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Company Overview Company Environment Analysis (Pest Analysis) Swot Analysis Current Financial Data Challenges Titan Industries Ltd experienced Competitors Portfolio analysis tools Company’s target customers Positioning Strategy Promotional Activities Company maintain a high level of customer service Company pursue and ensure customer loyalty Pricing strategy Pricing compare with that of its competitors Distribution of products/services Strategic alliances Company adopted these strategies to achieve success in the market

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In 1987 Titan established a manufacturing unit at Hosur for the making watches. is India‟s largest fashion accessories manufacturer including watches. Now it is fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world. A MOU was signed between Titan and Casio in November. India and employs around 4514 people. 1986.1) Company Overview Titan Industries Ltd. Gujarat government gives scheme for insurance coverage. jewellery. and prescription eyewear. engineering. Gems & Jewellery Parks have been set up to promote investments in this sector. 2009) HMT was first major watch manufacturer in India and undisputed market leader till the entry of Titan. solar and medical industry. an eye wear brand in the year 2007. a jewellery brand in 1995. oil & gas. The Company projected to manufacture 2 million digital and ana-digi watches in collaboration with Casio Computer Company of Japan. In 2002 Titan initiated a new business unit of Precision engineering components for aerospace. automotive. Middle East and the UK. It‟s headquarter is located in Bangalore. (Money Control. Titan Industries Ltd. 2009) 4 . sunglasses. Titan Industries launched Tanishq. hydraulics. 2010) Strategic Business Units • • • Watch segment Jewellery segment Others (eyewear and precision component) 2) Company Environment Analysis (Pest Analysis) Political Factors • Indian Jewelry Industry is getting strong government support in form of incentives and formation of SEZs. (Titan. Titan industries added Titan Eye+. (India Extension Bureu. Titan exports their watches in 32 countries around the world. The company operates in Asia Pacific. The main objective of the company is to manufacture analog electronic watches. According to (Gujarat Government Industrial policy 2009). a Joint Venture between the Tata Group and TIDCO (Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation) began on 27th July 1984.

on the back of getting better lifestyle and availability of skilled labour. The Indian gems and jewellery market is set to cross US$ 26 billion by 2012.) • Macroeconomic indicators. n.) • Government provide excise duty free zone where companies establish their manufacturing units and obtain policy benefit. 5 . n. 2010) • 100% FDI is allowed in the Gems & Jewellery sector and Watch sector through the automatic route. utilizing 20% of global gold (Gold. higher disposable incomes.) • Indian consumer views jewellery purchase as an investment. 2010). investment friendly policies and progressive reform process all contribute towards India being an appropriate choice for investors. 2009) Economical Factors • India the largest consumer and importer of gold in the world.d. • • Indian Life style is improving which is supportive for Jewellery and watch sector. emerging middle class. (Tax Management India. India is the largest consumer of gold jewellery in the world. International watch companies are entering in Indian watch Industry. it is projected to import around 500-550 tonnes of gold in 2010. n. (Investment Communication. (Example – Titan assemble his manufacturing unit in Uttrakhand which is excise duty free zone) (India Extension Bureau.) Social Factors • Gift trend of watches and jewellery in special occasions in India support watch and jewellery sector.d.d. (Investment Communication.d.• By Stable macroeconomic policies of India. (India In Business. n. (Investment Communication.

• As per a report by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA). (Investment commission. (Titan. • • Innovative technologies certify the finest use of gold in the electronics sector. 88 Titan Eye+ stores) (Titan. Japanese companies have come to Indian market with their highly technological watches. 740 after-sales-service centres. National Institute of Jewellery Design (NIJD) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) have had a substantial impact on development of the jewellery sector in India. National Institute of Design (NID). 2009) • Titan has efficient customer touch point (300 exclusive „World of Titan' showrooms. (Titan. 113 Tanishq boutiques and Zoya stores. the turnover of the auto component industry is being estimated at around US$ 19.b) • Indian Diamond Institute (IDI). 3) Swot Analysis Strength • Tata is finest and reliable group of companies name in India and Titan‟s collaboration with Tata has helped them to establish their brand in the market. Technological Factors • Companies are using innovation to establish their brand in the market (ex-Titan produce world slimmest watch). 2009) • Titan has capable Production capacity they have 11 manufacturing units in India. • Titan is market leader of watch industry in India with 60% market share.2 billion in 2009-10. n. 28 Gold Plus stores.d. 2009) 6 .

d. • • In India on every 1000 people. (Investment Communication of India. (World amazing records. Less number of low priced products. to US$2. India is the fastest increasing jewellery market in the world. In 2009 Titan launched Titan trophy where they made trophies for various companies. as Titan doing innovation in their services where they launch design studio where they did designer work for titan watches.Weakness • • • Poor market share in high cost watches. n. Tanishq jewellery.a. as now they are exporting watches in 32 countries.d. The average growth rate is 10 -15 percent per year.d.) • Expected to grow at 40% p. n.d.2 billion by 2010.d.b) 7 . • Titan has developed foreign potential market. (World amazing records. High prices jewellery comparison to local players. n. n.) • In India more than 58% of the population is under 25 years and more than 80% of the population is below 45 years of age. (World amazing records.) The estimated annual watch market size is around USD 195 million. n. Opportunity • Titan can venture into different sector. Estimated jewellery export revenue of up to us $ 25-30 billion in next five year (Investment Communication of India. only 25 have watches. and fastrack gogals and bag.a) • The auto component industry in India has possibility to grow at a CAGR of 13% to reach US$40 billion by 2015.

Low priced China watches are also a concern. stylish and super premium watches & Japnese automatic and new technological watches have increased the competition.12 Crores. Watch segment sales grew by 13% to Rs. Sales(in crores) 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2007-08 2008-09 1060 1040 1020 1000 980 Sales(in crores) 960 940 920 900 2009-10 880 Watches Sales(in crores) 2008-09 2009-10 • • Company revenue Rs. 4703.78 crores. Mobile phones are also a threat for watches in mass market. People prefer 1000rs mobile in which they get calculator and alarm watch. • • • Too many players will dilute the market & the profit margin. 4) Current Financial Data (These Financial data is According to Titan Industries Limited annual report)  In Titan silver jubilee year (2009-10) growth rate is 22.2%.1052. 8 .Threaths • Swiss automatic.

19 crores.101 crores during the year. Exports include sale of watches and precision engineered components (Titan.4% toRs.8% to Rs.• • The Jewellery segment sales grew by 26.76 crores.504. Other segment (Eyewear and Precision Engineering) rose by 11.5%. Net profit Rs. 2009b) 9 . 3. International Operations The Company export turnover of Rs. 250.32 crores company grew by 57.151.

During that time. The Company has reentered the children‟s watch segment. Experts say that Dash was too early for the Indian consumers. 2010) 10 . (The Hindu Business Line. Dash was withdrawn in 2003. parents were not that interested in spending on kid's accessories like Watches. Zoop is being positioned as a cool.5) Challenges Titan Industries Ltd experienced In 1998-99. Now Titan feels that the market is ready for a brand like Zoop. fancy accessory for kids. Titan tried to tap kid‟s watch segment with a brand Dash. But Dash failed to catch the market.

Emergence of different consumer segments • Defined consumer segments around distinct purchasing factors 11 . • • • • • HMT Ltd. Su-Raj Diamonds and Jewellery Ltd. Chinese Watches Power of buyers . Timex Group India Ltd.6) Competitors Top competitors According to Datamonitor (2010) these are main competitors in watch and jewellery sector. Gitanjali Gems Ltd.More global and local players • Increase in competition in all segments  Super premium segment : Swiss brands   Premium segment : Global fashion House / Japanese brands Mass market : Local/regional. Vaibhav Gems Ltd Porter’s Five forces Analysis (Industry Analysis) (Diagram of Porter’s five forces) More global and local playeras Shift in structure of demand Industry rivalry Emergence of distinct consumer segments Emergence of new channels Threat of new entrants .

stores/malls) • • Existing outlets (MBOs) getting attractive looking Unorganized retail network for mass market Power of suppliers . P.Shift in structure of demand • Volume growth driven by the mass market • Value growth driven by premium segment (Nag. 2008.• More awareness of brands and global trends among rich urban consumers Threat of substitutes .Emergence of new channels • Emergence new retail outlets emerging (Dept.226) 7) Portfolio analysis tools a) Brand Life Cycle (Brand life cycle) Introduction Obaku WWF Orion Zoop Octane Growth Xylys Raga Purple Maturity Sonata Nebula Edge Fastrack Decline Royal Regalia Dash 12 .

P. In growth stage sales increases because customers aware the brand and its quality so brand needs more attention on 4p‟s of marketing mix for establishing brand preference.13% Titan Industries Sales in Watch Sector. 2008.222) b) Boston Consulting Group matrix analysis In BCG Matrix Company analyse its current SBU portfolio and decide which SBU need more or less investment and company develop growth strategies for adding new products and businesses to the portfolio. In decline stage sales begin to decline as the market saturated.3.026.51) Plotting two SBU Titan Industries Ltd i) Watch Sector Watch Industry Growth.504.257.257.78% 13 .8 crores = 3.1.07 Relative Market Share = 7. brand technologically absolute.19 crores Market leader or Close Competitors (Gitnjali Gems Ltd) sale.40% Titan Industries Sales in Jewellery Sector.026.504.140.78/140.8 Relative Market Share = 2.1. P. Brand main goal is to maintain market share. (Nag.33% ii) Jewellery Sector Jewellery Industry Growth.   In maturity stage brand set its position in customer mind. 2008.07 crores = 1.  In introduction stage brand needs much investment to create awareness in the market. or customer taste change.19/1.78 crores Market leader or Close Competitors (Timex India) sale. (Nag.

14 . Watch unit has large market share in a slow growing Industry.(BCG Model) Relative Market Share (Cash Generation) 50 Stars Market Growth Rate (Cash usage) Question mark Cash Cow Dog 10 1 On the horizontal axis: Relative market share On the vertical axis: market growth rate 0.  Titan‟s watch unit come in cash cow because it market leader in Indian watch market. Because of their market position Titan watches generate cash.1  Titan‟s jewellery unit come in star because it has a high market share in fast growing sector. Jewellery sector may generate cash but model predicts that jewellery units will have a very strong need to support their growth.

Market developmentIndian Tier II and Tier III cities are growing rapidly and Titan SBUs Eyewear and Jewellery sector need more retail network to reach them. The company promote their brand at high level in this growing industry. voice recorder watch. Because Titan is market leader of Indian wrist watch market with 60% market share and company have to do innovations in their products for maintaining their market share.c) Ansoff Matrix Ansoff Growth matrix is a tool that helps companies to grow depends on whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets. Product developmentTitan has good opportunity to introduce new technological watches like iPod watch (music enable). (Nag. 15 . hard drive watch and USB interface to control it.245) (Ansoff Matrix Model) Existing Product New Products Existing Markets Market penetration Product development New Markets Market development Diversification Market penetrationTitan has two brands in jewellery segment and Indian jewellery industry growth rate is 40% pa. 2008. P.

Youth Target Customer Mid-premium Class Premium Class Super Premium Class Premium Class Premium Class Mid-premium Class Mid-premium Class Super Premium Class Premium Class Premium class Mid. Segmentation Casual Wear Stylish casual wear Jewellery watches Sporty Casual wear Casual wear Nature lover Party wear Jewellery watches for ladies Kids Trendy Casual wear Automatic function lover New-age achiever Goggles. Trendy Mass market Semi-urban and middle class Urban class and premium Class Mid. Belts. 8) Company’s target customers Brand /Sub Brand Titan Watches Edge Watches Nebula Watches Octane Watches Heritage Ladies Watches Orion Watches WWF Watches Raga diva Ladies Watches Raga flora Ladies Watches Zoop Watches Purple Ladies Watches Obaku Watches Automatic Watches Xylys Watches Fastrack Watches. Sonata Watches Gold Plus jewellery Tanishq jewellery Titan Eye+ Casual wear Party wear Party wear Casual.premium Class Middle class Premium Class Super premium Class Mass market Bags. Company is not that stage where they can diversify.premium Class (Titan.DiversificationIn 2007 company diversify in eyewear sector and jewellery sector growth rate is too high in this stage both sector need investment in strategy and marketing. 2009c) 16 .

2008. by which they want to create perception in consumers mind as a fashion accessory. 2010a )(Titan. P. 2009c) a) Titan brand perception in consumers mind  Titan previous tagline was “What‟s your style”. Titan repositioning itself with new tagline “Be More” with this new campaign they move from style statement to 17 .125) (Titan Watches perceptual mapping) Formal / classic Xylus Nebula Titan & Sub brands Sonata 500 1000 2000 4000 5000 10000 20000+ Zoop Fastrack Fashion/Sporty Analyse two web pages for making Titan perceptual Map (Infibeam.9) Positioning Strategy Titan mainly focus on two positioning strategy for their watch brands • • Price and Quality Lifestyle (Nag.

(Afaqs. 2008)  Fastrack is a brand for youth. b) Public relation    Gift concept (Any customer picking up a Nano booking form from a World of Titan outlet gets gift voucher worth Rs 200. which can change your thinking in this campaign they are using tagline “You don‟t possess a Xylys. The exchange offer allows the customer to avail a flat 20% discount on exchange of any old watch) Jingles – titan use jingles to reflects the brand personality 18 . Titan‟s brand ambassador Aamir khan provides much needed frame to fire. it possesses you (Campaign India.) Exchange offer (Aug 16 2010 Titan Exchange Offer 2010‟. In this campaign they are creating perception that Eye+ makes you attractive and Eye+ is nothing but very basic. Eye+ has the tagline “Kuch To Hua Hai" meaning “Something has happened to you". stylish and moving towards Success. a) Advertising media:     Broadcasting (Television Campaign. Radio) Print(Magazines. (The Hindu Business Line. By their new television campaign they Creating perception that Xylys is a exceptional brand. Fastrack‟s brand ambassador actor Genelia D'Souza and cricketer Virat Kohli using tagline “Move on” in television campaign and Fastrack want to create perception that we are sporty. 2010)  Eye+ is being positioned as a style foil. 2008c)  Xylys positioned as a premium class watch. billboards. 10) Promotional Activities The company use different communication technique for promoting their brands.personality statement. newspaper) Internet Hoardings. They are targeting new age achiever.

Jewellery segment sales grew by 26...8 %..titancare. focuses on the best post-sale experience and complete customer contentment  ( where they said “our relationship doesn‟t end with the sale of watch.c) Sales promotion     Sponsorship Seasonal campaign (Tanishq. 2009d) Titan connects with their customers by website (www. The company encourage their employees give fast and better services to customers. but Promotion through Contests Titan launches off-season discount scheme Titan uses their brand ambassador for promoting their brands which suites brand personality Titan: Aamir Khan Sonata: Mahendra Singh Dhoni Raga: Amrita Rao Xylys: Rahul Bose Fastrack: Genelia dsouza....”   Titan gives 2 year warrantee on their watches. Virat Kohli Tanishq: Asin 11) Company maintain a high level of customer service  Titan Customer Service centres are certified with the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification. successful promotion the Queen of Diamonds in 200910 first quarter of the year. 19 .

In this objective product capture market share price main purpose is serve maximum people. Goldplus) ii) Market skimming – product main objective is maximize the profit and attract price sensitive customer. Under this program they give membership to their customer for joining the club. 13) Pricing strategy a) Titan Industries mainly used three types Pricing Objectives i) Market share .e. The company select price according to product‟s specification. ii) Promotional pricing – In promotional activities company give discount in product‟s price. Tanishq) iii) Value-based pricing .e.  To ensure good quality and customer satisfaction Titan Industries gives various schemes. Titan Nebula.  Titan gives opportunity to their customer every year to exchange their watch by new one in Exchange Offer Campaign. (i. Sonata. Staffs actively encourage customers to use only original spares in order to ensure quality and satisfaction ( Titan. Raga. (i.  Titan's loyalty Signet program – is component of Titan‟s effort to retain and value its loyal customers. 20 . Fastrack.product based on the value it creates for the customer(zoop) b) Pricing methods of Titan Industries i) Product line pricing – Titan use product line pricing method. Titan Customer Service also sale spares and accessories. 2009d ) 12)  Company pursue and ensure customer loyalty Titan authorised Service Centres are attached to the „Multi-brand outlets‟ both offer quick and high-quality service for all types of watches. such as batteries. leather and metal bracelets. Titan.

000-85. c. The super premium segment is also hitting up with lot of international brands setting shops in India. The mass market segment has HMT. home delivery. Titan Eye+ Stores.000 8.000-10.000 14. ft of retail space. • • • 300 exclusive „World of Titan' showrooms 113 Tanishq boutiques and Zoya stores 28 Gold Plus stores 21 .000-14. d) 15) Distribution of products/services Titan Industries operates stores under the flagship of World of Titan. b. Timex etc and the premium segment has Titan. The company expanding its retail network with a net addition of 52 stores of Watches. 2008.000 -------------- -------------- 6.760-6. Citizen etc.000 HMT MAXIMA TIMEX 600-1.000 CITIZEN 400-1. Jewellery and Eyewear businesses.000 sq. Tanishq boutiques.500 380-1. Titan. As on 31st March 2010.(Nag. and repairing services of watches.000-10. Maxima fighting it out.100 Infibeam (2010a.500 Midpremium Premium Super Premium 5. 2009b) In India Titan has 786 service points across 343 towns.000 10. TITAN Mass Market 400-1.000 2000-4. 85. Gold plus Stores. Zoya Stores. P. with over 6. The mid-premium segment has Titan.500 2.000-31. (Titan. the Company has a total of 539 stores.137) 14) Pricing compare with that of its competitors Indian watch market is clearly divided and lot of players are fighting out.500-6. It also provides after sale services.200 ----------- 2.

with upper class and middle class brand Tanishq. b) Proper segmentation and Targeting • Wide range of products with proper segmenting and targeting as stylish. 2010) Titan has entered into an exclusive sub-licensing arrangement in 2003 with GVM International Ltd. Because Indian jewellery sector is unorganized and one of the fastest growing sector of India. 2008. P. Goldplus.• 88 Titan Eye+ stores (Titan. 2009d) 16) • Strategic alliances Titan Industries Limited tied up with Sankara Nethralaya for supporting their Titan eye+ brand. gift concept and Exchange offers. 2004b) 17) Company adopted these strategies to achieve success in the market a) Diversification • Diversification into jewellery sector. (Nag. This helps to make Customer loyalty for company. 2008a) • • The company tied-up with Essilor and Kodak for manufacturing lenses (Trading Markets. function and price points. (The Hindu Business Line. (The Hindu Business Line. for marketing and distribution of Tommy Hilfiger watches in India.326) 22 . c) Public Relation • The company doing public relations by Titan Signet Club.

including the 'Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year'.2.   The President of India's Award . Strategy Recommendation 1. 2007) (Nag.a. in the Consumer Durables category. 2008. The Titan Design team received 7 accreditations at the National Institute of Designs Business World Awards. More focus Jewellery segment because In jewellery Market growth rate is 40% p.353) 19.33% Jewellery sector.18) Performance measurements Criteria a) Market share – As earlier says in this report Titan is market leader with 60% market share.for employing disabled person. The company should diversification in other products (fastrack Belt. Cap) 3. Titan retained its ranking as the 'Number 1 Brand' in the Brand Equity Survey. Expand the showroom numbers in Tier II and III cities Titan eye+. Promotion in foreign market 5. 23 . P.78 b) Brand equityTitan Industries has been awarded with these awards like which shows Brand equty of Titan    Titan and Tanishq were adjudged 'Most Admired Brands' 'Friends of BIL Award' .for employing handicapped person. Titan should launch new brand in premium goggle market 4. (Business Maps of India. Promotion campaigns of Sonata Yuva collection & TitanEye+ on Internet advertising (Tier2 &Tier3 cities for new age achievers) 6. Fastrack and tanishq) 2. Relative market share of Watch sector which comes from BCG matrix-7.

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