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Vibrational Medicine And The Human Energy Field

By Hwaa Irfan

It was over 1,250 years ago that Muslim scholar, jurisprudent, scientist and
teacher, Ja'far al-Sadiq said, "There are some lights which, if thrown from a sick
person to a healthy person, can possibly make that healthy person sick" (The
Minister p.5). However, it has only been recently that modern science has had the
ability to understand how this can happen. Considered a "new" field in modern
medicine, vibrational healing aims to heal illnesses by working with these subtle
human energy fields that affect us beyond the physical level (Sharanananda, p.2).

In fact, the vibrational energies of the body are so strong that scientists have
theorized that disease within the physical body actually occurs at the cellular and
bimolecular levels. In this scenario, healing extends from the bimolecular level to
the cellular and finally, to the anatomical. This is because the bimolecular
properties of the physical body are based on vibration. The vibration of the life-
force, which we receive through our five senses, possess electromagnetic
properties. Mitogenic energy (mitosis) is generated in the form of electromagnetic
energy, which creates the energy of light (ethereal fluid) that surrounds each cell
(Gurudas, p.56).

Part of this new research is due to new technology in the medical field, which
makes "reading" these energy fields possible for the first time. One such
technological advance is the SQUID magnetometer. The SQUID detects tiny
biomagnetic fields, which are linked to physiological activities within the body. In
1970, David Cohen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) used a
SQUID to confirm the measurements of the heart. By 1972, he improved upon the
instrument and measured the magnetic field around the head, which is produced by
brain activity. Since then, it has been acknowledged that all tissues and organs
produce specific magnetic pulsations - biomagnetic fields. Using a SQUID, Dr.
Zimmerman, of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver (U.S.),
discovered that frequency of vibrations waver up and down at 0.3hz - 30hz.

Each part of the body has a unique wavelength. However, the biomagnetic
pulsations from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves. This
may explain how the hands are able to stimulate healing in any part of the body
through hands-on-healing (Oschman, p.3). In the time of the Prophet Mohammad,
hands-on-healing was very popular. A person would place their hands over ailing
parts of the body and recite passages from the Qur'an.

But, how can the SQUID machine measure such subtle energies in the body? One
theory is that is can do so because all connective tissues contain silica, a charged
particle salt which is so highly conductive that it became the central element of the
silicon chip (Chapman, p.61). However, although silica is a very real mineral
element, the factors that affect the vibrational energies of our bodies are subtler. In
vibrational healing, the physical diseases are a result of our body's quest for
homeostasis, which forces it to push physical and emotional toxicities out of the
body. Various cellular responses - like secretion, metabolism, growth and

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