GROSSANATOMY 8th Long Quiz Sec.


Divergent minds Pulses in unison Close as a circle Solid as one

1. Vertebral arteries are related to the pituitary gland ___________ a. Superiorly b. Inferiorly c. Laterally d. Posteriorly 2. Neurohypophysis secretes ____________ a. Vasopressin b. GH c. ACTH d. TSH 3. Sheath or capsule of the thyroid gland is derived from ______________ a. Investing layer of the deep fascia b. Pretracheal layer of deep fascia c. Prevertebral layer of deep fascia d. Superficial cervical fascia 4. Calcitonin is secreted by______________ a. Pituitary gland b. Pineal gland c. Parathyroid gland d. Thyroid gland 5. What nerve is in close proximity with the superior thyroid artery? a. External laryngeal nerve b. Recurrent laryngeal nerve c. Vagus nerve d. Spinal accessory nerve 6. Which of the following statements is true? a. PTH increases calcium concentration in the blood b. PTH mobilizes calcium from the bones into the circulation c. Inferior parathyroid glands maybe located in the superior mediastinum d. All of the above statements are TRUE 7. Glucagon is secreted by _____________ a. Alpha islets of langerhans b. Beta islets of langerhans c. Delta islets of langerhans d. none of the above 8. Endocrine secretion of the liver a. serotonin b. Renin c. Erythropoietin d. Heparin 9. Which among the following statements is TRUE? a. Right adrenal is crescentric and higher compared to the left adrenal. b. Catecholamines are secreted in the adrenal medulla. c. Fetal adrenal glands are relatively larger than the adult adrenal glands. d. Cortisol produces the same physiologic effects with insulin. 10. Which among the following statements is NOT TRUE? a. Superior thyroid artery is a branch of the external carotid artery. b. Thyroidea ima artery ascends in front of the trachea to the isthmus. c. The recurrent laryngeal nerve lies in the tracheoesophageal groove. d. Inferior thyroid artery is a branch of the brachiocephalic artery. 11. The lateral boundary of the pelvic inlet: a. ischial tuberosities b. iliopectineal lines c. both d. neither 12. Which of the following segments of the spinal cord is used by most afferent impulses travel via pelvic splanchnic nerves going to higher center? a. L1-L2 b. L3-L4 c. L4-L5 d. S2-S4 13. Which of the following artery is a branch of internal iliac artery? a. superior rectal artery b. inferior rectal artery c. middle rectal artery d. internal pudendal artery 14. The following concerning the pelvis of the female area are true EXCEPT: a. Pelvic cavity is roomier than in male b. sacrum is shorter than in male c. pubic arch is rounded and wider d. false pelvis is deep 15. Which of the following is not true about superior hypogastric plexus? a. situated in front of the sacral promontory b. formed as a continuation of the aortic plexus

c. formed from the branches of 3rd and 4th lumbar sympathetic ganglia
d. nerve supply to the bladder 16. The posterior boundary of the pelvic inlet: a. coccyx b. ischial tuberosities c. sacral promontory d. lumbar vertebrae 17. Which of the following spinal nerves id the nerve root origin of sciatic nerve? a. L4-S1 b. L4-S2 c. L4-S3 d. L4-S4 18. The trigone is an area of mucous membrane covering the internal surface of ______________ a. fundus b. base c. neck d. superior surface 19. The anterior fibers of levator ani is also known as: a. iliococcygeus b. levator prostatae c. pubococcygeus d. coccygeus 20. The rectum starts at what vertebral level? a. S1 b. S2 c. S3 d. S4

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