Salesperson Questions

1. Why did you choose sales as a career? 2. What personal qualities do you feel are important to succeed in sales in your industry? 3. What training did you receive in product knowledge, sales techniques, prospecting, handling objections, closing techniques , and time management? 4. By whom are you supervised? How closely do you work with the sales manager? 5. How many reports do you do per week? How much time is spent on them? Why are they done? 6. What is the range of income for entry-level to experienced salespeople in your company and how is commission calculated? 7. What do you like most and least about your job? 8. What is the most rewarding part of the job? 9. What advancement potential is there? 10. How do you manage your time? 11. When salespeople start with your company, do they receive an established client base? 12. How much of your time is spent prospecting for new clients and how do you prospect? 13. How do you qualify a prospect? 14. Do you prepare differently for a sale to a new account than you do for an established account? How? 15. How often do you do team selling? How many buyers are involved in the sale? 16. How do you establish rapport with a new client or new buyer from an established account?

17. Do you confer with co-workers and need to get past gatekeepers before meeting the qualified prospect(s)? Explain how you do this? 18. How do you gain the attention of a new buyer and a buyer you already know from past sales? 19. How much time do you spend writing proposals? 20. Are your contacts formal presentations to a group, meetings in an office, or a combination of both? 21. How many contacts/presentations do you make before closing? 22. Do you have to ask a lot of probing questions to discover client needs in this industry? 23. How do you turn product features into benefits for the clients? 24. What is the most important need that your clients have across the board? 25. What kind of AV materials do you use in presentations and meetings? 26. How do you handle the price objection? 27. What is the most common objection that you hear? 28. How has objection handling changed within the past ten years in your company? 29. How do you know when a client is ready to buy? 30. Does your company believe that closing a sale is more or less important than losing a sale to keep a good working relationship? Has it always been that way? 31. What is your attitude toward using specialized closing techniques? 32. How do you prevent buyer’s remorse? 33. How often do you follow-up with clients and how do you do that? 34. What kind of databases or computer technology do you use in the follow-up process? 35. Does your company offer special services and do you provide them or does a service staff?

36. Approximately what percentage of your sales come from referrals and repeat business?

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