Email Policy

2.1 Applying For An Email Account

Regular staff do not need to apply for an e-mail account as this account is automatically created as part of the employment process. 2.3 Gaining Access

Use of the Outlook email client installed on a staff desktop machine is the preferred method of access. This is the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive method for accessing email. Every staff desktop computer should have the full Outlook software installed on the machine. An alternate method is to use a web browser to access the Exchange email account via Outlook Web Access. This method is best used within the Agency when staff are at a different location from their staff desktop machine, as it provides for a simple access to email. The use of any other method and/or software to access UniSA Exchange email is currently not supported.


Responsibilities of Use of Agency Email Facilities

Each person who has access to the email facilities provided by the Agency has the responsibility to use those facilities according to the Acceptable Use of IT policy.


On-line Mailbox Space Management

To enable the IT SERVICES UNIT to maintain the performance and reliability of the Agency’s email environment, size limits will be placed on the storage capacity for the on-line mailboxes for each user of the Staff Exchange servers. All users can reduce their Exchange server demands by monitoring their storage usage, deleting unwanted mail or archiving email to other storage media (e.g. desktop drives, CD-R, DVD-R). Archiving will still permit easy access to material for retrieval. IT SERVICES UNIT recommends that staff liaise with their local IT support staff to ensure that local conventions for archive storage are followed and appropriate backup procedures are undertaken. Users will receive system generated messages informing them when they have reached 80% of their allocated (or purchased) quotas. This message does not mean that staff will be restricted from sending email but serves as a regular reminder that 80% of the quota has been expended.

8 Format of Staff and Student Email Addresses 8. the Username and password used for the log on to the Agency system are also those used for access to the email environment and do not normally need to be entered when connecting to the email server. Users in this situation will still continue to receive new messages. Username and passwords are subject to guidelines defined in the Username and password policy. The IT SERVICES UNIT applies permissions for read/write access for appropriate users to each Public folder. Users have the option of removing and archiving items. Default and allocated quotas will be reviewed to ensure that 'normal' functions of users can be performed within the quotas allocated.Users are prevented from sending any more messages when they have reached 100% of their allocated (or purchased) quotas. The procedure for staff to apply for an increment to their disk quota is provided at: Guideline for On-line Mailbox Space Management within the Exchange Environment 5 Use of Exchange Distribution Lists The use of distribution lIT Services Unit is governed by the guideline for the use of email and internet. Cost Centres may request for a Public Folder to be created and designate an owner for the Public Folder to manage the contents of the . The size limits and costs per unit of storage will be set from time to time by IT SERVICES UNIT. 7 Usernames and Passwords The IT SERVICES UNIT will assign a Username and Password for each person given access to the Agency’s email facilities. The IT Acceptable Use policy provides additional guidance on user accounts and passwords. Additional storage space for individual users may be purchased by cost centres to offset the cost of providing additional storage and processing capability for the Exchange environment.IT SERVICES UNIT will manage all records for storage purchased and will make reports available to Cost Centre Managers. IT Services Unit has the responsibility for assigning an email Address to an appropriate username. 6 Use of Email Public Folders Public Folders containing SMTP email Addresses are provided as part of the email service. Users may change their passwords at any time. or purchasing more space.1 Staff Staff will have an email address of the format: firstintiallastname@lasaa-ng. For Windows operating systems.

phone number.1 Include a signature file on all e-mail The signature should include the name of the sender. Student email accounts will be deleted in blocks from May onwards.In the case of staff members with the same name. such as firstintialMiddleInitiallastname@ lasaa-ng. fax number and the Agency or cost centre URL and the Agency's CRICOS provider number (00121B). Such material is unnecessary in a business communication and may not be well-received. 9 Deleted Accounts Section 6. organisation. Lagos 07028021490 Do not include drawings. Ikeja. maps. pictures.3 of the Guidelines on the Acceptable use of E-mail and the Internet contains procedures relating to e-mail when a staff member leaves the Agency. .   Student email accounts will normally be disabled at the end of March each year. provided the student has not re-enrolled. if the student has not re-enrolled for the current year. a middle initial will be used to differentiate the two users. The disabled account does not cause the email to be deleted. For example: Francis Nwaobodo HOD. graphics in your signature or an inspirational or other type of quotation at the end. 10 Use of Email Signatures 10. This date and procedure may be subject to change if more accurate information about completion dates can be obtained for each student. e-mail address. Administrative & Technical Services Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency Alausa.

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