10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

How to use your emotions as a guide to career and business success

by Gail Sussman Miller

10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

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Welcome to Your Emotional Intelligence Guide to Success

What if you could reduce or even avoid conflicts at work?
What if you could elicit more volunteerism, cooperation and collaboration from others? What might happen if you could better manage your initial emotional reactions to incidents and then respond vs. react? Imagine being better able to seek agreement with others with less judgment and more ease?

That is the power of emotional intelligence. Your starter kit awaits you!


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Gail Sussman Miller

10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

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10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

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Page Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Sharing this eBook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How to Use this eBook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What is Emotional Intelligence? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #1 – Be Conscious and Aware. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #2 – Take Response-ability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #3 – Know Your Self . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #4 – What is about Me vs. Them . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #5 – Seek to Neutralize Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secret #6 – Operate from Love, Not Fear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i ii iv vii 1 4 7 9 12 15 19

Secret #7 – Agreement without Judgment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Secret #8 – Create Moments of Stillness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Secret #9 – Design Alliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Secret #10 – Hold a Bigger Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 About Gail Sussman Miller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Emotional Intelligence Training Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 More Opportunities to Learn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36


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Gail Sussman Miller

a competition. I have a passion for sharing the power of emotional intelligence and so I am always looking for platforms to do so. Foremost. a reward.inspiredchoice. Well. a vision. Lynn Serafinn. author and friend. I only had 3 weeks in which to create this eBook! I love a good challenge and a tight deadline helps me turn obstacles like fear. If you have ever given any thought whatsoever to writing a book (perhaps you’ve thought about it for many years). (Hmm. and stretching ourselves? Often we are called forth by a challenge. It’s fun to share how this eBook came to be written. doing what seems scary. I was called forth by a coach.com . 2009 launch of her wonderfully inspiring and spiritual first self-published book. The Garden of the Soul. into opportunity and action. The real challenge was Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. a dare. I wanted to support Lynn in her April 7. from a Law of Attraction viewpoint I asked and I was given that which I desire!) I saw an opportunity to reach a large audience and to gain exposure to my work. Lynn invited me to join 25 other colleagues to offer a free gift as a thank you for purchasing her book.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page iv Introduction How do we leap into playing bigger. which begets procrastination. it may inspire you to hear what ignited me into action. I wanted to be a “YES!” no matter what and therefore. my first.

I didn’t have to start with a blank page and could be inspired by my own first effort. there may be a stray word here and there. etc. make the commitment. Now it’s my turn to call you forth. All I needed to do was to accept the challenge.” I practiced a new mantra -. combined with your unique perspective. and can be encapsulated into 10 tips of your own? How can you inspire and teach others? Give Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. I wanted you to get this knowledge NOW! Lynn encouraged me to start with my existing one-page list of 10 ways to boost emotional intelligence. Finally. video. no huge manuscript. She helped me see that all I had to do was simply flush out each of the 10 secrets and.inspiredchoice. I happily share with you the result of this process. As a “recovering perfectionist.com . for all you book-writing-wannabees. Easy! Actually. almost no processing and no cost besides my time.completion not perfection. audio product. voila! I would fill an eBook. like my tips page. I realized that a self-published eBook requires no publisher approval. and reformulating it into an eBook. I first created the tips as a summary to a business workshop I delivered. that’s the essence of a great marketing concept. What valuable lessons have you had in life that. So.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page v to avoid perfectionism. focus on capturing my knowledge and my bottom-line desire to motivate YOU into a new mindset and new habits. repurposing! It’s taking something you’ve created in one deliverable format. workbook.

com . helping me see the ease of this eBook. Really. you will benefit greatly in the fiber of all your relationships in life. feel and act in interactions with your fellow human travelers. you will be better able to observe. As you read this eBook. know. accept and love yourself. Here’s to your success.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page vi this 10 minutes of thought and email me your ideas! I’ll help you take the next step to get started! Truly. for the power of your coaching. While this material is geared towards using emotional intelligence skills in your work world. appreciate. I mean it. and giving me a platform from which to share it. I can’t wait to write my next book. I hope you’ll find one new emotional intelligence practice that inspires you to get to better know. This eBook will help you increase your consciousness about how you think. Gail Sussman Miller ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. understand and accept others. “e’ or otherwise. Lynn. So thank you.inspiredchoice. In doing so.

I recommend reading the “What is Emotional Intelligence” chapter and then let your intuition be your guide. you will see an Activity Activity arrow. ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. To gain immediate benefit*. feelings and reactions. select one secret to practice in your business or personal life right away. of course. observe and notice the subtle changes in how you feel about your Self and others. unconscious reaction. Notice your instinctive thoughts. You can read it through from start to finish. Be patient. Then increase your awareness and mindfully choose a response vs. and new muscles you are developing. new habits. consider new perspectives and perhaps a way to practice the secret. Don’t strain yourself! Experiment.inspiredchoice. * The author makes no guarantee of success or outcome for which this material is used. an automated. Or you can skim the Table of Contents and the 10 secrets and dive in on the one that appeals to you the most. At the end of each secret.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page vii How to Use this eBook There are two ways you can use this eBook. Be open to new learning and letting go of old beliefs and ways of acting.com . This will offer you an option to stop and think. See what the impact is on your mood and on others with whom you interact at work. These are new ways of thinking.

com) Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that defines how effectively you perceive. feelings lead to actions and therefore results. The good news is that you have more tools available to you for building your career or business and making decisions than just your intellect or mind. In 1995.inspiredchoice.com . measured as their emotional quotient (EQ). Your emotions and your body have intelligence systems of their own. might be a greater predictor of success than his or her intelligence quotient (IQ). Many traditionalists don’t think emotion belongs in the business world as a topic. (Source: www. We now not only know how important emotions are to the inner workings of business. feelings lead to actions and therefore results. Thoughts influence feelings. Gladly times are changing. despite an assumption that people with high IQs will naturally accomplish more in life.ivillage. psychologist Daniel Goleman popularized this term with his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 1 What is Emotional Intelligence? Research suggests that a person's emotional intelligence. understand. reason with and manage yours and other people's feelings and emotions. we are beginning to talk about it and raise awareness of its power in relationships. It is vital to realize that your thoughts influence your feelings.

10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 2 The more you understand what your needs are and how your emotions get triggered by external factors. toughness. emotions and drive. is made up of the following components: • self-awareness: the ability to recognize and understand your moods. Daniel Goleman researched leaders in nearly 200 large. It has a 2 to 1 success ratio over IQ and technical skills! intelligence.inspiredchoice.are required for success. as well as your effect on others • self-regulation: the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the ability to suspend judgment and think before acting • motivation: a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status and a propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence • empathy: the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. global companies and found that while the qualities traditionally associated with leadership. such as GOOD NEWS! Emotional intelligence can be learned and improved. Truly effective leaders are also distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence. determination. the better able you are to internally manage your emotions and choose how to respond rather than simply react as if without control. according to Goleman. Emotional intelligence. and vision -. they are insufficient.com .

♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. quoted from a 1998 Harvard Business Review article. IQ.. and emotional intelligence as ingredients of excellent performance." In this research. Goleman said.. emotional intelligence proved to be twice as important as the others for jobs at all levels.com .com. let’s dive in on Secret #1 – Be Conscious and Aware. when I calculated the ratio of technical skills." If you are curious about trying a free EQ assessment.inspiredchoice.ivillage. I cannot vouch for their accuracy. ".10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 3 • social skill proficiency in managing relationships and building networks and an ability to find common ground and build rapport. Now. Google "emotional intelligence test" and you'll see several. It is the basis for success with emotional intelligence and life. including one at www. I think they can give you food for thought just in the questions they ask.

Fear lives in the future where we try to Our deepest inner purpose is to be conscious. A New Earth. take action and respond to others with awareness. our deepest inner purpose is to be conscious.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 4 Secret #1 – Be Conscious and Aware How mindful are you of what goes on around and inside you? This secret is listed first because it’s the key to applying the others. unconscious cruise control and living awake and present. When we are able to keep our attention and focus in this moment. Can you think of a time when you drove your car somewhere and when you arrived you didn’t remember actually driving there? It was as if you had an autopilot installed in your car and it drove itself. As Eckhart Tolle teaches in his book. Boosting your emotional intelligence requires more fully experiencing your Self and the world around you.inspiredchoice. Being conscious and aware requires turning off the mindless. Fear lives in the past when we replay events which trigger shame. That’s a sure sign that you were just mindful enough to be safe but perhaps not conscious enough to experience the ride fully. guilt and worry about repeating the past. we experience less ego-driven thinking and avoid fear. awake and present Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. living in the moment. awake and present. It’s a critical step to help you make decisions.com .

richer than. confidence and taking responsibility. you are better able to respond vs. Now imagine that same person feeling the same fear. more important.inspiredchoice. etc. It is a projection of fear of the future. That takes you out of ego. you step into an observer mode. being aware and considering all that is going on inside your Self and inside others during interactions. When you are present.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 5 anticipate. Some might fudge the answer or respond with a cover up to protect the truth. being fired or losing a customer. a behavior that is often easily triggered in the work world.com . A knee-jerk reaction might be to stretch the truth. you are better able to Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. self-management. Imagine the fear you or someone you know might feel when the boss asks for the status of a project that is behind schedule or if a customer asks a question and the business owner doesn’t know the answer. We think we need to appear to be “more than. manipulate. This requires trust. more indispensable. instead of being ruled by them. control and insure or avoid events we don’t want to experience. taking a deep breath. react. quicker than. our next secret! Lastly. This means you are less likely to try to impress or fake being better than others. They can answer with what they know and offer the truth and some options. When you are conscious and can manage your emotions.” smarter than. and bringing their focus to this one moment. more promotable. which is covered in Secret #2. Giving attention to these fears attracts more of the same thoughts and takes a lot of energy.

distracted by your projected image of the future? What were you feeling? Ultimately. or influence them. Stay conscious of your emotions and those of others. What were you thinking at the time? Were you being honest with yourself? With them? Were you in the present moment or racing to figure out how to control their reaction. what needs of yours did not get met? Keep this scenario in mind as you go through our nine other secrets and test out how to be an observer to release your ego. Activity Think of a situation at work that brought discomfort or conflict during a conversation with someone. and find hidden opportunities! You can discover a new need from customers or your team. Your intuition is free to prompt you with ideas seemingly from left field that can surprise you and others. strategize.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.inspiredchoice. Go to www. Simply stay awake and aware. be of service.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 6 ask questions. For now there is no need to act or speak differently. Notice what you learn.inspiredchoice.com .

If you feel a rush of anger or fear or anxiety. The line was maybe 30 deep and I was not in the mood for a long wait. This can lead to regret later on. When is the last time you or someone you know at work gave an immediate. take a breath to get re-centered. While writing this book. and take a moment to process everything. the feelings of others or the impact. Get recentered.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 7 Secret #2 – Take Response-ability Manage your emotions to respond vs. That is being response-able. is to manage your emotions so you can respond vs. take a moment to understand what happened.” start by noticing your thoughts and feelings when an event or something someone says Take a breath. habitual reaction to a situation? This might mean that person did not take time to weigh the pros and cons and a decision was made without considering their own feelings. react. or your EQ. and take a moment to process everything. I was annoyed and felt myself getting whiny and cranky. feel. I happened to be standing in line to pick up reserved theatre tickets. and the whole process was going so slowly. react A key to boosting your emotional intelligence quotient.com . or what I like to call being “response-able. I Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.inspiredchoice. You can draw on your internal self-control or self-management and can choose what to think. reflexive. disturbs you. To increase your ability to respond. say and do.

got engrossed in my writing and the time passed quickly.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 8 decided to apply this emotional intelligence secret in that moment to choose a different reaction to test this theory for you. co-workers or the economy. feel and respond. even if your only choice was how to feel and respond? Go to www. I found myself smiling at those around me.inspiredchoice. feelings. as I chose. even if it was out of your control. I observed my emotions. who is often the rebellious reactive part. It requires accessing your adult part instead of the inner child. I used the experience to write this part of this eBook! I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing right there.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. The second aspect of Secret #2 is to take responsibility for your thoughts. Make a choice about how to respond. saw choices about how to think. Now.inspiredchoice. for example. What could you have done differently.com . Take a look at an incident at work where you had a Activity conflict that created a strong negative feeling. my reader! I had a choice to just accept the situation or. and captured the process! I was grateful to practice EQ and shifted from feeling grumpy to happy in less than 2 minutes. then accept and handle the consequences. Think back to elements of the event where you may have blamed your boss. It’s taking ownership and not blaming others. Look at how you contributed to the situation. take responsibility for your part. decisions and actions.

a prior hurt or old feelings. how to best get along. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller What are your triggers? What are your needs? What are your limits? Gail Sussman Miller www.com . what was safe to put inside. “Warning! Read before operating this machinery.” There would be guidelines on how to avoid overloading.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 9 Secret #3 – Know Your Self Imagine having your own Owner’s Manual Wouldn’t it be nice if.inspiredchoice. If people had owner’s manuals like this. appreciate your strengths. like you get with your washing machine? It would start out with a section called. and to design your life experiences so you live as fully as The Real You as possible. Often the other person wasn’t directing their words at you at all. the right kind of power source. Start by getting to know your Self really well. This can start a chain reaction of feeling angry or sad in a nanosecond without our realizing it. What are your triggers? A trigger is something someone might say or do that stimulates an old memory. what to do if the load got out of balance. when we are born. we came packaged with an owner’s manual? You know. The goal of emotional intelligence is to get to know your Self. be aware of your challenges. troubleshoot and avoid repeated service calls for repairs in their relationships. and how to prevent wear and tear. they could advise and forewarn “users” on where their hot buttons are.

mission and integrity. insecure? We talked earlier about the various types of intelligence you have access to. Knowing this will help you separate out what is about you and what is about them. our next secret! You can begin to anticipate some of these events. Have you ever seen or used a GPS (global positioning system) navigational tool to plan a car trip? It tells you where you are and you can enter a destination and receive guidance to drive there. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. your body. You might project the same old feelings on the present situation. An old memory of not being allowed to express yourself may be stimulated. Your emotions let you know if you are in alignment with your values. I picture a big needle that lies at rest pointing to the 10. Imagine being able to access your emotions as a tool to aid your decisionmaking on your journey instead of relying only on the mind and intellect. your spirit. prepare for them and detach yourself from the trigger. Your feelings might Your emotions are an internal guidance system – use it! be hurt. and your emotions. What are your most common triggers? What makes you happy. Your emotions are an internal guidance system. confident. afraid. the happiest position.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 10 For example. How? Easy! Imagine that you have a 1-10 Happy Meter in your stomach. your mind. someone might not feel well and ask you to cut your conversation short without this explanation. check to see where you are on the Happy Meter! If you feel good. which I believe is our natural state. When events happen.com .inspiredchoice.

fuel consumption. fear or just plain ickiness in the 1-5 range. weight.inspiredchoice. spirit and soul. Have fun noticing how many of the headings can apply to you like the Specifications page. proper maintenance….com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.inspiredchoice. you need to adjust your course of thinking and therefore your feelings and realign. mind. Go to www. the Specifications page for your “equipment” might include your height. For example.com . best fuel type. Find an owner’s manual in your house for a home Activity appliance or for your car and copy down the major sections of the Table of Contents on a sheet of paper. Write in a few notes for yourself. you are in alignment. If you feel anxiety.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 11 with a reading in the 6-10 range. how to keep your battery charged. You get it. Have fun and make a real attempt at seeing where you might do a better job of caring for your body.

We assume that actions and words expressed towards us are about us. This is not meant to be the adversarial use of "versus. or hurt. and then get mad at the other person and blame them for your feelings? This is a reaction that many experience. Let’s look at how you can separate out what is about you vs. influenced by our emotions and past. you take it to heart. what is about them. An important thing to remember is that just as we get triggered and sometimes react spontaneously.com . you can take response-ability and look at what happens in these situations.inspiredchoice. feel offended. we tend to not have many boundaries or limits and we cross the line by telling others what we think without asking their permission. Using some of our earlier secrets. Try viewing conversations as if they are a mix of two chemicals Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Detach or unhook your emotions. We jump to conclusions and make assumptions often without checking them out. Them? A tool to minimize taking things personally Have you ever noticed that when you are negatively triggered by an event or something someone says to you." rather a comparison of how we interpret what is about ourselves and what is about others. In our society.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 12 Secret #4 – What is about Me vs. so too do others have their triggers that have nothing to do with us.

com . You would likely cut them some slack and detach yourself. What if your reaction had very little to do with the other person?! What if their words or actions were only about them and their needs.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 13 Imagine how things might be different if you saw conflict or disagreement with another person as if it was a scientific experiment. Now. desires and had nothing to do with you? Consider this the next time you talk to a family member who is feeling tired or sick. That is the key to separating out what is about you and what is about them. as if it means they don’t like you or are angry with you. desires and reactions and choose your own responses as you strive for your best life. Now. What are you judging about them Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Notice that they might be impatient with you or crabby and hard to please." In this situation. draw on a piece of paper 2 stick figures. You could take that personally. or you can allow for their condition as one factor. fears. label one of them "Me" and the other "Them. what if you could go through life this way? Imagine letting others have their own challenges. Your personal viewpoint and triggers would mix with theirs. notice what you might be saying or thinking about the other person. You can observe the results and analyze the chain reaction inside you. It’s as if you halt the chemical reaction and dismiss it. history. You really are neutralizing it with compassion.inspiredchoice. Think of a situation or relationship at work that often Activity challenges you or seems to bring up conflict. Picture bringing together two test tubes and creating a mixture. Secret #5 will go into more detail about neutralizing events.

com . See how you can both be “right” and co-exist. cultures. histories.inspiredchoice. rules. Then do the same review about yourself in this situation and write what you judge about you under the "Me" figure. beliefs.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Go to www. Experiment with this sense of detachment to help you in the next interaction. can you see a choice to let go of the feelings and judgments you hold onto about the other person? You are two separate entities with your own rights.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 14 based on what happens between you? Write those opinions underneath the "Them" figure.inspiredchoice. When you see the separate cause and effect for both of you. attitudes and so on.

Basically. and let your imagination make up things about yourself or others. you can get many reactions. This is a tool you can use as a framework for discussion about an event that triggers you. desires.inspiredchoice. I have a conflict management formula that is very helpful for neutralizing an event. external pressures and emotion into the mixture. stimulated by your emotional reaction.com . feel anger or resentment. We add our interpretation or judgment and then assume a meaning that may or may not be implied. an explosion or perhaps just a new and better result. We know that when you bring two people together and introduce individual beliefs. you might see a slow fizzle. if you were told by your employer that you are being let go and that you are a good worker but they need to let you go for financial reasons. For example. a boiling over. I learned this process through a women’s personal growth and empowerment training program called Woman Within. You can also use it privately to help Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 15 Secret #5 – Seek to Neutralize Events Take the charge out of situations and words Let’s continue our chemistry experiment. histories. what might your reaction be? You might start to read into the decision. events are neutral to begin with. Secret #5 will help you to prevent a chemical melt down or even a slight disruption by separating out the elements that get you all fired up.

inspiredchoice. who interrupts you when you begin to share Use this formula to separate out the neutral event.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 16 you take the charge or strong emotional reaction out of a situation without discussing it. (your emotions). "When you I judge not fact) and I feel What I need is (neutral event).com . This process also helps you take responsibility for your part in the interaction. Below is the template or formula. (request you make of the other person or of yourself with their help). maybe your boss. It is important that you approach this from the viewpoint that this is all about YOU. (They may or may not agree or be able to give it to you. Now.) Let's use an imaginary example to try out this formula. get to the Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. take responsibility for your part. Then keep reading. (interpretation or opinion. Many situations we consider a conflict are really just a conversation where two people trigger strong reactions in one or both. Take a shot at filling in the blanks for your situation. Imagine you have a work relationship with someone. not them (Secret #4). judgments and needs an idea or solution to a problem. your feelings. The goal of this tool is to neutralize the event and separate out your feelings. judgment or interpretation and what you need to move forward or improve the relationship. An explanation of the elements follows. The object here is to help you manage your emotions. fill in the sentence above and sort out the pieces of your reaction.

sad. ideally? Avoid thinking about what they need.. Here are tips on how to approach this formula and better understand the human elements that cause conflict.. etc. This is a great emotional intelligence tool to help you self-regulate and then respond vs. Go for the emotion here. stated without judgment! This is hard. You may only need them to be aware or you just need to express how you feel and be listened to. • What do you need or want.inspiredchoice.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 17 trigger. react. This is about you. ashamed. Or they don’t care about you. and cleanly ask for what you need without blaming others. that is a judgment influenced by emotion). hence you are not important. • How do you feel? What are your emotions? Not how did the event make you feel because your feelings are actually your choice. Feeling words are mad. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.com . glad. • What is the neutral event. it's still your choice. not the judgment. Each blank in the formula is covered below. And remember that they get to reply “Yes” or “No” or they might offer another option to your request. Even if it’s a habitual reaction. • What is the judgment or interpretation you have or the conclusion you draw based on the event? Perhaps you interpret that your boss interrupts you because your opinion isn't important. The event in our example above is that your flow of speech was interrupted (not that you were rudely interrupted.

inspiredchoice.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 18 Below is how our formula might look after this self-reflection. What I request is that you let me finish my thought and comment afterwards. opinions. Can you do that? (You might need to negotiate based on what they need from you!) The great thing is this way of neutralizing events has you taking full responsibility for your own reactions. See what insights you get when you take responsibility for your reaction and neutralize the event. Think of a situation that happened recently to you and Activity fill out this formula on your own. When I share suggestions with you. You may be surprised! Go to www. You can use this process to plan a real conversation to improve future interactions or simply use the formula privately to help you strengthen your awareness and choose a better response in the future.com . It is less threatening for others to hear and can lead to a stronger relationship.inspiredchoice.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. feelings and judgments. you sometimes interrupt my speaking before I finish and what I interpret is you don't want to hear my ideas or they don't matter and I feel frustrated (a lower level of anger).

how to separate out what is about you vs. In previous secrets you have learned the importance of really knowing your Self. judgmental.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 19 Secret #6 – Operate from Love. Picture a spectrum like the one below. This applies to how you view those around you and includes how you see your Self. Not Fear Greater acceptance of Self and others is the goal This is a really big idea that can revolutionize your interactions with others. Try on being in the mindset of fear first and then love. it might show up with you being suspicious. acceptance and appreciating others. Fear Love If you operate from the far left with fear in your work setting. Here you might hold back and fake being something you How would your interactions and outcomes at work change if you had a personal “policy” to expect and give acceptance most of the time? Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. feeling victimized. Imagine how this plays out for you or coworkers around you. Consciously choosing to operate from love and not fear is the next progression and an often very challenging step.com . closed-minded. It’s not about romantic love.inspiredchoice. them and how to neutralize an event. of course. It’s about forgiveness. anxious. See how they feel in your gut. There is a momentum here. angry. desperate and trying to control outcomes.

the beauty around you and moving towards the Love end of the spectrum.com . open. you acknowledge and appreciate others. It may seem that outside events dictate which of these emotions you operate from. Ok. Here you might feel more relaxed. so you have to beat out the competition. Strengthening this core Inner Being takes some practice. empowered. imagine focusing on the things you are grateful for. Secret #8 will help you build this muscle through time spent with your Self in reflective stillness. you feel calm and peaceful much of the time. shift gears and energy.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 20 are not to avoid a perceived conflict. Perhaps you were afraid your boss or a Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. and expecting good things. This is an abundant state where you allow others to shine and get credit. Now. B R E A T H E! Let’s release all that negativity. generous.inspiredchoice. Think of a recent interaction where you were operating Activity from fear. you take good care of yourself and have plenty of energy to give to others. From this mindset there is an assumption that things won’t go well. there isn’t enough to go around and your job is in jeopardy. patient. trusting. now…. You actually can choose your thoughts and feelings operating from your Inner Being and develop an observer role about what goes on around you externally. flexible.. How does that feel? This creates a very low vibration and energy that others will not feel comfortable around. accepting.

com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Heck. trusted them and you? What would you have needed to do.inspiredchoice. even dogs can sense who is afraid of them in a room. Others can detect our vibrations.com .10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 21 customer was unhappy and you expected criticism if you were honest about making a mistake. How did your body feel? Now. right? So what state of being do you want to live in? Go to www. create a shift and see how you might rewind the tape and replay that same situation from a place of love. think or say to yourself to have felt grounded and courageous so you could operate from love? Notice how different the outcomes can be with this shift from fear to love.inspiredchoice. thoughts and moods. What if you expected the best of others. List the ways it made you feel and how you operated and held back.

so you can present your views and listen clearly to those Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. One key step is to suspend judgment and bias. To get to this mindset requires us to activate our emotional intelligence and detach from the outcome. you can approach conversations with an assumption that agreement is possible. buy. meetings and even sales presentations as opportunities to seek agreement? Imagine if you did not expect conflict. You can help everyone find the best solution. Just use it well. Don’t fight it or deny it. disagreement or the need to overpower and force others to your point of view. Using our earlier secrets as the foundation.com . or out to win at all costs. negotiations. even likely.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 22 Secret #7 – Agreement without Judgment Seek agreements with others starting with trust What might work and life be like if you saw all your conversations. It protects you. On one hand you believe in your cause. At the same time. or collaborate with you. about wanting others to agree. mission or product and you are enthusiastic Judgment is a built-in safety device we are born with and all use. take a stand for your beliefs and product or services and allow them to have their opinions. at least temporarily. This is a great place from which to operate.inspiredchoice. you can lay out your case and then sit back and really listen and let others share their opinions without the need to be right. better.

hot stoves. we might avoid “good risks.com . At the next opportunity to reach agreement with Activity someone. Judgment is actually a protective tool we all are born with. need or mission. you look for evidence of success and ways to meet both your needs. Next. new jobs.inspiredchoice. Pick something easy like where to go for lunch with a co-worker or scheduling a meeting. try out this approach and suspend judgment as much as you can. We assess people. starting with our fingers and toes.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 23 of the other person as if you are collaborators. go up a level and use this approach to design a project or agree on price with a customer. negative assumptions.inspiredchoice. and what to eat using judgment. Notice your judgments about others and set them aside to achieve easier collaborations. When we operate from fear. When taken to extreme. Solutions and compromise are easier to find when you find a common goal. working on the same team. Go to www. When you start out with an open mind and expect to arrive at an agreement. From the moment we start assessing our environment. desperation and closed thinking. we assume. we use this skill to create safety. we are less likely to reach agreements because we are given to distrust. as we saw in our last secret. new jobs or business opportunities to. and less stress and conflict. more cooperation. play it safe.” new projects.

family and home demands.inspiredchoice. centered and calm if you multi-task at every moment possible? There is so much stimulus with our email. contentment. the media. The key is acceptance and allowing the world to be as it is in the moment.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 24 Secret #8 – Create Moments of Stillness A tool to activate your intuition and emotional intelligence Many of our secrets to building emotional intelligence benefit from the practice of spending quality time with our Self! In today’s hectic world how often do you get to do that? How can you get to know and appreciate your talents and get grounded. work. we move beyond our active minds and emotions and discover great depths of lasting peace. iPods. When is the last time you had 5 minutes between events and didn’t rush to fill it with a task or distraction? Eckhart Tolle. It is the ability to focus on your Inner Being.com . Imagine even being in a noisy grocery store checkout lane where an elderly man ahead of you is slowly counting out the change Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. He teaches that if we connect to the stillness within. Many of us can barely think for all the chatter and self-talk going on in our heads. in his book Stillness Speaks. This doesn’t necessarily mean silence. an inner peace. PDAs. talks about the power of stillness. car radios. Now that is emotional intelligence at a deep level. and serenity.

critical. Paying attention to your breath and body is a pathway to stillness which. including ways to make standing in line a spiritual experience. like where you have to be in 15 minutes as you wait in the checkout line.com . This book can be a great place to start out with easy practices and build up.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 25 in his coin purse. He lists 72 shortcuts for getting out of your mind and into the moment. practicing patience. Focusing on nature. When I practice creating stillness during moments like checkout lines. This might mean igniting your loving side. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. will calm you and help you accept the world as it is. or observing the scene and sounds around you.inspiredchoice. which requires letting go of replaying the past or worrying about the future. if you can maintain it for even 1-2 minutes. especially when things are outside your control. I find that a few deep breaths can break the downward spiral of my emotions. rest your mind from your shopping list (literal and figurative) and just BE!? A book I really enjoy is Leap Before You Look. even a small plant or stone you can keep on your desk opens a gateway to stillness. by Arjuna Ardagh. Now. How can you find gratitude in this moment to slow down your day. What a concept! I’ve since found out I can make nearly any business or personal challenge a spiritual experience by assuming it has something to teach me. being stuck in traffic or stuck in some relentless. ruminating loop in my own mind. can you picture turning this into a moment of stillness and calm? What would it take? Tolle suggests that getting focused in the present moment is the key.

Go to www. and allow your intuition to speak up and guide you to inspiring thoughts and action. With practice. practice concentrating on the peacefulness or aliveness of nature or a memory until you feel it in your body and notice the pace of your breathing slow.inspiredchoice. a sea shell or photo of your favorite outdoor escape. stir up Activity a vivid positive memory.com . Find an object that can bring you good thoughts. Let your shoulders drop and let your “to do” list drop! Lock in the resulting emotion and the feeling in your body and see if you can recall it later in more distracting moments. or that connects you to nature. check in with your emotional guidance system.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. It might be a plant or a stone. to start.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 26 The power of stillness and truly tuning into your Self is that these are the moments you can get refreshed. you can create a momentary escape and grounding to use in the noisiest and most stress-filled places at any time. In quiet moments.inspiredchoice.

It can be a formal conversation or a document.com . Share your preferences and limits. as we learned in Secret #1. Agree on how you and. In a friendship. You can take proactive action by designing your alliances intentionally. This is a set of guidelines that sets out expectations and makes it clear what both parties will do under normal circumstances We all operate with our own set of rules and beliefs. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Marriage vows are an example of designing alliances! Some employers have new employees or contractors sign an agreement. if problems arise. this might be as simple as getting an understanding that your friend doesn’t like to get phone calls past 10 o’clock at night! You then can honor each other’s request or not. or enter into a new friendship and find that along the way your expectations are not being met and disagreements arise? The key to emotional intelligence is to bring consciousness and awareness into your relationships. start a new job. The good news is you can do this at any time even in a 20-year relationship.inspiredchoice. Designing an alliance is actually creating an agreement about how you will be with each other. how they will be resolved.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 27 Secret #9 – Design Alliances Consciously seek agreements on how to be in your relationships How often do you join a team.

We operate with our own set of rules. In a business setting. What for one person is a warm gesture might be disrespectful to others. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Use the information you learn as you get to know yourself better to design your alliances based on how you work best and what you need. It helps to discuss seemingly obvious things. for example. Respect and accept that people have their own reasons for their behavior and they may not even be aware or know why they do some things. Some shake hands. It helps to get everyone’s rule book out on the table or to write one unique to the relationship. common terminology. In Secret #3 we talked about how great it would be if we were born with an owner’s manual we could hand to others as we meet them. roles.com . desired outcomes. mission and agreed upon guidelines for relating and working together.inspiredchoice. Let your emotional guidance system inform you about fears and protection you need. what is about you. processes. Ask for it where appropriate.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 28 We are all raised in different families and cultures. within your own team or working with clients. it is important to identify and agree on expectations. some nod heads in greeting. Secret #4 can be helpful to separate out what is about them vs. starting meetings late to give latecomers time to arrive might be the norm for one team and not allowed on another. In a business setting. Avoid assumptions and ask for clarification. We hold different beliefs about human interaction. deliverables.

the team. Where do you have a need that is not expressed or a boundary that has not been set? It’s your choice whether to take action on this or not. the client. When a difference of opinion or work styles arises. What. You can also tap into your courage and do this intentionally.inspiredchoice. conflicts will come up and should be expected. to determine what redesigning of your alliance might be needed. And yet. the relationship.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 29 Be proactive and design your alliance early on. using Secret #2. so avoid blaming the other person completely. the company. tension tends to exist in this relationship on a regular basis? Take full response-ability for your 50% of the relationship. if any. Welcome these moments (yes.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. really) because they offer a great opportunity to tweak your alliance and have a bonding affect that increases connection and intimacy.inspiredchoice. You may find that you surprise yourself and casually make a request when the moment is right. This starts with you. Go to www.com . look for a compromise for the "greater good" of the project. Think about a work or personal relationship and Activity identify agreements you have with others that may or may not be spoken. Simply identifying the tweaks that you desire will shift your energy. Waiting until there is a conflict may be more challenging.

How much will today’s biggest challenge.inspiredchoice.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 30 Secret #10 – Hold a Bigger Vision A bigger view and sense of purpose provides a lens for life Have you ever noticed how stepping back from a situation. What really matters most? Having a bigger vision and sense of purpose serves like an anchor to bring you back to center. shift your energy. challenge or project gives you a new perspective? You get a chance to breathe. On a larger scale. Having a bigger picture creates a framework or filter from which to make decisions. Choosing a bigger vision gives life direction. supporting a family. Imagine for a moment that you are suddenly transported 20 years into the future. change your focus. context and a sense of purpose. unpleasant feedback or difficult relationship matter? How’s that for perspective. a long weekend or vacation refreshes your energy and can inspire a new point of view or approach. Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. to your mission. It’s so easy to get lost in the frantic doing of life. balancing finances and making check lists. unsolvable project. the demands of the job. In the same way. restricted and overwhelmed.com . Some feel stressed. and return with a fresh mind. it helps to have a bigger vision for your career and your life. There are always more things to get done in less time.

We all share this inner purpose as it’s the purpose of humanity. and present to the power of now. This work fits my true Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. much as many wish. at the age of 47. Our inner purpose is to be awake.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 31 Let’s start with a bigger vision for your personal life and then we’ll touch on your career. they will not find happiness. Eckhart Tolle suggests in A New Earth that “the true or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. conscious.inspiredchoice. It does not concern what you do but who you are – that is to say. my own interpretation is that our outer purpose is how we choose to express our inner purpose of being awake and conscious in the outer world. and a secondary outer purpose. Your career and work may take many forms. concerning doing. Many imagine that if they don’t find the one purpose fate has destined for them. I came home to such delight in my work when I discovered coaching and training. your energy. For me. Inspired by Tolle. Tolle speaks of having a primary inner purpose. it is a lifelong quest. We are not born with our life purpose imprinted across our forehead. Being Fully You. your state of consciousness. This includes accepting what happens that we cannot change and trusting that we need to learn from what happens in our life. True success and happiness come from finding and living in alignment with your Self.” That takes us back to Secret #1. which concerns Being. For some. The relief here is that what you choose to do is not as important as that it be in alignment with who you truly are.com .

In that moment. having a bigger vision is critical for your team and company. The more of my true spirit I bring to my work the more successful I am and the more I differentiate myself (a marketing bonus!). Inspired action is “doing” for the sake of something meaningful to you that comes from who you really are. fear and struggle occur.inspiredchoice. Imagine the power of all that positive emotion and energy focused on one outcome! Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. who. vision. hard and stressful. When you get mired in the details and logistics and worry about outcomes. Your action in the world is more effective when it’s inspired action vs. teachers of the Law of Attraction. you can turn to your co-workers with humor and sincerity and ask. prosperous. energizes and motivates me to take action that otherwise would seem scary. When it comes to your career. and pure desire. you have probably lost sight of your mission. talents and spirit. trying to make something happen.com . authentic. “Remind me again. all for the sake of those who need help to live more fully self-expressed. When things get hectic. when and where.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 32 nature. on a less esoteric level and perhaps in a more practical day-to-day way. Abraham-Hicks. your Being. creating inspiration and energy to find solutions and do the work. You will then be inspired as to the how. explain inspired action as talking and feeling (not thinking) about what you want and why. why are we doing this?!” That will put you back on course. It gives me pleasure. joyful lives. Sharing a common goal brings together the collective mindset of many.

I join with all those in your life who need you to purposefully make your interactions and relationships as conscious and genuine as you can.inspiredchoice. As you apply one or more of these secrets. smooth out conflict. I have a final activity for you that is really a mission! Your emotional intelligence has been growing as Mission you’ve read the words on the pages of this eBook. and better results than originally imagined." Make it so! Go to www. your organization and the world for the "greater good.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 33 A shared mission and mindset is a motivating power that can help overcome obstacles. you will continue to boost your consciousness. In conclusion.com/emotional-intelligence and click on Comments to share your observations or ask questions and Gail will respond! The last section of this eBook offers ways you can work directly with Gail to take action and take your mission on the road! ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. your career and your satisfaction in life. You are being called forth to work towards and hold a bigger view and desires for yourself.inspiredchoice. Please bring all of your strengths and talents into the light. as we wrap up our last secret.com . bring easier agreement. willing collaboration.

She found her true passion in work. training and facilitation.com . Gail teaches people how to identify. get really clear on what they truly want 2. Gail coaches executives on how to promote and present themselves. Specialities. is a proud step mom of 2 children and a thrilled new grandmother. the art of seeking agreement. improve interpersonal habits and skills. and powerful relationship-building skills using emotional intelligence. Read what people say about Gail’s training on emotional intelligence… Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. leverage and transfer their strengths to new or difficult activities. She works primarily with three audiences. but” obstacle thinking to identify options 3. take action through small steps Gail calls herself a “mid-life bloomer” Baby Boomer. Gail helps them learn new mindsets and techniques to promote and grow their businesses using their best marketing method(s). She is the Chicago Facilitator for monthly ExecuNet networking meetings. Gail uses a coach approach to help individuals and groups reach their goals and get into action through 4 steps by helping them: 1. make inspired choices and 4. She helps create a mindset shift combined with effective techniques. Gail specializes in teaching how to love networking (online and offline). and take action on long-held unfulfilled dreams that can lead to second careers or inspired retirement. public speaking.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 34 About Gail Sussman Miller Gail created Inspired Choice to help people live and work more consciously from choice rather than obligation.inspiredchoice. motherhood and life after the age of 44! Now she helps others to stop waiting and take inspired action. break through “yes. increase collaboration and create positive organic change through a creative and effective blend of coaching. She works with senior executives on career building and career transition. Gail says she is a “poster child” for great marriage. Gail teaches women solopreneurs how to love marketing as an extension of who they are and what they love to do. marriage. Gail helps small companies and teams improve performance.

Drew great comparisons to [between] people in the audience. How I contribute to conflict." Mary T." Leslie Teague ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. I'll be clear about what I want." Mary Conley Eggert "Very effective. how my perception is not their reality.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 35 Emotional Intelligence Training Results Here are comments on the value received at one of Gail’s emotional intelligence workshops. I will listen more and try to remove judgment from the listening process. think or "be" as a result of the training to improve their relationships: "I will incorporate into my daily life. made it come alive for us. [Gail gave] great examples. then using my awareness when working with others. [The value I got is] awareness. You did a great job with it. I will be more aware of my triggers. and discuss issues using EQ (emotional intelligence)." Alyse Kittner "Thinking about my words and actions and concentrating on me." Tim Downey "Clear and to the point. Wonderful to clarify topic. [the practical tips]. I've read Goleman's book. I will be active in my life and work. This shows the power of this work and the potential for real impact in the workplace. Markovich "I liked the actual take away tools. I will listen better. take responsibility." Katherine Weathers "I'll be breathing. This is what participants committed to do. her personal life and authors.inspiredchoice.com . I will center myself and not make assumptions. not take things personally. I will strive to neutralize words and events. I will manage triggers. I will not make judgments or assume that other people feel a certain way." Nicole Gibby Munguia "I have a better understanding of self-dynamics and interfacing with others.. personal and professional.that there are other factors at work." Elyssa Welling "Taught me how to be less reactive and to understand that someone's words aren't necessarily malicious -. giving examples and giving actions to take back [to my work life].. not act in fear.

477. special offers and news you can use. Illinois gail@inspiredchoice. • • For Teams and Organizations • Emotional intelligence group training is available in 3-hour or full-day sessions with follow-up teleconferences to offer accountability on “homework. For Individuals: • Email Gail for a 45-minute complimentary consultation if you are serious about creating more meaningful. or a customized inspirational obstacle-busting message your group needs to hear.com . A sample workshop is described here for a session delivered for the Association Forum of Chicagoland. receive group feedback. staying on track and boosting success by boosting emotional intelligence. Sign up here. • Invite Gail to speak for your organization on increasing emotional intelligence. Get individual time to report on goals.com www. Join a weekly one-hour telephone intimate group of 4 facilitated by Gail. Put “10 Secrets Consultation Please” in the subject line of your email. getting in action.com ♥♥♥♥♥ Inspired ChoiceTM © 2009 Gail Sussman Miller Gail Sussman Miller www. Email Gail and mention this eBook to get a 10% discount! Receive occasional Inspired Choice Love Letters with tips and techniques.inspiredchoice. create positive change and stay inspired and on track. Gail is a facilitator for Springboard Unlimited. Gail Sussman Miller Chief Obstacle Buster Inspired Choice 1.10 Secrets to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Page 36 More Opportunities to Learn Here are a few choices on how you can work with Gail. These calls are focused on goal-setting. individually or in a group. more effective relationships at work with less conflict and more cooperation.” review of skills practice. to exponentially increase your emotional intelligence. get into action.773.4012 Chicago. and additional training. brainstorming and short training segments. how to love networking or public speaking.inspiredchoice.

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