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Student’s name: Vu Tra Thanh Son

Lecturer: Miss Nguyen Thi Thu


ID Student: 0512610

Class: DBA 8A2

Marketing NOMINATE A SERVICE INDUSTRY OF OUR CHOISE. please@ : General Manager Executive Staff Assistant G. Nowadays. Mail. Present day. Now we will enter in New world Hotel. I will introduce with everyone one service also quite important in the modern life right day that is Hotel services. WE PREPARE A REPORT DISCUSSING THE TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IN PLACE AT THIS ORGANISATION IDENTIFYING THE TARGET MARKET All of districts in the HCM City. Information Clerks Page 2 . RESEARCH AN ORGANISATION WITHIN THIS INDUSTRY. with the development of the modern life is the demand more higher more of people. Understanding the psychological and with purpose answer the requirements needs and want of customer. Manager Rooms Division Front Office Room. there have many service centre to be grown. Please! Could you like look in a cursory way about “ New World Hotel Organization Chart”. For clarify understand. Depends on types of customer service.

Storekeeper. Sales Representatives Security Engineering Carpenter. Baker Maitre d’hotel Captain. Electrician Minor Page 3 . Bartender. Income Auditor. Waiter. Night Auditor Receiver. Marketing Housekeeping Housekeeper. Plumber. Timekeeper Sales Advertising men. Cooks. Busboy Beverage Head Bartender. Linen Maid. Group Conference. Pantry man. Paymaster. Front Office Cashier. Housemen. Room Attendant Service F& B Food Purchasing Steward. Restaurant Cashier. Butler. Porter. Account Receivable. Pastryman. Housemaid. Barboy Accounting General Cashier. Iceman Food Preparing Head Chef.

The thousands of hotels all around the world compete with one another in adding new temptations to the already dazzling array of services. Travelers. so well fed and so happily entertained. The services that a modern hotel. The standard is modern five-star hotel. Page 4 . Marketing New World is a modern and deluxe hotel. we will give a report discussing the type of customer service in this place. Especially is all travelers all over the world. With this competition market target. please everybody to refer in this continuous page. The present day traveler can have all the comfort of their home throughout his trip and in most cases even find themself more comfortable and pampered. especially a deluxe hotel provides for its guests are getting more and more extensive and sophisticated. TYPES OF CLIENTS: New World also the same. the adversary who Hotel is interested is that: guests deluxe and people who have a life standard from middle stream to upstream. On business or for pleasure. New World has been bringing strategically road for customer service For clear understand more. it also in one of biggest hotel in Viet Nam countries. so meticulously served. have never been so comfortably. luxuriously and conveniently accommodated.

Italian. in- house movie. Japanese and American). pressing and laundry). radio. • Room with telephone. • Shoe-shining service. Page 5 . luxuriously and conveniently accommodated. • Game room. • So meticulously served. • 24 hours room service. set. • Sauna room. in-house music. • Bowling alleys. Marketing SPECIFIC NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS OF CLIENTS: Because clients here usually belong upstream class and the main is travelers so: • To be so comfortably. • Fitness center. coffee maker. color T. • International direct dialing. and private bathroom scales. • Swimming pool. Chinese. • Valet service. • In-house doctor. • International cuisine ( French. • Telex and facsimile service. • Bank office ( money exchange). refrigerator. • Airport limousine. • So well fed and so happily entertained. mini bar. • Massage parlor. an international newspaper. • Free maps and brochures and entertainment guide. ( dry clean. V.

Marketing • Bell and checkroom service. However. food and beverage is such an indispensable part of a hotel that in China a hotel is called “ dafan dian” meaning “ grand restaurant”. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW THE NEEDS OF CLIENTS ARE MET? When the guests booking room. • Nigh clup with lice floor show. New World is not also exception. • Car hire. mush:  Always nice to the guests. • Discotheque. • Lobby and poolside bars.  To be fast. • Delicatessen. Page 6 . • Translators. The restaurant service in a New World Hotel is expected. polite. ensure that all of it enough and safety of course. the reservationists receives must carry on and make the procedure really quickly and legally. It is often one of the foremost income earners for the hotel. In fact. Beside that the food and beverage department is a very important division of a hotel. The need of clients are met. talk another way. • Taxi service. • Boutique. A deluxe hotel can boast many food and beverage outlets and Hence.

the receptionist is also responsible for answering any questions from the guests. answering telephones and taking messages for the guests and handling complaints from dissatisfied guests.  When large tour groups and conference guests check in. the purpose of his visit and signature are entered correctly and legibly. •Comfortable. well appointed. the receptionist greets the guest and then gives out an registration form to the guest to fill out. STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES THEY MAY HAVE IN PLACE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE:  When a guest with a hotel reservation arrives at the front desk. the receptionist must make sure that such information items as the guest’s full name. forwarding address.  If the visitor is an alien. place of issue and date of issue also need to be recorded. address. tidy.  The receptionist must also check and make sure that such reservation details as room type and departure date are not changed. the needs of clients are: •Rooms should cleaned.  Beside. helping them with any problems that they may have. Looking back in Housekeeping department of New World hotel. it is always advisable for the receptionist to require the tour leader or the conference Page 7 . information about his passport number. Marketing  Very professional and of top quality. •All of them look clean.  When the guest has completed the form. nationality.

In a three. tells him/ her of his/her room number and the floor it is on and the daily room rate. taste and sanitation of the food to the stock of wines. well-appointed and comfortable. the serving skills of the waiters and waitresses. food and beverage department. o Housekeeping department.  After a guest is properly registered. exhibitions.  Then he/ she gives the guest his/ her key card that was prepared while the guest was completing the registration form and explain the hotel’s service to the guest or inform the guest of the place the guest can find information about the hotel’s service himself.  Because guest usually demands the same standard of service as he or she finds in other areas of the hotel’s service. together with rooms division. Page 8 . auditing department and the engineering department. from the delicacy. Marketing coordinator to handle the registration forms and hand it over to the front desk himself. conventions and conferences.  With the five-star rating in hotel business.  Finally he should wish the guest an enjoyable stay at the hotel. the receptionist gives the guest his/ her room restaurant only the very best food and wines are served. The housekeeping department also does such work as to set up and to take apart banquets. the décor and the atmosphere and even the music and the entertainment must be on a par with that of the best of eating establishments in the city. make up the five basic departments of a hotel – it is responsible for cleaning the guest rooms and making them look clean. tidy. So everything.

•After that. they can also be rude and abusive). Marketing o Even such trivial carelessness as an unemptied ashtray or waste basket. must keep the guest informed of the measures or actions plans to take and when will carry them out. 2. effective corrections and remedies. patient and detailed explanations or making swift. In New World hotel also have standard and procedures in “Checking Out” on customer service: We can speaks in a namely way: When preparing a guest’s bill the cahier should pay special attention to the following things: 1. Hotel staff must: •Should always be ready to lend an attentive ear to what the guest has to say and always hear the guest out. Check with the guest if he/ she is entitled to any kind of discount or complimentary rate. an improperly cleaned bath tub. Check if the guest has paid a reservation deposit. Page 9 . either by making polite. If he is . then make a short apology and express his/ her understand of the guest’s situation or sympathy with the guest. take the amount of his deposit out of the bill. •But whatever intends to do. If he has.  In handling complains ( people who make complaints and criticism can be friendly and reasonable. make the necessary deduction. or an unthoroughly dried bed sheet absolute can not accept. the sfaff member should take actions quickly to remove the complaint. or reporting the complaint to a superior. •Must not interrupt the guest unless necessary •Also advisable for him/ her to jot down what the guest has said.

5. Then feel the check with your hand. The above. If the guest settles his/ her account in traveler’s check. the card is no good. 4. In case when the guest wants to pay his bill by credit card. firstly. With American Express traveler’s check. Not accept checks that have already been countersigned. Page 10 . the fringe should be printed in relief. If it is. c) Imprint the card onto a sales voucher and then write out on it the amount of transaction and date. Remind the guest to return his room key to the reception before he leaves the hotel. check and see if the guest’s card number is listed on the latest copy. b) If our hotel has received a warning notice. . If it is a Thomascook traveler’s check. if the guest’s card is not listed on the latest copy of warning it is good. When a traveler’s check is suspected to be a counterfeit. The expiration date can be found at the front bottom of the card. look at the check closely and see if the portraits and patterns are clearly printed. holding the check face down the blue ink on the left face value spot comes off. With other traveler’s checks the cashier can look for watermarks by holding the check against the light or look for the special ink color by putting the check under a ultraviolet light.mentioned measures are applicable to foreign bank notes too. make sure that he countersigns the check in front of you. Then compare the two signatures carefully. Marketing 3. the cahier should always follow the procedure below: a) Check and see if the card is still valid. Remember the person’s room number and remember how he/ she looks if possible and report it to you superior immediately. if we rub t with a wet finger.

• Give for client customer satisfaction questionnaire. to take appropriate measure which improved in a best way. Summary to review and to bring these issues out in to the open. to check. • Telephone survey to approve the clients. • Interviewing customer. for the correctly understanding “quality customer service” of staff. the management must: • Set camera in necessary any where. Marketing d) Make sure that the amount of sales does not go beyond the authorized credit limit. f) Give the cardholder’s copy to the guest and keep the establishment copy in your files for one year. Page 11 . • Personal interview staff. • Use special mission unit. • All of a sudden. after to lodge a protest with purpose to bring about. Mail the remaining copy to the credit card company within specified number of days accompanied by a complete summary card. Beside that. . e) Ask the cardholder to sigh in the designated space and then compare the signature with the signature panel on the back of the card. THE MONITORING OF QUANLITY CUSTOMER SERVICE? Hotel management to be determined to do organize a periodical meeting for all staff member working in organization for take opinion from groups and through that.

please! …………… However. we must certainly that: we ask and need answer sentence from clients with attitude: • To show them great kindness • Ensure effectively listens • No matter how the person behaves the hotel staff should always try and be nice to them. • Always remember that: an argument with the guest is the most undesirable thing that can happen to a staff member and the hotel. we should ask: What point are you feel dissatisfied in that. Send mail for clients through their address which they are bequeath in hotel. To telephone to inquire after clients and through give their view about satisfied in our hotel: Ex: question may be Are you satisfied with customer service in our hotel? If client say no. Marketing MECHANISMS TO GOING CLIENT FEEDBACK? Give the questionnaire to clients when they checking out. Page 12 .

ADDITIONALLY PROVIDE YOUR OWN OPTION ON HOW THEY COULD POSSIBLY FURTHER IMPROVE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE. 10% clients don’t please. everyone can master the art of being nice to guests. we find that: 80% clients please with service. That’s also the main and outstanding strategy in a clients service way of our New World Hotel! Page 13 . Just keep one thing in mind. With good training and a lot of practical experience with guests. a dissatisfied guest means a loss of potential future business while a pleased guest leaves the hotel with a warm memory of the hospitality he has enjoyed end an inclination to repeat his visit to the hotel. 10% clients have others ideal about service way. Through feedback of customers and staff. that is. we can see and recognize that: the success of any business in the hospitality industry depends on people pleasers. From that results we must improve: • Training staff • Distributing • Researching client’s Market Conclusion To sum up. Marketing MAINTAINCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER FEEDBACK.

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