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Changing trends of real estate market in Kolkata from the buyer’s perspective. Sobhan Sengupta Masters of Business Administration 2010-12 2 months Prof. Sushmit Mitra Mr Atanu Upadyay Times Business Solutions Ltd Magicbricks.com

. 2000s and the present decade. Real estate has on most occasions beaten the Dalal street figures.decades of ‘90s. • • To draw correlations between some characteristics of the buyer and the type of property he chooses. In this broader framework. To examine and analyze the three decades.Objective of the study The Study aims to examine the changing scenario of real estate in India. The present decade has seen some remarkable changes in the market. The changing trends of the buyers would be useful information for the developers and might mean a new boom in the Bengal economy and see it to greater heights. an attempt has been made to achieve the following specific objectives:• To analyze the changes in the trends of the real estate market in Kolkata from the buyer’s perspective. • Find out which are the locations which are attracting real estate buyers. In Bengal changes were slow to start with. Need for the Study Real estate is a sector which has always given a constant return on investment and contribute in a big way to an all round development of a place. but with major players vying for Kolkata and its fringes in particular this study assumes a greater importance.

Secondary data: websites like google trends. www. In the questionnaire there were in total 12 questions.The market survey included the questionnaire form of research instrument words. But the main data is primary by nature. Source of Data: • Primary data: Collected during on. magazines. Research instruments. I undertook the market survey of finding the changing trends of real estate from the buyer’s point of view. For this I travelled extensively in and around Kolkata and Howrah. newspapers. Internet and RBI review. .com .com department.indianrealtynews.field work in person during works for the company. alexa. which was collected through interviews and personal visits to know the present situation of the market. Methodology The present study is of analytical and exploratory nature. The secondary data is collected mainly through various newspapers. RBI review.com. Accordingly the use is made of secondary as well as primary data. Sampling units: People associated with real estate business in Kolkata.Research Methodology Research problem: Undertaking the research to find out the changing trends of real estate market in Kolkata from the buyer’s perspective. • Survey Research: On behalf of TBSL magicbricks.

which attributes are given what weightage. To predict how a real estate buyer chooses his property. Do a time series analysis on the property prices of Kolkata over the last five years. Find out the possible changes that have happened in the market over the last 10 years or so in Kolkata. Portray and analyze the consumer buying pattern of real estate market in Kolkata. Data Presentation and Inference • • I intend to show the demographic profile of real estate buyers very clearly which was collected during the survey. My primary includes data from 50 individuals who were or would be potential real estate buyers. • • • • • • Recommendations . max budget for buying a property.Sample size: 50 Sampling technique: I had to use preferential sampling to make my data more balanced one. Draw correlations between the various demographic components like age. etc. Find out the hot spots of real estate in Kolkata. Find out which form of media they choose for information about real estate and draw inferences. income.

I would like to see magicbricks not only cater to the market players but also the direct consumers (i. Magicbricks could be a provide a total real estate solution for everyone.• I have felt during my work. . Buyers) by providing consultancy services.e. people have tremendous respect for The Times group.

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