INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Explanation 3. Limits of the project 4.


1. Introduction
The aim of designing this project menu is for MIPS arithmetic operation conversion simulator (Simple Calculator). This calculator calculate general calculation as well as show MIPS code and binary 32 digit of that decimal number. The calculator shows the MIPS code and binary number in Multiline text box. In this Calculator one special feature is added so it can work with scalability.


Goals and objectives:
measurement issue is taken care of. I can assure that this software is free from virus.

 This being the first release of Calculator software, high level security

 The main aim of this software is to calculate numbers in decimal and

to show that decimal number in 32 bit binary numbers and it also shows the MIPS conversion code. It has some other functionality like scalability function. With scalability function more than 2 digit can be calculate. Here in this software it shows all MIPS code and 32 bit binary numbers in command prompt.

2.0 Explanation:
My project is mainly contains four parts. Main part of my project is calculation using java class file second part is binary code conversion. This binary code conversion is made by java also. This converts decimal number to 32 digit binary number. Third part is to show MIPS code. This MIPS code is shown by using java code. And all these work with graphical user interface.

Graphical User Interface

Appropriate MIPS code

Calculation in decimal using JAVA

Binary code


In project first open visual studio then make new project (visual j#, windows application) and add form1.jsl, form1.resx. then add Main.jsl then you can run the program from visual studio 2005.

First the MIPS arithmetic operation conversion simulator (calculator) is in normal mode so it works in normal mode. In the below figure it shown that its working in normal mode. If I calculate in normal mode the answer should be come in normal mode and 32 bit binary number and MIPS code should be print. Therefore anyone can understand how the MIPS arithmetic operation conversion simulator is working. Example: Here I am dividing 125 by 5 in normal mode so out come should be 5 and it should be shown in 32 bit binary code and also in MIPS code.

For scalability mode: When I enter in scalability mode It gives answer with scalable value. It shows Calculator with scalable red color. For example we calculate 12+65*96/5 Here answer should be 1247

3.0 Limits of the project:
While I was checking this program I faced some limitation in this project.
 Here there is no any database exists in the back hand, so it does not

show last calculations. We can not get last few calculations.

4.0 Conclusion:
In constructing this project I apply all the functions as per conditions. Then I tested my program to make it perfect.

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