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Snuff is a form of finely powdered tobacco, which is sniffed directly into the nostrils.
Formerly used mainly by the aristocracy of England, it is enjoying something of a revival
today, and we are pleased to introduce you to its pleasure. A little perseverance may be
required to acquire the habit but the stimulating effect, subtly different to that of smoking
tobacco, can be found to be equally satisfying whilst avoiding the known risk of smoking. To
the palate jaded by excess smoking, snuff offers a pleasing and cleansing sensation and those
concerned over the effects of tobacco smoking can be assured by the fact that snuff, whilst
made from the finest tobacco leaves, does not reach the lungs.

Wilsons are still in the happy position of being able to make snuff in the traditional way. It is
made from carefully selected blends of choice tobaccos, often originating from Africa where
the leaf is particularly suited. After a number of maturing processes the leaf is dried and
ground, in the old days, by the power of the water wheel at Sharrow Mills, in oak mortars by
iron pestles. Several stages of sieving follow to ensure the silky, even texture and, to recipes
known only to two members of the Wilson family in each generation since 1737, natural oils
such as Bergamotte, Attar of Roses, Jasmin and Sandalwood are added in precise measure to
delight the nose. Finally the blended snuff is matured in wood to ensure permeation of the
flavour and to allow the full development of the flavour and character.


Take a pinch of snuff between your thumb and forefinger. Holding the pinch to the left nostril, release part of it with a short, sharp sniff and then repeat
the exercise into the right nostril.
You will probably sneeze at first, but this is entirely natural. Persevere by taking another two pinches within the next half hour and you should find that
the desire to sneeze has disappeared. You should now begin to experience that indefinable "lift" which a good snuff gives.

The Four Different Categories of Sharrow Snuffs

Category 1: The SP Varieties.

Best SP has been Wilsons' best selling snuff for more than 250 years. Its basic aroma is of the
finest tobacco leaves with just a hint of the addition of various essential oils of Mediterranean
citrus fruits. SP 100 is very similar with a slight variation in the texture of grinding, while
Queens and Tom Buck are both stronger versions of Best SP, Gold Label is a milder
flavoured SP using 100% American tobaccos.

Category 2: Mentholated Snuffs.

SM (Sharrow Medicated) is flavoured with a pleasant balance of Menthol Crystals and Eucalyptus oil. SM 500, SM Brown, SM Blue and
SM Gold are all variations on SM, the last two with the addition of Camphor. Extra Strong Menthol has an even higher amount of menthol in the
recipe. Menthol is simply that, with no Eucalyptus. Super Menthol combines strong Menthol flavours onto a citrus base, which is particularly
popular. Aniseed and Eucalyptus is simply that, while Aniseed Extra also uses the more complex citrus base. Crumbs of Comfort uses
spearmint as one of its many ingredients, while Country Mint has spearmint on its own. Prime Minister is a glorious mixture of nearly all the
various mentholated ingredients with spearmint as the top note.

Category 3: Scented Snuffs.

Royal George has many different flavours with Violet, Rose and Vanilla contributing to its very sweet aroma. Jockey Club is another popular
sweet scented snuff. Strasbourg has the tang of Citrus Spice. Sharrow Irish D High Toast is a medium brown toasted SP. Irish Toast is a
medium brown brew of fairly moist fire-cured tobaccos, while Irish High Toast is a light brown version but very dry. French Carotte is quite
coarsely ground and sweetly flavoured. Irish Coffee with its flavour of Irish whiskey is an excellent after dinner snuff.

Category 4: Fruit, Spice and Flower Flavours.

The above category is self-explanatory and the snuffs carry the flavour as indicated by their various names.

Please find below a list of all of the popular Sharrow Snuff flavours available from Wilsons and the category into which they fall.


Aniseed Extra 2 Jockey Club 3 SM Blue 2
Aniseed & Eucalyptus 2 Lavender 4 SM Gold 2
Apricot 4 Lemon Grove 4 SM 500 2
Best SP 1 Menthol 2 SP 100 1
Cherry Menthol 2 Menthol Plus 2 Sharrow Irish D High Toast 3
Country Mint 4 Peppermint 2 Strasbourg 3
Crumbs of Comfort 2 Prime Minister 2 Strawberry 4
Extra Strong Menthol 2 Queen's Extra Strong 1 Super Menthol 2
French Carotte 3 Raspberry 4 Tangerine 4
Gold Label 1 Rose of Sharrow 4 Tom Buck (Extra Strong SP) 1
Gold Label Vintage 1 Royal George 3 Vanilla 4
Irish Coffee 3 Rum & Blackberry 4 Wallflower 4
Irish Toast 3 SM (Sharrow Medicated) 2 - -
Irish High Toast 3 SM Brown 2 - -