortable of working with computer and net Browsing. ASPX. you can show your client that the project is on track and has been managed. There are facilities for message board where users can be shared ideas.5 Client on Intranet: Web Browser and Operating System.5. all project are maintained by       the admin. He must have basic knowledge of English too. 2. Hardware Interface: Client Side Processor Pentium II at 500 MHz Server Side Pentium III at 1 GHz RAM 64 MB 512 MB Disk Space 1 GB 2 GB 2.

 Limited to HTTP/HTTPS.  This system is working for single server.8.7. 2. Use Case Model Survey: Create task and assign in case Project Manager Manage Project in case Project Manager Manage all users Actor Manage Project Team in case Software Eng Project Manager Actor Admin Manage All project & Assign to Project Manager Manage Document & Send Msg and View View All Details Edit All Details Manage Document & Send Msg And View Use Case Diagram 1) Administrator: Responsible for manage all activity of project and its functionality.  Login and password is used for identification of user and there is no facility for guest. .  There is no maintainability of back up so availability will get effected. Constraints:  GUI is only in English.6 2.

 He can view all details of project in which he is involve.  Maintaining all records and share ideas to users for further improvement. add Response team member assign task and Update task status .  Admin Can Upload Any Document in any Project And View.  Manage team and give tasks to team member in case of team Members.  Admin can send message to every Team Member. view details of various project and all employees System Software Engineer View . Add Team Member Assign Rolls them.  Software Engineer Can Upload Any Document in his related Project And View.9.  Manage project: Admin can be managed all details of Project . Download.edit Details of Projects. 2) Software Engineer: Here software eng has different role like Project Manager.  Manage all projects in which he is project manager.  Create Team.  Admin can be edit and view all details. DFD Design (Context Diagram): Administrator Response Request for add.can assign project to Project Manager. He can give the role to users within any project.  Software Engineer can send message to every Team Member.7  Manage All Users: Admin can be modified all details of users. team leader and team member. edit. Download. 2.

View. Assign project team 8 Software Engineer View allocated project. and assign task to team member Add team . Tasks. Delete users detail. View.DFD Level 1 Response Administrator Add New Project. Set access authorization to users and also disable users Response . Response User Management Edit. own details and use message board to share ideas Project Management Response Add. Edit. create module and task. Modules.

Administrator: Responsible for manage all activity of project and  Add New Employee: Here Admin can be add new Employee in the Add New Project: Here Admin can be add new project in the Add Module: Here Admin can be add module in the project and Add New Task: Here Admin can be add new Task in the Project Upload and Download any Document in the any Project Share his Idea using Message Board.  can update Module details anytime.9 1) its functionality. Software Engineer: Here software eng has different role like View.Here Project Manager can be Assign Task in the All software Eng submits and updates tasks status. Update Project: Software Engineer can be view and Update Add Module: Here Project Manager can be add module in the Add New Task: Here Project Manager can be add new Task in the Assign Task :. Upload and Download any Document Related with Project Share Their Idea using Message Board.  Module and can update Task details anytime   2) Project Manager.  project and can update Module details anytime. team leader and team member. system and can update Employee details anytime  system and can update project details anytime.  Project Module and can update Task details anytime  Project Module to any Team Member and can update Task details anytime    .  all details of allocated project.

Task name Member Role 2.10 Entity Relationship Diagram . No.M Send Message 1 Employee DOB First Name 10 M Works on N Emp_id User_type Designation Project comment Project_Name Project 1 Have M Approx_duration Project_Type Project_id 1 For 1 Project Team Team name M task_start_time M Assigned task_end_time task_daily_status Modules 1 module_id Module_title Admin_comment N Task_id Task priority M Have Tasks S.

J2ME. Enabled/Disabled . . technologies_master field name technology_name Id PlatformId Description data type Varchar bigInt BigInt varchar size 50 constraints PK FK 250 description Java. 3. bca. emp_details Field_name Id first_name last_name Dob Qualification Gender Designation Address City State Country Zip Phone Mobile Fax Email Experience salary working_status status Type bigInt varchar varchar dateTime varchar varchar Int varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar integer integer varchar Bit Size 30 30 50 6 FK 200 50 50 50 6 15 15 15 100 4 5 20 mca.amit@live. Editor. Reporting Tool. Tomcat Use of tool Web Server. tools_master field name Id tool_name tool_description tool_category data type bigInt varchar varchar varchar Size 100 500 50 constraints PK description Eclipse. J2EE 2. RDBMS.11 2.BE/Btech Male/Female Constraint PK Description Atuo Generated 9950442821 Er. PHP. XML.Net. EJB.in In month 1000/hr and monthly salary for general employee Task Assigned / Free. etc. m-tech. AJAX.11 Database Design : 1.

12 CreateDate DateTime System Date 4.e. Updated by Only Admin/Project Manager. online project management 10 System Date New/ Planned/ Running/ Completed/ Paused/ Updation. . employee_expertise field name Id emp_id Platform Technology Skill Experience data type bigInt Bigint Bigint Bigint Bigint Float size constraints PK FK FK FK Fk description contain Employee id work experience time on skill 5. project_details field name project_id project_name Alias Description project_type Priority Client scheduled_start_date scheduled_end_date Actual_start_date Actual_end_date approx_duration Platform Technology Completion CreateDate project_status type BIGINT varchar Varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar date date date date integer Bigint Bigint Int dateTime varchar 200 50 200 20 20 500 size constraints PK FK FK Web Project/Standalone Urgent/ Normal/ Low/ High only for admin use 11 Jan 2009 15 jun 2009 Duration in days description Auto incremented numeric value i.

13 6. project_team field name Id team_name project_id EmpId start_date Deadline CreateDate Size data type Bigint varchar Bigint Bigint Datetime Datetime Datetime Int size 50 FK FK ProjectManager Id System date Size of team constraints PK description Auto incremented numeric value . project_documents Field name Id project_id name CreateDate uploaded_by Description url Type Date Active Mail Ref description data type Bigint Bigint varchar Datetime Bigint Varchar Varchar Varchar Datetime Bit Varchar Size 100 FK 500 500 100 500 constraints PK FK description File name Employee Id 7. project_module field module_id project_id module_title approx_duration module_description Status Completion CreateDate data type Bigint Bigint varchar integer varchar bit Int Datetime size 50 duration will be in days 2000 20 constraints PK FK Description 8.

14 .

15 9. Task field name Id Title Description moduleId Createdate Duration ProjectId data type integer varchar Varchar Bigint DateTime Int Bigint size 9 100 1000 constraints PK FK FK description auto-increment id store all over msg 10. messages field name msg_id message projected subject SenderID data type Bigint varchar Bigint Varchar BIGINT size 5000 FK 100 Fk constraints PK description auto-increment id store all over msg 11. Login field name Username Password User type Active empId data type Varchar Varchar Varchar Bit BIGINT Fk size 100 30 constraints PK Case Sensitive description Email id Admin/project manager/ team member .

16 12. Skill field name Id Name Platform Technology Description data type Bigint Varchar Bigint Bigint size 100 FK FK constraints PK description .Task Assign field name Id ProjectId PmID EmpId moduleId TaskId Duration AssignDate Deadline Status Completion Active Submit Submitdate Ischecked Priority EndDate CreateDate Remark data type Bigint Bigint Bigint Bigint Bigint Bigint Int Datetime Datetime Varchar Int Bit Bit Datetime Bit Varchar Datetime Datetime Varchar size constraints PK FK Fk FK FK FK description 10 50 500 13 . Designation field name Id Designation User type Description data type Bigint Varchar Varchar Varchar size 50 Admin/project manager/ team member 500 constraints PK description 14.

17 15. Platform field name ID Platform Description data type Bigint Varchar Varchar size 100 100 constraints PK description 16. Team Member field name TeamID EmpId Roll data type Bigint Bigint Varchar size 100 constraints FK Fk description .

and load Balancing. This becomes very difficult to manage if the number of pages gets too large.  Make the existing Web site more dynamic in nature: . . such as support for caching. System is required to be available 24X7 so UPS support must be on server site for at least 8 hours in case of power failure.Web application developers should not spend valuable time worrying about how to maintain sessions within the application. clustering.  Provide good performance and the ability to scale the server: . Most of the business data in the world today exists in enterprise servers that can be connected to the Web servers to make this process far more effective.18 3) Specific Requirement: Supplementary Requirements:  Have hours of operation that are 24 x 7: .Because system can be an automated Process. Application should serve dynamic user based customized web pages to its Clients from server.  Providing session management capability: . System will remain inaccessible to users at 2:00 to 4:00 am for backup and maintenance purpose. The Web Application Server should provide these services.Many early Web Implementations consisted of static HTML pages. An effective system should be largely dynamic Taking advantage of technology that automates this process rather than relying on manual Processes. Staying open 24 hours a day becomes critical.The Web Application Server should provide good performance and the ability to manage Performance with techniques. so it can stay open for 24 hours a day. If the base is now the entire world.  Tie the existing Web site into existing enterprise systems: – Any existing Web site that relies on the manual duplication of data from another system is one that can be Improved.

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