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Final Exammination English 0112

Mattayom Patchara kitiyapha 3 Surat thani School Surat Thani

Mattayom Suksa 6 1 hour 30 points.

1.You see the road through it.

a. windscreen 4.Whenever you want to shift up or down,
b. carburetor you press this down.
c. ignition a. gearbox
d. spark plugs b. gas
e. timing chain c. accelerator
d. clutch pedal
2.When you want to go faster, you press this. e. brake pedal
a. brake pedal 5.This cools down your engine.
b. clutch a. radiator
c. gearbox b. battery
d. accelerator c. distributor
e. carburetor d. taillights
e. pump
3.You turn these on when it is dark so you 6.This provides your battery with the
can see the road. electricity it needs.
a. headphones a. spark plugs
b. headlights b. ignition
c. taillights c. generator
d. panel lights d. accumulator
e. spotlights e. alligator

11.Valentine's Day is___ on February 14th.
7.If the road is bumpy, these help to dampen a. rehearsed
the bumps. b. celebrated
a. fenders c. held
b. bumpers 12.This is a popular day for___ to get
c. shock absorbers engaged.
d. turn indicators a. enemies
e. steering wheel b. spouses
8.If you want to turn left or right, you put these c. sweethearts
on. 13.Flowers and chocolates are___ popular
a. headlights presents to give.
b. turn indicators a. neither
c. horn b. either
d. steering wheel c. both
e. rack and pinion 14.It is also a custom to send greeting
9.You use this when you start a cold engine. cards___ valentines.
a. brakes a. called
b. choke b. named
c. amp meter c. labelled
d. fuel tank 15.Many cards are anonymous. This means
e. gearbox you don't know who they are___.
a. to
10.This lubricates your engine. b. for
a. grease c. from
b. fuel 16.People used to believe that birds met on
c. water this day to find their mate for___.
d. oil a. winter
e. cream b. spring
c. summer

17.A modern tradition is to write a personal 22.Greek festivals ___ the creation of the
message in the personal___ of a newspaper. modern Olympic games.
a. columns a. had to inspire
b. lines b. had inspired
c. blocks c. inspired
18.A popular___ is a Cupid carrying a bow 23.The first games of the modern era ___ in
and arrow. Athens in 1896.
a. symbol a. was held
b. sign b. were held
c. diagram c. held
19.Sending valentines used to be more___ 24.In the ancient Olympic games, only men
than sending Christmas cards. ___ .
a. traditional a. could take part
b. popular b. could be taken part
c. prestigious 25.Women ___ even to watch the games.
20.St. Valentine's Day is named___ one of a. forbid
two possible saints. b. were forbidden
a. with 26.The three best athletes or teams ___
b. after medals.
c. from a. are given
21.Every four years, the Olympic cauldron ___ b. give
at the opening ceremony of the Olympic c. gave
games. 27.The five interlacing rings ___ the official
a. has lit symbol of the Olympic games.
b. is lit a. are
c. is lighting b. have to be
c. are being

28.The five rings ___ upon a white
background represent each a continent:
Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.
a. sit
b. seat
c. set
29.While the Olympic flame ___ as a symbol
of the Olympic games, the Olympic mascots
___ as a symbol of the games for children of
all ages.
a. respects, stands
b. respects, stand
c. is respected, stands
d. is respected, stand
30.The USA ___ the country that ___ the
competitions in 1996.
a. was, hosted
b. were, hosted
c. is, hosts
31.The link between the ancient and modern
Olympic games ___ by the torch relay.
a. is symbolized
b. symbolize
c. are symbolized