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Humble Beginnings
Bartending is an old and honorable trade, - Patrick Gavin Duffy,
The Official Mixer's Manual (1934)

I always had an inkling that I'd sell the first one and something told me that it could be that night. Iwatched as a regular customer entered the room with another gentleman and two female companions, They were in high spirits, dressed for the occasion and as I approached their table, I heard the ladies discussing cocktails, They asked me what Iwould recommend, This was exactly how i hoped it would happen, I had rehearsed the scene a hundred times in my head, 'This cocktail was invented for discerning people like you - it's an original Trader Vic's Mai Ta, The key ingredient is extrernely rare Wray and Nephew 17 year old rum from Jamaica, It has been reproduced to the exact original formula and we are the only bar in the world that actually has a bottle to sell," Four set of eyebrows raised and glances were exchanged, I could see they were impressed, 'You'll be making history by being the first to buy this cocktail," I continued, The gentleman nodded ascent. Iturned to ask my manager to fetch the bottle from the safe, only to find that every member of staff was watching and listening, The manager could not have handled the precious bottle more careful~, The clear bottle containing a rich amber liquid valued at £26,000 was brought down to the potential history makers' table, They inspected the bottle thorough~, each one holding it, turning it round, reading the hand written label. I couldn't take my eyes off it "How much is it7" asked Regular Customer, My mouth was dry, 'The cost refiects the rarity of the rum, It's the historical price of £750," Then I added hastily so that there could be no misunderstanding after the drink had been consumed, "Per cocktail." The silence was deafening, "Alright, make one up! Give it to this lady here, ,,," said Regular Customer's friend as he gestured towards the woman who was


sitting closest to him, "Let her decide if it's worth it or not." A sense of excitement and anticipation "filledthe air, Word had "filteredout and Regular Customer and his friends had now become the centre of attention as the senior bartender stood up to prepare the drink. He careful~ opened the bottle and began pouring the ingredients one by one into the mlxing glass with surprisingly steady hands, The end product was reddish in colour, indicating to the bartender that the proportions had been mixed perfectly, He added ice then sealed the shaker and shook the drink vigorously, He strained the contents over fresh ice into a pre-chilled rocks glass, gamished it up and then placed it on a tray, It didn't seem "fittingto have any other drinks accompanying this one on its historicaljoumey, A quick scan of the ~oor from bar to table ensured there was no obstacle in my way, I placed the drink in front of the lady - a trophy, a first. The lady history maker was delighted with the presentation, She sipped to a round of applause and nodded in approval, ''Would you like to try it?" She asked, holding out the glass to me, "Are you serious, , .?' I choked, ''Wellyou're the one who sold it to us - you're as much a part of this as we are," she insisted, I leaned forward and took a sip of the worlds most expens~e cocktail, Iwanted to savour the moment forever and so held the precious nectar in my mouth for as long as possible, The drink was unique, It had serious depth to it and was unlike any other beverage I'd ever tasted in my life,Although it was perfectly balanced, I could quite de"finite~distinguish the individualqualities that each component lent to it: the strength and age of the near mythical rum coupled with the dryness of the Curacao, the subtle sweetness of the syrups and the zesty freshness of the lime juice, Ithanked the lady sincerely for the generosity she had just showen me and as Iwas walking back to the bar I remember thinking that that had been one of those very rare moments in lifewhen everything had indeed seemed purposeful. I had just tasted a piece of history, and it was bloody beautiful! Gareth Shaw
Bar Waiter The Merchant Hotel


Corpse Revivers & Picker Uppers
Absinthe Drip £6.95 French Absinthe, water and dissolved sugar Maidens Prayer £6.25 Dry Gin, Cointreau, fresh orange and fresh lemon Sunrise Cocktail £6.25 Dry Gin, Cointreau, fresh lemon and several dashes Benedictine Grapefruit Cocktail £6.25 Dry Gin, white grapefruit jel~, fresh lemon and dashes Or, Peychaud's aromatic bitters Andy Apricot £6.25 Dry Gin, Apry, fresh lemon and apricot conserve with house-made orange perfume Corpse Reviver #2 £6.25 (The American Bar, London, circa 1920's) Dry Gin, Kina Lillet Cointreau, fresh lemon and dashes absinthe bitters Bloody Mary £6.95 (Harry's New York Bar, Paris, circa 1920's) Vodka, tomato juice, prepared horseradish, fresh citrus and mixed spices

Milk Punches & Eggnogs
Rum Cow £6.95 Aged Jamaican Rum, bitters, vanilla extract, sugar and milk gamished with seasonal spices Pineapple Milk £6.95 Spanish Brandy, vanilla extract macerated pineapple chunks, and sugar shaken up with milk


White Tigers Milk £6.95 Rne Ca~ados, Apry, egg-wh~e, sugar, cream and milksprinkledwith seasonal spices Rum Eggnog £6.95 Aged Jamaican Rum, sugar, dashes of bitters, cream and milk shaken with pasteurised egg yolk and garnished with seasonal spices Baltimore Eggnog £6.95 Aged Jamaican Rum, VS Cognac, Madeira Wine, sugar, cream and milk shaken with pasteurised egg yolk and garnished with seasonal spices

Original Gin Fizz £6.95 Sweetened Gin, fresh lemon, sugar, egg-white and charged water to fill New Orleans Gin Fizz £6.95 (Tlle ImperialCabinet Saloon, New Oneans, circa 1888) Sweetened Gin, fresh citrus, cream, sugar, egg-white, orange blossom extract and charged water to fill Pineapple Whisky Fizz £6.95 Scotch Whisky, Chartreuse, dashes Absinthe, macerated pineapple chunks, fresh lemon, sugar, egg-white and charged water to fill Wild Eyed Rose £6.95 IrishWhiskey, fresh lime, house-made grenadine, egg-white, sugar and charged water to fill Peach Blow Fizz £6.95 Sweetened Gin, fresh strawberries, cream, fresh citrus and charged water to fill


The Delicious Sour £6.25 Applejack 100% bonded proof, Peach Brandy, fresh lime, sugar and egg-white Pisco Sour £6.45 Pisco Especial, fresh citrus, sugar, egg-white and dashes Peruvian Bitters Jack Rose £6.25 Applejack 100% bonded proof, fresh lime and house-made grenadine Ward Eight £6.45 (The Locke-Ober Restaurant, Boston, circa 1898) Straight Rye Whiskey, fresh lemon, fresh orange and house-made grenadine Daiquiri Naturale £6.25 (Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, circa 1905) Aged Cuban Rum, Dry Maraschino, fresh lime and sugar with several drops orange blossom extract White Lady £6.25 (Harry's New York Bar, Paris, circa 1929) Dry Gin, Cointreau, fresh lemon, egg-white and a couple drops Pastis Clover Leaf £6.25 (The Bellevue-Stratford Bar, Philadelphia, circa 1920's) Dry Gin, fresh lemon, house-made raspberry cordial, egg-white and tincture of peppermint Pegu Club Cocktail £6.25 (Pegu Club, Rangoon, Burma, circa 1920's) Dry Gin, Orange Curacao, fresh lime, dashes orange and aromatic bitters Margarita Sames £6.25 (Acapulco, Mexico, circa 1940's) Plata Tequila (100% blue agave), Cointreau, fresh lime and wild agave nectar Honeymoon Cocktail £6.25 (The Brown Derby, Hollywood, circa 1930) Rne Calvados, Benedictine, Cointreau, fresh lemon, maple syrup and egg-white Sidecar £6.25 (Harry's New York Bar, Paris, circa 1920's) VS Cognac, Cointreau, Grand Mamier and fresh lemon


((Fire-warmed)) Toddies & Hot Drinks
Hot Buttered Rum £6.95
Aged Jamaican Rum, unsalted butter, brown sugar, house spice mb; and water

Whiskey Toddy £6.95

Irish Whiskey, honey syrup, water, fresh lemon and tincture of clove

Port Wine Negus £6.95 Hot Apple Toddy £6.95 Tom and Jerry £6.95

LEV Port, spiced sugar syrup, fresh lemon and water

Light Jamaican Rum, VS Cognac, baked apples, sugar and water

(The Planter's House Bar, St Louis, Missouri, circa 1852) VS Cognac, aged Jamaican Rum, egg batter, sugar, seasonal spices and water

The Buena Vista Irish Coffee £6.95

(The Buena Vista, San Francisco, circa 1952) Irish Whiskey, demerara sugar syrup, black coffee and thick whipped cream with freshly grated nutmeg

French 75 £12.95 Mimosa £12.95


(Harry's New York Bar, Paris, circa 1929) Dry Gin, fresh lemon and sugar topped up with brut Champagne

(The Ritz Hotel, Paris, circa 1925) Grand Mamier, fresh orange juice and sugar topped up with brut Champagne


Satan's Whiskers £6.25 (The Embassy Club, Hollywood, circa 1930's) Dry Gin, Sweet and Dry Vermouths, Grand Marnier, fresh orange and bitters Cuba Libre Daiquiri £6.25 Aged Cuban Rum, Ponche, old fashioned cola syrup, sugar, spring water and fresh lime Floridita £6.25 White Cuban Rum, Sweet Vermouth, cacao blanc, fresh lime and housemade grenadine Companero £6.25 Aged Cuban Rum, cacao dark, fresh lime and house-made basil syrup Mary Pickford £6.25 (Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana, circa 1920's) Cuban Rum, Dry Maraschino, macerated pineapple chunks and housemade grenadine EI Presidente £6.25 (The Vista Alegre, Havana, circa 1920's) White Cuban Rum, Dry FrenchVermouth, fresh lemon, house-made grenadine and dashes Curacao Tabu Cocktail £6.25 A blend of light and dark Jamaican Rums, macerated pineapple chunks, fresh lemon and house-made blueberry cordial Sazerac £6.25 (Sazerac Coffee House, New Orleans, circa 1853) Straight Rye Whiskey, Herbsaint Liqueur, sugar, bitters and lemon oil Paddy the Barber £6.25 Aged IrishWhiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Cointreau and fresh lime Blood and Sand £6.25 Scotch Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, cerise and fresh orange juice Wild Strawberries £6.25 VS Cognac, Curacao, Dry Maraschino, fresh strawberries and fresh lemon


Jack Ruby £6.25 Vodka, Cointreau, fresh pink grapefruit, sugar, squashed kumquats and house-made orange perfume Suburban Pink £6.25 Vodka, fresh lime, fresh orange, and house-made grenadine Cosmopolitan £6.25 Vodka, Cointreau, orange bitters, fresh lime, cranberry juice and Rose's lime juice Far Eastern Gimlet £6.25 Vodka, fresh lemon and house-made elderfower cordial

Martinique Rum Swizzle £6.95 Martinique VSOP Rum, Falernum, fresh lime, sugar and dashes bitters Queens Park Swizzle £6.95 Aged Jamaican Rum, Falernum, fresh lime, shredded mint leaves, chilled seltzer and dashes bitters Barbadian Rum Swizzle £6.95 Barbados Rum, Cointreau, Falernum, fresh lime, chilled seltzer and dashes bitters

Cobblers & Sangarees
Chianti Cobbler £6.25 Chianti DOCG churned with house-made raspberry cordial and decorated with berries Sauterne Cobbler £6.25 Sauternes churned with sugar, fresh lemon and seltzer, decorated with fruits in season Port Wine Sagaree £6.25 LBV Port, sugar, spring water and fruits in season dusted with seasonal spices


Daisies & Fixes
Star Daisy £6.25 Calvados, fresh lemon, house-made grenadine and a spritz of seltzer Brandy Daisy £6.25 VS Cognac, fresh lemon, house-made grenadine, sugar and a spritz of seltzer New York Daisy £6.25 Straight Rye Whiskey, fresh lime, house-made grenadine and a spritz of seltzer Gin Fix £6.25 Ory Gin, fresh lime and house-made pineapple cordial

Punch Bowl Mixes
(serves 6, 9, 12 or 15 persons) Roman Punch - from £39.95 Golden rum from Trinidad, VS Cognac, Curacao, house-made raspberry cordial, fresh lemon, sugar and chilled seltzer decorated with fresh mint Bengal Lancers' Punch - from £39.95 Golden rum from Trinidad, Cointreau, Claret, spanking wine, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime and sugar decorated with thin slices of green lime Fish House Punch - from £39.95 (State in Schuylkill Fish House, Philadelphia, circa 1732) A blend of Caribbean Rums, Cognac, Peach Brandy, peach puree, fresh lemon, spring water and sugar with tropical fruit


Cups} Shrubs & Punches
Pimm's Cup £6.25
(Pimm's Oyster Bar, London, circa 1840) Pimms No 1, Green Ginger Wine and real lemonade with fruits in season

Cider Cup £6.25

Fine Calvados, VS Cognac, Curacao, fresh lemon, traditional apple cider and seltzer with fruits in season

Claret Cup £6.25

Curacao, Dry Maraschino, sugar and Claret served with fruits in season

Raspberry Spritzer

Gin, Kirsch, semi-sweet white wine, house-made carbonic


raspberry cordial and

Pint of Shandygaff £6.95

Curacao, Real Ale, ginger beer and fresh lemon

Rum Shrub £7.45 (subject to availability)

A blend of Caribbean Rums macerated over time with sugar and fresh fruit in a rumtopf - served neat, hot or cold

General Batista £6.95

Aged Cuban Rum, house-made grenadine, fresh lime, fresh orange, sugar and bitters with a dark Jamaican Rum ~oat

Kon Tiki Ti Punch £6.95

Aged Jamaican Rum, guava jelly, fresh lime, macerated pineapple chunks and house-made grenadine

Tangipahoa Planter's Punch £6.95

Dark Jamaican Rum, macerated pineapple, fresh lime, fresh orange and house-made grenadine

Mighty Jamaican Rum Punch £6.95

Three Jamaican Rums, allspice liqueur, fresh grapefruit and spring water


Pre-dinner Aperitifs
Dry Martini £6.25
Dry Gin or Vodka, Vermouth mist and queen olrves Vesper £6.25 Dry Gin, Vodka, Kina Lilletand a lemon tvvist Aviation £6.25 Dry Gin, Dry Maraschino and fresh lemon Negroni £6.25 Dry Gin, Cam pari, Sweet Vermouth and orange bitters Martinez Cocktail £6.25 Sweetened Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Dry Maraschino, sugar and bitters Gin Tonic Martini £6.25 Dry Gin, Kina Lillet, fresh lime, house-made coriander syrup and dashes bitters Improved Holland Gin Cocktail £6.25 Dutch Genever, Dry Maraschino, sugar and Or, Peychaud's aromatic bitters

Champagne Cocktail £12.95 VS Cognac and an angostura soaked sugar cube topped up with brut Champagne Muse £12.95 Plum Liqueur, sugar and bitters topped up wtth brut Champagne and scented with lemon perfume Puccini £12.95 Cam pari, fresh ruby grapefruit and sugar topped up with brut Champagne Classic White Peach Bellini £9.95 (Harry's Bar, Venice, circa 1948) Prosecco blended with white wine soaked peaches and dashes peach bitters


Coolers & Highballs
Long Vodka £6.95 Gin Gimblet £6.95
Dry Gin, sweetened Vodka, bitters, sweetened lime juice and real lemonade lime juice and chilled seltzer

Presbyterian £6.95

Blended Whisky, real lemonade and chilled seltzer

Horses Neck £6.95

Kentucky Bourbon and dry ginger served with a spiral of lemon-peel

Americano Highball £6.95

Sweet Vermouth, Cam pari and chilled seltzer

Manhattan Skyscraper £6.95

Straight Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, cherry juice, bitters and dry ginger Martin Millers Westboume Strength Gin and Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water

Ultimate Gin and Tonic £6.95


Sparkling Sours} Slings & Mules
Blackberry Rickey £6.95 Bridget Bardot £6.95
Dry Gin, fresh lime, house-made blackberry cordial and chilled seltzer Vodka, fresh lemon, sugar, house-made chilled seltzer blueberry cordial, egg-white and

Silver Screen Goddess £6.95

Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lemon, lemon barley water, egg-white and chilled seltzer

The Sicilian £6.95

Dry Gin, Cam pari , Cointreau, fresh lemon, fresh ruby grapefruit, blood orange jelly, dashes bitters and chilled seltzer

Moonshine Kate £6.95 Jennifer Juniper £6.95

Poitin, fresh lemon, wild Irish honey syrup and traditional apple cider to top

Dry Gin, fresh lime, shredded mint leaves, dashes bitters and ginger beer to top Bermudan Rum, Falernum, fresh lime, dashes bitters and ginger beer to top Reposado Tequila, Cassis, fresh lime, dashes bitters and ginger beer to top

Dark n Stormy £6.95 EI Diablo £6.95

Old Mule Skinner £6.95

Vodka, macerated pineapple chunks, fresh lime, dashes bitters and ginger beer to top Sloe Gin, Dry Gin, Cherry Brandy, Apry, fresh lime, dashes bitters and ginger beer to top

Sloe Gin Singapore Sling £6.95


Juleps} Smashes & Muddled Drinks
Mojito Criollo £6.95
(LB Floridita, Havana, circa 1920's) Aged Cuban Rum, fresh lime, fresh mint, sugar and seltzer

Kentucky Mint Julep £6.95

Kentucky Bourbon, fresh mint and sugar

Real Georgia Mint Julep £6.95 Whiskey Old Fashioned £6.45

VS Cognac, Peach Brandy, fresh mint and sugar

(The Pendennis Club, Louisville, circa 1900) Rye Whiskey, citrus oils, sugar and bitters

Caipirinha £6.45

lime chunks and golden granulated sugar

Tropical Drinks
Spiced Rum £6.45
Aged Jamaican Rum, Piemento Dram, fresh lime, fresh orange and sugarcane molasses

Little Polynesian £6.45

Aged Jamaican Rum, Dark Jamaican Rum, Curacao, fresh lime, squashed kumquats and orange bitters

Trader Vic's Original Mai Tai £9.95

(Oakland Bar, San Francisco, circa 1944) A blend of quality Jamaican Rums, Dutch Orange Curacao, fresh lime, orgeat and rock candy syrups

The Beachcomber Zombie £6.95

(Don the Beachcombers, Hollywood, California, circa 1935) A blend of Caribbean Rums, Falernum, Kirsch, fresh grapefruit and dashes French Absinthe


The citrus juice used in all of these cocktails will be juiced fresh to order,

Cachaca, lime wedges and golden sugar


si~er gold platinum

Beua Ror Reserva Germana 1Oyr Sagatiba Preciosa

£8,50 £13,95 £99,50

Vodka, Cointreau, lime and cranberry juice


si~er gold platinum

Wyborowa Exquisite Kauffman Luxury Kauffman Inauguration

£9.95 £15,75 £110.00

Rum, hand-rolled limes, Ory Maraschino and sugar


silver gold platinum

Santiago de Cuba Anejo Bacardi Gold 195:JS

£6.50 £195,00

Havana Club 15yr "San Cristobal" £35,00

Gin and dry vermouth with queen olives, capers, pearl onions or lemon twist

Dry Martini (Gin)

si~er gold platinum

Tanqueray 10 Junipero Millers Merchant Batch 1

£6.95 £7,50 £14,50

Vodka and dry vermouth with queen olives capers, pearl onions or lemon twist


silver gold platinum

Wyborowa Exquisite Kauffman Luxury Kauffman Inauguration

£9,95 £15,75 £110,00

Gin and lime cordial


silver gold platinum

Tanqueray 10 Junipero Millers Merchant Batch 2 Appleton 21 yr Appleton 250th Anniversary Wray & Nephew 17yr

£6.95 £8,50 £14,50 £21,50 £87,50 £750.00

Rum, Curacao, lime, orgeat and rock candy syrups


si~er gold platinum

silver gold platinum

Van Vliinkle 1 3yr Sazerac 18yr Rittenhouse 21yr

£8.45 £13,50 £75,00


The citrus juice used in all of these cocktails will be juiced fresh to order,

Margarita Tequila, orange liqueur and lime

silver gold platinum

Patron Silver Patron Anejo Patron Platinum Eagle Rare 1Oyr Evan VVilliams23yr Old Trimbrook 1937 Santiago de Cuba AneJO

m95 £11.45 £75,00 £7,95 £20,25 £175,00 £6.50

Mint Julep Bourbon, mint and sugar

silver gold platinum

Mojito Criollo Rum, lime, mint, sugar and chilled seltzer

sitver gold platinum

Havana Club 15yr "San Cristobal" £35,00 Santiago de Cuba 20yr old Anejo £45.00

Negroni Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campati and bitters

sitver gold platinum

Tanqueray 10 Junipero Millers Merchant Batch 2

£6.95 £8,50 £14,50

Old Fashioned Rye Whiskey, orange oils, sugar and bitters

sitver gold platinum

Van VVinl<Je 13yr Sazerac 18yr Pendennis 1905

£8.45 £13,50 £195,00

Sidecar Cognac, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and lemon

sitver gold platinum

Edgar Leyrat VSOP MaxJne Trijol Ragnaud Sabourin Single Barrel (1902) Eagle Rare 1Oyr Evan VVilliams23yr Old Trimbrook 1937

£7,95 £15,25 £235,00

Whiskey Sour Bourbon Whiskey, lemon sugar and egg-white

sitver gold platinum

£7,95 £20,25 £175,00

White Lady Gin, Cointreau, lemon and egg-white

silver gold platinum

Tanqueray 10 Junipero Millers Merchant Batch 1

£6.95 £7,50 £14,50


Temperance Delights
Real Lemonade, Limeade or Orangeade £4.95 Cordial Highball £4.95
Fresh fruit juice of choice, sugar, egg-white and spring water

(pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or elderfower) House-made cordial of choice topped up with chilled seltzer and decorated with fruits in season


Fresh ginger root, fresh lemon, lemon extract, egg-white, spring water

Stone Bottle Ginger Beer £4.95

honey, sugar and

Angostura Highball £4.95 Fruit Cup £4.95
House-made seltzer

Angostura bitters, fresh lime, house-made grenadine, sugar and chilled seltzer pineapple cordial, fresh orange, fresh lemon, sugar and chilled

Black Tea Punch £4.95

Freshly brewed black tea, fresh orange, fresh lime, house-made cordial, macerated pineapple chunks and sugar


Traditional Egg-Nog £4.95

Vanilla essence, bitters, sugar, pasteurised egg-yolk, cream and milk

*Real Taste Prohibition Highballs
*The drinks below include real spirits that have had their alcohol content bumed off...


"Non-alcoholic" Aged Cuban Rum, fresh lime and cola "Non-alcoholic" Tennessee Whiskey and real lemonade

Cuba Libre £6.95

"Non-alcoholic" "Non-alcoholic"
"Non-alcoholic" beer

Lynchburg Lemonade £6.95 Dark and Stormy £6.95

Bermudan Rum, fresh lime, bitters and house-made



Glossary of Drinks
Cobbler/ Sangaree: A Cobbler is essentially a summer drink made of iced wine or spirits and sugar that is decorated with fresh fruit. A Sangaree is more or less the same with the addition of spice, A Cocktail is typically a well balanced short drink that is often referred to as a 'fancy drink', Cocktails seem to represent the drinkJngtrends from a particular era and a their names can derive simply from what someone considers one to look or taste like, Most Cocktails have a very short shelf-life and nearly all are variations of other classic drinks recipes, Corpse Reviver: A Corpse Reviver is a moming-afterdrink. ~was originalf;designed as an alcoholic stimulant to help weary souls get back on their feet in order to face the day ahead of them A Cup is a beverage made of wine, usualf; iced, w~h flavouring hems and fruits, A Oaisy is a basically a Sour that is made with grenadine and a splash of seltzer, A Rx is the same thing onf; it requires pineapple syrup instead of grenadine, A Rzz is a Sour that has been charged w~h water and is served in a highball glass A Highball is a tall drink that is built in a highball glass, which calls for a base spirit and mD<er A Julep is a rnxed drink featuring fresh mint, spirit of choice (though usually brandy or American whiskey) and crushed ice, It is traditionalf; served in a stainless steel julep 'cup'



Daisy/ Fix:






A Nog (or Eggnog) is a traditional vvinters drink that is made with beaten egg, milk and cream that can be served with or without spirit.

Punch/ A Punch is a mixed drink that is prepared in such a way that Punch Bowl: neither the bitter, sweet, or strong elements that are used in its malkng do not overpower one another. A Punch Bowl is simply a largeramount of Punch that is traditional~served in a garnished silver bowl and is poured into silver cups at the table using a large ladle, Shrub: A Shrub is a concoction of stewed fruit, sugar and rum that has been aged in a rumtopf for a designated period of time (up to 3mths) before being strained and bottled, They can be served hot or cold, A Sling is a long drink of spirit, fruit juice or cordial topped up with any carbonated beverage, A Sour is a spirituous beverage requiring fresh citrus juice and a sweetening agent such as sugar, A Swizzle is a Sour-type drink that's made by firstly putting ingredients into either a glass or glass pitcher together with crushed ice, All of this is then agitated vigorously with a "swizzle stick" until a frost forms on the outside of the glass, A Toddy is a drink made up of spirits, sugar and (generally) hot water with the occasional use of other ingredients, It is traditional~ warmed using a toddy iron,






Rollof Honour 2006
Bar and Potations Manager - Sean Muldoon Assistant Bar Manager - 11mHerron BarkeepsNl/aiters - Hayden Lambert - Petr Hofman - David Madden - Martin Cauley - Gareth Shaw - Mark Carty Bar Backs - Lucas Pietrzak - Matthew Alexander

The preferred spirtt brands of The Bar are as follows: Gin (Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater) Vodka (Stolichnaya, Finlandia, Grey Goose) Rum (Appleton, Havana Club) IrishWhiskey (Jameson) Scotch Whisky (Chivas Regal) American Whiskey (Woodford Reserve, Pikesville) Tequila (Arette) Cognac (Hennessey)


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