Is The Planet Earth Man’s Second Home? ST: Did the Dinosaur Walk In Man’s Footsteps?

Introduction Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, its good that you could make it. I hope you will enjoy an entertaining trip through time and space with the only limitation being Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, a Galaxy, and the individualistic human logical mind. The Big Bang is excluded by the way. My intention is to be a moderator, and not a preacher for this voyage, and hope to stimulate successful ignitions to your mental “blast offs” into directions your life experiences, and dogma dictates. There are no absolutes here, and we are deviating from the programs taught by academia and religion, with hopefully no effrontery to anyone’s belief system! In fact we are simply duplicating the Think Tanks of the 1950’s for the prime concept of entertainment, rather than change the world’s philosophy; while enjoying an open discussion after I “cast my bread upon the water”. Fasten your seat belt and loosen your cerebral cortex, and let us enjoy this adventure! ************ Let me introduce myself. In 1996 I was so disgusted with the operation of the American syndicate, that I made an effort to inform the public what was happening with a book entitled “Ramblings of Sanity”. It described massive national corruption - with the BAR association (a fraternity) the cornerstone, and a foundation of Government that grants extreme favoritism to its pet icons, and intense destruction to any of its opponents. A illogical Government that is now attempting to replace the God our religious communities had their faith in, all being done under the concept of “separation of church and state” supposedly enforcing our constitution that was created by devoutly religious men? “Ramblings of Sanity” is selling well in England as a curiosity, but is black balled here in America (for some reasons that I totally understand). Since it is registered with the Library of Congress it is available at your local library, just don’t expect to see it on a bookshelf; however, the information desk at your library can order you a copy. The crux of the book is that history is rearranged to fit political agendas, with most decisions of what the Government has desired to have happened, actually being recorded as fact, behind closed doors - with illogic then forced upon the public, and then reinforced by a captive news media, and finally dispersed by the Board of Education branch of Government - as the truth. I obviously am a Libertarian that realizes the only difference between the two main American parties is that one is more honest by using a jackass as its logo – everything else is redundant. My qualifications? I lived in America for 70 years and have been part of the corporate system for about 50 years, watching its transgression occurring at a logarithmic rate; much like Indian music

starting out slow, and slowly accelerating. I have been the CEO of World Wide Electronics Milwaukee, Tone Right Chicago, Parking Systems Chicago, AM Electronics Texas, and have been a project engineer for Keene Corporation, Ampex, Hallicrafter, MG Industries Texas, and the Naval Ordinance Plant Forrest Park Ill. I have been in Lear’s and Autonetic’s think tanks. I have studied Constitutional Law at SMU. My degree from UC is for mechanical engineering, but I have been an electrical, electronic engineer for most of my life. I did spend 2 years in the military. I attempted to start the CBA Citizens Bar Association, and was unable to fight Dick Armey’s thrust at crushing the concept. I was affiliated with the American Liberty Association, Texas Liberty Association, Freeman’s Society, and Peggy Christianson organization. I was familiar with some of the victims of Waco – attending lectures held by Steve Snyder (David Korish’s attorney), and had the luck to spend some time with Estes Mullins, the noted historian. Now I am supporting two organizations via engineering consultation, and flying model sailplanes (Radio Control). As a “philosopher”, I have no credentials other than honesty – and I believe that to be the most important. Examples of open minded (Indian) free thinking: Our corporate educated scientific community is excellent expanding knowledge at unbelievable velocity. Unfortunately politicians, to whom “political science” is simply an oxymoron, control our planet. Their inspiration is to utilize the fruits of the scientific community for political gain, bastardizing the effort of achievement and advancement. Degrees in business administration and sales tend to ape the political system, and do little to advance our society – while at the same time they are creating a back wave of anger by misappropriating the true advancements for political gain. Has anyone here enjoyed the combat of our modern robotic telephone service? Frustrating, being reduced to a bug using a digital mind for the endless yes no questions, while never hearing a human voice to receive your succinct question - that could be transferred in seconds. Another example: One barrel of oil from Arabia can be converted to 1000 gallons of gasoline, and is a fact known by the oil corporations. Yes, performance declines rapidly as the number of gallons increase over current reference, but with corporations now freer with less and less regulations, expect oil companies to expand their profit margin with lower and lower quality of gasoline. The automobile manufacturers are now in tune with this future situation by making their new cars with bigger engines, so the degrade in performance would only be noticed by a slight decreases in already poor gas mileage. I’ll bet the oil company CEO’s will be patting themselves on their back on this one thinking that the ignorant consumer will have to buy their highly profitable product more frequently. Europe is now 50% diesels (and that is why I drive one) and retarded America (through politics) is less than 6%. The Europeans realize there is no way to stretch combustible oil…yet! “Ramblings of Sanity” will give you a bigger eyeful!

Thank you for this opportunity. I write like an American Indian because of my Libertarian viewpoint intermingled with my engineering education. I am totally unique in my writings and philosophy (hopefully) that tends to militate against academia.

Although my subject is ancient mankind, I want to let you know that I have no billion-year-old cadaver in my briefcase. With a zero tolerance attitude by academia, one should have “perfect” evidence – that would most likely be discredited by this messenger’s lack of impressive credentials. Instead, I hope to demonstrate enough circumstantial evidence that at least gives credence to my discourse. Let me explain the duel between individualism and academia. With academia one gets to engage the thoughts of previous Icons that have been given status by the Icon’s peers. This creates a narrowing of logic that can be overrun by emotionalism perpetuated by zealous followers. This worked quite well when the Earth was considered to be flat, and education tied onto religion. With the full scope of knowledge available to an operator of a computer today, one can use his mind to sweep in logical data to make logical decisions. Today we have a zero tolerance micro-managing society that contains individuals that can easily differentiate details into explanatory order through mathematics (even when the basis of the functions is steeped in a chaos algorithm!). We also have highly educated individuals that are unable to think basics - and only contemplate perfection. We, as individuals, have the ability to better realize the world we live in for our own comprehension and sanity. The isolation of academia by imperialistic attitudes is now the force that is tearing apart the system, as we know it. With the creation of a zero tolerance attitude, and its full-scale acceptance by a sociologically trained ‘majority’, we end up having our genius contributors in control by peer pressure, thus generating illogical hypotheses that become un-provable theories that are accepted by having academia treat them as absolutes! Obviously I am taking the stand that a self-educated individual can be stronger in mental gymnastics than a typically well-educated student from academia. [Especially if that student had the false goal of monetary reward rather than innate curiosity.] The theories I promote will not be easily accepted by academia, unless I sufficiently stimulate their authorities to plagiarize me (willingly). At that time I will feel my gift to society complete. [I am totally aware academia would stand behind the fraternal gods it created, in total defiance to simple logic. The modern computer (as an example) is so overdeveloped and whipped into massivity that it is isolating its creators from us ‘mortals’, in an obvious plan of some kind. Everyone now needs computing power in excess to what all of mission control utilized for our first trip to the moon and back! All contained in one Laptop.] The evolution of mankind I treat as a disturbance by a life force. A life force for which we see the end result, but one we have not been able to fully analyze - regardless of our sophistication. The Universe demonstrates the intensity of this force when we find meteorites that have imbedded bacteria, along with the discovery of fossils in soil samples of Mars. At ocean depths, and Yosemite Park where volcanoes disrupt the peaceful environment to the point sterilization should occur, we find life bubbling within this extremely inhospitable environment. Evolution it appears then ‘simmers’ out the ‘best’ creatures forced to enjoy existence by adaptation. I now expect this force of life to be Universal, and personally believe man (a conscious creature needed) existed for more than one billion years, whether initially a resident of Earth, Mars, or planet that no longer exists. [To Clarify: Bubbles of humanity have been around for a billion years. Although mankind's form can be modified by evolution, the program that is the basis for our ‘human’ individuality appears to be ongoing. With all the modern credence for space Aliens, I have developed a strong belief that all humanity is interrelated, and if these ‘Aliens’ exist, they are truly fragments of us, from different time periods of our own solar system – rather than interstellar travelers.]

Obviously the planets suspended about our Sun changes through time. Even our own satellite (the moon) is drifting away from Earth at a surprisingly quick rate (when time increments are millions of Earth years). Once you feel the above exposure to a philosophy that is not regulated by academia, or political correctness (both of which have a attention span - that is continuously shortening because of more and more stored information that is ‘needed’), and can respect my violation to robotic hive mind education, you will be able to better enjoy my writings. I am not so imperialistic that I cannot admit that I can be wrong!! All I am trying to point out here is that different points of view can be logically viable. ****** What are we? Homo Sapiens Erectus Modern, an animal that basically lives in a herd. Our prime specialty is the mental gymnastics we are able to accomplish with an individualized program of thinking that safely navigates us through the time of our existence. When we try to rationalize the world about us, we take in data and logically sort the information to make conclusions. When input and output is extremely diverse we are either put into institutions, or elevated in status to be competitive world leaders. Conception of us being the captain controlling 6 billion individualistic cells and parasites, all harmonizing to the bio chemical bubble memory (computer) that is truly the spirit of us, is mind-boggling. Then when we see replications of this creature (man) appearing for millions of years as fossilized remains, we tend to use our ‘corporate educated’ mind to think him as inferior. “This Java man only has 900cc of brain capacity and we have 1300cc, he must have been quite dumb”! Were does brain size equal intelligence? A whale with 200 lbs of brain should be a fantastic genius. Neanderthals had 1400cc and they became extinct! What if the little Java man used 50% of his brain, thus making him a genius by our standards? Being nomadic, and not sociologically developed (and so interdependent), Java would still handle survival a lot better than we can; with us enjoying the assistance of tribal life - as an absolute necessity!

Although a theory can never be proven, unless it is a fact, I can only contend that sophisticated man is older than academia proclaims. I am obviously taking historical ‘facts’, interweaving them with my engineering education (that after 50 years is 95% self education - by exposure to the corporate world) while using logic to fill the gaps. I am not a genius, and only desire to stimulate higher thought projections on my somewhat deviated modernized philosophy. I feel I am in a mental reincarnation of Copernicus, who strove to present his “violations” to academia’s and the church’s dogma, only to be imprisoned for being pugnacious – when he was right all along. To help prove my point, I have to convey the concept that our Universe, as limited to a Galaxy, is a lot older than academia recognizes. It simply contains too much dark matter that doesn’t coincide with the concept of serial development. Attempting to postulate parallel development is really reaching beyond the limits of logic. Also, that accepted references for man’s morality (Bible), ancient fiction, ancient history may indeed have their footing in facts, that were not recognized, or conceivable at the time, making them augmented, and colorized by superstition.

Starting with our Universe, I define its limits as our galaxy. In my outlook, the other galaxies we observe hung in space are just other Universes whose basic structure is similar to ours, most likely having the same mechanical limits. Buck Rogers was more accurate than Startrek because I believe interplanetary travel being very likely within an epoch of man’s existence; however travel to other solar systems is totally unrealistic and conceptually immature. E=MC^2, Einstein was incorrect. C does not equal the speed of light. Instead it is the velocity to which time equals Zero. With this philosophy paramount, our entire Universe (Galaxy) is suspended between the limits of Zero and Infinite time. Concern of membranes and strings (subatomic particles) has some bearing on our existence, but are the dissolution of true constructive human energy. Yes, solving the riddle of the force of gravity is important; however conceptional thinking of talking to someone of “another dimension” is pure lunacy, when with all our ingenious talent, we are unable to communicate with whales or dolphins - let alone a distant civilization associated with its unrelated time and space, using a different means of social communications and/or is isolated by another solar guardian. Like my idealistic Indian philosopher, I am blunt and to the point with a strong desire to be realistic and honest. Continuing with our Universe and its limits above the 4th dimension of time, I conclude a temperature (i.e. energy) a limit. As energy increases denser materials can be formed out of basic matter whose existence life becomes shorter and shorter in time, so peak energy becomes limited by highly dense material that is at the edge of existence. With this in mind we proceed to our Star (the Sun). I look at it as a Gravity engine that because of its size creates intense pressure that in turn generates intense thermal energy directed to its surface during condensation. The core of the Sun is a sphere of Hydrogen (metal), while the surface temperature becomes pregnant for atomic ignition (fusion). A perfect situation for the wicking of fuel, much like a candle. Once fusion of hydrogen occurs, the heavier gas byproduct helium is returned toward core, automatically regulating the surface burn. The intense pressure that causes temperature to migrate to the surface is also driving the core to lower temperature because molecular vibration (energy) is being curtailed - making core temperature closer to absolute zero Fahrenheit. If the star is extremely huge to create sufficient thermal migration to drive the core below absolute zero we have a limit violation that creates a tear in our universe….Most likely a Black Hole? [Note: Just recently observed Aug. 2, 2005; as announced by Black hole creation in seconds i.e. big bang style] When we view relics from the past, it seems academia will never consider simple solutions. Stonehenge, a primitive calendar using stars for indexing earth positions is sophistication. How was it built? Metaphysical answers range from levitating rocks, extraterrestrial alien intervention, or some great engineering that was lost in time. How about the thought that simple structures could have simple solutions? The Bible talks about the Nephilim, giants inhabiting the Earth. Aztec history records Giants on the planet, and they were supposedly involved with the early construction of Aztec cities, rather forcefully as they were initially the ruling class. Summeria, many years earlier than the Aztecs have cuneiforms that were written about 4000bc also describing Giants, with Enke (a ‘Anunaki’) their ruler. Interestingly, the pictograph writing of the Summarians was updated with verb usage by the Aztecs, placing them on a literary par with the Egyptians. The distance separating these civilizations

create confusion, and possibly demonstrates man’s ingenuity to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks, whether by mobility of spies or pure parallel evolution. A 47-inch Homo Erectus thighbone was discovered in the Euphrates Valley in Turkey. This would make Mr. Nephilim 15 feet tall, weighing in at 2500 lbs. A fossilized body of an Irish man with 6 toes on each foot was discovered that was over 12 feet tall (that required a crane to lift him out of a burial chamber). Taking a small group of these 15 footers that may have had normal* strength, standing on a small scaffold while lifting the blocks in place at Stonehenge, and nudging them into accurate position, to me seems very plausible. [Note: The highest stone is 22 feet in elevation] With primate muscle, an individual Nephilim should be able to lift a small automobile over his head, and toss it. We can now contemplate the reality of who wore the extra-extra large 250 lb breastplate armor that is in museums in Turkey and Iraq. *[NOTE: Something happened to earthmen 6000 years ago, to make our species the weakest creature for our mass, on the planet. Apes have 7 times our strength; and the concept of weakening over time is not in phase with evolution’s survival of the fittest. Look at hominoid characteristics, and we are as far away from that state as domestic farm animals are from their wild relatives. This brings up the question of “are we the result of the same type of genetic engineering as our domesticated pets and farm animals”?] 6000 to 2000 years ago, the ancients wrote about the existence of Atlantis, approx. 30,000 to 20,000 BC). This point in time seems quite busy with Cro-Magnon man also appearing toward the end of the ice age. It is conceivable that societal tribal living got a boost to create modern corporate existence! This may have been a similar opportunity for early mankind to plunge ahead in development, and possibly surpass us in many ways. However, when looking at the concept of 10,000 years of development, and man has progressed this far. Or, viewing the Aztecs, that when the Spanish invaders discovered a society that was more advanced than Europe, and were totally surprised with cities that were larger, better organized and cared for (while considering it also was a Monarchy that aped European culture without any exposure to it demonstrates some kind of order to hominoid evolution). Then looking at the Planet Earth as being fertile for life for 500 million years, while also realizing that could translate into 50 thousand opportunities for sophisticated man’s existence, we have an interesting prospect here of - Earth possibly being the seeding source of man for this entire Solar System. Also, the fact the Summarians wrote about the collision of Earth with Niburu, another Planet in our Solar system that occurred about 250 million BC, with a parallel recording of Earth showing total sterilization in the Permian period (toward the end of the Paleozoic) due to a huge asteroid collision, demonstrates either extreme clairvoyance, or handed down knowledge? Remains of man have been found up to 12 million years in age. Many of these samples are not related to our current species by DNA testing. Obviously academia still concludes that they are “the primitives”, and that we are the only hominoid species of mankind that became “advanced”. So by their thinking, Man remained retarded for eons? What if academia is wrong? Otzi, the Iceman for example was supposedly from the Stone Age 5000 years ago, yet he had tools made of metal? The odds apparently are somewhere at 50,000 to 1 (X n - with n being a factor of hominoid deviations

for possible parallel development), especially if Atlantis, or a similar ancient city is found. The Mayan culture lived in cities for more than 3000 years, and then abandoned them in 900 AD to become Nomadic? Their libraries were done in paper, that the Spanish invader burned, creating questions that can never be answered. Who built the Pyramids, and how were they constructed? A 52 degree slant on the Egyptian version, and a 43 degree slant on the Aztec’s (along with a 52 degree base converting to a 43 degree peak about ½ way up by the Mayans). This is outstanding engineering, and I doubt that the Egyptians, Aztecs and Mayans could have had conventions for the sharing of information, or that the intellect that goes far beyond us, resided only with them (and them, and them etc.). The Incas, having the largest amount of real estate also built fortresses high in the Andes, that seem to also show evidence of parallel development to the Mayan - with exception of the extremely advanced stone masonry with its complex fits and close tolerance work. It appears there is argument of which is the oldest construction; with the Incas probably the oldest, and the most amazing. Although this proves older intelligence, it does not detail time of existence intensity! It is however, major pieces in the puzzle of ‘how old we are’? The older diamond mines in Africa have support timbers that carbon-date 100 thousand years, yet academia will not zero in on this state of affairs, and dismisses it as a fluke! One of the most intriguing aspects of ancient man is that we are only touching the tip of the iceberg... How many variants to the species of hominoid have never been located - due to complete decomposition?

The passage of time will erase the exposure of man’s development. i.e. Given 100 thousand years, and the island of Manhattan would disappear by erosion (as an example). At this point in time we only know about 33% of what is going on with this planet Earth, and fact with over 1000 sightings of Big Foot per year, we still think he is a ghost story, with no large scale effort to definitely prove non existence, other than a quick dismissal of evidence because other projects have priority! We want to communicate with life on other planets in our Galaxy, while we cannot resolve, or communicate with intelligent life forms here on Earth. Whales talk to each other 11,000 miles away, and we cannot solve this communication system? Because ‘their system’ is not similar to ours? Are we to wait until another species evolve to the point they can learn to teach us to talk to them? The point I am attempting to make is that if there was a crash at Roswell, and aliens found that somewhat resemble us, most likely they are us! Another strong indicator of ancient man’s successes is the findings on the planet Mars, of Cydonia and Tithonia. These ancient cities and structures are similar to ones found on Earth, definitely demonstrating the probability of ancient man’s sophistication, and interplanetary travel - that is not currently acknowledged! Pyramid development between Egypt and Mexico, separated by 10,000, miles doesn’t begin to compare to hundreds of million miles to Mars. Why so little interest about these Martian cities? No political advantage yet! I believe they are a ‘missing link’ civilization that reinforces the concept of man’s tenacious agelessness. Realizing that the concept of infinity is not easily digested by academia because of it being a lot longer than what our active minds wish to accept; we as a society search for fixed term limits - rather than accept an unexplainable phenomenon. My prime reason for the discussion on Solar structure was to attempt to demonstrate that conjured time limits of 4 trillion cycles of Earth traveling about our Sun (for example) is really a short term outlook masking a larger time period!

[Biblical Footnote: God created man in his “Image”. Moses brought down the Ten Commandments – along with the concept of only one God to be strongly enforced, a couple of thousand years later. With writing established, this one God concept was obviously folded backward in time to the “Image of God” creation. The Sumerians wrote of many Gods about the time of “man’s creation”? Could this help to explain the hominoid to (weakened) human conversion? Which God was the chosen God?]

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