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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name : Manoj P Mathai

Address : A-1 / 302, Sector 4, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road (East),
Thane - 401107, Maharashtra

Tel No. : 9920181202, 022 – 28116237

Email :

Date of Birth : 4th January, 1986

Educational Profile

Examination Board Year of Passing Percentage
SSC Maharashtra Board 2001 84.93%
HSC Maharashtra Board 2003 PCM: 98%
Aggregate: 91.5%
F.E. Semester I Mumbai 2004 71.33%
F.E. Semester II Mumbai 2004 65.86%
S.E. Semester III Mumbai 2004 70.48%
S.E. Semester IV Mumbai 2005 73.5% 69%
T.E. Semester V Mumbai 2005 67.26%
T.E. Semester VI Mumbai 2006 67.33%
B.E. Semester VII Mumbai 2006 67.50%

Hosted on Apache web server with MySQL as Back-End.Projects  BE Project (Mobile Screen Sharing): Application that enables S60 mobile phone users to perform remote screen sharing. A user can talk with multiple buddies simultaneously. Planned features include remote control. total coding time and no of submissions.  Games : Developed some popular 2D games like Snake. compile. hosted on Apache web server. Asynchronous Javascript was used to improve the GUI. and communication over GPRS.NET IDE. The riddles consist of General knowledge.vs plugin for Visual Studio . broadcasting facility.  Virtual Stock Market : A computer simulation of a simple Stock Market. Implemented in PHP using Quanta Plus editor. Ping-Pong. Pune. Principal can monitor attendance of the entire college. Implemented using Qt library. Tic-Tac-Toe.  Links : A chain of web based riddles. . Users can view the content of another mobile on their screens. logic and programming based challenges.  Attendance Monitoring System : Developed a simple prototype for a web based attendance system for VJTI. Head of the Departments can monitor the attendance of the entire department. Tic-Tac- Toe and Ping-Pong have modes in which the user can play against the computer.  JIM : It is an Instant messaging system suitable for LANs. Java Servlets and hosted on Tomcat web server with Oracle as Back-End. Students can keep a track of their attendance. The users place bids for buying or selling shares of different companies which are then put in respective queues and when approved. Project completed under GSLab . Each web page holds hints and clues to the next web page. print blank attendance sheets. It is a web based system in which the user can buy and sell shares in real-time. MySQL as Back-End. Implementation in Symbian C++ using S60 SDK and Carbide. The winner is the user with the most account balance after a specified time. Implemented in Java using NetBeans IDE with PostgreSQL as Back-End  Comp Guru : A time based Online computer MCQ quiz implemented in PHP using Quanta Plus editor. result in actual transaction. view attendance of each student. test and submit solutions of programming problems to a Central Server which evaluates their efficiency based on predetermined test cases. Snake & Ladder in C/C++ using graphics library provided with Borland Turbo compiler. change the status. Professors can plan lectures/ practicals /tutorials of various subjects . Department clerks can enter daily attendance easily.  Coders’ Arena : A two-tier C/C++ code evaluation system where participants use a local coding environment to code. etc. etc. It was used in programming contest in Technovanza ’05. Implemented using JSP. customize contact list.

Technical Skills Languages known : C.  Reading Books. etc. Cycling . Software development. CSS.000 students participated. Python. Java Script Co-Curricular Activities  Was among the top 40 students selected on the third day of the final round of Code4Bill contest conducted by Microsoft in Jan-Feb 2006 for Indian Students. C++.  Won several prizes in intercollegiate contests during 2003-05 • 1st prize in Programming Contest held by CSI ( Praxis '05 ) • 2nd prize in Programming Contest held by Vivekanand Institute (Praxis '05 ) • 2nd prize in Programming and Debugging Contest held by Sardar Patel College of Engineering ( Nirmaan '04 ) • 2nd prize in Programming Contest held by CSI during National Student Convention ( iDeas ’05 ) • 2nd prize in Programming Contest held by VJTI ( Technovanza '04 ) • 3rd prize in Programming Contest at Sardar Patel of Engineering ( Space '04 ) • 3rd prize in Programming Contest at Sardar Patel of Engineering ( Space '05 ) • Finalist in Programming Contest at Fr. XHTML.Agnel College(Crescendo '05)  Secured a Merit rank of 3496 in National IT Aptitude test conducted by NIIT which was open to all students as well as IT professionals. SQL Web Technologies : PHP. Java. Listening to Music.  Event Head of Programming Contest at Technovanza '05  Conducted C & C++ Workshops for students of VJTI as member of the Association of Computer Enthusiasts (ACE). Ruby. More than 24. Hobbies/Interests  Experimenting with various Operating Systems and Software Applications.