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defining god

by sheree rainbolt-kren
(c) 2007

the truth of what god is cannot be defined at this time. in fact, the desire to define
god could be a craving that may keep the truth of what god is, at bay, if we are
always seeking without knowing, on deeper levels, as move along.

in our seeking to define perfect peace, we affirm we do not know what we are.
forgetting, then seeking to remember, is the human journey. it feels like a
necessary journey. as you seek for god out there, you unknowingly create a
false, but seemingly solid barrier for yourselves, big enough, to keep you from
self realizing. there is no there, there. there is nowhere, in your mind, where god
and you begins and ends. there is only authentic recognition that you are perfect.
it's a point. it's the all. you won't understand it wholly until you want it wholly.

god is not form or matter in truth. in truth, however, god is everything. the idea is
to know what is true.

i resonate with what a course in miracles teaches in that god is not aware /
conscious of illusion. therefore, god is not aware of this human dream as we are
creating it. the form identity we call god, whatever that looks like, does not know
time and space, sin or death, or anything that isn't perfect peace. perfect peace is
perfect love, and the natural result of perfect allowing. perfect allowing is free will.
free will feels like an intentional gift from god. it is not an intentional gift from god.
the gift is love of self (there is only the one) and free will is the perfect effect.

the course teaches something i truly love. all i want is peace. there is a lesson in
the workbook for students that asks for meditation on this thought. it is life
changing. it's the one affirmation that sticks in my mind more than any other.

while god is not aware, as we would define aware, of our experiences, on any
level, there are highly evolved beings who are aware. they are the miracle
workers. some will call them angels. but, this is a limited definition of course. they
have come to know themselves and the way that provides for peace. but, the
angelic frequency is generic, at least. this energy consciousness is available to
all in the multiverse, and form does not always look like human flesh. the
frequency we call angels is truly operating from the point of your own belief
system. your beliefs determine your definition, in all cases. if your belief is that
angels are light with wings, then this is what angels are. that's a nice image. that
is the beauty of perfect love, perfect allowing and free will. you are a creator.

whether or not, your brand of angel is human, android, or a single celled
organism with no desire for more than what it is, really does not matter. all that

i believe there is far more to it than this. we are learning that we are multi dimensional energy within a quantum field of unlimited potential. the frequency of their communication elements are used. as we open our minds to bigger. there may in fact be other universes with different elements that are used. this is not meant to scare you. deeper. were it not for fear of death and a clinging only to what you are seeing with your human consciousness. such as light. all thoughts make for chemical response. but. it is a difficult exercise only because of our conditioning. or energy. if. these desires have the capacity to muddy up your potential in the bigger picture. in our universe. but. the angelic frequency uses the elements of any given universe. your cells read your definition with every observation you make. more and more science is affirming. you are setting intentions daily based on your physical experience. whether this is for an hour. chemical response dictates your physical existence and experience. it may be light. to communicate. elements that would seem foreign to us. true creation is not of the physical. which is unpleasant for many. when you create within the framework of 3d. etc. to include healing communication. it is helpful to desire the deepest truth to lead you. but. at the highest level of existence do not look human. as a way to keep yourself safe. it may not. as the result of your thoughts. remain open. there is an essence humans might like to imagine. from which point of consciousness are you observing this higher and lower frequencies. it is only meant to teach you what is occurring. there are times when it is helpful to bring light to human form for teaching humans. your definition of god is read from your chemistry. and this is done far more often than we know. for life in other dimensions. they have no form. a day or a lifetime. light is the element used for bridging 3d with higher dimensions. wider possibility. angels. it is only through resistance to allow for what is trying to be that we wall ourselves off from what's next. for any reason at all. your valuable attention is being used for that which cannot really lead you to safety. there is no real harm in craving form outside the mind to reflect yourself. and everything else in between. the angelic frequency is capable of morphing any form at all. then it is used. even while still present in human form. on many levels. creation from recognition and understanding of what you are. and most needed at this time. i am not certain yet that more knowledge will bring what we . the willingness to remain open is going to be very important in the days ahead. form is a teaching tool. but your chemistry is a major player. your human body is the precise result of the ingredients within. is useful indeed.matters is how you feel about that belief. we are much further along than ever before. some of these desires can be productive to teach you what you are. as you move along. but. you are mostly unconscious to these reads. more information can stream through.

we are at war with ourselves. when we allow. only when we release the desire to be separate from one another. when this happens. even if you do not resonate with what is written here. this fear of death. then it could be useful to take new information in. it's going to be alright to veer away from community imprints and family dna. if you only knew how very small this actual human experience is in the grander scheme of clearly. allow time for other experiences to unfold and remind you of this article. learn and love at our own pace. of any kind. but. it takes experiencing what love is not. those who are stuck in old paradigm thinking will find things to be most difficult. you are not reading it by accident. the challenge will come when there are enough humans who choose to open their minds and allow for new ways. and it isn't far off. has convinced our biological human and eco systems that we are human. we are physical 3d. go from there. does more seeking undo illusion? i share these thoughts so that we can get on with the business of releasing the old for fresh ideas. we play the game as if this is the end of the road. the old paradigm has not brought us peace. we will live. it's perfectly fine to release what you have always believed. collectively. over and over and over. even unto death. if you aren't. sheree rainbolt-kren . will we move along. then. this war can be instructive. to discard it for what love is. you are the boss of yourself. it might be a good time to re-evaluate what you believe about god. sometimes. you would immediately stop the silliness. for a massive shift will be quite insistent. your life will not end here at this address. there is much more to come. a little at a time. it is never too late to stop and ask yourself if you are at peace with the world as you know it. peace. without fear. on many levels.