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group process feedback

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the inner child

hi sheree,

firstly, thank you for a wonderful experience. truly great. i have a few things to report. first, when we came
to the candle lighting. my computer room has lots of paper and it was windy and ron was horrified that i
was going to light a candle, so i lit an ethereal one instead. it was a beautiful purple and white candle, with
gold sparkles. when i lit it, the flame flared up really high and a great feeling of peace came over me. it was
quite extraordinary and felt really wonderful. the vortex clearing was great and left me feeling as if i
weighed about a stone less (i only wish!!!!) i felt a great weight lift from my shoulders and i felt so calm
and at peace with the world and all that’s in it, and especially with myself. the self healing went well. as
before, all was well until i got to the throat chakra. there i felt a blockage. also some stuff about
communication came up, that i didn't think had anything to do with childhood stuff, and i will re visit that
later if it still feels as if it is there, but i think it has been released. i let it go and then i saw a light blue mist
all around, and in it were smokey gray blobs. as i watched, the gray blobs started to float out of the blue
mist and go off into the light, and as they did, the light around became brighter, until here was no gray left
and the light was all clear. it was amazing and felt absolutely wonderful. i assumed it was all the old
negative stuff going off into the light to be transformed. i got quite a pain in my left cheek, but i just let it
go and it went away. not sure what that was. my heart chakra felt warm and lots of love around. i felt as if i
was back with you all in the chatroom for a while. i could feel the love. the others were ok, and when i had
finished i felt really relaxed and calm and didn't really want to get up and on with things, but after a bit of
grounding all was well. thanks again sheree and everyone. great experience.

elizabeth hibel


thank you so much sheree for facilitating this most sacred event. it was truly a wonderful experience. in
fact, my life has been totally accelerated from the first meditation and the posting of our pictures. so much
so that i have not been able to put it into words much yet. not only have many memories of my current life,
family and friends come up for healing but many other dimensional experiences have come into this and in
general the universe has responded in many ways. knowing there are no accidents makes it all the more
interesting. for the past three or four days, numbers have come up in multiple's of the same number like
222, 333, etc. this has occurred every time i noticed the clock, cash register amounts, gas, change, number
of emails...anything with numbers. i don't know what the message is in that, just that it was a very
prominent occurrence. i feel like i have been living in parallel worlds and watching some kind of a movie
most of the time since the beginning. everyone's contributions of their experience has meant more to me
than you may realize and i thank you all...and all of the posts as well. someone wrote during the vortex
clearing this past evening she felt that we were all present together. i also felt this very strongly and love. i
experienced many positive emotions and could see in my heart light filling strands or threads of
unbeforeknown wounds as wisps of clouds being healed were transformed. i had glimpses of angels, us as

angels, our higher selves and the ascended masters working with us, individually and collectively. i love
you all and thank you for being there, and ones in spirit, and helping me also to heal with you. it is perfect
and i can still hear the laughter and tears, see your faces, and feel your heart. and music, celestial harmonic
sounds and tones. many doors have opened. i think the chp can be as you choose to allow it, bringing in
perception of other dimensions if you are inclined that way but ideally is intended to help bring to light
issues and experiences one had as a child for healing and loving and forgiving that child (ourselves) and/or
the people in one's life that were the source of the emotional/physical pain and sadness. by bringing these
things to light for healing and releasing where those kinds of feelings have been carried with us through our
lives in our cells of our body and existed there and in our minds hidden from our knowing yet affecting our
reactions and choices to life in the present. and for me, i experienced good feelings too and became aware
of much happiness and joy i had known and with my negative thinking chose to view it incorrectly and now
see as the truth that it was though there was much to forgive also in myself and others. and ultimately, the
opportunity to bring these buried feelings that held me hostage has been so freeing and i feel like now i
have much room inside me for new life experiences. i also feel a greater love for myself and everyone i
have known. interestingly, today all the people in my environment seem more real, caring and sincere. and i
feel more in touch with me and them. i am much more able to hear what others are saying and find myself
responding to their needs knowing i am getting through. i really had no expectations initially but did feel
guided to do it and when everyone began to put their pictures up (and they are o so sweet), though i wasn't
sure i even had one as much of my stuff is in storage...and the journey began. but it is only as far out as you
let it be....that is what i started out to say. i have done some inner child healing before with some guided
meditation and cried and felt deep emotion but this is the first time i have felt free from the ongoing mental
drama running in the background dictating parts of my life and affecting the whole of me. doing it as a
group with others and hearing what they have to say about what they care to share is very helpful, more
than i would have ever suspected. i feel more love. and for me, there were messages in everything and all of
the posts here about whatever in the ongoingness have always had great meaning to me even though i can't
always respond to each.. i never even noticed who in particular was in the chp unless it was clearly stated.
after i started the process, i just expanded it somewhat with what i was already being, pursuing and
becoming; and i would say it "oomphed" my life in general into clarity. i feel like when one is healed many
are healed and so "with allowing" anyone in my lamda is more better because i am better in that i am a
more whole, complete and healed person. i had no idea i was carrying all that around and was very
surprised to know it, but it is not bizarre stuff.

with love, amanda …co creating with source

hi sheree

when i got to the invocation to the angels i was so full of emotion that tears came up for me - it was
immensely heart opening and i felt you all with me. during the actual vortex healing i felt sharp pains in my
heart (right side) and it kept up for quite a while. just opened up and allowed the feelings to be and
surrendered. i actually got messages at each chakra this time.

7th - stabilize your energy
6th - create physical balance (create the structure) - “i (source) will energize the movement”
5th - got a visual of a nebula - message was “what you say is out there on the edge, step more into it. share
what you know.”
4th - another visual of a pink oval cloud and then green musical symbols on a black backdrop - “sing and
dance, it feeds you.”
3rd - “invoke your presence. do not fear it. all is well.”
2nd - visual of gigantic waves - “embrace your power to change.”
1st - “i am”
this was unbelievably powerful for me, sheree. i still feel very moved. thank you so much for co-creating
this sacred process with source. i am so grateful for your light and the light of this group in my life.
big, big hugs and kisses,
adela <>

.free. last night as i waited for the time of the dkm vortex healing. i will do my best to share with you my experience. with the warmest of hearts i thank you for giving me a wonderful healing experience.. i had a lucid dream with many pillars of light in a circle . at first the larger ones and then a lot of smaller ones.i could sense the presence of metatron.. i got up after the healing and wasn’t up very long before i went to bed. i didn’t feel a whole lot during the 7th and 6th charkas except very giddy and a lot of chatter in my head like joyous <http://www.dreamstudy.i was tired....just a lot of excitement around these little ones... i am having a hard time putting into words. did some meditation and went to sleep... i went back to my vortex instructions finished up then gratefully off to bed.and in my sleep.. but it is as close to a description as i can come to .for the sheer beauty of the moment of what i am witnessing. also the song (i can see for miles and miles) kept coming into my head...and the dawning of realization of what is happening .. when i got to my 5th chakra i felt that i still had a cord there related to my not forgiving myself for being a lousy father to my daughter when she was young and i released that to is an amazing process and i wish you every joy and happiness that i and everyone else received as you go through this process the next time angel sheree i had to bow out of the sacred moment and sent my higher self in to partake with all of you.mine! in gratitude.i do not really have words for if being released .. i felt as if something very holy was about to take the only thing that comes to mind is total awe.. it is with amazement and wonder that i look at every day. after they left...i hear my husband greeting his older brother whom we have not seen in a couple of years as they live in san diego ca (we are in il) who flew in for a whirlwind funeral for katie's mom who is now celebrating being back with source .i am crying in my dream . i so love how all of you are articulating your experience from the chat on sunday. after we closed the chat i went into my bedroom to do the dkm healing.and that collective clearing i puttered around till the wee hours of the morn..then out of each pillar of light . as are each and every one of you. i felt very emotional during the whole process.i had done the shk before going to bed......dreamstudy. feeling ready to jump in with the group med on sunday night. karen sullivan> hi sheree . after i cleared out my house with the healing symbols and ask for my reiki guides and angels to be present for the healing i felt very calm and very anxious. i am healed i am whole i am perfect as i am. but not ready for bed.dearest sheree. after the vortex healing i felt these cords being pulled from my body... namaste bob hart hello sheree. prior to the chat ..any way .could not sleep . and aa raphael ..dunno. as the group healing started i felt the presence of two angels or beings who were on either side of me sort of holding me up. i thank all of you from the deep recesses of my heart for this awe inspiring journey - for you chp-sters in round 2... i felt the presence all the other people who were in the chp as being in the same room.had my print out of all the wonderful souls sharing this journey...or excited to be .through the eyes of a child. i didn’t feel much anything worth reporting on any of the other charkas.imagine my surprise as i see myself in one of theses child forms.. lighting my candles clearing the space .. made its way into my physical body and then.the vortex .out of these lights emerges the most beautiful children .this was indeed something that my mind was eager to see what was happening.and then the doorbell rings..

i know now.. cynsayrely (cynthia) yours sheree i just finished the ckr. i have no conscious memory of what happened during the four hours. i pray that all will be reveled at the proper time.i have again a blank space in my memory. stress free and light as a cloud. i'm still in some way in it.. i feel so totally rested. i felt very appreciative that our homes were being . always have been and always will be and as with each of us. i continue with the third-eye and then i saw myself falling of a cliff.. there is indeed genuine value to me. before seating on the computer i drank a lot of water i really needed it :-) that's almost about it. my heart is open and i feel the need to shed tears. 11/26/04 i have just completed the sei heiki process and although i am still processing some of the feelings.. i don't have any conclusions or any other thing yet but i feel that i coming back to myself writing this mail. i am loved.i don't know if i was success with it .it made me so happy i know that i saw healing all around me. lady!!! peace.. i drifted off into a very peaceful sleep with the words. love and harmony. i have to say that it was/is a very light filled experience. i started with my crown chakra and it brought up things that was almost to hard to look at. and a ill pain in my throat chakra. love judit chp/shk done as i drew the symbols in the corners of my home... when i opened my i kept my eyes staring on the roof i thought that i was illusion when i saw all the roof cover with a bright green color. you are one awesome soul.. someone catch me before i got to the ground and pot me safe on the ground.i did ground myself but i feel like my mind is still wide open and empty and has a lot to process on what happened in the self-treatment. i lay down on the bed and began the reiki treatment and just now.i continue the self treatment and i saw myself seating on a huge bird (dragon maybe :-) ) and fly fills my all body until i finished the self-treatment. i can only tell you that right now. sheree you have opened so many doors of opportunity for me and i shall be forever grateful for being led down this path...11/15/04 i received the choku rei instructions at 11:52 and immediately set about following the cleansing of the house and voicing the affirmations. at 4:20 woke up. i kept on remind me that i'm safe and i have the power and all the help that i need to accept. after completing the self treatment. looked around me in the walls and it was the same all the walls cover with that bright green .. "you are deeply loved" resonating throughout my body.. from there i felt only warmth .

thank you god!!! i then went back to bed. i got up afterwards and wrote what happened. i felt like i wanted to share this energy with my hubby who was at that time sleeping next to me. and the waves of energy started again. i'll start with the vortex chat events. i had to be honest: i was feeling restless. i kept having all sorts of "family catastrophes" occur at the time i was trying to access the chat line. stronger and well. i was able to complete the self treatment. so much so. i did the affirmations and palm activations. i can't think of too many people.included in this process.. and just went along with it. very powerful!!!! i couldn't do the self healing right away. this won't be too long. in the past i know i would have felt very frustrated. but it does make sense (maybe not to anyone else. and so grateful to sheree for facilitating all of this…. as the chat progressed. it seemed much deeper. i had to find the laptop and take it into my room and lock the door. i am in awe………. when i was done. once i did. and then was interrupted (long story). after that i laid there and felt wave after of wave of energy throughout my entire body. i felt the love. i felt him shake…. i purchased this stone many.a beautiful deepish shade of mint green.he was still asleep. when sheree asked how we were all feeling. but nothing noteworthy. that was a long list! the group chat was such an incredible experience. well maybe i haven't liked everybody..and to all the other participants……what a wonderful group you are. i could not feel the energy in my hands like usual. like sparkling gems. i felt like i was jumping out of my skin. it felt like every cell was just sparkling away like ripples on the lake when the sun is shining. and after awhile. when i was done (or so i thought). this morning. after witch i had to get up and get some water. i tried to do the self treatment later.. i did feel you all there. i remember sheree saying that whatever you do is good. once everyone sent the violet flame. as sheree asked us to state three times that nothing would prevent our healing everything started to flow so beautifully!! . like the rest who have posted. only this time they were much softer. as i was incredibly thirsty. it had been a very long and emotional day. and remembered to bring my stone that i have started using. but not said anything. i thought "oh. i lost my wireless connection and got booted out twice! when everyone else started to get booted out i wondered if there was something preventing us from this. and the light! very. gentler and this is how i went to sleep. it got louder. most of the time i felt like my heart was beating in my throat. the connecting.. this went on for almost an hour. feeling fantastic right not…sure hope it lasts!! vortex clearing : when i started to make my list. i felt like i was being lovingly held up. it went well... it's a beautiful little rhodochrosite that has many little crystals all over. as i did the self treating. instead. as i'm having a difficult time believing what just transpired. i feel so very blessed. i then saw a large circle of beautiful sparkling light colors….geepers. but fell asleep. just different than usual. my body (especially both my arms) started to warm up. then my breathing changed. i felt the energy in the areas my hands were touching. i had a cough and remembered that i used to cough relentlessly when i was a child and even into young adulthood. huh?) how can this be effective over a computer line? well. not sure. i also wanted to document this.. this part felt really good. as i generally like everybody". it just got noisier. ok. it is becoming more and more clear to me how everyone and everything is so connected. and above all…. i thought beforehand (maybe i should stop thinking ahead. many years ago on a vacation not knowing why except that it was just so pretty. as we had been out of town at a funeral most of the day.. i did the preparation. once we began. awesome!! (((hugs))) peg hello sheree. and quite loudly at that. i'm thinking that the incident i remember with the ckr meditation was actually the beginning of my not speaking up when i really want to. i wrapped my arm around his. but to me it does). following is what i wrote: the first thing i noticed was that i saw a color green (first time i've seen color)…. after one more interruption. it was maybe an hour or so later.

couldn't see it clearly. good tears. thank you sheree for doing this!!! it was incredible! with great love. did the self reiki. i saw an image of myself incased in plaster and it started to crumble from the top and i was released. it is truly amazing how i feel your love and light with me throughout my day and night. i've felt these "twinges" before but they were rocking last night! it's hard to explain how it feels because its not just a physical reaction. still a bit was hard for her to express it. thank you for your support last night! i really appreciate it. "hello little girl" and turned and it was my father and he was young. so. let it be cleared and asked that what came out of my mouth was for the higher good of all.joneshealing. it jumped a number of times. its more like a struggle. or better left unsaid.was at a frustrated level and really fighting to be in the now. i asked for aa raphael to do a physical healing on me at the end to release a lot of the physical symptoms i'd been having lately. and. thank you everyone. it was the weirdest thing. it's a release for me. so asked for help from all i'd called to support this endeavor. but still felt i was resisting. it felt like there was a battle inside of my heart. i went and thanked all that had helped. overall. bill's computer wouldn't let him into yahoo. zihna jones. i ran to him and he picked me up and hugged me and i really cried then. anyway. they never do that. i woke up this morning feeling like a heavy fog has been lifted and i am at peace. throughout the chat. finally. i ran to them one at a time and got a big hug and was told i was loved by each. i first wish to say thank you--thank you. then the floodgates opened and i cried and cried. so much love. the only other thing that i heard in my head is that i am michael's girl.but knowing something profound had happened.. then. heart chakra i started to heat it always was. it was incredible. this is a good thing! this is how my body processes high light information. then. but it seemed forced. but she told me she'd always loved me and i understood. hard to explain. i asked the angels to assist me as i slept and i fell into a deep sleep.. phd www. i asked all the angels i could think of to assist me with this as well as god and <http://www. last night. when we got upstairs seemed the dogs had all had accidents all over.. i honestly want to say that i have never felt so much love and support .. i saw all of them around me and i was the little child i used to be. it was a challenging evening. i was yawning like crazy and when i placed my hands over my heart. but i knew that was what was happening and when i was grown i just lifted off the ground and flew. i felt overall physical experience during the chat was a lot of yawning. it was ok. cleansing tears. i feel a sense of safety and . aa michael told me he would always be there to protect then i heard this voice say. dogs barking. not too much at the crown and 6th chakra. my mother was also there and she hugged me too.. adriana hello all.. as an adult.. there was a bit more at the lower chakras pertaining to sexual abuse and it was removed. when we finished cleaning up after the dogs. yay! love to all and deepest gratitude to sheree and all the angels and archangels present. i felt calm. i felt very much purged afterwards. then i was brought to a mirror when i watched myself grow up. phones ringing. i am taking the time this morning now that it is quiet to proceed..joneshealing. thank> hello everyone. that was incredible! afterwards. such an incredible feeling of joy and freedom! then. peace and contentment. i feel surrounded by a circle of love and light.. the throat showed a lot of things unsaid.. aa michael has a great sense of humor! i have not completed my dkm process yet. during the online work was more tense than i realized until you all sent the violet light and support... at some point.

i could feel my body shaking inside and out. i easily knew my guides when i was a child and. this morning i had a client so didn't have a lot of time to do a healing on myself and didn't know what sheree wanted us to do. it feels like channels have been cleared and i'm once again able to see and communicate. you are blessed with the gift of love. so i tried doing a dkmo healing and there was nothing. the word catacomb's came to mind but then it couldn't have been them as i believe they are underground and have no idea what they look like anyway. and those meditations so unbelievable powerful. love and light. you all who have shared have instilled hope and inspiration into my being once again--thank you so much for your plethora of feelings and emotions. in fact all was dark. although never did an actual hands on healing. i don't think. at the beginning of this. instead the changes are so much more profound than i could have imagined. a special thank you for opening your heart to help so many heal--you are a blessing to us all. it was good and i enjoyed it. peace. beautiful. this has been so unexpected and wonderful. i am grateful to all your beautiful souls for joining me on this journey and seeing me through to the end of the old and the beginning of the new. then i don't know if i astral traveled or went into a past life but i was in another land. sheree. i had a feeling of empowerment i suppose you could call it. i felt it was my spirit self working if that makes sense. i didn't recognize it. i feel i have found that i have never known. it wasn't until this week that i finally saw how much stronger i am. a ruin of ancient times. i'm not sure i would have bothered .i had so much clearing and healing to do. please feel free to contact me as well--long after the group has come to an end i will still be there for you. it was 2-30/3. thank you everyone for providing me a sacred space where i felt safe enough and supported to share as well.. compassion and strength--i am so glad to have met you. i arrived back as sheree was talking about the records. i'm still sad that it's ending but i'm also pretty excited to see what i start doing now! tanya hi everyone the vortex healing for me was amazing.. there was more going on though and i cant explain how i felt. it's difficult to describe. more like gentle rain after the thunderstorms of the first meditations. it really played up. i'm a bit of an "adrenaline junkie" so i really loved the first 2-3 meditations . i lost the group a couple of times and had to re start my computer each time. i will keep in my mind your strength and courage as i go forward. i missed most of the stuff but i got what i needed. even though the only thing i remember clearly is my "fairy godmother" and a couple astral projections. i felt wonderful. i knew when i was working what a beautiful . something was happening to me.and i thought that relief would come in the form of changing my environment (ie magically ending up in a new car and house). i was so clouded and unhealed i thought only the most ruthless actions could bring any relief . if i'd known then how i'd feel now. but it consisted of lots of small spaces i expect they were tiny rooms. i could have imagined how things would be soon as i lay down i was wide awake and fully alert. i seen a building. but even more a sense of peace that has washed over me on wednesday and has stayed there since.. but the people were leading a white ox children dressed similar to the peruvian style yet different. i worked with the soul and inner child with my client. i feel very safe in all your "arms"-- thank goodness for all the love that is being shared. the re-connections i'm experiencing now during my meditations feel like coming home. but the meditation took me deeper than i thought. the next meditations were wonderful but took a little longer to work into/thru me. i prepared the room etc before hand and sat and meditated for a short while so as to be nice and relaxed. i feel so cleansed and cleared. april hello.. i was very tired yet a feeling of being awake (strange). and the whole session was quite aw some. it is so powerful and calming.because at the beginning of this.00 before getting to bed.

brought in source and light and called in all my angels. i don't know if there will be more issues coming up. then i drew the symbols in my four corners and center. i'm not looking for them and if there is then that’s ok. in the past i would go into a negative thought or emotion and then be caught almost in a whirlpool of negativity going further and further into despair and negativity until i was about to break. i still have an after glow of the ckr. i also have been aware of my expectations that diane talked about. and others.soul i am. it is my reprise from everything and everybody. it was rather uncomfortable and irritating. i reconnected with the vortex energy we created the night before. i have been fighting myself all these years. no special feelings come with the thoughts of these people. i am trying to release my expectations of what i think healing should look like. i have been very focused and calm. i must say that i did not have anything happen that was spectacular. thanks for sharing and being part of this process with me. clear place and to relax so deeply that at times i even fell asleep. i was very consciously drawing the symbols and bringing in the light with each chakra. penduled my palms. alive and deceased flutter through my mind and as they do i feel the need to "send the into the light". it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i went into meditation friday afternoon. spirit guides and dr usui. i do know it is okay not to know. the only thing that was happening during the meditation for the entire duration of all 7 chakras was that my mind was racing uncontrollably. i appreciate it. in fact. in fact. i am trusting though that i did receive what i needed to from this and the spirit and source were doing what i needed. it is very nice. i felt like i needed another meditation to follow this one. i feel so charged up and tingling. i have been able to stay pretty much above all of that though. still feeling expansive. even now i can feel my feet tingling as well as my head rising as every part of me is charged. i laid down and started the dkm meditation at my crown. i came out of this meditation rather irritated and uptight. people who i haven't thought of in years. i do not know if these are issues or not. i have been set free and i thank you sheree and every single one of you for your part. i have always known i am good at my work but yet there was always the nagging behind it all saying i'm not but now i know i am good i am good not the ego saying this. i am in a calm. i was at the vortex clearing chat on thursday. these past days have been very gentle and loving. soooooo. now i know who i am and what i have to do. dawn dear souls in the light. clear place and am able to pull myself out of any negative mental programming or emotions. this time i did not get that. i know now how i have been hording all this rubbish and these ideas the ego. however. i can always count on going into meditation to at least escape all the madness and 'noise' of the outside world. so. all the previous meditations i was able to get to a calm. on a daily basis since then though. i am at peace. i love you all thank you i did my dkm meditation on friday. . i also remind myself that healing is like walking a labyrinth. all this seemed to do was irritate and excite. i feel emotional but its not a sadness its a happy emotion when we find what we have lost like finding my true spirit coming out of the darkness into the light. you never pass that same path twice even if at first it looks like you were at that spot before. just a note to say how much i appreciate you all and sheree for the sacred space you have created here.

then these questions i remember: me: why am i here? them: you needed to see that you are not alone. then i looked around the room and the table was there i was in the middle of the table--surrounded by chairs and people--people i didn't see their faces. but i didn't feel alone i felt surrounded by peace. but will read them later today. i went into the building where i saw a round table.. i was there dancing. it was really tough to do for me.. but the people were familiar to me. me: i don't want to go. me: will i be back? them: absolutely. indigo..then i was in a meadow--it was a vibrant colorful meadow. but i remember i felt as if i was conveying sadness. i have not had the opportunity to read your entries. i saw a round building it was glowing and i ascended the steps lightly and naturally as if i was an anxious child--i was alone in this meadow. well--it took me until today to be ready for this process. i don't want to go.but the experience was amazing and i am still reeling in emotions and think i may be for some time. indigo. it is so beautiful and loving here and so .after my affirmation i let go and felt a lot of pressure on my head and around my head almost like a headache--i stayed there for some time allowing myself to be filled with light and love and then moved down to my third eye. i looked beautiful--i even had flowers in my hair i was thinner than i a now---i felt like it was my future self--it didn't feel like me now. them: you must go. i was being asked questions and i was answering-- i don't know what the exchange was. light and love. blue and the light. drifting lightly through it.. green. me: i love it here. that you are loved and that you are surrounded by love.. it felt like it was time to go and i received a hug from each and everyone (as i type this i feel an ache in my heart chakra).i have spent the last few hours really absorbing my experience. my third eye---i began to see colors: blue.. green.... the most amazing experience was from beginning. flowing beautiful curly hair--dancing playfully in a white flowing summer dress..i was beautiful--long. samanthaa hello everyone. we are here with you to guide and protect you.

. april . it was significant b/c once again i was not being heard and i was written was being filled with light and love and i was welcoming it. i moved to my solar plexus--i saw me as a little girl in tap dance outfit--a friend's birthday party. me: i know i said one question.. i felt pain in my lower back and my stomach---it was a twinging kind of pain.... i thought is that two or three and i felt two as confirmation to answer me. when i sat up--i asked to be grounded and got up to get my journal---i felt like i was in a haze and memories were still flooding in me. peace and love to you all. i moved to my sacral---the tears started to flow--i felt so much sadnesss--. may i? (they agreed) will i have love and get married and have children? them: yes. then i saw me the person i was in the meadow but i was with children.(edited) at my sacral and root i felt chills take over me that coldness again- -i have a lot of work to do on those two chakras. i moved down to my heart chakra and felt a hole--emptiness. you must finish your journey. i was afraid of both my brothers at that time--they were so mean to me. me: may i ask one question. i moved to my throat chakra and saw me at 19/20 in my parents living room--i had sat down to talk to them--i informed them that i had been going to see a therapist for about one year and discovered that i was sexually abused as a child--at that point i wasn't sure what happened but that i thought it was my brother jeff. lazy and ugly by both my brothers--i was in middle school--perhaps just after 12 years old. as i type all of this--i keep getting some body memories i think that is what they are.peaceful. then i saw me being called fat. i moved into my younger brother randy calling me crazy and a liar about what i said. (they nodded) will i find love? them: yes.but feeling a little hazy. they looked at me and asked if i dreamed it? if this was a fantasy? they didn't believe me and on some level i still don't think they do... then i was back in the open meadow--i felt so much love and peace--it was truly beautiful. them: you have to. i am still feeling the love from the third eye and the crown and heart---so i am going to cling to those feelings for the rest of my day as i go forward into a few things i must do. i am feeling much better right now. but i have more.i sat down and wrote and ask to be grounded on this plane again because i felt like i was not grounded. i remember i started to really put on the weight then---that must be when the abuse stopped because i thought of weight and still do to some extent as my protector---if i was fat and ugly no one would want me and no one would hurt me.

i am usually a very. this has always been detrimental to me because i have never been able to face these situations and talk to someone who might able to advise me or to help me deal with the problem from the beginning. not only with you but also with myself. it has become easier to open up and see things from a different angle. possibly saving the day. having read all of your posts. i mean timid. surrounded by light for the best route towards healing to all. this is sooo strange to me. niki . i felt sort of detached… like i was taking an objective inventory. in these situations i always concentrate on the tree and miss the forest. i would never live it down. this is just one example of many such situations that continue to this day. which affected my gpa permanent. my issues appear so trivial. i felt wonderful to let go of some people/things and have all of these positive feelings surface. so that you were invisible and someone did see you therefore they didn't make fun of you. whenever someone used to make fun of someone else. i know that i need to forgive myself for the past and forgive others who have made me feel less than adequate. there have been times in my life when i have felt ashamed for something i had done or more precisely something i hadn't done so well. i can't believe that i just wrote all of this. and this has been more detrimental and painful in the long run. especially when it comes to things deeply hidden in the crevices of my psyche. very closed person. what goes up must come down. and i can credit this to your love and light and the positive "telepathic" communication we all have which raises our vibratory frequencies and allows us to heal without reliving the depth of the pain. this morning. an old rhyme that we used to say as children came to mind and i just realized how wrong it is. it has been the first time though. which i kept buried hoping that firstly. the thick skin and tried to show that it didn't faze us. for example. i remember taking a course in college. and slowly we became more timid. heaven forbid should someone find out about my shame. but words can never hurt me"-and oh how wrong we were. it was if all of the negative things i have felt about myself started bubbling to the surface. instead i ended up with a bad grade. quiet and out of the way-trying to disappear into the woodwork. it is so out of character. but as the adage goes. i have such a great feeling after ckr . we would always say "sticks and stones may break my bones. something i never thought i would.the past few days have been great. which i wasn't doing well in (near death situation for a straight a student). if i buried them deeply enough they would go away and secondly. i know that there are many of you that have gone through very tragic situations and i know that compared to what you have gone through. the only thing i can say is that i feel your pain and return it with love. but was too embarrassed to talk to my guidance counselor about it. they were my deep dark secrets. wow. i would have realized that i didn't need the credits and dropped the course and it would have ended there. that i was actually able to look at these situations without berating myself. i don't mean shy. and i used to get my share being overweight. we just keep building up the protective armor. had i done so.

michael. it was so wonderful the relief and love. then finally to my root. the most difficult is writing about the releasing of my uncle. no judgment. son. i knew the archangels were there. and i intended to dissolve it. i started having what doctors called nervous stomach at the age of 4. i do not have to achieve it. isabell . i realized my judgment was from me. i felt. i visualised the light coming to my hands as i traced the symbols. parents and family. i had blamed myself for so long. i saw how much i was love. due to this i lost my second son. i felt accepted and love. who is in a very happy and loved place. i turned into an overachiever. that its why was so hard to release this man into the light. the navel was more difficult. here i also felt longing for my son and i accepted this knowing that he is well. i move down to my solar plexus and my message there was again i am love.dear sherre and group members! the hardest part for me about the om was not doing it. all this time. praying for my cousins and sister it is something that i feel very good about. which later developed in crohns disease. that is hard. but facing that pain in the face. i knew my holy guardian angels were there. i did not want them to have a reason not to love me. as you can see. with the 4 archangels around me. by the beings of light. i followed the instructions and i knew i was safe and protected. i love her so much. oh boy. and the best was praying for my son. no matter what. was difficult. i had a cleansing bath and then i had cleansed my room and extended the symbols to the whole house. i got the sense of a lot of hurt been in there. and auriel. about my ckr i did this. the whole house was filled with light and love. i wanted to do it friday. light and love. then i called the divine light and love. however. i spend the saturday night in preparation. i say thanks to all and accepted their gifts of realizations. gabriel. always making sure that my parents and siblings were happy with me. i saw the light coming in to my crown and moving easily down to my third eyes. i did release him and i asked the angels to take my pain and guilt with it. sunday around 12:30 am. i laid down. it is. so i intended to be unravel and my womb felt tingling. and i felt this as a vessel. i said my affirmations of having the source light in me and around me to cleanse. i felt that i can speak up. heal and purify us in all levels. she let me know she always love me. by my husband. raphael. after affirming and praying for a while. praying for him has gotten easier. i saw a emerald green and salmon pink flower where my little girl(me) was sitting smiling at me and i let her know. as it went down to my heart. until the age of 12 years old. thanks sheree for making it a safe and protected place to talk and to learn. like i swallowed up and bundle it. but i felt i was not there yet. but to share it with you. in my third trimester. i was sexually molested by him. and that there is no shame in sharing my experiences anymore. since i had memory. so i made myself excell at everything. were visions of love were just manifesting. and with him all the shame and guilt i felt over "protecting" my sister. a cup of sorts welling up with all the light. as it went down my throat.

the weird thing is that this loss did not seem to be from this lifetime. i thought that i received 3rd degree burns on my ears from the intensity of the heat. i guess there are some issues here. (she is a younger cousin of my mother's. if that is possible. while at the same time we always felt that this relationship was one sided and that she did not feel the same. i could "visualize" that i lost or was separated from someone. this eventually dissipated. pending palms. i started with setting up my space. thank you all for your love and light. positive…like nothing could go wrong. my sister and i always felt that she had "preferential" treatment by my mother. the rest of my self treatment continued without a hitch-i fell asleep during part of it as i usually do. i think that this is what happened last night. given my very hectic schedule. ckr etc. i feel as if i was "transformed" overnight.) she also was the relative which the children (cousins) liked the least. so radiant. when i reached my throat charka. with whom my mother had an "mother/daughter" relationship growing up and i guess that we were always envious of this. my free time is very limited. i felt like something was lifted from my shoulders--so high. because i did not feel said or remember something which would have triggered such a reaction--or at least i though i didn't. waiting for her to leave. in light. niki . i saw the following: i was holding open the door for an aunt of mine. this morning when i woke up. growing up my mother's attitude towards her always bothered me. and then went on to do my self reiki as usual( i usually listen to specific music when i do reiki. letting go.) as soon as i placed my hands over my eyes. my eyes started tearing for no apparent reason. i want to honestly say that this is the first time i have felt like this. it felt good though. moving on to the next position (side of face). which have helped raise the vibratory frequency of this group and its healing potential. despite the fact that she was in her early 20's. i have asked that whatever healing i need. i didn't feel loss/sadness though..hello friends. in this regard. the ckr experience was absolutely wonderful. and i move onward. that it also be provided as i sleep. once the tearing cycle was over. something is working…. it really helps me. i say no apparent reason. as she was strict and bossy. at least nothing which is in my power.

light. then i drifted off to sleep and woke up feeling much lighter. in all. and protection. earth and sky. etc. i was actually really anticipating this one because i know the power and comfort the healing energy can give. in the meditation mom and daddy came up and as i mentioned before i know they loved me and did the best they could at that time so i hold no grudges but that little girl needed to feel that love. i have known that i had a block in the 5th chakra. i finally feel that it is time to heal this wound. then i calmed down and assured myself that this group would accept me as i am. i felt myself within the pyramid of power from the aa michael meditation. reject me. i have been working through issues surrounding speaking my truth and feeling safe enough to voice my truth. it was about midnight when they got back. i would not be heard. and what's wrong with being who i am? i don't have to be like everyone else etc. and i am so relieved to have had this healing and energy boost. i should be like everyone else. relief! it was so nice to do this meditation with love. i wasn't good enough as i was. so many things have been happening so fast it's been hard keeping up. throat area. i spaced out after the solar plexus chakra. for the next couple of days i had to stay out of crowded places. before i even laid down for the om the tears came because i was just certain that i was not going to have anything to talk about. however emotions were still high. it took me 1 hour from start to finish. i have no idea why except that i highly sensitive to energy right now and there may have been some negativity there. or worse yet. i also felt you all surrounding me sitting in the crystal chairs. this was not even a huge red flag for them. i was in a grocery store sunday that was quite crowded and i had to leave my husband there to finish checking out. dawn hi all. and. anyway. if i am not heard. would get mad with me. i know that my voice matters and that i will be heard. (the things i constantly tell my grandchildren) i stayed with that for quite awhile just being flooded with their love and acceptance. i followed the manual and did the process as described.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! finally. etc. there was always a fear that the other would not want to hear what i had to say. she needed to feel special. i had to get out or i would have broken down in tears. the rest of the meditation went fine. i have a memory of me at about 10(?) wanting to talk with my parents after them returning home. i did the ckr symbols in the corners of my house as well as the center. they were not even concerned why their 10 year old daughter was awake in the kitchen at midnight. for some reason. it may be the other not willing to listen or unwilling to listen. it is awesome! thanks for listening and for hearing what i have to say. it may not be me or what i am saying. support. i felt an amazing shift in my energy and body. i felt all of you there with me. that you would all think i was unconnected because i don't always get the results that everyone else gets. etc. my hubby said . when i was doing the opening affirmations. i have since then felt that what i had to say did not matter and that if i did say it. i had something i really needed to talk with them about. i really needed the healing this process gave. etc. so i saw myself at three sitting in their laps and they were hugging and kissing me and telling me how much they loved me and what a wonder little girl i was and how lucky they were to have me. i attribute this to when i lost my voice. i concentrated on each chakra individually.

diet soda is nothing but chemicals and that really did a job on me. and left a stunning record of their growth for others to witness. and continues as it actually unfolded.that my face was flushed and of course he was quite concerned. i honestly had no idea what this project could become. but they will help you enormously. i am eternally grateful to the brave souls that came. i don’t worry so much about that. actually any chemicals. please read them. some are taking longer than others. i was a pack rat. i still have a lot to deal with but as i said before i feel so much lighter. i'm having a inner dialogue with these people and then letting it go. bless his heart. with all these emotions coming up i have asked for guidance on how to bring them to the surface. since my meditation i feel like i have so much more self confidence and self esteem. please forgive me that this has not been properly edited yet. opened their hearts for this delicate and sacred healing. i can assure them that no greater gift will they ever give. i feel good about myself and i have no intention of letting anyone make me feel inferior again. and when i can think about these instances and feel nothing then i know it's gone. in some instances i know it's time to let them go from my life. there are things that have happened over the years that caused me pain and if i think about them i still get a knot in my stomach or the tears come. i kept holding on to them and resenting them at the same time. but didn’t think of it. i have left out the names due to the intensely personal notes shared here. i wish i had done so in the first project. some i feel are my fault because i could not be upset unless i bought into their opinions. to personally witness the healing of another. in time. but when you have very low self-esteem and self worth it's easy to be swayed. i got the same results. i have purposely included only the more difficult situations that arose in order . i have posted the q & a’s beginning at the start of the process. i hope i didn't ramble too long. to know and feel their unfoldment is deeply humbling and sacred beyond words. it came to me to keep all the questions and responses that were posted. love & light. sheila faq and the real challenges during the second project. it's starting to happen. also found out the hard way that sugar was just as bad for me right now as being in crowds. these select q & a’s are from one six week process only.

but. nothing can harm it or the hopeful souls who enter to redefine themselves. sheree q&a (for some reason. and aha glimpses into the intimate workings of the universe. doubts. source works miracles. :-) love. several have dropped off. there were moments of bliss and moments of nothingness. and more. illumination. these moments are every bit as important as the moments where light came bursting through to shine as miracles in our awareness. it was all there. this process walked us through all aspects of ourselves. for it is not an easy journey. ***************************** well you can imagine how difficult it is to open at the heart level to strangers. pain and despair. moments where people felt like they needed to do things a second balance the wonderful. to the highest light experience. the angels were present the entire way. questions. and it is good. each day presented new challenges. it would not be fair to the reader to withhold the moments of great difficulty. moments of panic over physical sensations. gleaming comments in the overall feedback. emotional sensations. it requires great courage and belief in the power of love and light to hold you through it all. we could not have done this without source light. bare quiet. thank you god. people will usually be very cautious. and moments of heart wrenching despair and heart openings. q&a friends in the light: so glad to hear all the sharing. and apprehensive at first. i had posted about the silence earlier and did not see anyone begin so i was afraid to intrude on that silence. but the response will assist you in any case) . mental exhaustion. thank you angels. we are surrounded in the great source light. releasing. it is truly the biggest hurdle to jump on a soul opening project like this. i don’t have the original question. clarity. this process has been divinely guided and protected since it’s inception. and so do we. from the depth of ego hell. to experience all of these together is the magic and wonder of this group process.

in a way that brought some understanding.************************* i have found that sometimes we repress certain emotions and memories for a host of reasons. have an energy. but. write things down. let the messages come- write them down . look at them. we have no idea of knowing anything for certain. your memories of the boy you spoke of. you will be shown. and our current loved ones (friends included) bear the brunt of those stuffed. and that energy is alive. you don't have to figure it all out. or next week. i have seen both situations. sheree q&a . then ask for help to see the meaning. it is far more complicated than this. it may not be right now. but. but the good news is that the light has shown you where to look. and as soon as we make up our mind about this or that. etc. but it is a clue.sometimes through dreams perhaps. and one clue will lead to another. that is why they are being shown to you. we may disallow the bigger message.ask for help and answers will come. it is released on some level of a closer awareness-where it can *seep* in gently . this is why it is so important not to judge things. those old memories have something to do with your current life experience. that would be appropriate here. hidden desires. feelings. they are likely connected in some way. try to remain fully open and allowing. i do read a lot about this idea of *peeling an onion*. love. some things were illuminated later on. floating about outside your full conscious knowing waiting to be seen and understood in the context of your life now. sheree q&a i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who didn't see people in my om they were expecting to see! i wonder if perhaps there are layers? maybe we have to do a first layer of forgiving before we can more on to other layers? ******************** i recall that there were others in our first group that had the same experience and it was strange for them. you will be shown.

please do not make any rash decisions or make any judgments about anything. ……sheree q&a i can honestly say that last night i was really wondering why i was putting myself through this process and digging up the past. forget to call on angels & guides . don't have time to meditate. they gave you a companion. i forget to give myself treatments.. i know that i have loving energy surrounding me. you showed up to the game in full uniform... i don't quite trust myself to protect me. but my self- reputation is that i forget to work with the energy lessons i learn. almost in a child like way. it is appropriate in order to awaken to ourselves. time to hit one out. i have the same in my daughter. you are very fortunate.. i no longer feel i trust my husband. let her play her harmless games. they are not for you. see you all tonight in the chat and see you at the finish line. the ego will play tricks on you now.. an emotion i never thought possible for me to have.. now i seem to be in emotional turmoil started this evening.. :-) and your daughter is infused with angel energy to assist you.. turn your face to the light and own it.. these emotions are not unusual.. the lights hoped you would be ready for this. last ditch effort thingy. you are on task. and. we will meet with all kinds of stuff that pushes our buttons. whenever we make a declaration to truly heal. :-) you have many loving hearts here to journey with. am i torturing myself here or what? ha. it will be impossible to heal the false you. seeing my daughter wrap those toddler arms around me is enough for me to keep on keeping on. i feel so raw and exposed now. perfect !!! love. the ego mind that wishes for you to be stuck in distrust of everyone and everything. and i'm afraid that i won't be able to stand it. ************************** keeping the faith is all you really need to get to the other side. waiting for your turn at bat. during this process.. love & light ********************* these emotions are coming from the part of you that is deeply afraid. sheree q&a i'm wondering if i'll find anger as i go through the process. without the awakening to the truth of you. now my instincts tell me to protect myself emotionally as i feel very vulnerable and afraid. i am keeping faith and trust that i would not be here if there was not a reason. ha! anyway... i even dragged out my high school yearbooks to look at.

happened to me. ****************** all self love happens as we chose to make it so.-) because i felt a need to keep some distance while i'm doing this work. that had never happened. sheree . though it was all i could do not to go back and invite him to a movie! does this sound like part of the project? ********************* this does indeed come as part of the awakening/healing gift basket .and it would piss me off at first. if you can keep it. and soon i end up alone again with just daydreams.. simply because my stomach's ready to flutter? i wouldn't even give him my phone number (though i did promise to find him when i go shopping next saturday .i trust myself to participate a lot more than i trust myself to take care of me. where i was sitting.. as you describe. and sat down right next to me. people would sit down next to me at movie theaters when every other seat was open. because experiencing love includes illuminating that which isn't. sheree q&a i was kind of hoping for some feedback on that part though . when i am in light. this went on for some time. one woman walked in. this is a new vibe. :-) the choice to be love is often very painful. and still does. people would say hello to me constantly.would some (all?) of the attraction i felt be because of this project and the releasing that's happening? would any guy who was the first i flirted with cause these stomach flutters. and no one was there. you better get used to these things. i recall sitting on the bleachers at a basketball practice for my son. do not worry.-) ain't it grand! when i first experienced the truth of things. all kinds of things. all is well. walked all the way to the top. i'm grateful that this is a group working on it .

or take additional reiki attunements while they are doing the rhp. but i wonder if that's one more reason why i'm not comfortable meeting and befriending people. call on the angels to assist. i love her dearly. and help you with your discomforts. my actual thought was that i just feel too tired to have to control what's happening. i would certainly call upon him to illuminate all things. *********************** …sometimes. i used to go to overeaters anonymous meetings just because they always ended with a big group hug.. i need to release my idea that giving up old beliefs and perceptions must be a painful struggle where the old is torn from my clutching grasp while i am left dangling with no support. there is alot going on with you now. i have learned to live in peace with her. this will bring a shift. for i understand her. and i created her. so i trust that my healing is complete and that healing can truly be peaceful and soft and easy on my heart and soul. it is exhausting at times. .. sheree q&a i just feel tired. the easier it will be. the universe is opening up to you.and source.. feel or act like. and exilerating at others. all is truly well. for the most part. we just need to stop ourselves and celebrate our wins. and you will feel this as it happens. she knows i am no fool.q&a my logical mind kept feeding me thoughts of disappointment and discouragement that i wanted my result to be 'better' or different but as soon as these thoughts would enter they would be replaced by a knowing that i need to release my ideas of what a healing should look. this is sacred work. but. and observe it with source light. that is why i ask people not to get too involved in other things. *********************** everything you are feeling is normal. i don't know why i feel i have to control it. don't know why i feel i have to control it. love to you all. please connect. i can also uncreate her. and requires your full attention. :-) honestly. and this one is huge. where we stop the thought process that screams 'you're doing it all wrong you stupid bitch!" i have heard that wench many a times while on my path. but i don't know if i can manage not trying to control. if you resonate to a different energy. the more you simply allow for whatever you are feeling. and it will likely go back and forth.. be patient with yourself sweetie. it's just so much work. if you resonate to the energy known as jesus. and you to it. energetically. wish we could have group hugs too.

you are grand and gorgeous. our self love is what heals. for now. while i must say i do have some resistance with them--i really think they are truly beneficial because had niki or samantha not responded it may not have brought to my awareness that i am still affected by those feelings. don't even write them anymore. our ego's love to torment us. *********************** we can all relate to what you have written. now. all is well. we emerge as butterflies. but when we are done. i know that when i am under a lot of stress/pressure. it is sort of my body's way of telling me to slow down. we affirm our wanting of it. with the same fears.all transformed and ready to fly.and take action each day to bring it forth into our awareness. this sort of scratching the surface.and forever. and we love every part of ourselves. it's all an act. there is a brighter day ahead. and we know this. if you told me answering those questions would be painful. our pasts will always be a part of us. i get ill. in some way. think only good thoughts about yourself. given that we are working with the shk symbol.and free of bondage. the wonderful thing about doing group healing is the exchange of information and feeling. i am just not clear as to what they are. this process will put the ego in her place. we take a dozen witness's with us who know the truth of our light and beauty. we can make the conscious effort to move beyond the past. once we finish this process. the only thing that comes to my mind. it is necessary to dig deep and learn with god's lamp. but. including your own guardian angels and guides. i guess there are lessons here. profound and difficult--i wouldn't have guessed. in a situation like this. people usually do not open up with each other. you are free to release all unloving thoughts about yourself.there are trillions of lights available to you. the light is made visible and we see we are alike in so many ways. :-) sheree q&a wow--these exercises we have done really are hard work. is that many times our emotional issues manifest themselves as physical symptoms. never hesitate to post here for help. especially since i can't understand why i . all humans are the same. all of us. it will not always be easy. speak to them daily please.but we are cleansed and we are powerful. sheree q&a this entire experience has been very strange for me and i really don't know what to make of it.

despite the fact that is unhealthy…i will continue on my path. put it into perspective my friend. sheree q&a hi group. you are healing on the mental and emotional level in big ways. simmering volcano that hasn't stirred in centuries.that was not aligned with light is now aligning because you have asked that it be done. deep pain. it comes with a few energetic adjustments. it passes. better advice i do not have. do not judge what you are going through.and then it passed. you are clearing. aren't you glad i suffered first? . i did not have any childhood issues come up but i was interrupted near the end. enormous fear. i was also pissed at the world. find it so difficult to diet. did you think i was kidding? when i asked you to sign a release form. it would earth moving. only the angels kept me sane as i was trying to do the process all lifetimes . grow and move forward. ***************************** yes.purifying. but. are you dead? are you bleeding from your eyeballs yet? are you pulling your hair out? are your feet webbing right before your eyes. let your body go into the arms of source light and stay calm and centered. i cried for days. but. many people have no clue what this really entails. why i feel that i need to keep the buffer. believe it. and illusion. i found the shk to be the most intense for me. i .and receiving more light into your being than you have ever received while in this body. you are getting a sense of it. but. when i told you all that this process is not for sissies. and guide others. this is thee most gentle way the light has to assist you. i did the shk exercise today and i like kate do not remember a lot about it.they will pass. i do indeed understand your thoughts and feelings. what if that volcano begged to cleanse. you have consciously chosen to heal.cleansing. every single solitary thought you have ever held. and then one day everything came spewing out? it would be quite ugly perhaps. because only when we come to terms with self can we really forgive. :-) i shall repeat what i have said: do not resist what you are going through. it was a difficult week.healing. do not worry. shame. guilt. much love and light to all. compare what you are going through with this process to that. . we all had sensations such as the ones you describe. i might do it again. you must accept that you will *feel* certain things. suffering beyond words.-) of course not. dank. you must trust that all is well. it passes. this is not unusual at all. love and blessings.full of lies. i had aches and pains out the ass. it passes.-) imagine a dark.through the light of love and reiki. did you wonder why? lol i know what you are going through.

just let it go and know that all is well. which happens all the time for 99% of the people on the planet. it matter not at this point. you are deeply loved girlfriend. just another tactic in the ego arsenal. truth be told. you got exactly what the doctor ordered. but. you invested in it on some level . i felt very relaxed and calm but i was a little disappointed. **************** you are feeling normal feelings.and we will not know why this occurs.big meaning to spill forth and make miracles visible. and this is the path. you will get used to noticing them more and more. sometimes. the tool goes to work as soon as you have judged. it is my intent . doubt and feel badly. :-) first of all. or would you recommend against it? *********** i have to be careful. don't anticipate it.drama. i am becoming better at being aware however. it is a distraction from the good that is happening for you as we speak. since most of us have great difficulty not judging things. go with the flow into the river of light.felt a lot of energy on the crown and third eye but then it seemed to settle down. it happens to me daily.maybe not consciously.and let it unfold *naturally*. in glimpses mostly. we go into everything with an *idea* of what something will look and feel like. sometimes healing is years in the making. sheree q&a (clipped) i was figuring i'd let myself re-do the forgiveness/michael meditations over the weekend if i needed to. this will happen as we grow *upwards*. let your ego know "nice try". many of us want fireworks. when you feel disappointment it is because you held an expectation. it happens in an instant. the only way to dissolve this ridiculous tool is to stop judging. you do not need another shk process. because i don't want to recommend against anything. release it all. our ego's get in there and cause us to question. love. and then. you will learn more by raising your light elevation above the level of the body and watching your reactions to life. this particular tool is very useful to the ego. energy works below the radar. take what's next. awareness. is that a helpful idea. when things go differently. sometimes. you have no use for it. i promise. it is a waste of precious time to analyze everything. you will *sense* it soon enough. become your best observer.

self reiki and lots of water and healthier eating. my head feels like it weighs 1000 pounds with pins and needles stuck all over the place-like it is expanding. i don't know how else to describe it. self nurturing and alone time is good too. if you feel you would like to do the aa michael meditation for this specific item. that this memory has surfaced is not to be ignored. to recall. you can forge on. this is the beginning. please be mindful of your physical needs. please get outside and walk/breathe for at least 15 minutes each day if your are experiencing significant mental -emotional or discomfort and headaches. you should have an easier time of it. and new things will come to light over time. i sense that this is a great idea. **************************** yep. i see that as likely confusing to our being. i would do the meditation for this item :-) please let us know how it goes. in fact.that you will follow your heart. sheree q&a i want to run away…i want to stay. i know it can be challenging. love and light to all. it is important that you make the conscious decision to either slow down. if it is too much. but. so. the likes of which i have never experienced. yes. i am sorry if i am rambling…it has just been very hard for me-letting go and trusting. the dizzier i get. i don't see that as useful. things just flow. i seem to be elsewhere-physically here but my sprit/soul is observing from a distance. also. the more i try to refocus.yes. . if you have trust and a strong faith. if you are using the pendy to balance your energies daily. your healing journey will not be over when we are finished with this process. it comes with all of the above physical sensations. you are a brave soldier and an inspiration to us all. to concentrate. it is why we do this process. forgive. i know it will pass. it will go on. or cease the process until you are feeling better. yep and more yep. like my brain is enlarging and is spilling over outside my skull.and miracles. i have become an observer-less reactive. but. love -light and release. it is just so hard to go through this in all of the other dimensions of existence and simultaneously have to function on an earthly plane. :-) i am sorry love. if we go back to repeat something simply because the first round was uneventful. this is a serious and major clearing process. more passive.

i did a reverse turn today and went back to the meditation and cho-ku-rei over i know from experience. it was not satisfactory to her. i found it to be very interesting. that in order to get to the answers. ***************************** just need to clue everyone in before i speak to this.this is your time. it is so important to be our own person and follow our heart. my guides showed me that she will need to release the current people and the current situation. who once were friends. i have to ask the right questions. these are the ones that showed up in her om.if there is something you are resisting.with full attention . i intuited that these people that showed up for her in the om were recent issues. lastly. but have learned that nothing is by accident. it turned out to be both.honestly . this confused her. the current energy body is not conducive for inner child healing at this point.uninvited it *appears*. i had no significant concerns at the time. but *something* about it was off in my mind.or i from her. love. that is my impression. she was devastated by their actions. if she felt the urge. she confirmed this. to some degree. i am always hesitant to tell people what to do. i had read her posting yesterday about repeating the ckr. (name) was the catalyst. before enough light can *get in* to help her heal the deeper childhood issues. :-) i began the chat between her and i asking her about her posting. it isn't about anyone else but you and your healing journey. sheree q&a hi sheree as i wasn't ready to do the sei he kei. it's not what she expected. in any case. instead. after a couple of minutes she stated that she had formulated her om list with specific people in mind. there are blockages of great anger that will . i thought it odd for a second.and possibly made her more angry. but those people did not show up for release. my *sense* was that it was fine to do. and felt there was valuable info in it for me and the process as a whole. (name) was the only one in chat last night until the last minute when isabell arrived. other people showed up. in any other way. i assumed that there was important info that either she needed from me. diving timing played a critical role last night in teaching me more about how this works. she has negative feelings towards these people.ask yourself . or.

love. or. . she can move forward of course. or. it may unfold to her great benefit this week. :-) (name) courage and honesty in sharing has helped me and this process in ways that are immeasurable. and to the angels with her that communicated to me. and do the inner work it will take each day. it was a tremendous experience and unbelievable how i felt it physically. and do what she feels is best for her.and delay is not in anyone's best interest. she can know that the highest lights of heaven are on it. the important lesson for me is to truly remember that our healing process is very individual. she admitted this would be very difficult.-) you are a normal. but ultimately. this posting. the good news is that it is normal. i hope not to disappoint you. . there are messages in the current situation that she needs in order to proceed. sheree sheree. or next year. will save so many souls a tremendous amount of time. i suspect that after i have been doing this a few years. how do i know? because i know the truth. without trust in the light. i am grateful to her. she can ask for help. with dedication to be light. :-) she asked me how and i advised her to see these people with light eyes. it can be easily rectified. ************************ i have good news and bad news. it might be several lifetimes. but the truth of her and them will shine sooner or later. maybe that is my "gift" i use that term loosely because while it is something extraordinary it isn't necessarily always fun. it's all good and useful and trustworthy. only to circle back around for what was intended before. you are in god's hands. is this normal? has anyone undergone any physical symptoms such as this? i know from my experience doing a past life regression experience back in the fall--i felt everything from my past life physically and no one else had. the light was correct in showing her those *specific* people for release at the 1st om. fact is. which will go in the new q & a portion of the manual. there are never any hard and fast rules. she can proceed without them. she can allow.likely prevent her from a light filled and productive process. more answers will come. we will share some similarities. and. yes. i explained that she can take as much time as she wants. i am grateful for the ability. she will not be able to make it alone. the bad news is that it is normal.have patience. the choice is hers to make. the process is quite personal. this month. she will need the help of the light. this is where miracles come in.

mostly because it isn't too noisy. i'm constantly popping up and down to look out the window and see if anyone's parked inappropriately -. a few weeks ago i would have assumed it wasn't working. how i'm being disrespected and how i shouldn't allow myself to tolerate this treatment. i react the same way to this "violation" as i do to noise. i know my inner self isn't so much meek as it is mild. to my shocked surprise i seemed to get some information. but after the ego lecture i start feeling like i am being cowardly and meek and small by not handling the situation as aggressively and obsessively as necessary. kick back. (my voice of reason reminds me that they don't do it as often as they used to. which i confirmed . and they do move the cars readily when i do need to go somewhere). enjoy the view of yourself. then i sat down planning to do the exercise. and when it does get noisy it doesn't last long. even if i'm not going anywhere. so even though my deeper self is being bullied by my ego.which is to say. i've been getting a little braver about not wearing my earplugs constantly . i also noticed that the spelling was pretty lose. my first message was worn vuz. so i didn't get full sentences. you are right on track. finally.. especially since the words that go through my head are ones about how unfairly i'm being treated.. but last night i thought that if you say the light is making your spelling worse then a light source probably isn't going to pay much attention to spelling . (yes. but last night. i'm also aware of some childhood/mother themes going on in these dialogues also. but now my closest neighbor is getting loud again and having lots and lots of company from 5pm through midnight and on until i go to bed (he's mid to early 20s. it sounded to me like this is very very much an ego problem for me. and after the previous paragraph i'm thinking my guide was chiding my ego. and while reading it. trust the light. and even though he works . i tried once before with my first pendulum. sheree q&a gosh.i have walked this i was more liberal and just asked y/n if i was translating correctly.. (hey. all is well. i know it's super petty on my part but it freaks me out as badly as noise does. it's still rough for me. the reason i mention the company is because they park so that they block my driveway and this drives me crazy. i'm really struggling with this one. this is related because i asked about my noise problems).i do remember that one doesn't need much sleep in the 20s). i decided to play with my pendulum and alpha- chart.. i have witnessed all of these things in others. but last night i used my newer one (the warrior goddess one) because i just thought she'd be the one for the alpha work. i just couldn't sit down and do any writing about it. maybe i am doing the exercise after all lol).

what you were getting in your head was matching up. we often take offense and think if it's not setting a tone with you and is hoping you will feel it. they state facts. you will see better. they don't see things the way we do. you have taken the plunge to heal. it's evil. i see a calm. i don't want to go home but my babies (cats) are there and i can't go far from them. as they see it. i just don't understand how people manage to tolerate it ******************** dearest. you are a teacher. please try not to judge any messages as *dark* just because they make you flinch. believes you. but the last message i got was that i was exaggerating (u r xgr) (doesn't look like exaggerate but i got a y and i heard the word spoken in my head so i went with it).as in i'm looking at stuff the way i always do and i'm just wearing it out (like a worn spot in a rug). the light tells it like it is. she will lift you up through common sense and truth. worn vuz is a perfect example of the kind of messaging i get. picture this light from what you have heard thus far. that is our ego perspective. you know this stuff. . you are awake and aware :-) that is the truth of the matter. i do understand. this is how it works for me too. of course." the light you have with you. intelligent and kind soul light who will not waste time or energy. ***************** you are so wise beyond your years. i am also hearing and sensing. sheree sheree and all right now i'm crying and scared because i'm afraid there's going to be a loud party and i won't be able to cope and i just don't know what to do. to mean worn views . you have come a damned long way and i am so pleased to be part of it. the universe. to the point to the max.and it is light . keep reading more in the pendy files. they don't often sugar coat things. own it. it all flows together. i love the "you are exagerating.. that loves you. i just don't know how i'm supposed to cope. keep talking and posting. i couldn't make a lot of sense of the next few q/a's. few would have picked that up. and kudos to you for the translation. you signed up for the dive. and thank yourself. (and if i'm honest. they do like to use symbology. sounds to me that you are in contact with an angel or spiritual guide. i know there's worse things going on in the world but i get so distracted by the noise and my fears and i can't think anymore. as i am penduling. is to be expected. i am so sorry you are having this fear and pain hon. if we are open. . this.. thank her darlin. i am lovin' your presence. i wish i could make it all go away for you. from your writing . centered. if you look on as an observer.that i'm a broken record that makes things even worse than they are. i have to admit that's true). i think both sounds like a message to my ego .

the doctors were not wrong when they said it is all in our mind. but not until you are strong enough and open enough. you do.. but. send love and light to you cannot really run and hide . you may not have all the answers right now. if you judge not what answers look like.just reject any negative thoughts towards these people now. ask god to grow them a lovely garden. and you are fully awake now. you will start to see small minute differences. you know the then . you are now faced with a choice. what you can do is drop to your knees and thank source for giving you yet another chance to trust and have faith in your self. things will be revealed to you. you will choose to heal from this issue. ask god to surround them with love. you will not be ready emotionally. you will have to have the strength of mind to choose. all the stuff that blocks us from being whole will be brought to the surface for healing and release. but you do have the mental capacity to call the thing up. end of q and a . each time you see these people.. it is your response to this we can control. it is. if you wish to. you are being given *another* opportunity to choose fearlessness.make yourself. it will happen. that will evolve into larger differences. operate from the truth. bless them and the house they live in. we have to do the inner work. reject fear and sadness. you must be the one. and i suspect there are some answers in there. no doubt about that. you will in time. take control of your emotions with god's help. the angels cannot do it for you. this is happening honey because it must. and then before you know it. stop responding negatively. you can delay and sink back into old habits. trust and believe and do the daily inner work with love and patience in your heart. this issue will be healed. no matter what. or you can smile and say. make yourself. you must believe that you deserve unconditional love.because you made the trip to the light and you can now see. no one is going to save you from this hon.and many more details. as you show yourself that you aren't weak anymore. all you ask for is given.see the christ in them . fake it if you have to. i can feel it to my core. it will be done. and you will . as you elevate your own energy and ask for light for them. now is the time."wow! cool". i recall doing a reading for you. it is your choice. i promise. you may need to work daily with reiki at the crown-third eye and ears. i would self reiki daily twice for 15 minutes each and ask source and aa raphael to heal you of this *fear*.know what caused the issue.