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Well, this is a compilation of various mails posted by members on our group, The Marathi.Net.
The Criterion for selection is originality of the mail. Queries, Replies, Posts based on web-articles, forwards,
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Sr No Sub Sr No Mail Title Mail Writer Page No

I 1 Making Software Amit Rajput 3
2 Favourite Scenes/Characters Amit Rajput 3
3 Load Shedding Amit Rajput 4
4 Cricket Amit Rajput 5

II 5 Schizophrenia Aparna Lalingkar 6
6 Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi Aparna Lalingkar 6
7 Are We Neglecting? Aparna Lalingkar 7

III 8 Western Culture aaNi aapaN Koushal Deshpande 8

IV 9 Ekach Pyala …Aani Keshto hasla Amit Jadhav 9
COPS Vs POLICE … farak kaay? Amit Jadhav 10

V 10 Marathi Lokanni KaaLji Ghyavi Sanjay Shende 11
11 One more bites the dust… Sanjay Shende 11

VI 12 KheLaat Bharat nehmi ka raDto? Nimish Goray 12

VII 14 Bihar :Book Review Rahul Vaidya 13
15 Corruption Rahul Vaidya 14

VIII 16 My Ideal is Pravin Tushar Joshi 15

IX 17 Bangalore Vaibhav Malse 16
18 Andhashraddha Vaibhav Malse 16
19 Thought On Roads Vaibhav Malse 17

X 20 Surrogate mother Varsha Jain 18
21 Navraatri Varsha Jain 18
22 MSEB! Varsha Jain 19
23 “Bloody” Professions Varsha Jain 19
24 Umedwaar yeti gharaa … Varsha Jain 20
25 Umbarthaa olaanDun … Varsha Jain 20
26 Ulhaas Nagar ! Varsha Jain 21
27 Ramdev Baba : Yogi Guru Varsha Jain 21
28 Khushboo=Saniya =Kartikeyan Varsha Jain 22
29 Cartoons chi duniya Varsha Jain 22
30 Ek Shaam Rafi ke naam Varsha Jain 23

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Hilarious and equally spooky. Was watching Ab Tak 56 after a long time.M a k i n g S o f t w a r e Millions of softwares out there. Wo laal sadi wali kaun thi? wo nili aankh wali? aankhe nahi dekhi. its highly recommended. eg .. lets take the very basic ones. Sau saal jiyo. The whole scene is without any background music score with such a great impact ! Non hamming Nana explaining the concept of 'Strength' and 'nuisance value' is a treat to watch. Freeware. is that so difficult? If yes kindly explain. just to name a few...... ~*~ -3- . Also the final scene. why dont we see Indians design them too frequently? I am not talking about softwares which most of them make on specific request. (watches his wrist watch) Ek minute hua. yahoo messenger. The interaction between both on their first personal meet was hilarious. Left mein hota hai dil(says softly).vingraji chitrapat bi chaltil.shareware. Millions added daily.warez etc etc. Totally loved his character :- Iski kabr par ek pipal ka ped lagana mat bhoolna... ~*~ Also would like to mention Bacchu Yadav's (Sayaji Shinde) character in Shool. If anybody hasnt seen Ab Tak 56. Regards ----------------------------------------------------------------- F a v o u r i t e S c e n e s / C h a r a c t e r s will keep my Mithun's scenes aside.. almost a never ending list. Paav hila iska? Nahi To fir marr gaya. Last 15-20 mins scene with Nana Patekar and Prasad (?Prashant) Purandare I thought was totally awesome.. Iske bhoot ko baithne ke liye jahaga mil jayegi.Then stabs his heart again multiple times on left side. Dil right mein hota hai? Kya picture dekhte ho tum log? Madhuri bolti hai dil left mein hota hai. (after killing the rival politician) Right mein hota hai dil? Slaps his man who stabs on right side.. ani marhaathi bi. Winamp. what i want to say is why we dont come across an indian name when it comes to such softwares on various sites.all kind..... dimag mat khao (to his wife who after doing his pooja touches his feet) lollll ~*~ ps . nero burner.. Is it so difficult to design a software? If not. any email client. They belong to altogether different category.would love to read your fav scene / characters ps2. Now how many of you have come across a media player designed by an Indian? What i want to ask is.

Week madhun fakta ekdach load shedding asaycha. So few of my queries may sound a bit irrelevant. There are many small plants poping up everywhere though i wonder how much they actually contribute to the deficit. Most of the countries use nuclear reactors to generate power. mechanics or whatever is related. Those were the golden days. I hardly know anything about physics. bulbs and water heaters why we dont tend to use the Energy which is most abundantly available? Cost is the main factor they say. Why we depend so much on hydro electric power? Ek tar adhich panyachi bombabomb. Aso.when i was young . I really look forward for the valuable comments on this issue from our regular members.L o a d S h e d d i n g / A l t e r n a t i v e S o u r c e s O f E n e r g y Load shedding sarkha bhayanak prakar India chya most of the parts madhe suru ahe. Preferably with your own ids. So is that the power deficit in Maharashtra/India could never be compensated? I mean 15 years back it was better. why cant we use it even for our basic needs? And wasnt there a plane/glider/or whatever too which we saw on discovery flying exclusively on solar energy? The one with big wings embedded with solar panels. Are there any other ways to generate power apart from these? These are all i could recall. There are other topics on the forum to quench your sick thirst. apli tensions jara weglich astat. I dunno about the ways in US but in Russia we never used even a stabilizer even once.. Alternate ids/identities.. such was the stable and uninterrupted power supply which is mostly nuclear reactor generated as far as i know. amit ~*~ -4- . When we are out of India. What must be the limitations to use the same method in India? I think the Windmill sector is fast catching up. totally wegli tensions. but still why isnt there so much research in this field? Well if in west they can run a car on solar energy even if there is minimal sunlight. How many Nuclear reactors are there in India which generate electrical energy for our basic needs? Why there are no solar powered generators? Apart from few cookers.. *sigh Are there any other factors apart from corrupt politicians which limit the progress of such projects? Any other ways to generate energy? I mean the practical ones. Kindly comment... please stay out of this. Please don't try to finger with this thread. When we are in India. I mean seriously.

Saurabh has had his own. Not sure. I am a die hard fan of Sachin and I seriously think he remains in people's mind forever as a God unlike Kapil Dev/Gavaskar whom people kept on blaming for underperforming in last 1-2 yrs just prior to retirement. i think 3 drivers from one team can race at a time. I personally think it has done wonders to his confidence. just like a tailender. He can bat any position now. But everybody is playing well against him.Amit PS . I sorta like Chappell ajoba. they called him Batsmen who can bowl. . But his place in the playing eleven itself is worth questioning for. Anybody can play as an opening batsman in one day. His batting talent was sorta wasted. his mentality would have been the same. my fav being Maninder Singh. Also worth mentioning is the way the Indians handled Murli in this series till now. Had he been continued at the no. No doubt he is still good. No doubt he gots wickets. Ain't he already an all rounder? How many matches does it take for one to prove himself as an allrounder? Cant we all see his ability by ourselves? Just like most of you. But his approach towards batting is altogether different now. Kumble still remains the match winner.They never called Tendulkar as an All Rounder. I so much wish Ajit Agarkar had same luck in the past.C r i c k e t So Irfan Pathan 'has a potential to develop into an all rounder'. Every player has his own era. But others are better. they keep on saying. I just love his experiments. Especially those with Dhoni and Irfan have done wonders for the team. ~*~ *** -5- . Same players who constituted an average team look like world beaters today though I know its too early to comment.7/8th position. Is it the rule that an all rounder always has to be a fast bowler? PS2.There are high chances Narain Karthikeyan might be announced as William's third driver for the 2006 season !! Now can anyone enlighten me whether 3rd driver participates in all the races or is he sorta reserved player? As far as i know. What happened with Saurabh after 2 average scores is a bit unjust. Thats what happened with Agarkar. He always does. PS3-DD commentators are hilarious. He probably has won more matches for India than any other Indian player. But sending Irfan as an opener in test match remains an awesome decision. Instead.

.. Reason behind such kind of disorders can be deep depression... Cheers Aparna -6- . it was due to mixed effect.. Stephens College.. psychological pressure (Freudian theory) due to his wife's pregnancy.for getting marks and all.. The film was basically focused on schizophrenia and recovery of Nash from it before winning a noble prize. one question remains in my mind. his frustration coming through homosexuality..that is putting extra attention to industrial and higher education which leaded to a sort of superficial life style which has totally cut off our society into two distinct entities.... super egocentric nature. Jar Suryala swatahachya tejachi janiv lokana bolun karun dakhavanyachi garaj nasate.. Firstly... For John Nash. When I heard about the film. character building education and primary education in rural areas.... Overall a good movie to watch once. The circumstances are shown in 70's but if we honestly think.. Recently I watched a bollywood movie.. After all... As a film it's a good and realistic movie.for not getting the prestigious awards in his field. Einstien's younger son was suffereing from schizophenia and never recovered... mathematicians........create many psychological peoblems. I started reading Dr John Nash's biography. I think after reading the book I got some of the answers..1 in their career or say since school days.... Such disorders are quite common among family members of these brilliant people... New Delhi (where most of the students are from very rich background... eccentric behaviour etc.instead of working for basic developments. The story revolves around a triangle of love in St. schizophenia...... We can see many mathematicians and scientists has suffered some kind of psychological disorder at one point of their life and career. Too much psychological pressure to be No.. we can realise that still the same situation is present in some parts of India. Some of them got recovered but some of them died in that.. So the film has not covered the minute details.. frustration in his career.... frustration in career. Newton has suffered a psychotic breakdown and then recovered. The confusion about political and emotional aspects of young generation is picturised effectively.. It is generally found that many psychological disorders such as sudden psychotic breakdown.on which a film is picturised: A Beautiful Mind. Initially itself an honest confession is given about the mistake done by Pandit Nehru. autisum are found in the families of brilliant jyatun aase psychological problems creat hotil? urs Aparna H a z a r o n K h w a i s h e n A i s i Hi All. I was really interested in 'how people can start suffering with such an odd disorder?'... Such kind of psychological disorders are very common in extremely brilliant people especially scientists.. The period covered in the film is around 70's.. Thought to share with you all.this is the reality in 2005 as well).....Mag ya etakya great lokana swatahacha great pana sidhha karanya vishayi yevadhi bhiti ka . In the whole film the mistake is picturised...."Hajaron Khvaishen Aisi" produced by Preetish Nandi... S c h i z o p h r e n i a Hi all. I have seen some people suffering with autism and some with psychological problem according to Freudian theory. Immediately after biography of Albert the book..

to paryanta board exam ha prakar tikala tar.A r e W e N e g l e c t i n g ? Sagalyana Namaskar!! Khali Sakal Saptarang puravani (23rd Oct) madhe aalelya eka lekhachi link dili aahe.esakal.. Aata kahi varshani English mixed with Marathi = MaraEng or EngMara aasa Marathi bhashecha prakrut roop yeil ka aashi bhiti vatate Ek mahinya purvi mazha ek Canedian friend Pune University madhe Sanskrit vibhagat gela hota PhD admission chya chowkashi sathi. Aani 50 varshani to vishay boardachya parikshe madhun gayab.mhanaje ekhadi bhasha samrudhha aasana or vadhana mhanaje kay? Te kashavar aavalambun aahe? 1) Ti professionally kiti vaparali jate? 2) Tichya madhe kiti darjedar sahitya nirmiti hote? 3) Tya sahitya la milanara darjedar (sankhyene aani intellectually) vachakvarga? 4) Ti bhasha shikanaryancha praman? 5) Ki aanakhi kahi? 6) Ticha tichya swatahachya lokan kadun kiti vapar ani aadar hoto? Aapalyala kay vataty? urs Aparna *** -7- . Marathi he Sanskrit che prakrit roop aahe aasa mhantat... Aata tyat Marathi bhashechi hi bhar padali aani to ek chintecha vishay zhala. Karan tyalach dachhu milanyachi shakyata aahe. <http://www. Sahajach to eka PG chya class madhe dokavala tar phakta 3 students hote aani tyatala eka hi bharatiya nahi. Karan pudhachya drushtikonatun vadhanara science aani maths cha mahatva.... if this is really the effect of the huge difference in importance given to english as a professional language and the use of it! or are we neglecting our own language for employment? Lekh vachun dolya samor kahi ghatana kram ubhe rahile.. Mazhya 10th chya veli marathi bhashe la etake vait divas navhate... Ek Italiyan Chrichan Nun hoti aani don tibetian budhhist monks hote. Pan tyanchi suruvat zhalyachi nandi hoti. Mee jevha 10th la appear zhale tevha cha Marathi bhashe kade ek vishay mhanun baghanyacha swarup.... Yatahi barech prashna dadalele aahet.... Aani he aajache swarup.aani tya aanushangane etar vishay neglect hona.html> I was wandering.. Pan tari sudhha board exam madhe jasta vidyarthi napas honare vishay 'english aani maths' hote..han jar. Jar he chitra aasach chalu rahila tar aajun 25 varshani Marathi ha vishay 2-4 students option la ghetil. Marathi bhashe kade aapalya aadhichya (aapale Aai-vadil yanchi pidhi) pidhichya veli baghanyache swarup.

ekatra milanyamisalyachi ek aas asate.. Ji certainly impress karate. huh. Hi concept apalya ithehi asate. pan pratyakasha jeva baghitala. observe kela. ani government encourage karata te use karayala ani publis use karata pan. Regards. UK. :-). gavandhal.. bus madhe baghal. iccha asate. tar ek motha group jari asala. teva far janavala. te baghayalach maja yeil. London madhe. 2 manasa jari ekatra asali tari.. Pan tarihi ithala culture ani manasa. Ani ti anubhavayalach pahije... I think apalya shabdat. Pan ithe UK madhe public transport far changala ahe... paradeshi jaun alele ahet.. ji loka UK madhe sthayik zali ahet tyanna brit mhanatat. I mean British. Apalya manasamadhe. metality ashi ahe ki pratyekala personal space dyavi.kd *** -8- .W e s t e r n C u l t u r e A a n i A a p a n Hi. interact karatana disat nahit. Pan ithe alya pasun jo pashchimatya ani apalya lokanmadhe difference ahe to janavayala lagala. pan over all indians far ekatra group madeh asato. ani tyanna je looks milatat. ithe kahi divas rahun mihi badalun parat yein. rastyat.. basically tithe public transport cha kami ani pratyek apalya car made.. US. Pan mi mhanalo ha differenceee evadha prakarshani janavato ki mala watat. Ani tech 2 indians jari asale tari te bolayala suruwat karatat. US la mi kahi gelelo nahi ahe pan tithehi far wegali condition ahe asa watat nahi. Social ani public jagi hi he agadi wegala disun yeta.. yat a grace ahe. Mi sadhya UK la ahe. Ithalya sthayik manasanchi... Eka ek anubhav ithe mala yeto ahe to mi mazya gathishi bandhato ahe. Tya baddal mala mahiti hota adhi pasun. pan western countries madhe ti ffar jjast ani far jast very karate. ti kadhi ekamekanshi bolatana. tyamule anakhi prashna kami ahe. dyayachi. infact pratyek thikani. ani aajach exactly 2 weeks zale ahet mala ithe yeun. there is certainly somethings good here but those which conflict with us are very much in conflict with us. jar tumhi public place madhe... Germany n number of countries la visit karun alele asanar. train madhe.. asanskrut sort of kahi tyanna mhanayacha asava. apan mhanaje pratyekach asel asa nahi. Ithe apalyatale barech jana software madhe kam karatat ani tyamule kiti tari jana baher.

...... mag Navin paisa tari kasaa yenaar? Navin paisa nahi yenaar.really this is Height of Legitimacy..5 aani country pyayala roj Rs...... Tyasathi Tykoons samor lotangan ghalaave lagale tari maaf...... Ek tar..... looting/robbing (even rape & murder)....Hee hee hiiiiiiiiyyyyaaaaa -9- . .Rs 1000 che. 5 crores aani daru pinaare: say 20% of those: 1 crores Namaskar mandali.......1000. tee daru pyayala life-long permit dya..... aapala MH karj-bajaari zaalay........700 (he pan approx) Maharastra madhil total Males: say..... hyacha vichaar karane apekshit.... Chennai madhe barich mandali state chya vikasaa chya aadhi swatacha VIKAAS karun ghenyachya prayatnaat asataat...mhanaje paise UBHA(?) hoyil . asa permit cha vichar karane aavashyak? 5 yrs sathi milaleli KHURCHI aanakhi kashi tikun thevata yeyil.... BOMBAY TO GOA (aani etar hindi movies) madhil. EUREKA...... sansarachi raakh-rangoli zaali tari fikir nahi. minister's na aapalya mhatar panaachi chinta. mhanaje asa.......... Maharaja na apekshit hech ka te SWA-RAJYA aani SU-RAAJYA? Ek Keshto Fan.............. mithi nadi var atikraman karun tee jaaga builders chya ghashaat taka.manaje paisa yeyil. aapala aani aapalya mula-baalancha vikaas kasaa hoyil............ 10 yrs pasun 1MW pan EXTRA current(light) cha production zaalel nahi... Nusate invitation aani conference karun kaay honaar(aata paryant tech kele.... mumbai madhil mills vikun taaka... kadhee hee daru N piinaare pan actually 'Toon zaalelya Bevadyaa' chi bhoomikaa karnaare Shri....kaay idea aahe na aapalya gr8 UTPAADAN SHULK dept chi .. pan ekada daru pyayala LAGAAN laava... bangalore madhe common hovu laagale aahet(just read about a lady being raped & then killed by driver.. DURYODHANA mule tar ek ughad zaalay kee (bahutek) mp's... tyanchay samor sashtaang Dandavat ghalavese vaatate...... tar vichar karanya sarakhi gosht aahe.... vishay hasanya sarakha nahi.EUREKA.......... mag MH cha vikaas karun tari kaay faayada? Nahi faayada... 13. je ne karun magachya aani puadhil election cha kharach kasaa bharun nighel.....mula-balanchi... navin rojgaar kasa nirmaan hoyil... Rs 5 DYA.. in B'lore BPO)... nidaan MH govt ne tari kahi tari concrete decision ghevun Punya......... Foreign wine pyayala roj Rs............. 50%..... inVITATION evaji inITATIVE ghyayala pahije hota.. dar year sathi Rs..... mhanje thodese karj utrel.... Keshto Mukharjee aathavale(salute to THE gentelman).. kon fedel he aabhala evadh karj.. lok mele tari behattar... Aajachya news paper madhe ek MAST(?) news vachali..... Jya Daru payi sansaar udhwast hotaat....... he aapalyala eka group member ne sangitalach aahe....... kee samajaa hya 1 crores lokanmadhale jari 10 lack lox roj daru pinaare asatil............ Bangalore chi IT chi sthiti baghata.mhanje paisa yeyil.... mumbai madhe IT chi muhurt-medh karan apekshit hota.. aani sahaj he numbers manaat aale.... Bangalore he IT valyansathi kiti safe aahe...E k a c h P y a a l a … A a n i K e s h t o H a s l a Maharashtra state varil Karj: 1 lakh 37 hajaar crores (approx) maharashtra state chi population: 10 crores (approx) (10% of india's population) mhanaje DAR-DOYI karj: Rs........ mumbai flood madhe budaali tari chalel.... mill vaala marathi kaamgaar manus rastya var aala tari chalel. Mahatma Phule na apekshit Daru bandi chi ghoshana karaa...... corruption zaal tari chalel..... aani shivaay.. MAHARSHTRA MADHE EKADA DARU PYAYACHE..100 kiva life- long sathi Rs...... tech ek kartavya aaj che santri karataana disataayet....2 .......... zaale kahi?)... mumbai madhalya reserve land's vika. mag tya karjaach kaay?..kee foreign wine la 5 aani country la 2. Tyapasun kahi tari shikun MH madhe navin udyog-dhanda yevun bekaari kashi jaayil..... tari MH la 50 lakh roj EXTRA bhetatil(?).. kharaj mitraho. ...

. tyamule olakh patavun to lagech parat milala. COPS Vs POLICE Kay difference aahe doghanmadhe? Navacha kee kamacha? Maharashtra Police baddal tar ek vegalaach aadar aahe.. FIR dusarya hadditil aahe. R. shevati aapalyala milalyashi matlab.) pan mitra ho. polizee kade complaint kelya nantar eka week chya aat madhe saapadala. India madhe maaza reliance cha samsung model magachya diwali la harawil hota. he ek changalay. Sapadala bar ka... mag sagalyana dyayala nako ka? mhanaje ghya aata? Maazach cell. tyatil pictures dakhavile. Ekada India madhe. malach recover karayala paise dyave lagatatyet.. baher yevun sangato. asel kahi procedure. Thodya kharab aambyanmule sagali topli.. hyacha garv vatayacha aamhala... hya teenhi situation cha response jagachya pathivar kashya prakare change hoto to matr ek vegalach exp aala. nashik madhe training ghetat mhanoon. kashala 3 mahine vaat abghatay. aamach station dusarya haddit yet. 3000 dya aani lagech ghevun ja. frankfurt madhe xdaII haravila hota... nokia n92 pan lagech parat aala.. tar police mhanatat.. tya pramane Dhannyaa barobar musal hee dalale jaate. (Arthat kami-jast pramanaat bahutakan kadun chuk hote. 3000 kasale tar mhatat sagalya police station la mahit aahe ek mobile sapadalay mhnoon.. tar situation mhanaje problem asa kee Maaza Mobile haravila... COP Vs POLICE. parents kadun. pan mazya kadun 3 vela zaali. mhantal thik aahe.. aani aata singapore madhe.. arthat tyala APVAAD hee aahet. receipt vaigere dakhavili... Nashik la police academy aahe. Tyancha reply mhanaje tumhi tumacha lawyer karaa. Eka bhalya manasaane to police station madhe jamaa kela hota. aso. tar mitrano. cell la camera hota. tari tyanch samadhaan hoyina. aamacha pan lawyer rahil. Mee coin chi ek baaju mandatoy. pan locaions veg-vegle aahe.. singaproe madhe pan jast diwas nahi lagale. Police mhantal kee Hindi films madhe sagalyat shevatee yenari vyakti aapalyala aathavite. Police station la FIR dakhavili. pan prob aahe to parat milnyat. saapadala ho. pan to kadhi tari nantar.. kee sagalya rajyache rakshan karanaare police..eka varshane ka hoyina..... Mag cell che paper's.10 - . case courtat jayil aani 3 mahinya nantar court madhun ghevun ja. ha aahe farak. R aaba department la shist lavatay. Dusarya bajucha pan mala anubhav aahe. ekada europe madhe. tar mee maaza ek latest anubhav sangayala tumhala mail lihila hota. Aani tashi pan tyanchi jan-samaanya madhe pratima kashi aahe. *** .C o p s V s P o l i c e Hello frnds. pan mag Nighatana ek hawaldaar. Situation aahet same. he sagalyana mahitee aahe. pan aapan nehmee mhanato....

. In our colony way back in 1980... so many small businesses simply closing down.... Oh how I hate to see these big names usurping the small traders en-masse ! Yet. Few days back.......maybe things are different now. These shops also find it impossible to compete on prices with the big chains who have the advantage of volume-buying power and are losing their customers rapidly. it is us who let it happen (given a choice. I have seen it all as a growing up kid. "precaution is better than cure".. the bulk- buying power equation !!!! ) Does anyone here know how to beat the imminent ? . but one of the most recent examples (that they haven't changed much) is the spectator rioting during the India-Pakistan quarter final match at Eden Gardens in 1996 when India was on the brink of losing. Kolkata sthit aplya zaati chya sarwanni pudhchya kahi diwas ap-apli kaaLji ghyavi.... hairbands.... shamefully.. In the past few years. they could not match the rent offered by Tesco in the 'rent-review' for the place.. how far can they go). but as the old dictum goes.. I couldn't help brooding about a few recent scary realities surrounding all of us.. The media (especially Star News) is upto nefarious designs.such a typical Kobri ) . they were giving a communal twist to link up Sharad Pawar's take over of BCCI with the exclusion of Sourav Ganguly.. they are a dying concept..... a petty thief was beaten to death. shop bang in the centre of our local shopping mall selling trinkets.. Good humoured debates involving local football team matches have the potential of turning into full fledged arsons there with desi-bombs/swords and what not..again....just name it ! Why... I met a guy who now does part time book-keeping. I noticed (much to my worry ) all day that... as also the Tamil School in Delhi being attacked after Rajeev Gandhi's death. Watching the glimpses of protest in Hong Kong over the World Trade meet.. Not trying to be a panic monger..... We have seen Sikhs getting targetted after Indira Gandhi's assasination.. a tiny 6ft X 8 ft... A typical corner shop in Ireland or UK would be a convenience store in the neighbourhood where you can buy most of ur day to day stuff.. Apla ( hitayshi ) SS O n e M o r e B i t e s T h e D u e s t Dear Friends.. Honestly. green grocers. with the onslaught of big supermarkets. I have witnessed with much anguish... like my meticulous wife ---. just the other day..M a h a r a s t r i a n L o k a n n i K a l j i G h y a v i Dear Folks.. However. in a not so subtle way.. who wouldn't shop at Tesco and save a few quid ?) And now. Kolkata mob is notorious (anyone who has seen a pickpocket getting public lynching on local trains will testify that when they take law in their hands.most people who have cars and big fridge/freezers (and can manage to plan their shopping well.and also highlighting Kiran More as a key person responsible for the same...from needle to bread/shoe-laces to a can of beer/a turnip for the soup to newspaper or even bubblegum... I see chilled Indian meals/appetisers on their shelves (f**ked-up quality but ridiculously low prices !!!). He revealed that he once owned a 'corner-shop' in a nearby village. Local butchers. off-licences. Tyatla tyat. That match had to be abandoned and all sports lovers were hanging their head in shame.... keychains mobile phone accessories and such stuff closed down ------. Mob mentality can be unpredictable as it sans rationale.. seldom give their custom to these shops.... it COSTS me more to produce the stuff than what they sell it for ----..11 - . I clearly heard them using words such as Maharashtra Lobby etc whilst interviewing roadside protesters..reason ? When their lease finished .

Sarkaar paisa det nahi mhanoon parat rada. Pan phakta eka inning madhye. Nemke shewatchya payreepashi kosaltaat. Aaplya ithlye saamne mahnje european team chi practice session peksha ki battar astaat. Paisa nahi. Ani match suddha eka mansala mule jinklee jaat nahit. Chess khelaya wel ani bharpoor akkal hya donhee goshti aaplya kade aslya mule tyat aaple lok satat pudhe yetaat. Arre pan tali eke hatani wajat nahi. Tyat suddha dahawya kinwa barawya sthanakawar rahateel. Aaple lok nehmich radtaat. Pan ata kay jhale? Hawa gull? Olympic jawal aale ki parat hockey sangha charchet yaeel. ki ti suddha thanda padel. *** . Ek don season changle khelteel. Pan baher tee jinku shakel ka? Ani ek don da mulla ni tichya war halla kela. Sania ekda Bhartaat jinklee. Mag ekdum sui bochlya sarkhe udee maarteel ani "Arre kameet kamee kansya padak taree milwoo" mhanoon jayyat tayaree karteel. Sehwag thoda theek khelala. Aapan Ganguly la saarkhya shivya ghalto. Football cha tar jabar flop show aahe. Athletics chya facilities aaplyala parwadat nahit mhanoon aaple lok tyat mage rahataat.K h e l a a t B h a r a t N e h m i K a R a d t o ? Cricket aso wa tennis. Mag ata kaay balala paahanyachya aturte mule to flop jhala? Bhartat tennis lokapriya karnya mage phakta Paes ani Bhupati yancha haat aahe. Pan tyala monetary support hawa.12 - . To paryant harat rahateel. football aso wa hockey. Tyachya training karta chennai madhye ek race course aahe. mag parat flop. Bhupati ani paes miloon warshat ek taree grand slam jinktaat kinwa antim / antim-poorva pherit taree nakkee pohochtaat. Rahul Dravid poorna flop jhala. Pan itka paisa yenaar kuthoon? Mag parat tech. Tatparya he ki jo paryant ekhada changla "risk taker" milat nahi ani satat pathimba denara wyakti saapdat nahi to paryant aapla desh asach harat raheel ani aaple kheladoo radat rahateel. Narain nakkee jinkel. Mhanto ki to changle khelat nahi. Pan tyala hi paisa dyawa lagto. mhanoon jinkat nahi. Rahul mhane aaplya honarya balachya ani baykochya chinte mule zimbabve madhye changla khelala nahi. snooker ase mahagde khel parwadat nahit mhanoon aaply ithoon thode mandalich vijayshree milawtaat. Madhyantaree hokey team bharpoor kitab jinkat hotee. Pan taree tyachi "publicity" hot nahi. Billiards. Ata super series madhye bagha. practice nahi.

BIHAR by Vijay Nambisan gives us real insight into the life of the common biharis and some insight into why it is in such a state as it is today. and instead indicates that he is a symptom and not the disease afflicting Bihar. They seem to be the one and the only hope of bringing Bihar back from chaos.. The state of the hospital run by the missionaries with more ambitions that just serving the people.. -- Rahul Vaidya . It goes against the populist intellectual approach of Laalu bashing. Starting off with the sad description of the 'richest' state which is today among the 'poorest'. predicting that all of India will be in same situation in near future. The author quickly draws us to the few uncommon people who still have hopes and greats dreams of changing Bihar. However it still is a real sample of true life.. This hospital being donated by the local big shot is the reason why the hospital is safe. Lalu's antiques make the situation pathetic. the boldness of the crime makes us wonder whether people there were left behind the march of evolution.B o o k R e v i e w : B i h a r "I will be dead by 40"-. There are some unrelated narration on the state of missionaries and the conversions. Describing the floods during the monsoon and draught in the summer which follows year after year. the poverty of the people.Kishan.. House maid in the home of the author. Seeing life in Bihar while being safely out of harms way(not very unlike observing poisonous snakes kept in a airtight glass container) is not the best way to comment on Bihar. Overall the book is worth a read. "Unfortunately you have to live in Bihar to love it" "We fell short of crackers for deepavali.Union Minister to journalists when they complained that some minister is highly corrupt. The state of the road and the railways. "Don't complain unless the corruption reaches the 60% mark" -. And a short and sweet description of his experiences of Marwadi marriage in Bihar. The story of a typical bramhin teaching and taking pride of his 'lower class' students is truly amazing especially in the caste based hierarchical society of Bihar. the well and flourishing feudal system. The discrimination of Malayalee nuns towards non-malayalee nuns.there is still hope. so we burst local made bombs"-.Pushpa. Staying in a highly safe enclave in a highly violent town (named only as M____) where his wife is a surgeon in a missionary hospital. The Principals and teachers seem to be the beacon towards the change inspite of carrying the dead weight of the red tape and corruption. May be even worth a buy.13 - . However. local friend of author.

Any opinions??? Should we pay fine or pay bribe and keep quite??? -- *** . He paid the fine and got a reciept.. "All the reciepts which the police give are false". So guys. On the way our taxi driver was caught for over speeding. with bad print. Then he gave us the information..... So ppl who try to avoid corruption by paying the fine are actually increasing the fine.14 - . Recently I had been to mysore in a taxi (from bangalore). They print the duplicate reciepts and give them to righteous citizens.I find this totally possible... I recently got some information which makes our discussion null and void PLUS makes ppl who bribe to avoid fine more righteous. There was a general opinion that we should pay fine instead of fine bcos it is more righteous and we shlould not encourage "brashtachar".Have u seen the reciepts?? They are printed on cheap paper. He had to pay Rs300 as fine.C o r r u p t i o n Hi All.. A few days back we had a interesting discussion about paying fine to the traffic police instead of paying bribe even though it is less.

30.[ E x p e r i e n c e ] M y I d e a l i s P r a v i n Dear Marathi. His big brother runs a “Pan Thela” and mother and father work in fields.NET Friends. Pravin and Ideal In the camp while conducting the first session. He told us that he has a sister with brain tumor so she does not attend the school. One of the questions was who is your ideal? To our surprise some of the answers for the ideal. Regards Tushar Tushar Joshi http://tusharvjoshi. This examination required all the students should buy the text book prescribed for the exam. Centers in Vidarbha Region Vivekananda Kendra Nagpur Branch has decided to spread the span to many regions in Vidarbha. Example for others Pravin and his friends has set example for others. This weekend I got an opportunity to attend one Personality Development Camp. His madam asked them to study for this examination. a village near Yavatmal. Their madam made one copy of the book available for them to study and they studied for the exam by sharing the same book in the group of 8 students who prepared for the exam. Yavatmal is one of these regions. Yavatmal is 4 hours from Nagpur by State Transport Service. I asked some questions to the students. They were not in a position for buying even a single book worth *** . Occasion for the Camp Vivekananda Kendra conducts “Bharatiya Sanskruti Pariksha” each year to promote awareness about Indian Culture and History amongst students and citizens.15 - . Who is Pravin? Pravin is a mischievous looking small boy. On further inquiry we learnt that he is the students getting the first prize in this exam this year. This camp was organized for meeting all the participants of this exam held at Yavatmal and also for prize distribution for those who have passed the exam. Students have written that their ideal is Pravin. was Pravin. His answers were different and have many additional concepts even not in the text book. Pravin was student amongst them.blogspot. If you have strong desire to study and get success no one in the world can stop you achieving it. He studies in a “Zillah Parishad School” in Moha.

but one thing we still follow "aamavasyela koNatehi kaam karu naye . I was In Bangalore for about 8 months. we also say that.......very true...Food <Mind U "Maharashtrian...... "Known as Gardan city". Weather is GR8..married ppl may have different openion> Bangalore----> Bad Points 1..... the person said "paN Saturday la aamavasya aahe. What i like is..... 3. Vaibhav ...<In that case i don't like Mumbai also. Which was not possible in Bangalore.. things oldies used to follow were OK at that time .. Exp. we re planning for our 1st meet ...Hydrabad..not like Pune So this is all about Bangalore." keva aapaN yaatun baher padaNaar ? aata kalachich gosta.Life is Too busy.....IT 4.Too High 4... Good Hotels..COOL life.Real estate cost.....u have to go there and exp. but now they r no more relevant.. <Above statement was For bachelors only..... I realised that this is not the place i was looking for.Bowling clubs. If u like those things ....Very rare 3.. But after that things got changed...Chennai. All are equally important. Better don't accept offer in Bangalroe. we also discuss GOD exists or Not ..Far away from Maharashtra.Maharashtrian Food..and consider them as VERY Important in Life..Busses are the best.. Though When joined the company I was the happiest person in world. we talk about andha-shradhdha nirmulan .... Let me tell u frankly. B a n g a l o r e Hi Abhi/All..16 - .Pubs<Though i don't go there> 5...from my "VIEW" Bye Vaibhav A n d h a s h r a d d h a Hi All ..."> 2... Was working in WIpro Bangalore...... " #-o aata bola? thx.Be close to my Parents/relatives. Good Infrastructure...lot of time is required in travel only Good Points 1..... 1.can't get better than that 2. May be few people may be having diff...> 3..almost touching Tamilnadu 2. Good transportation services.

. Murti veetam.> don't maintian it properly . khadyanche raaj kaaaN . mandaLan.banaa .. can we take it as INSULT of that gr8 person ? . etc. tar te paN mhaNateel "ki yaa Rd che parat naamakaraN kara.. ingrajeet tyala path-holes mhaNataat.html> lok puNeri pagadi ghalun natun thatun gharatun bahet padataat.... he vaacha mag kaLel. puNyat te kharokharach HOLEs ahet.. Ambedkar Rd < 2 of the MOST famous names. <http://www. ata agadi jivant udhahaaraN deto.esakal. name it with some great personality/freedom fighter etc....mala nako ha Rd mazya naava var" urs.. yaane aapaman vaatato na tya vyakti chaa ? jar baL thakaren.. parat jan..vaachaa < ghetalaa . ekhadyachi pratikruti jaaLaNe aNi baher kai ? tar "khadde"..17 - . ki jar Mr.html> urs.. "puNyateel Karve Rd" chi condition pahili . make it baajaar . tar shiv-sainik "bhadak-teel" Vaibhav **** . parat khadde karaayala. tyamuLe hi ghoshaNa..... < just for ex > then if we construct new Rd ......cha photo jaLala . > then if they <they mhaNaje koN te sangayala nako. ex MG Rd . bhadakaa udun kahi faayada zala tar "gaNapati" aahech . means "rastyala padaleli bhoka" aam janta kai aapali shanta paNe khadde chukavat kaamala jate roj-chya roj aNi yaachach faayada ghetaat he PMC vaale.. Vaibhav T h o u g h t O n R o a d s : 2 hich paristhiti ahe aajachya Puneri rastyanchi.. Karve yanni .T h o u g h t O n R o a d s : 1 Hi All..... sarvach jaN petale aahet..... paN aata chitra badalaNaar asa disata aahe.sathi khaNalele khadde .

.devila. (in short ha. Tyamule ethe tasa jor aadhi navta..aani aalya tari tyanchi phikir konala. (nachta yet nahi hyachya artha nachavta yeta asa pan nahi)..) Parva jara wel hota. barse. satyanaryachi pooja. aani pratek gost aaplya samjlich pahije ase nahi. Pahili : Kunku jast lavle ka g? Dursri : Ho!! Agdi lagna zalyasarkhi distes.. Mala tar purviche diwas aatwattat.S u r r o g a t e M o t h e r Hey hi Friends!! Namskaar!! Vetaal Panchvishi madhye ek gost hoti.." gane kontechi aso.. Pan as usual Highcourt JanMata (ki jankshobha) pudhe zukle aani varshyatun 15 diwas loudspeaker 12 paryant wajwaychi mubha dili.." hi gaani garbhewalychi favourite distaaat.. Kahi thode paramparik. Dress sense uttam aani tyat male .. loudspeaker lagla ki kalayche.bara gharaat konala vicharave tar sagle baal maanshastra kolun pyalele.nachnaryacha josh toch asto. tar kahi glamours. Taal aani sur peksha "supersonic" wajwanare kalakaar. Varsha N a v r a a t r i Namskaar!! Navratrichya shubhechhaa!! Aani te pan 9 diwsaatle 7 diwas sampat aalyawar.(bike warun mage basun direction det).. aani tyatun pudhe kadachit kahi tantanaav ubhe rahanyachi shakyata.. aaplya mulila mul hone shakya nahi... Pahili : (Ghaighaine) Poosun taku ka? Dusri : Deviche aahe pusun takun kase chalel? Pahili : Asu de mag... Pan mala baghyala aawdate. female tevdhech utshaahi. rastyat tyana 2 baykanchya pavlache thase (foot prints)distaat. Aata to Vetaal barech prashana vicharto. Varsha .. tyache those deun thase ghetil striyana kiti gruhit dharne te)..." and so on. mulichya.. mahanuneka 52 years chya aai ne tiche mul aaplya udaraat wadhavle aani jnama dila. strimuktiwale..... Aani chota garpha aso wa mothe mandal saglikade "Orchesstra" aahech. Doghi matirni (teenager) namskaar kela. aani aapaapsaat thravataat mothya pavlache thase asnarya strishi Raja lagna karnaar aani chote aslelyashi Rajkummar (uff aata jar hi katha koni lihile tar... aani punha "Javayche por." "Kesriyo rang.." "Eka dajiba.. Tar aaj "sarogate" mother cha Kolhapur cha kissa vachun mala hi gost aathavli..aani tyat chote pavul khuna aaichya astaaat aani mothe.tya doghi pan mai-leki astaat. Aso. Tar tyatil 3 diwas navratri madhy waparnar (purvun purvun) .. jar tharvlya pramane lagna kele tar tyanchyat naate kai asel? Rajyacha warsdaar kon? Te ekmekaaana kontya naavaane sambodhtil? and so on Tenva tar Vikram chi sagli uttare mazya dokyawarun geli. "Dhori Taro... Ek dialag ekla. Aani mag . Swatantra aani Sanskruti cha aadhunik millap... " "Pari hu mai ...pan jara kami kar. Sagle kopare gajbajlele..) Ek Raja aani Rajkumar doghe jangalat shikarila gelele astaat. pudhe tya doghi bhetaat. Mala swatala dandiya/garbha kahich khelta yet nahi. Khelnaryancha salsalta utsaah.." te agdi "yamma yamma. aani 12 paryant chalnaar hota mahanun mast phirun ghetla.....18 - . (sadhya aamchyakade "Retiwala navra pahije.. Tyat punha selection vaigre.. lagech mahtale aste "aabhyast kadhi evdhya shanka yenaar nahi. High-court ne loudspeakerchi chalu thvaychi permission 10 paryant dili hoti.XXXXXXXXX" mahanyachi pan soy nahi. Natyachi vilakshan guntagunt.

Office chya bhaherch khup gardi disli mala watle kahi tari zale. tithun punha pahilya majlyawar. hospitals sagla jagchya jagi. Aani time table lihun gheta gheta lok ek bajula staff samorch shivya det lihun ghet hote. chinha naave aani mag "shikka" marate nidaan konala mat dile nahi hey tari laskt thevle pahije." aani bajulach ek manus jara garibch hota. aani bagha mag konte parvadate. Uff!! Varsha U m e d w a a r Y e t i G h a r a a … Hey hi Friends!! Namsakaar!! Sadhya aamchyakade Maha-Nagar Palikechya nivdnukiche waare aahe. Gataare. speed breaker.. Typical gov office astaat tasech. mat konala dile hey guldastyatch thevave lagte. Sangat hota "Parvadat nahi.. Aani saglech olkhiche aslyane.. traffic police. Tar te "load shedding" che badalte time table lihun ghenyasathi hoti. Aaj kaal tech jast phaydeshir aahe. nivdnuk chinha lavlele zende aani halkya aawaajaat hot asleli naare baaji."Mam.. fakat tube light aani fan aahet" Counter cha mahanus "sarvatla" disat hota. ekdum zakaas aahe.. Nivdnukichi china pan bhannat aahet. Tyache maslewaik utter .. Varsha ..).tithun dusrya majlyawar jayla sangitale.. Aani tasa aapan etke sukhaat asto dusryanchy dukhashi pharsa aaplyala dene ghene naste. Rockelwar pankhe kase chalvayche shikun zale aste. . Ashyane ka nahi loka privationsaion cha sweekar karnaar? Ektar electricity war chalnaari equipments etki wadhali aahet jar nasel tar ekdum asaayya watate. Paani 24 hours.. Pan waatawaran.. Rastyachi durusti.19 - . Mast posh gadya.. footpath tyamule virodhakankade kalicha mudda tasa pharsana. Haath . Jodila "light evdhi ghalvataat pan bill kahi kami yet nahi" sarkhe comments hote. Aata mahane light bill pratek mahinayche denaar aahet so work load wadhala hota.. Gataare. Sadhya sattarudh paksha jordaar kaamla lagla aahe... Pustak . Gaadyal hi adhikrut pakshyachi chinha tar Viman.. Apksha umedwaarachi sankha jaast pramaanat aahe.. sagli matpatrika agdi neet baghte. Mag pahilya majlyawar gele."Parvadat nahi tar Rockel wapra. Street aani Steet light donghi jagewar. (Kharach etkya wela aani etke taas light jaate pan billmadhye kahich "katotti" kashi nahi?). NaraL aani agdi Vijecha Khamb. Awajavi bill aani punha arerawi aani tyat gairsoy. Pratekacha "Jahirnaama" ha separate mailcha vishay aahe.M S E B ! Hey hi Friends !! Namskaar!! Aaj Kadhi nave to MSEB office madhye jaych yog julvun aala. Jyanchya kade maze kaam hote tya bai aadhich khup vaitaglelya dista hotya. Tasa aamchkade asa problem kahich nahi. Jast bill aale mahanun complaint karyala aala hota.. KamaL... (arthat tari kaL kadnare aahetch. Tyamule umedwaarancha "Jahirnaama" pan sapakch asto. fooftpaat.Rockel chya kharcha peksha he bill nakkich kami aahe" (wa kai logic) mala tar watayla lagle yetana ek rockel cha can aanala asta tar bara zala asta. Dhanushbaan. Mi jara saburine sangitale. Mi matdaan kartana. Nantar kadhi tari..

. thodese bandakhor. Kivaa swatala "Mahan" samju naye. Matrutawa : Striyani ajibaat devi dengi vaigre manun gheu naye. Aani te arthath nishidhha aahe. waana share with u.. arthat striyanche.. Friends . tyabher swatach swabhimani vishava ubhya kartaat? Pan mala to movie khupcha aawdala hota. vedhak story line . Mazya hya adnyawar .. Aani Big B la Lilavati hospital madhye bhetalayala jatananacha tyancha darshan.. tyanchya shibir aani karyashakti chya advertisements. Aani aata ekdum Vrunda Kharat hyancha aarop.aani apratim gaani..." hya kalpanewar khush honayche kahich karan nahi. aani nisargaane kelya watnitil daan." "Chand matla matla tyala kashi aawru.. jasa ekhada jad handa dokyawar aani kamrewar gheun janarya strila .. rudhi baherche. Girish Karnaad cha sahaj abhinay. apriharya aathvanari "Smita Patil"... Khare kai? Varsha . Aaple Atalji aani Aapala Amitaabh hychech te aadhyatmik guru aahet.. aani tyasathi swatachi vatimatama asa aapyla haathane kurtwane hyat pan artha nahi..) hey prasidha yoga guru aahet tyanchya yogawar anek casettes aani CDs aahet. "Sunya Sunya maifalit mazya.. aani bahuda tyachyatil. Tynachya aaushadhan madhye manusha aani etar prani (ka manushaprani) hyancya haadanchi powder sapadli. Mazyasarkha samanya nehmich confuse hoto... a r t h a a o l a a n D u n … U m b Hey hi Friends!! Namskaar!!! "Umbartha" shabdabarobar. mazya maitrinila mahatle.." bagh tyachi najar bagh!! kasa vatato te. International companies cha ha.matrutwachi stuti mahanje Purushsanskrutichi soy... Aani tyat Prurushsanskrutichi soy.." Tar sadhya mi asech kahi vichar waachle aahe..... "Ashi handa gheun chaan distes... Tar Ramdev Babancha bachav. aani hyamule figure pan maintain hote.. businessman jaga zala "Tumhala mahit nahi (jasa kai aamhi lagech oshalech honaar hoto.. Varsha R a m d e v B a b a : Y o g i G u r u Hey hi!! Namskaar!!! Ramdev baba cha pot agdi khapatila gelela photo cum VCD cover "Shop" madhye first time baghitlyawar." tase kahise..." aamhi hairaan!! Aani mag vegvelya channel war tyanche yog vishayak margadarshan programs. "umbartha" olaandari. aatmasammanasathi.. aani swatachya payawar aani swatachya aawdaichya shetraat kaaam karnaari swabhimanni stri aathave.vichar thode vegle aahet pan nakkich vichar karyala lavnaare. Ti ek sharir rachana aahe. Kitek rog te yogsidhine bare kartaat.. tyanchyavirudha kelela kaarathan aahe karan te hya cold drinks aani pizzer burger sansruti virudha prachaar kartaat.20 - . Pratkshyat kiti jani asa aatma sammanasathi "umbartha" olandtaat? Aani pudhe kitijani... "Jichya haathi palnyachi dori. magun ekhadya reekamyane compliments dyawi... Tyacha asa pharsa udo udo karnyaat kahich artha nahi.. Eka channel purn hyanchech program astaat. aaj kaal hya baba lokanche photo kuthe hi lavlele astaat".

counterwarchya manswar.natar pudhe anthernaar aani basnaar. (Evadha bhavuk aani porkat hona mazya kalpanechya baher tenvahi hote.. Khara mahanje kharokhar jar sagle andhikrut padle aste tar. Khushboo=Saniya =Naren Kartiken equation true watat nahi na? Khushboo (Sunil Dutt chya "Dard ka Rista" madhil cancer pidit balkalakar) Ek Bollywood madhye mafak yash milavleli pan south madhye sucessful .... youth icon (khas media cha shabda) aani F1...21 - . Sarkar la daya aani .. Tymule.. Jalim jamana)... kanwalu dayalu.. navin airport sathi jaagaa milali asti. Shopping karnyarchi pshycology agdi neet mahit asleli.. shop asa kuthe hi dista... Ethe ghar mahnje workshop mahnjech . Aani aata barech diwas bandobastaat chalaleli bandhkaam padnyachi mohim thandawali. mag chatri vaigre lavnaar.. Ethe tumhala kahihi duplicate milu shakate fakata tumhi swata sodun.. Naren war lokancha kahi aakshep nahi. Ase barech lokana barasa mahit nasta.. Aani tyamule khanaara wadhnaara doghehi bollywoodmay astaat... Sadhyatari Khusboochi jaminavar sutaka zali aahe. Khushboo ne eka magzinla mulakhat detana sangitale "Pre marriage sex asnyat kahich gair nahi fakat to safe asava" aani Saniya aani Naren ne tyache samrthan kele. tyana aaplya samavun ghearnar.aani sagle andhikrut bandhkaam adhikurt karun... rochya roj batmya... Tar Sindhi lokasathi aani "Made in.aani mag kadhi tyachi pakke bandkaam hoyche te roj baghun sudha kalayche nahi." chya tag sathi famous aahe. mi baghtale aahe.. Ethele hotels kitihi ordinary level aso. tywar typic bollywood movies kayam chalu astaaat.. Highcourt ne sagle andhikrut bandhkame padayala survaat keli. karan after all he is . mag zopadi waja bandhanaar. Aso. 2 peksha jaast mule astil tari echhuk election la ubhe rahu shakataat.mag thoda aadosa .konte bhav yet astil te devch jano)..mag thodya diwasani ek bag gheun yenaar. Great!!! Aani asa beband wadhala aahe ki ethe konache kayadekannon chalatat ki nahi tech kalat nahi. Aani Saniyache chya virudhaa barech wadal uthle aahet. Manasa pan kashi ekdum shant (shamlu) khane pine. U l h a a s N a g a r ! Hey hi Friends!! Namskaar!! Tumhala Ulhasnagar mahit aahe ka? Mahit nasela tari pharsa problem nahi.. Ethle raste kadh galli madhye rupanter hotaat aani kadhi galli madhun rasta nighto u cant predict that.. "HAppy birthday to Sunita" aani Jitendra ticha fav. Tar ti tenva wadhdiwasala fakat ekach gane ekaychi... Varsha . pracharala gharchi mandali aseleli bari.. survatila ek pheriwala yennar eka tharavik jagi ubha rahanar...... Saniya Tennis vishwatil ugvata aani talpata taara....). (mahanje ti asel. Hya saglyanche ek mat zale aahe. PS: Aani ek nirnay ghela janhitay jansukhay..male.. pan aata maitri nahi. hotel madhye eyelevel chya war lavela TV asto.. Mazi ek sindhi maitrin hoti. Jai Maharashra.agdi mandir bandhale gele etparyant (asa pan tya mandiraat. bollywood aani business baddal bolatana. Sadhya jara waait diwas aale hote.formula Naren Kartiken... Tar hya Ulhasnagar cha anbhishikta raja Pappu Kalani aani rani Jyoti Kalani. Hya youth icon che poster barech "youth" jalatana distaat. ek kayamcha tupkat niwant tavang. Varsha K h u s h b o o = S a n i y a = K a r t i k e y a n Hey hi Friends !!! Namkaar. Aata mala evdhi detail mahiti asayala 5 varsha kadhli tithe.

. Tyana tyanche personal life.. Aata. Agdi aawarjun...fantastic (aamchyasarkhte fans -stick houn jayche). Spiderman. I just love to see it. Aata tar purna Cartoon channel aahe 24 hours chalu. Karan samana tyana karayala lagto.. ekmekanvarchya kurghodi. Sadhya private aani public hospitals madhye patient dagwala tar tyacha relatives peksha doctor aani etar staffch jast dhastwato. "Doctor". Aani mag tyacha pratek chukicha ek issue hoto.. Aani pratksya "janyamaranashi" sambandhit doctor chi chuk asel tar udrek lavkar hoto. Varsha C a r t o o n s C h i D u n i y a Hey hi Friends!! Namsakaar!! Cartoon/Animation mahatle "Tom and Jerry " "Donald Duck" "Spider Man" "Bat Man" "Jungle book" ashi kiti tari program sahaj laksyat yetaat. Aani tyasathi aawarjun uthun baghitale jayche. "(hey again gulzaar) asa mahant yennar Mogli just lovable. tyat navach evdhi avghad aahet uff. Varsha . kahi practical problem pan asu shakataat. Shivigaal. Hi gost kiti pramanat rast aahe? Aargoychya mulbhut suvidha ha saglyancha hakka aahe pan.. purna "Hanumaan" animation chya swaroopaat yetoy. nishedh..che web weaving art. "Jungle jungle pata chala hai. kahi tyachyat kahi kamtarta astil hey aaplyala sahajasahaji manya hot nahi. Charitiy mahanun nahi chalvu shakat te partekwels. Hya diwali madhyla anek program madhla "Hanumaan" theater madhye jaroor baghycha plan aahe. Treatment costly asel aani management ne paise magitale tari patientcha udrek hoto. saglyamadhye ek niragasta.. "Police" "Fire Brigrade" "emergency services" hya aani ashya anek service sector madhye kaam karnaryana aapan kayam gruhit dharato. Mi tar "Tom and Jerry" lagle asel tar aaj hi haatatle kaam sodun (gas band karun) baste. AAni joraat bhintiwar/jaminiwar aapatlyawar tyanchya aakarache hole padne aani te tasech... Aani halli tar hyababtit male female asa bhedwaad rahat nahi aani nakki dosh koncha te pan pahile jaat nahi.. aani tya profession madhye kiti "professional" asave hey jyachya tyachyawar awlambun aste. "Bloody" profession mahun prasidha hotaat. Agdi niwaant. Purvi cartoon mahanje ase kadhi tari lagyche fakat Sunday. Tyanche daavpech. todphod aani angaawar haath takne agdi sahaj zale aahe.? Friends aani changle profession... Pan te "pokeman" vaigre bharese bhavat nahit.. ekhada truck kiva gaadi tyanchya aangawarun geli ki ekdum 3D pasun tyance 2D hone.. Tyatil mala te typical shots khup aawdataat.Hey Hi Friends!!! “ B l o o d y ” P r o f e s s i o n s Namskaar!! "Profession" kontahi asene waait nahi. Kharach partekweli "doctor" doshi astaat ka? Ka aapan jaast emotional hoto? Aaplya javlyachyanche dukha aapan sahan karu shakat nahi aani mag sarvsadharan "vichar" karnyachi kuvat aapan ghalvun basto? Ki dusre kahich karata na yenasarkhe mahanun raag tyanchyawar kadhla jato...22 - . Pan kahi professions aapan kahi gruhit dharto.

... and so unsatisfied..means chasmis ka?) "Dil ka bhavar " and so on PS: list incomplete. "(wa asa aarjav pahije." (chasmebaddo. Varsha ******* ." Aani kahi je nehmich ..23 - ...".... "Akele Akele kaha ja rahe ho.. Tari kadhi avkhal "Jane kaha mera jigar gaya ji" "sar jo tera chakaraye" ... aajhi angavar share ubhe karto.. "Baharo phool baraso.." ashi gani ekli ki.....E k S h a a m R a f i K e N a a m Hey hi Friends!! Raficha aawajache varnan eka shabdaat karne mahnje aaplya shamata kiti kami aahe te dakhwane. Tasa bollywood madhala bhakti bhav barecha atireki watato...." mahtala ki aadhich mor pisara phulyasarkha watato.pan toch Rafichya aawaajaat asla ki pramanik watayla lagto... Aani Gazals...... "Nagama a sher ki saugaat kise ."..othawar sahj yet rahataat.. "Man tadapat haridarsha ko aaj.." "Jo baat tuz mai hai." Baiju Bavra madhala "Bhavwaan.." mahanun lavlela swar. kadhi mulayam "Aapaki nigaahaye kaha to kuch " "Chaudavi ka chand ho. "Nain lad gayie. "Abhi na jayo chodkar..) "Teri pyari pyari surat ko. jya nayikewar ti chitirit hotaat ticha heva watato.