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Newsletter No 1514


1. A word from the director

2. Landmarks in the Hoa Sua School’s last nine years
3. Happy birthday, Hoa Sua
4. An opportunity for young disabled people
5. More information

A word from the director

The spirit behind all the activities of Hoa Sua is to offer free vocational training and help
disadvantaged young people to find jobs.
Nine years might not be a long time in the life of a human being but neither is it a short
period of time in the life of a humanitarian school where disadvantaged young people
receive vocational training and career guidance, as well as accommodation and medical
care. We have come far, encountered many problems along the way and will undoubtedly
face new ones. More than ever, we are beginning to understand just how much still needs to
be done as there are still, and will always be, young people at risk who want to carve a role
for themselves in life and who just want a chance to do this.
All the teachers and the employees of Hoa Sua School have only one desire: to equip these
young people with the necessary skills and attitudes for their future life; knowledge, know-
how, a firm spirit and an open heart.
I would like to express my most sincere thanks to the Vietnamese authorities, to our local
and foreign partners, especially to the teachers and the students who are always with us on
this challenging journey. Once we have complete faith in ourselves, then I am know that we
can be sufficiently strong to offer solid support for these disadvantaged youngsters.
Pham Thi Vy


Happy birthday, Hoa Sua

(Extract from a letter from Hoang Minh, an Asian Cuisine student, currently on a training
course in South Korea)
To the Management and all the teachers of the Hoa Sua School,

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
Hoa Sua, the school named after of a beautifully scented flower, where people live happily
alongside each other like sunny spring mornings…Whilst enjoying the victory celebrations
of the Country, the teachers and the students of Hoa Sua are delighted to celebrate its 9th
I know that at the beginning, the school had only a few teachers and students and lacked
even basic equipment. The School’s students are all young people from poor families, street
children or the children of war invalids. But with the help and the enthusiasm of the
teachers, many of these have entered their working life, with their heads held high and with
professional knowledge and the necessary know-how to help build a modern and
prosperous society.
Nine years have passed and numerous underprivileged young people are now able to earn
their own living, the school’s founders should be proud of the successful results of all their
hard work. As a student, I wish all the teachers and the pupils of Hoa Sua happiness,
success and good health. I hope that the school will always seek to help create qualified
professionals who, in turn, will actively contribute to the development of our Country.

Your student,
Hoang Minh

Landmarks in the Hoa Sua School’s last nine years

The period 1994-1995 saw the founding of the Hoa Sua Vocational School. At the
beginning, the school could only offer places to 20 students. In 1995, the school opened a
training restaurant and a bakery at 6 Phan Chu Trinh, to provide business outlets in which
the students could gain practical experience. This was an excellent initiative on the part of
the Management as it combined practical experience for the students as well as a fund
raising activity to cover their training costs.
During this time, the school received particular help from the “Maison de la Jonque” and
the “Enseignants Sans Frontiers”, represented by Mrs Song Thu Bideaux Nguyen. She
contributed significantly to the introduction of the first European cookery, French bakery
and French table service programme in Vietnam.

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
In 1996, Hoa Sua needed to move. Fortunately, the Education and Training Service of
Hanoi agreed to house the school’s training restaurant and the training centre moved to 449
Bach Mai.

The school grew and developed quickly during these years. A training programme for
hearing-impaired students was put in place. As the total number of student enrolments rose
to 557 the question of student housing became more pressing. Initially the school had rented
housing but this was expensive and unreliable. It was at this time that the Vietnamese
government gave the school more than 8000m2 of land in Linh Nam, Hanoi. It was in 1999,
on this site, that the boarding houses were built with the support of the Embassy of Spain,
the Spanish International Co-operation Agency (AECI) and the Social and Cultural
Promotion Funds (FPSC). In 2001, the kitchen block was built with the assistance of the
French Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for
Development. Thus the training centre at Linh Nam began to take shape as a well run

The year 2002 was a significant one in the history of Hoa Sua. The school was recognized
as a professional college and the restaurant management training programme was designed
and implemented.
In the same year, Hoa Sua signed an agreement with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of
Versailles in France for training in table service and European cooking. Graduates receive
the CAP which is a recognised qualification both in France and in Vietnam. The pilot
project, which benefits those young people from ethnic minorities, was conceived in
partnership with the Samaritan's Purse charity.

2003 was a hectic year for the Hoa Sua School. At the beginning of the year, the school
signed an agreement with the Indre-et-Loire Professional & Trade Chamber for bakery and
pastry training. The school also signed agreements with the Committee of the population,
the family and the children of the provinces, in order to give young disadvantaged people

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
from the countryside, an opportunity to receive professional training and to then return to
work in their home towns after completing their studies. This was seen by the school as a
means of reducing poverty and a way to support local economies.
In October of the same year and with the support of the Embassy of Spain, the FPSC and
the ACEI, the school built a training centre for hearing impaired young people. This school
aims to keep student numbers at 200 per year.
However, Hoa Sua also faced a number of financial difficulties in 2003. With the relocation
of the training restaurant and the bakery, SARS and the effects of avian flu the school had
never faced so many obstacles. And as a result of these last two issues, the revenues from the
sales outlets, which helps cover the operating costs of the school, dropped sharply year on year.
However, we promised ourselves that we would double our efforts to maintain our charitable

What future for disabled people?

What can be done to help disabled people to have greater self confidence, maximise their
potential and help them to better integrate into society? These questions are constantly
being asked by today’s society, those organisations which seek to help disabled people and
their families. The only relevant and permanent solution is to offer them a professional and
trade training which suits their own skills and abilities, and which then enables them to
become self sufficient in life.
During the course of the organisation’s development and despite some initial problems, Hoa
Sua made the right decision when, in 1997, it created a needlework and embroidery
programme for young hearing impaired adults. At a time when only 2.36% of 5.1 million
disabled Vietnamese people had the chance to take advantage of any form of professional
training, the Hoa Sua programme responded directly to a changing climate of improving
this situation for disabled people. Up until now, more than 100 young hearing impaired
adults have benefited from the training programme, amongst whom 10 have been trained up
to become teachers and 30 have gone on to find permanent employment.
In April of this year, Mr Nguyen Trung, co-Director of the training centre was invited to
attend a conference on the creation of employment opportunities for disabled people held in
Thailand. During the course of this conference he was able to present the experiences of the
school alongside his own, and to benefit from those of other countries in this particular area.

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
Welcome to Hoa Sua School
VSO is an international organisation which, through its volunteers, has a long standing
relationship with Hoa Sua. Following Debbie Wallis and Sophie Dubillot, Rob Jameson is
the latest VSO volunteer to come and help the school out. Unlike the two girls who both
worked as foreign language teachers, Rob’s background is in the hospitality industry. Over
the past seven years he has worked in a number of hotels and restaurants in England,
Australia and Hong Kong and has built up considerable experience in this sector. During the
course of his two years at Hoa Sua, he will help review the training programme, assist the
Service teachers and work closely with both the management and the chefs to consolidate
the activities of the training restaurants. This young English manager is known for being
light hearted with his colleagues but very serious about his work. “The thing that I would
like to do here is to help make the work easier”, Rob says.

The working visit of two specialists from CMIL

As a result of the partnership between the Indre-et-Loire Professional & Trade Chamber
(CMIL) and the school’s bakery and pastry training programme, Mr Gilles Calloch and Mr
Gilles Lango, the CMIL specialists, came to visit Hoa Sua in April to work with the teachers
and the students. Their two weeks of work focussed on production organisation, educational
organisation and the organisation of exams. They also spent time with the school’s trainers
to address and resolve existing problems and to revise the training programme such that it
better addresses the needs and requirements of potential employers.

This Year’s Graduation Ceremony

This year’s graduation ceremony was organised to coincide with the school’s birthday
celebrations. 122 diplomas were awarded and 100% of this year’s graduates have found
employment and have begun their working life – congratulation to them all!

Mock exams
The CAP is a particularly important exam for those student studying table service, European
cookery, and baking and pastry making. Before sitting the actual exam in July 2004, the
school organised mock exams so that the students could get a better sense of what they still

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
needed to revise and prepare for. Eight students of European cookery and 19 students of
table service sat the mock exams which were held at the beginning of May 2004.

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua
Upcoming promotion
Please look out for our upcoming promotion. Why don’t you :
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We welcome all offers of financial support in the printing of our newsletter. If you and your
company would be interested in supporting us, please contact Ms Phuong at (84-4)
9424448/ext.105 or 0904323475. Thank you.

Hoa Sua School, 28A Ha Hoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 9424 448. Fax: 8223499. Website: Email: hoasua

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