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Models display + Scene/ event reconstruction monuments and historic sites. 1:25. + Historic cities and sites Scale models manifest dreams and ideas by turning + Heritage sites reconstruction them into physical and spatial reality.provide ment fewer by the human eye and brain. 1:5000) . a distinct + Topographical layout quality in the physical model that can not be achieved by + Major infrastructure planning a virtual one. 1:10. thereby eliciting + Museum displays enthusiasm and endorsement to a greater degree. Large scales (1:1000. They excite Small scales (1:5. These models supple. + Diorama scape detail. 1:500) . Models are three-dimensional and are perceived as such Medium scales (1:100. Thus the combination of the two can benefit Used for any planner and project. facilitating fast and easy visualization of a site or project. Modern technologies that details for highlighting the site within its immediate provide 3D computer renderings and animation are surroundings . + Project environmental impact 2 . + Architectural detailed design mation it is easy to comprehend varied aspects of the + Outdoor Theme park display (Edutainment) representation in depth. models. 1:2000. 1:250. however. + Archeological sites presentation and reconstruction + Architectural neighborhood design Computerized 3D models are fast becoming a user. 1:87 HO) Emphasize architectural details in individual structures. Whether the viewer is one Used for: person or a group. in a high degree of exciting visual realism. a visual impact that cannot be equaled. Whether models represent the + Exhibits future or the past. 1:200. they give an overall view to help + Immersion experience understand a complex site in seconds.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION MODELS - THE ADVANTAGEOUS S O L U T I O N M odels are excellent communication tools. not always available in physical large area coverage with less detail. Nothing brings a site to life as vividly as an exact scale model. There is.MODELS . 1:50. children as well as adults. Used for: limited by virtue of the fact that they are only a transla- + City Models tion of the original. designed to inform and answer questions. Models tell a story that everyone can understand. familiar or + Heritage conservation and reconstruction unfamiliar with the project. + Environmental impact friendly tool for planning. They are tantalizing and carry DIFFERENT SCALES FOR DIFFERENT USES Since it is possible to build models in various scales it is essential to pre-determine the scale according to the desired function. with accurate model infor. 1:2500. architectural and land. professional or layman.

exposed to the urban planning process. water and sewer historic. archeological and architectural heritage. energy.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION THE CHALLENGE I n today's dynamic environment saturated with communication. It requires an interdisciplinary endeavor and the use of Public and private special interest groups discuss new various tools and methods to provide planners plans and apply pressure to influence decision-makers. systems in order to integrate the urban unit successfully.CITY MODELS . (1:500) 3 . A model of a proposed hi-rise in Jerusalem . and decision-makers with an overview of proposed With today’s mass communication. city planning is a complex challenge. City models make future plans visible and under- Strategies to preserve or reconstruct past heritage standable to the layman. the general public is solutions. back. (1:500) excepted after public debate. Interested parties do not have the tools to evaluate the process The complexity of developing cities and redeveloping professionally or to create productive and useful feed- neighborhoods requires planning for the future. combined with contemporary construction must include modern infrastructure for transportation. A model of a proposed Project in Jerusalem - rejected after public debate. drainage.

. city and transportation planners and decision. destination marketing + Merchandising + Fundraising (DMO) and associated services + Trade Shows + Presentations + Assistance in tourist orientation + Board Rooms + Court Rooms + An aid in designing tourist interface + Public Display + Public Relations 4 . from the past to the present.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION DIFFERENT USES AND DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS For historic and heritage preservation: For education: + Stimulating new ‘development with preservation’ by + Presenting the historical and structural development of allowing planners and decision-makers to envision the the entire city. + Study and research lyzed (Security.makers For documentation: + Evaluating a proposed project in its immediate and greater + An urban historic heritage documentation center surroundings + Creating a collection of site documentation. + Educating with a view towards the importance of cultural tion and architectural heritage + Creating a tool for architects.) + Community enhanced involvement For community involvement: + Exposing proposed projects to public scrutiny and debate + Encouraging public involvement and expression of opinions + Applicable for use in publication and mass communica- tion For tourism: Other proposed uses of models as tools: + Visitors’ attraction / Visitors’ center for local and foreign tourists + Real estate + Conventions + A center for showing and explaining historic and + Telecommunications + Advertising important sites in their surroundings + News publications + Sales Offices + A tool for tourism master planning. information + Providing a platform for comparison between different and materials alternatives + Publications + Expanding and exposing a diversity of issues to be ana. accessability. students to imagine the future trends and alternatives + Creating a platform for school involvement in collecting For professional city planning: and documenting historic information and data + Highlighting heritage sites for preservation and renova.MODELS . services etc.. enabling integration of both processes.


uniqueness and value to the eyes of the viewer In 1996 Kobi Ariel initiated a three-dimensional com- Since its opening to the public (November. He initiated its applicability for educa. 2002). is a tourism by profession. for fund-raising. i. Shapira developed and supervised the research.Sc. architectural exhibits and competi. develop model making tools and consult on model based visitor centers for historic cities and heritage sites 6 . Mini puterized model of Jerusalem which is used much like Israel has become a leading tourist attraction in Israel the physical one.MODELS . Kobi and Yoni are involved in various projects that include historical-architectural research for documentation and professional publications. and varied uses. highlighting their of the city. They also create "Model Manufacturing Files" (MMF). a leading tourist attraction in Israel with over 400 tional purposes. bined with model making led to his tion as a planning tool. platform. religious and cultural sites of Israel.e. From 1993-2004 he expert with wide experience in was the director of the “Jerusalem research of heritage and historical Center for Planning in Historic sites in Israel geared towards Cities”. project: a competition to design small merchants’ stalls documentation and production methodology to create a and a master plan for placing the stalls in various parts visitors experience with each model. This Center hosts the destination development and Jerusalem Model and operates and creating visitor attractions.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION THE ENTREPRENEURS Kobi Ariel is industrial designer Yoni Shapira M. increasing the ability to sensory "edutainment" park. serving tourists. com- the model in addition to its func. models depicting the most important historical. and for studies. families and professionals who visit this multi- and aspects to the physical one. Shapira’s knowledge of tourism Aware of the potential embodied in motivation and behavior. and professional publica- Serving as creative and marketing director for "Mini tions. archi- tions. understand the effect of proposed future projects on their surroundings.000 visitors a year. for planning and decision-making with over 500. The model was also used as an aid in a 2-phase Israel". mapping. as a tourist attraction and public debate tectural. maintains it for professional use. Ariel has involvement as one of the initiat- broadened its scope to include new ing founders of Park "Mini Israel". The 3D virtual model adds new views schools.

economic and market feasibility study to full business and master Urban.muni.asp Model displays. WWW. are Tel-Aviv-Jaffa City Model experts when it comes to combining the diversity of Miniaturk .il KobiA@Ladpc.Shtetlfoundation. Eilat development. assisting in detailed LHS Innovative Projects Ltd. Among our clients are towards your goal of opening a sustainable and leading Tel: +972-2-6560675 +972-77-5353577 City Planning Center and visitors’ attraction. is the first step.jerusalem. Rishon LeZion ”Shtetel” .MODELS . 1892 Jaffa . Mobile: +972-52-3675943 +972-50-8775314 Fax: +972-77-7675943 +972-77-5353577 7 .html the area of Model Based Historical. to 34/7 Gewirtzman St. Jerusalem 97793 This interdisciplinary approach assists you in having ISRAEL full control of timing and processes that will bring you E-Mail: Yoni-lin@Netvision.Visitors’ Center Taking a project from its inception through concept Hilton Queen Sheba theame hotel. is a small management and LHS Projects: consulting firm specializing in providing overall solutions in technological and creative subcontracting.Istanbul WWW. planning.html LHS provides project initiators and entrepreneurs with the ability to focus on their expertise and capabilities by Israeli Architecture Traveling Exhibit bringing to the table the best professional support team America in Miniature for the railway (dynamic model) "My Land Holy Land” millennium exhibit WWW. foundations and tourist attractions. Pisgat Ze’ev OF IMAGINATION S ERVICES RENDERED LHS Innovative Projects Ltd.minisrael. Architectural and Mini Israel Heritage attractions. These models serve as 'edutainment' The Jerusalem City Model WWW. LHS Provides a ”turn-key”solution helping you manage your project by assembling a winning team skilled in CONTACT: dealing with the creative side. the full implementation and daily operation. Their experience in applying an ”Shalom Madurodam” (The Hague) special millennium exhibit interdisciplinary approach to project development is based on “hands-on” diversified professional activities The Jerusalem Historic City model (1860s-1890s) in turning models into attractions and working and professional City Planning Modern Jerusalem virtual model Kobi Ariel and Yoni Shapira the firm's principals.i-a-m-p.Open Museum. Zichron Yakov .

! Tel Aviv-Jaffa* ! Acre. Israel City Models ! New York provide an overall ! San Francisco view allowing a ! Moscow broad perspective ! Sydney of historical.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION C I T Y MODELS At scales ranging from 1:500 to 1:2. from project planning and decision making tools for professionals and Several cities around the community to the world are using education.CITY MODELS . historical among them: reconstruction and environmental ! Jerusalem* assessment. France architectural ! Mecca development of the city. * LHS projects 8 . tourism.000. and ! Rouen. city models have a wide verity of uses. ! Shanghai ! Seoul spacial. City Models for planning or tourism.

EDUTAINMENT MODELS . Netherlands + Italia in Miniatura. Canada + Miniatuur Walcheren. UK + Madurodam. Germany + Miniature World. Belgium + Minimundus. Spain * LHS Projects 9 . Israel* + Miniaturk. Turkey* + Bekonscot Model Village. Tenerife. Holland + Pueblochico. Switzerland + ”Klein- Erzgebirge” Oederan. Italy + Mini-Europe.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION EDUTAINMENT T H E M E P A R K S Members of IAMP (International Association of Miniature Parks) + Mini Israel. Austria + Swiss Miniatur.

TOOLS OF IMAGINATION MARK TWAIN H O U S E M O D E L MANUFACTURING FILE (MMF) The Mark Twain residence in Hartford. The Model Manufacturing File (MMF) was made in order to build an accurate scale model (1:25) for an Edutainment exhibit and theme display. and would include the following features: + Architectural highlights + Building decorations and accessories + Indoor lighting effects + Immediate surroundings grounds + Theme accessories + Scene accessories + Sound effects + Dynamic effects 10 . Conn.HERITAGE MODELS . is a heritage landmark of Americas leading writer used as a museum.

sent on behalf of the (PEF) Palestine Exploration Fund. London. and historical / archival research. and at 1:75 for historical display. Our detailed structural / architectural analysis. Captain Charles Warren "Underground Jerusalem". Jerusalem” 11 . LHS built a model at a scale of 1:250 as part of the 19th century city model.HERITAGE MODELS . and Archeologist and surveyor. The Hotel served as the first Freemasons lodge in the Holy- land (1867). resulted also in the publication: “Excursionists. mystics and guides in Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean Hotel. researchers.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION T H E MEDITERRANEAN H O T E L 1 8 6 7 The Mediterranean Hotel Jerusalem (1865-1871) A land- mark hotel in the mid 19th century hosted prominent guest such as Mark Twain "The Innocence Abroad" (1867).

The building is a historic landmark designated for preservation as a historical and cultural recreation center.TOOLS OF IMAGINATION JERUSALEM T R A I N STATION 1 8 9 2 LHS built a dynamic scale model (1:87) of the narrow gauge historical Jaffa Jerusalem railway and the Jerusalem train station (1892).HISTORIC MODELS . and resulted in publication of a book “With fiery chariots and steel coaches . 12 . The model building was based on our research of historical sources from several international archives.the History of the Jaffa Jerusalem railway”.

(Privet display) 13 .TOOLS OF IMAGINATION MODELS OF J EthR U S A L E M 19 CENTURY Models of Jerusalem where built throughout the mid 19th century and displayed throughout Europe and North America. Using modern technology of Arial photography. Cad designing and manufacturing assists in creating accurate and dynamic models integrated with multimedia and sound effects. GIS mapping.HISTORIC CITY MODELS . The Jerusalem Model (1860s- 1890s) is at a scale of 1:250 featuring the historical/ geographical development of the old city of Jerusalem.

HISTORIC CITY MODELS . 14 .TOOLS OF IMAGINATION MODELS OF J ERUSALEM DURING THE 1ST CENTURY Jerusalem during the Second Temple period and the life of Jesus. With modern technology and current archeological research it is easier for us to build such models at different scales. adding special effects and accessories to enhance their uniqueness and fascination to the viewer. historic / archeological reconstruction and edutainment. education. attracted several model makers over the past 200 years to build model displays for community religious activity.