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Class: Intermediate – 2nd

Date: 18 –23 August

Objective: Review “Have you ever...” through use of song

Time Activity Procedure Materials

5 Introduction/linking Show pics of Tom and Amy. Tom/Amy/Roger/
theme Heart pics
“Do you remember what Tom and Amy did last week?
Yes they played Tennis. They both had a good time. After Powerpoint??
tennis, Tom asked Amy “Do you want to be my gf?”. And
he waited for Amy’s answer...Amy Said.....”Im
bf is Roger!”

Tom went home and he was very sad. When he got home
he listened to a song.

Do you want to hear the song??

5 Song Introduction - Give paper to Ss (only if time) Ss need paper

and pen
- Ss Listen to song once – Maybe without music video
- Ss work with partner, write down all the words about
how they feel when they listen to the song.

Ask random Ss for responses

15 min Fill the gaps  Handout worksheets Song Fill-the-

Gaps worksheet.
 Ss read handout
 Ss listen to song and try to fill in gaps
Word Bank

 Hand out Wordbank sheet Powerpoint -

 Ss listen a 2nd time and make use of wordbank video

 Finally mark with use of song video

10 min Confirm Review new terms from song Powerpoint?
- steal your heart – (use Tom and Amy analogy
- ‘gotta’ – have to – gotta do, gotta say
- ‘cuz baby’ – cuz – because
- baby – somebody you love
10 min Memorise Chorus - Pair up Ss Candy

- 5 mins to try and memorise chorus

- Pairs that can successfully recall will get candy
Back Class sing together Review song one final time together Powerpoint/video