S.P.E.C.I.A.L. It is not possible to get all S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

stats to maximum (10), but it is po ssible to get all the relevant ones to 10, with help from perks, items and stat increasing bobbleheads . Detailed stat guide in [04] POWERPLAY STATS. I present three different builds 1) the "true powerplay" build ? [04.2] PERFECT S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ? The Fallout 3 Perfect Character Build ? This is the one you want for "perfect" stats in the end. Going with minimum Inte lligence, and neglecting the most useless one, Charisma, we pump the others to max or clos e to it. 2) the FPS build (no VATS) ? [04.3] PERFECT S.P.E.C.I.A.L. FOR FPS-MODE ONLY ? If you want to play Fallout 3 as First-Person Shooter, this is for you, although I recommend to take the benefit of the VATS as it is very effective and fun. 3) great beginner build with high-INT ? [04.4] ALTERNATIVE HIGH-INT S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ? The Best Character for Fallout 3 Beginner! ? This is for someone looking for "easy-mode" build for fun gameplay without too m uch stress for finding a lot of Skill books and bobbleheads ? NOTE: If you don't care about maxed out character in the end, but want to enjoy the game while you level and quest, don't go into extremes like the recommendations in th is guide. Like said, this is mostly guide for those who want the best possible character i n the end. SKILLS There is no need to raise all the skills to 100, as there are plenty of items in the game that you can put on to help with non-combat tasks: bartering, speech, repairing, hacking and lockpicking. If you don't like to carry couple extra items, increase those skills more if you like, but you will have less "extra" Skill Points, which you can distribute as you like like while at it More about skills in [05] POWERPLAY SKILLS. Also see the [03.2] Skill books section. PERKS For Perks, I list the most essential ones. QUESTS For Quests, I only list the ones with essential/excellent rewards, e.g. skill/st at increases, unique items, etc. [03.2] Skill books This is about getting *all* skills to 100, not just couple of them. and for that , you need Skill books, lots and lots of Skill books. Important note! To reach 100 for every skill you're looking at collecting 7 + 13

starting stats. we balance the stats to max out the most important derived stats and to get the perks we want. what stats you wi ll end up with and what perks and items you need to achieve this.A.P. With minimum INT (3).E. STARTING STATS (Character creation): ? . STATS IN GENERAL Firstly. and something between 180 and 320+ Skill books. So. most stats effect derived stats.P. you get 265 Skill points. If you want all skills at 100 in the end. like how much you can carry or how muc h action points you have for VATS action. which typical player does not do If you don't want to collect a lot of them. but leaving some skills at lower levels (Barter and combat skills you don't use that much for example) You can very easily get the most essential skills to 100. Thirdly. T. with INT 9 you have to collect about 205 Skill books (~40 more if you want skill at 100 without any items).Bobbleheads.L. with the Skill points from Intelligence (and possibly Edu cated perk) and for the biggeet gains.I. but this is not very impo rtant as we can raise skills by other means.C. [04. as if you don't enjoy scavenging and looting. just don't. not what some stupid guide tells you to :) If you are not ready to collect almost every skill book in the game.I. as shown in the next section. you'll neglect the oth er stats. the most essential part of maxing all the skills . certain level of stat/stats are needed for some perks. The difference between INT 3 and INT 9 at start is 114 Skill points. which is plenty to t ake couple of skills close to max and finish it strong with just a couple Skill books you happen to c ome across.I. Do what you find fun.2] PERFECT S. Doing so. you must collect at least 260-300 Skill books to reach 100 in *all* the skills. exploring your heart out and basically doing everything possible in the game.A.1] S. you cannot get all skills to 100. Secondly.C. The stats for the Fallout 3 perfect character. This is not for everyone.P. just ignoring the ones you don't use.O. plain and simple. stats increase the skills.E.E.A.L. Skills we get by other means..C ^ [04] POWERPLAY STATS [04. as even with as low as Intelligence of 3. all S.C. Skill Books. So you can avoid collecting 57 out of ~320 Skill books by going with high INT. feel free to take tips from this gui de and settle for having excellent character overall.L. The Educated perk at level 4 (which adds 48 more skill points ~ 24 Skill books) makes the minimum skill books to collect: 181 w/ INT 9 & 233 w/ INT 3 ? NOTE: all calculations assume that +INT Bobblehead is collected as soon as the p layer exits Vault 101 and starts out.

STR 8 ? PER 6 ? END 8 ? CHR 1 ? INT 3 ? AGL 7 ? LCK 7 END STATS ? STR 10 ? PER 8-10 ? END 10 ? CHR 2 ? INT 4 ? AGL 8-10 ? LCK 10 Intense Training +1 STR level 2. [04. but h ere's the best possible values if you do :) . FOR FPS-MODE ONLY This means always fighting in real time.P. PER and AGL end values depends on using more than 3 Intense Trainings. +1 END level 3 and +1 AGL level 5.A. end value of 10 requires to do the Big Town quest.C. Using 3 will result with PER 8 and AGL 9 (or the other way around if you add +1 PER instead o f +1 AGL) For Luck.I. save the town from the Super Mutants and get the Lucky 8 Ball as reward (+1 LCK) and wear Ranger Battle Armor (+1 LCK in addition to the other stats) or use Lucky Shades or other such LCK boosting items.3] PERFECT S. in expens e of other perks you don't necessary need if you don't use certain types of weaponry for ex ample. I don't.L. I've understood that some players like to play the game this way. +1 PER from Quest:Those! and all Bobbleheads + the relevant LCK items.E. and never ever using VATS.

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