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Mind Storms
Volume III

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Gautam Soman

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Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Dear All,

Welcome to third edition of Mind Storms!

Mind Storms is a collection of some of the interesting debates and discussions held at our
Yahoo! Group, the Marathi.Net. This volume contains following 12 debates.

A matter of manners ............................................................................................ 3

Should President Kalam have had a second term?......................................................... 6
Need Suggestion from you all ................................................................................. 8
Next Prez... .................................................................................................... 12
Media and the Virginia University murders ............................................................... 17
<Recipe needed> Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa.............................................................. 19
Do they really deserve this? ................................................................................. 21
My Haiku: The Great Indian Game Show .................................................................. 25
Rave Party - Pune ............................................................................................. 26
We Desi parents are too competitive ...................................................................... 33
Tamilnadu-madhil Marathi manasathi ..................................................................... 40
India - China - Maharastra ................................................................................... 43

The selection of these debates was a personal choice, and I hope to have done justice to it, in
terms of contents and interest-level. No change has been made to the contents, except a
rudimentary spell-check, and some formatting to make the text more readable.

A disclaimer: the views and opinions presented here belong to the respective contributors, and
they should not be taken as collective mindset of Marathi.Net group as a whole.

You may wonder what purpose such a compilation serves. The benefits are manifold.
1. Not many of us would browse through message-archives to read upon past stuff.
However, to have a compilation like this makes us at least take a glance.
2. Message archives are accessible only to group-members. This document is something
that you can share with your friends.
3. Creating this document is itself something of a joy. It makes me take a ride down the
memory-lane and re-live those past months once again.

Do go through this document. Am sure once you begin reading, you will not close it until you
have been through it completely.

A genuine Thank-You to all whose names feature in pages to follow. You make Marathi.Net a
place worth being a part of.

Keep writing, keep arguing.

For Team MdN

18Th June 2007. 2
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

A matter of manners
It was late evening and we were discussing something. Just then, an office boy entered
with a tray of hot steaming teacups. As I gleefully picked up one, I said, "Thank You!"
After the boy left, a colleague commented, " Thank you kyon bola re? Uska to kaam hi
hai wo. Kal ko agar teri wife tumhe chaai laa ke de to usse bhi thank you bolega kya tu?"
We all laughed, and the matter ended there.

Now as I think about it, there are a couple of points I wish to note.
1. Is it necessary to express gratitude if someone does what he/she is supposed to do?
There is a tendency that we should not thank one who is being paid for the job.
Somehow, I feel that saying “thanks”, “please” is something that is basic human courtesy
and has nothing to do with whether is person is being paid for it or not. In fact, I often
find myself saying "Thank you" to the waiters in hotel, and have been chided for it.

2. What is wrong in saying thank you to wife for bringing a cup of tea? If she does it
without asking for it, she is being sensitive to my needs and hence deserves the thanks. If
she brings it because I asked for it, again she is respecting a request, and hence again
deserves the thanks!

3. Even in today's day and age, cooking is still supposed to be a domain of women.
Another incident: a colleague had invited me to his house for a chat after we left office
for the day. As he opened the door to his house, he said, " aapaN gappa maarat basoo
thoDaa weL.
Hee yeilach yevDhyaat aaNi chahaa vagaire karel." (Let’s sit and chat for a while. My
wife will return soon from office, and she will prepare some tea-snacks.)

I couldn't suppress a smile to hear this comment from a guy who often brags about his
cooking skills, ha ha!

Good Morning,
Hey gautam, very nice topic, i totally agree with you. I feel, though a person is doing his
work, if you thank him, he will feel encouraged and will do a better job next time.

Thanking someone for their job, shows them how much you value and appreciate them
and their sense of duty. Specially people like chai wala and waiters, for whom we cant do
much, to improve their financial state, even if we thank them, it will atleast bring a smile
to their face.

Even at home, certain things are taken for granted like the women are supposed to look
after all the needs and requirements of the house. And Ironically this mentality has been
imbibed by the women, themselves.
Geeta Kharbe 3
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Gautam,
I find out this very interesting. Ya, some ppls dont like to be so formal as in case of your
friend who is telling you "about service a tea by your wife..."
Even you go to the hotel, after paying your bill , the waiter does says "Thank you", . He
could walk stright a way by not saying anything. but his manners & ethics tell him to say
I would like to point out here that , By saying it we are showing respect to his work &
vice versa.
Parag Diwan

Hey G,
My opinion regarding this is slightly different. Let me tell my experiences.
When I got married, I have to tell my husband not to say "Thank You" for everything I
do for him. I always felt awkard or as if I am doing great favers on somebody. Also, I felt
that it is a kind of insult to my love expressed through that act for him. Same thing I
experienced when my in-laws visited us. I felt it too much. Whenever I hear a thank
you........from close people I feel as if they are insulting me and my love for them. Instead
I nod my head or sometimes wave my hand or facial expressions to express my gratitude
or even thanks. I feel this as more natural than to say thanks all the time. This is Indian
way of expressions.

"Thanks" is a kind of formal expression........a BRITISH way. If you go in England, you

will find people using many words often like thank you, lovely, great, excellent, dear..and
I found that many times the meaning of those becomes diluted by using them often. Many
times people just use many of these words mechanically. There is no emotional touch to
those words.........Sometimes they might be genuine or encouraging but not all the time.
Pan Mhanatat Na........"Aati tithe Maati". If it is genuine then why they celebrate
"THANKS GIVING DAY" separately???

However, I don't mind to say thanks to the tea boy or to a person to whom we are paying
for his/her work. We must express our gratitude or thanks by any means to atleast people
who are not very close to us.
By the way....."THANKS' for the topic.

Yes i agree with Mrs. Aparna

Thnax is for strangers whom u donn know....
But not for the people we ,know , who are close.
Because there is no value we can set for love , so thanx might be little insulting their love
which might be a crime in some ppl's eyes an way of thinking...

Naveen mudhole 4
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi, after having read many mails on this topic, i wud also like to say something.
I really think, it is a matter of manners, in fact of politeness. By saying thanks one is
shoing respect to the other person, whether close to u or a strange person.

I live in germany and ppl here say all the time thanks, it is also a "reciept" that someone
has done something for u. One says just thanks or also smile along with that, to show
ones feelings.
If we go to a shop or a restaurent, we always order whatever we need with "please"
hanging to it, and if we get the thing from the shopkeeper She / he gives that with the
words "Bitte".

I observe one thing here. when i watch ppl from india, especially on a visit, they just pay
the product in the shop and go away, here it is taken ill. I have even watched in one
restaurent, the waiter making a strange face, coz the guest did not say "please" after
having ordered tee or whatever, and then said,"please, please Mr." OK. this behaviour of
the waiter was also not very friendly, but the atmosphear was disturbed. So, where is
harm in saying please or thanks?

When one enters here a shop one always says Good Morning or whatever is appropriate,
when leaving the shop, one says good bye. In a supermerket, after u pay ur purchase, the
cashier alsways say "I wish u a good day". When i come to india and just walk in or out
of a shop, i feel something is missing. I say Namaste, and then the shopkeeper is amazed.
If we are entering a shop, we r entering a territory not belonging to us and it is according
to me a must to say hallo or namaste or a similar thing.
I feel it is not just a matter of manners but also a a matter of politeness.

I know, in india we "say sorry" (it is a movement of hands) if we touch something with
our feet. That also, in my opinion, is a way of showing respect even to a thing. Why then
not show respect to a person?
Beste weshes


Putting in my 2 cents.
I am not very comfortable with "Thank you" business in the home. But really have no
choice, it seems our children will get used to saying "Thank you", only if they hear us
saying "Thank you" all the time. Otherwise "gharabaher mule ijjat kadhatat". So we do
say thank you to each -other.
harsh 5
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Should President Kalam have had a second term?

President Kalam came to focus first as India's rocket man. An immensely talented and
balanced individual together with his love for children, he has almost become the second
"Chacha Nehru" for India. We have been very impressed with his impressive yet
practical speeches aimed at today's youth in particular and the country in general. The
most effective one was the speech he made at Hyderabad in which he listed his three
visions for India.

But he is just that - a scientist. A scientist, an actor, or any such person does not
necessarily be a good leader and Mr. Kalam's decisions as a President have shown that he
is one of the worst Presidents we've had so far. Just because he is very popular does not
make him a good President. His views on the death penalty and the time he is taking to
dismiss the mercy plea by the certified terrorist Afzal Guru, who as we all know was one
of the insurgents who attacked the Parliament, shows that is incapable of carrying out his
duties as a President.
Regarding the death penalty, if the fear of death goes out of the criminal mind, then he
will not hesitate even to commit the most gruesome mass murders and get away with it
because there is no death penalty. If one wants to kill somebody and going to jail for the
rest of his or her life as a result is acceptable to an individual, than knowing that there is
no death sentence, that individual will go ahead with the murder "fearlessly".

Agreed that the President has to consult a number of people and follow certain
procedures when there is a sensitive matter like the Afzal Guru death sentence, but since
when did executing a terrorist become "sensitive" in the first place? Why is he taking
such a long time just to sign a piece of paper dismissing his mercy plea. This is a big slap
in the face of the family, relatives, and friends of those security personnel killed in the
attack and also a huge insult of the martyrs themselves. That shows his immaturity as a
President. It is good that they returned the medals given to them.
Forgive and forget is a policy that was fatally detrimental to the pre-British era India, and
it will be so to present India waiting to surge ahead as a World Power.

I believe that a person, whether a terrorist or not, when committing an act knows that the
end result will be the death of one or more individuals - does not deserve to live in this
world. One cannot commit murder and then sit comfortably in some jail in India living
his life and eating for free at the taxpayer's expense when the kith and kin of those killed
are permanently affected and in some instances, the national security is jeopardised. The
death penalty cannot be scrapped under the pretext of stopping 'murder in the name of
Mr. Kalaam has expressed his wish to be a teacher after he ends his term as President, let
him do that. Let him be what he is or what our country needs - a teacher, scientist at best
as a social worker - but please not as a President.
So friends, if you receive emails asking to vote for him - you know what to do.

- Mandar D Joshi 6
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

"Afzal Guru, who as we all know was one of the insurgents who attacked the Parliament"
Afzal guru was not among the insurgents who attacked the parliament. He is a political
activist. This situation can be equated with Savarkar being charged with the conspiracy
to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi.
Did Savarkar play any direct part - no, did he asked Godse to assassinate Gandhi - no,
was he the spiritual leader of Godse - yes, did he play any part at all in forming Godse's
mindset - yes, so should he be hanged? - of course not.
So would you advocate hanging Lalkirshna Advani for Mumbai riots/Godhra riots?
After all, he is in a way responsible for changing the Hindu mindset.
I am just wondering if we are advocating same set of rules for everyone!
That is what exactly the complaint is in this case. This is a person who is at the best very
remotely connected with the attack on Indian parliament. 10-20 years jail term may be
justified but death by hanging? absolutely not.
*s*Now do not start arguing that if we put him in jail then there is a wave of kidnapping.
It still does not justify hanging.

Dear friends,
It is Law machinery to decide for prosecution of Mr. L.K. Adwani or anyone as per the
provisions of law. It's not as per like or dislike of anybody to prosecute him or not. If he
faces law trials in end gets death penalty then he should be hanged to death without any
hitch. It's not because Mr. Afzal Guru is a Muslim, I fully agree recommend for his
execution. It's only because hon'ble Supreme court’s verdict for him by well analysing his
deeds on the basis of prevailing laws.
So Mr. Afzal Guru should be hanged to death immediately without further delay any
slightest hitch as when law orders for his actual execution.
Deepak S.Talwalker
There are tones of articles on the site, certainly worth reading if anyone is interested in
Afzal Guru case. Unfortunately, there are no factual articles that call for the execution.
What one sees mostly are emotional outbursts.
I am trying to confirm the following but have not come across anything. Is there any law
student in this group? I need to know if the transcripts can be read online.

In its judgment on August 5 2005, the supreme court admitted that the evidence against
Afzal was only circumstantial, and that there was no evidence that he belonged to any
terrorist group or organisation. But it went on to endorse what can only be described as
lynch law. "The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire
nation," it said, "and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if
capital punishment is awarded to the offender."
harsh 7
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Need Suggestion from you all

Hi All,
I need suggestion from you all regarding below matter.
Recently my neighbor had built unauthorized construction [Non RAC] on his terrace of
four rooms . When we also tried to build just one room on terrace then we got notice
from Pune corporation that this is not allowed and construction needs to be stopped.
Now my neighbour is having political big leader link also his brother is working in
Police dept so they are allowed to do all unauthorized things ,,also pune corporation is
not at all giving them notice or taking any action against then for unauthorized
My point is that if we are not allowed to construct without corporation permission then
even other people also should not allowed to do so. Rule should be equal to all.
Even when we pointed this to corporation, they just ignored it.

Why still then my neighbor didn’t get notice or objection from government.
Why rules are not equal to all.
I want to know your opinion, Should I take help of news channel get right Justice.
If yes then how I should do, what all points I need to know for this .

I really wanna fight against such matter. Why every time normal people have to suffer
and obey rules?. Political people and police dept have permission to do

Hi Smita,
This is the way things work in India. Is your concern about building your house extension
without permission or the corporate not taking action against your neighbour?
If you want to build your extension without permission, simplest thing I would do is
make good relations with the neighbour. Tell him that you got a notice and corporation
people are planning to send him one too and let him pressurise the corporation people not
to send him one and not act on the one sent to you.
If you want to build your extension with permission from corporation I think that the
simplest thing. You need 3-4 days but you can get the permission within 3 weeks. At
most, you need to spare 1000 rupees.
The last difficult option is : Build some structure that can be on line borderlines of
permanent or temporary. So it will be always doubtful if you need permission from
corporation or not. Once you are sure that it’s a doubtful case you can them make it an
issue in press or media. Then you can site your neighbour's construction to media and say
if this doesn't need permission why do I need.

I appreciate your concern of different treatment to different people, but some things needs
to be handled tactically, so be careful.
Hope this helps,
Ashutosh 8
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Ashutosh,
Thanks for the reply. I agree to your point that things need to be handled tactically. we
were planning to do construction within 3-4 days itself and finished it ASAP. but just
after 2 days we got notice so I am doubtful that neibhour himself must have told
corporation regarding this ... may be , not sure...

hi Smitha
First thing you need to do is stop your illegal work. that’s stop construction.

we need to be firstly all clear to fight against such matters..

secondly you just write a letter to corporation about the ill legal construction going on.(
Be prepared for the consequences because your neighbour may try to trouble you.) and
there will same sentences like " tuzya potamadhe ka dukhata"

Then write again one more letter for follow up if corporation is not doing anything..
then go to media with the dates of two letters and letters as well...
and then only corporation will take any action..
Chandrasekhar Shrikhande

Hi Smitha..
I think the option suggested earlier by Ashutosh was much more FEASIBLE..
You have mentioned that your neighbour has strong political relations and his brother is
in Police Services.

The consequences in this case, can be much much severe than one can imagine.
The most feasible option, hence, is make good relations, arrange some moolah...and get
the work approved.
but do remember one thing, times change, situations change, it might be possible for you
right now to do this illegal construction by STUFFING money. But who know what the
situation gonna be after 10 years...???
So the best options, FIND A LEGAL way of doing it.
Hey Smitha...

I have an idea. If you know anyone from local newspaper, feed them.
They love these kinds of stories. And try to do it anonymously.
The chances that they have to bring that construction down are more.
I cannot advice you for way to build the unauthorized construction for yourself but at
least you can enjoy the "Equality"
Take care.
Thanks and Regards
Hrishikesh Kolhatkar 9
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

hi Smita,
I think you should not go with that political leader and make good relations with him.
he'll turn his back any time when you need REAL support...ok!
Police are one community whom I'll never trust in my lifetime....I've had so many bad
exp with them.
Coming to the point....if you're planning to launch a complaint. do it and further most
IMP thing...
get a form of RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT which is available for 10 Rs. (sorry
don't know where!)
Get it filled, get it signed while you're launching complaint. and hand over a copy of
complaint and form to Media.

Listen, this is worst way to do...but once police and municipal corp. know that RTI has
been dispatched for this complaint...they'll never hesitate to take action. once they'll help
leader and they'll get kicked off from Govt job.
Sorry, nobody has mentioned about this, so I thought to...
Final decision is yours, be in law and force people to be in law rather than to share illegal
meat !

Hi Smita,

If you do not find any option, you can discuss the matter with the pune municipal
commissioner rather the building permission department. You can get his appointment as
well as contact no. from the website.

Hello Smita,
Are you sure that your neighbours have not got any permission? Also, just find out
through the corporation or any real estate agent the conditions of construction in your
To speak against something (especially illegal) we need to have a couple of things.
1) Strong determination to fight against any injustice (it helps)
2) Thorough knowledge of legal conditions and situations (or some person in contact who
has this knowledge)
3) Complete knowledge of your property construction papers 4) If possible take
photographs of the illegal construction that your neighbour had done.

After having all these you will be ready to fight against it.

Try to proceed legally ........Go to corporation personally and talk to the officer there.
Have faith that not all are corrupted. Keep records of your meetings with the person.
Even you can secretly record the conversation (it will help you in final move when you
have to go into the media). Be careful while using language and be strategic. 10
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

If your neighbour has political contacts and some, relative in police it doesn't mean that
you start buttering them. You should find out about the corporator in your area......which
political party s/he belongs. If your neighbour also has same political party contact....try
to talk with the corporator about the construction problem (why you want to construct the
room......please avoid saying negative things like why he is permitted and why I am given
a notice). If s/he will not listen then go to some opposite political party person who has
lost election by less margin. S/he might help you due to political reasons. You should
have courage to go to directly to the commissioner of Police or even Mr. Pravin
Paradeshi. (Keep notes of all the conversations). I am sure somebody will listen as not all
are corrupted. Even if nothing will happen then you go to the media with all the

Now to do all these things you have to invest much time and money. You must compare
your desire to fight against injustice and your willingness/availability to spend your time
and money. That is if you feel everything is in proportion or worthy to do then go ahead
with determination to win. Otherwise, you can do how other citizens are doing that is
kept quiet.
I hope it will be helpful. If I used some harsh words.....then I am sorry for that.

Hey hi!!
Jar tumhala pan construction karaychi (illegal) permission deli geli aste tar.. tuzi news
dusraya koni channel war dili asti. Aani mag tu hey mail naste lihile. Tyapeksha aahe te
thik aahe.
Ardhavat constuctionwar kundhya vaigre theun.. vel sod..taripan
chaan disel.

Mala vattatay tula je vattata te yogyach aahe. Ani jar tujyakade hi fight dyayla vel and
josh asel tar tu nakkich dyayla hava. Tujya babtit kay jhala ani tu kay kela asta hya saglya
nirarthak goshti aahet.
Sagla bhastachar mulat suru hoto karan apan nimut pane baghto. tula aaj awaz uthvalva
sa vatatoy karan he illigal kaam tula karne shakya jhale nahi. ani mhanun tu ankhi kunala
hi karun dyayla tayar nahis. So that good..hich tar suruvat aahe... jevha ekemekana aapan
chukichya margavarun janyas adavu tevhach kahi tari karu shaku.

Dole banda karun magomag chalnarya Mendya

kiva ekmekache pay khechnare Khekade he donhi eka babtit changel aahet
Yogya marga varun janasathi "just folllow"
ani vayeet marga sathi "Pull back that fellow"

And to contact News channels just visit there site.

Vishal Galvankar 11
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Next Prez...
Well, with the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's tenure drawing to a close, the debate seems to be
heating up on who would occupy his palatial residence, the Rashtrapati Bhavan..
1. Has Kalam expressed any desire to be in running for a second term?
IMO, he deserves one..
2. If not Kalam, who others are already in the fray? I heard Jyoti Basu has been
nominated by the Left, and Veerappa Moily is gunning for the same as well.
3. Without meaning to be regionally biased, is there any Marathi person being

Hi G,
Well, regarding the highest post of Indian republic that is "The President" said a
realistic truth initially. I mean, this post has become just a means of occupying the
palatial residence for five years and being honorable guest in many events national as
well as international. In India (sadly) President has no authority (not theoretically but
practically and realistically) to make any difference in Indian political situations and
events(In the case of punishment given to Afjal he could not take any decision on his
own). Because political parties who support any candidate want him/her to be a puppet in
their hands and not to be an individual Indian. Because Dr Kalam did not allow Sonia to
be PM (though it was exhibited that Sonia herself denied it) Congress doesn't want him
For similar kind of reasons (his style of expressing his own views openly) may be BJP is
not interested in him anymore. All political parties just want their own candidate and Mr.
Narayan Murthy will not be ready to be a puppet. So according to my view it is not up to
us (we Indian citizens) to choose our own President but we have to accept these political
I don't find any point in discussing about this on the grounds of Marathi and non-Marathi
because it is not the question of Maharashtra but whole India. Ma. Yashvantrao Chavan
could achieve such status because of his own personality. Frankly speaking, I don't find
any such influential Maharashtrian personality to achieve this post in any political party.

Mr. Sharad Pawar is fine for the post of PM and for President post he has to go miles
away.....miles away. Why don't people understand .......these issues like Marathi and non-
Marathi are political stunts to divide people’s votes. During my school age whenever I
read in civics about our Presidents and even now, I read the list, it never comes in my
mind that well so and so President was Bihari or Sikh or Muslim or Maharashtrian or
Bengali. They are just honorable names for me. I this style of politically motivated
selection style of president have started by Mrs. Indira Gandhi and still it is continued.
It will not make any difference to US even if anybody will become president........whether
a Marathi or non-Marathi.
Aparna 12
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Aparna,
Nice to see such a detailed response to my post!
To continue on this topic... Is it a requirement by law to have a aged president? The
Constitution requires a candidate to be minimum 35 years of age... but does it also require
him/her to be above 60 years?

There was some talk about Mr. Narayan Murthy being offered the post of head of the
state, and if am not mistaken Dr Kalam was also supposed to be in favour of Mr. Murthy
as his worthy successor. What happened to it?

Nobody has asked for MY opinion, but if anyone does, I would say am not too excited
about any of the politicos being considered... I wish to see someone from corporate or
academic world... someone a bit young, dynamic and charismatic... how about an Indian
"John F Kennedy" ?

Hey G,
I think to be a president of India there is no such requirement that the candidate should be
aged one. Normally, it is the highest and honarable post in India (the first citizen of India)
it is obviously accepted (nowadays) that a person might be of old age.
Firstly, if the person will be young and dashing (above 35) s/he will not listen to all these
aged politicians or one might not get such an influential personality who will be accepted
by all the parties and is capable of acquiring the highest post. Secondly, for all political
parties it is convenient to have an aged person as a president so that s/he will be engaged
in his health problems more and will keep quiet for most of the times. It is quite
interesting to think about this as if we see list of our previous presidents they were
experts in their own fields and they were active. e.g. Dr Rajendra Prasad our first
president.......he seemed to be young.....even Dr C.V. Raman, Sri V. V. Giri. Now
somebody (politically motivated) can also argue that all these are from Brahmin class.

Even recently, I heard that we should not celebrate 5th September as Teacher's day
because it is Dr Raman's birthday and he has nothing to do with education. It should be
Sawitribai Phule's birthday. This is another issue but I just happened to mention it to
show the style of arguments in our SECULAR (pseudo) India. I do remember that during
the president ship of Dr Zhel Singh. Indira Gandhi never offered him the respect of
president. Even once, she gave speech on 26th January from Red Fort that is actually the
republican right of The President of India.

So my arguments remains the same that there is no use of our discussion but it will be a
great disappointment to discuss about our own choice. Unfortunately Indian citizens have
no right to vote for Indian President's post otherwise the dirty politics started by Mrs.
Gandhi (Indira not Sonia......but continued by her) in the selection process would have
been disappeared.
Once again many thanks
Aparna 13
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Aparna,
One small correction: You seem to be confused between S. Radhakrishnan and C.V.
Raman. S. Radhakrishnan was our second president and its his birthday that we celebrate
as teacher's day.. And greed he was equally expert in his field.
C.V. Raman is the Novel Laureate famous from Raman Effect.

Well G, it just appeared in my mind that in the history of the Presidentship of India no
woman has become a president. Why it is so........I did not understand. Is it the reflection
of our culture that nobody wants a woman to be at the highest post of Indian Republic?
What about Mrs. Sudha Murthy?

Hi All,
President was one of the brilliant stroke of people who framed our constitution. He does
not have much authority during normal times, but the President is one crucial part of the
checks and balances installed by constitution to avoid excessive misuse of the authority.
He is the chief of army (I am not sure though, my civics was always weak).
All the rules passed by Legislature (MP's) have to be signed by the President.
There is something similar about the Justice department also.
So basically, he is a nominal power who in principle can keep other people in check
while he himself cannot do much. Only because of the president post, we haven’t had any
Military takeover's (unlike Pakistan) and only one emergency (for which Indira Gandhi
had to struggle a lot).
Just for clarification.

Yes. Mr.Sushilkumar Shinde is most accepted candidate. 1st he is non-controversial

personality. 2nd he will get support from UP i.e. Mayavati due to his backward class
background and for the same reason BJP and their allies are unlikely to oppose him. He
was never involved in any scams even being a chief minister a central minister and even
as Governor.
Vishwas kalyankar

Dear Vishwas
We want non-Political person as our president. However, whether Mr. Shinde is
controversial or not is not important and frankly speaking, he won't deserve to be
"President of India". Till now, we had highly qualified and well respected people as our
president. So please don't even think/talk abt Mr. shinde kyonki diwaro ke (mails ke bhi)
kan hote hai. Rather even if we discussed and found the best candidate here in Debate, its
not goning make any change :) 14
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

In my opinion, People who regularly cast their vote at the time of general elections(even
at muncipal level) can only debate on any polls at internet.

nusate ekane tukada takayacha aani bakichyani chaghalat basayacha kharach kahihi
upyog hoto??? or jyana fukat internet aahe aani vel jat nahi or bharata baher basun
ethalya issues baddal uhapoh karat basayacha.

kharach ground reality var kuni kam kele aahe ka?? discuss karanyaryane swathachya
kutumba sodun dusarya sathi kahi kele aahe ka? or dusarya kunachya garib mulache
shikshanasathi madad keli aahe ka??
aashya konatyahi prakare kuni kary karat aasel tar me vel kadun madat karayala tayar

Hospital madhe kahi patient javal kunich nasate tya thikani aapalya paiki vel dila aahe

kharach aasale upkram suru karu aani samajik kary karu....nako fukat internet vaifal
charcha..... Aayushyat dusare barech kahi aahe karanya sarakhe.

kunala maza raag aala aasel tar mafi aasavi. pan ek kalkalichi vinanti kasavashi vatali
mhanun me ti keli.

kahi vakye chukali aasatil/ dukhavanari aasatil pan tya var charcha n karata garbhit arth
samazala aasel tar aapan ekatra kahi tari karu.
Rahul bokil

priya rahul! sasneh namaskar.

aaple rashtrapati kon asavet ya prashnachya nimittane tuzya lekhanatun vyakt zaleli
bhavana khup mahatvachi vatli. matadanachya rashtriya kartavyat kasur karanaryana
khare tar rashtriya gunhegar manayala have,karan tyanchya tya audasinyamule deshachya
rajkaranabarobarine samajstithivarhi anuchit parinam hoto,tyache dayitva tyanchyavarch
takayala have.

tuza dusara muddahi mahatvapurna vatla. ya madhyamatun keval charcha hot rahte
tyaaivaji aapan aplya samajasathi kay karu shaku yacha vichar hovun to pratyaksh krutit
utarava hi apeksha/suchana yogya ahe.
mi sanghacha(rss) karyakarta ahe ani tya preranetunach anek samajhitachya upakramat
sakriy sahbhag gheto.
samajavishayichya talmalitun lihilele tuze vichar avadale mhanun ha patraprapanch !

Pramod Bapat 15
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

No way.
Well, thanks to Dr.Kalam for his services.
I feel sorry for those people who can't think any other equally qualified individual.

Any way President of India is not a position of power.

It is used to honor services of highly qualified individuals towards the nation.

K.R. Narayanan played even better role than Kalam in terms of External Affairs.

So, its unfair that the if someone is getting a repetitive term.

There are hundreds of equally/ may be individuals that are more qualified.

E.g. Ex Mah Governor P.C. Alexander. (Was in race last time).

Thanks & regards,

Shrirang Joshi

Hi friends,

Obviously, prez's post is the most respected post of India and I can see that most of us are
of the agreeable opinion that the prez shouldn't be a puppet in the hands of any political
party. So, if Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde takes the post , then he will favour congress.
And about Mr. Narayan Murthy, he is a man of huge capability and vision. He is a proven
corporate tycoon and is a quite influential personality. He is progressive, futuristic, and
modern. He is a self-made personality with the capability of honouring this highest post
and putting it to good use. So, my two cents are, Mr. Narayan Murthy is visibly the most
appropriate candidate of all.

Best regards,
Priya Parab

Aapala Rashtrapati mhanun konhi tya T N Sheshan la Shodhun Aanel kare ?

toch khara hya padala nyay deu shakel 16
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Media and the Virginia University murders


Once more, the restraint of the BBC and other western media when reporting a tragedy
has been revealed. I have seen the news about the murders at Virginia Tech University
on TV at least five to six times, but I've not seen - even a single time - gory scenes,
bodies lying around and reporters shouting at the top of their voices as if their salary
might be deducted if they don't. Instead, what was seen was a very dignified reporting.
A This is one good thing that we can very well afford to ape from the western world.

Compare that with the 11-July bomb blasts in the Western Railway suburban trains. Our
media was showing broken limbs, bloody compartments, severed heads, and what not
over and over again. I got the feeling as if I was watching some low-grade Hollywood
carnage movie.
Best Regards,

The problem is that they are learning the wrong things from the western media.. like
hyping up small things like Ash-Abhishek marriage.. (Remember the hype, which Diana
received.., both during and after marriage)..

very true........there’s a lot to learn from the western

media............and our media can build up on its
class by that.................
Geeta kharbe

And the names too are catchy:-

"Gere tune kya kiya" - Aaj Tak
"Kiss ka Kasur" - Zee News

And they dedicate 30 min to 1 hr episode for such news, repeating the footage million
times at a stretch.

Amit Rajput

I think we are (Indian people) also responsible in some ways for such cheap publicity
stunts. It has been always true that Indian people encourage cheap publicity stunts by
gathering around to watch (if it is on street) or by watching the media. Why we cannot
ban these channels for some days to show such cheap publicity slogans and stunts. Same 17
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

thing had happened when a college professor's love affair was revealed by his wife and it
was shown that she was badly beating the professor and the girl.
We learn wrong things from the west all the time ignoring good things like social and
civic awareness, cleanliness, habit of preserving old monuments and having very good
libraries all over the cities as well as towns.
Just shouting about western influence on Indian culture is not going to help
anymore......people really have to introspect.

Hey hi!!
Aaj "Times of India" chya front page war eka 6 mahinyacha mulala dustbin madhye
taklela photo aalay....hey kasla pratik? kevilwanya prasidhiche ki
pardarshakta... "Makdachya haataat..." natkaat mediachya hyach bhumikewar changlach
prakash takala aahe.. kadhi sadhi milali tar bagha.



To be very honest, western media would have shown the carnage if there was any
way of filming it. It is unfair to compare our local media to BBC and CNN.

It is quite amusing to read papers like sun and daily mirror.

The problem with our media is that the government still controls a large part of
it. For e.g. one day before the last local elections, there was one more
incidence of desecration of Dr Ambedkar's statue (in Kanpur). This news item
even reached the lokmat website for about half an hour. Afterwards there were
instructions from the police control room to all the newspapers to stop this
news item. I was quite surprised when the reporters I talked to justified this
censor-ship in the name of law and order.

I really don’t mind cheap items on the news channel (like below mentioned kiss ka
kasur), after all news channel is really like a reality TV. and they need to
make their money. But I wish they devote a substantial part of the time to real
news and factual reporting.


harsh 18
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

<Recipe needed> Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa

Chicken sathi 'Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa' chi recipe kuni sangu shakel

ps - preferably web-links nakot.

Amit Rajput

Hey hi!!
Ek pandhrya pisaachi kombadi (kombda pan chalel je available asel te) ghyavi. Tila
saafsuf karun halad mith, aala lasnachi paste lavayun zakun thevaychi. Akha naral
khvanaycha.. aani mixer madhun barik karayche aani pani ghalun ghalun ghyacha..
chotha nako yayala.
Kadhayee/fry pan tel ghalun tyat lavang / masala velchi/ dalchini.. (zepel tevede) takave.
tyat barik chirlela kanda partaava (fry nahi) mag tyat chicken takun waaf kadhavi mag
naralache dudh taakave. Aani chicken shijeparyant shijvave.

Gavthi chicken ne jaast changle lagate..
Kahi jan chicken aadhi boil karun ghetaat
Kajuchi paste lavli tar ajun changli chav yete.
Tandalchya bhakaribarobar khane uttam.

Nashib he Padma Gust House Kolhapu valyani pahili nahi.. nahitar tithla chef kadhun
varsha la nakki appoint kele aste..

Tip: Varsha ne sangitaleli paddhat chicken banavnyachi khupacha chan ahe.. pan
pandhara rashyachi nahi... hey krupaya dhanyat ghya...

Mhanje ekandarit kahani mein twist !!

Recipe sathi dhanyavaad. Unfortunately, mala pandhara rassach pahije.

ps - Amchya ithe kombdiche pise khanyachi paddhat naste. Mhanun pisanchya rangala
ithe lok jasta mahatva det nahit.

ps2- Albino kombdi pan nahi chalnar. Rassach pandhara pahije.

Amit 19
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hey Hi!!

Mi TV war "Maharashtra Maza" Rani Gunaji chya program madhye baghitala.. tyat asach
sangitala hota.. Kombadi kontya pisachi te dakhvali navti.. te extra mazyatarphe. AAni
tyat doghijani bayka Kolhapuri saaree aani Kolhapuri saaj ghalun dokyawar padar gheun
hotya aani tyani to rasssa.. gharchya baher madhyech chul mandun tyawar kela hota...
pan tuzyasathi hey kahi upyogache navate mahanun nahi sangitale.

Aso.. aamchya TV war tar "pandhara rassa" asach kartana dakhwala hota.. bahuda te
Padma wale nastil. Koni navyane sangaar asel tar te pan update karu..

Kalave ..Lobh asava.


Arre mala kanjinya jhalyat....... Tumhi chicken chy goshti kaslya kartay????


Tula pandharya rasshyachi recipe ithe milel.

-Sameer 20
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Do they really deserve this?

The frustration is slowly fading. I think our team was good enough. Our's was the team
which could have been a healthy enough competition for Aus and SA on any day.

Technically, just one bad game against BD and it ended everything. You cannot defeat
SL each and every time. Its 50-50 when you play with them. And the loss against BD
means a severe burden while playing against SL and the result showed.

BD ain't a bad team anymore. They have beaten other teams too, including AUS when
they were no.1.
So I guess.... tournament cha format chukicha hota. B) Its sad to see the Indian players
getting treated this way. After all, they too are humans.


Sorry to differ with you (probably the first time since we met on the net).............but they
deserve this .......and probably far worse ! Cricket is by chance is fine... how come the
same doesn't ever seem to apply to Australia/New Zealand/South Africa ?

At a professional level, you are expected to deliver.........and none of them actually did..
.it is all in their minds........the stereotype predictable cliché
is absolutely horrific ! I am sick of it......match after match !

Losing 5 wickets for two runs in a span of 3 many times have we seen it
all ? The irresponsible lofty sixes falling short and becoming easy catches when they are
batting under pressure? The adulation of these undeserving individuals by the desperate
Indian media (including the marketing media)
To add insult to injury, Star News once showed Sehwag enjoying music on his I-pod
sitting in a hotel lobby when he should have been practicing out on the field ...........bola
'practice ka mood nahi hei........'...........that was at the peak of when he was struggling
with his form.............

no no no Aumit da, we lack that vital killer instinct..........your condoning of the team with
such magnanimity reflects the larger Indian is this psyche that makes us
losers and the likes of determined nations like Australia into winners.

chalo chhodo jaane do........ chalo woh bhi kisika beta hai.......chalo galati insaan se hi
hoti hai......kab tak ?

Time to do away with this softy-softy outlook.....karo ya maro.... bas sssaaaala ! khallaas
SS 21
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Dear Shonjoyda,
I knew, hardly anybody would agree with me. Neither I wished to sound different than
the majority.

But why just India? This happens with every team (Australians apart. they are from outer
space). NZ is usually reliable only during world cups (which they never win). SL is a
different team in absence of Murli and Vaas. England is worse than India I believe. So is
WI. SA is still called as chokers even if they are no.1 as on today. They too almost lost
the match against SL the other day. Luckily, Peterson got the edge.

As Indians, we tend to concentrate more on Indian team's performance that’s why it hurts

As far as the killer instinct is concerned, I agree with you to an extent. But our guys are
working on that aspect too. Chasing 17 (or 18) targets in a row prove that. That is
something even Australians haven't achieved. I agree most of them were home wins but
still. it ain't a simple task at all. The attitude of this team is very different from the team
10-20 years earlier. But it is a progressive phenomenon. They have to work very hard on
that aspect. Attitude doesn't change in a single day.

One more example of changing attitude of our team is of Dhoni. 12 out of 16 matches we
have won when he has played during chasing. And that is quite a significant record. And
Ranchi fans had haircut after his one bad shot against Murli.

What I mean to say is nobody wants to loose this way after such a good preparation. I
don't think there was a selection error either. One bad day ruins it all though. After all,
they are humans too. It's funny how we never think about the good games we've had. It's
always the ones that get away that we can't forget.

I am still a fan of Team India even after its pathetic performance. Insahallah, lets hope
Australians doesn't win this WC.

Amit Rajput

Indian teams defeat, in the WC and early exist is not tolerable because of two main
reasons..., which are indeed, reasons for the teams losses as well..

1. The team was OVERCONFIDENT against B'DESH. From Dravid's pre-match talk, I
even thought that the team UNDERESTIMATED B'DESH. Considering what happened
in the past matches in S'Indies in this world-cup, any one who watches cricket, would
have opted to BOWL first after wining the toss against B'DESH. But, surprisingly,
Dravid opted to BAT first... It was not confidence on the BATTING SIDE, but OVER
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

2. Even after we lost the match against B'DESH, we were given a second chance. A win
against Lankas, would have secured our place in the super 8s. But we lost, and not only
did we lost, we lost WITHOUT PUTTING A FIGHT..See..there is no excuse for things
not achieved, because of NOT TRYING...

Cricketers, now a days, are more of Models than cricketers. Many of these guys might be
spending more time in Studios or ad sessions than in GYM. This is not acceptable.
Cricket is not an individual game. For years, (before PACE-Bhupati) were nowhere in
tennis. But tennis is rather an individual game. In cricket, you represent your NATION. If
Indian team wins, its INDIA who wins not the BLUE BRIGADE or MEN IN BLUE.

And so does, if the team losses. Each Indian cricketer must remember that a billion
people are watching him and he must give his best on the ground. The team must
give its best. Now, even after that the team looses because the opponent played well, I am
sure Indian fans will respect Team India.


P.S. I personally think that we should not really pay that much attention to cricket that is
being played right now. And after all, the match fixing woes, whenever I will watch any
cricket match, I will think that I am watching just another REALITY TV SHOW...After
all, both, doubtedly, are scripted.... :-)

I completely and whole-heartedly agree with Sanjay-rao.

Granted that our cricket players too are humans.. granted that they shouldn't be molested,
or ill-treated. But, when they bask in the glow of our adulations, they will also have to
face the fury of a billion people who feel cheated upon.

I didn't get a chance to watch the matches live, But I saw a few highlights now and then.
Somehow, I can't help feeling that our team this time just didn't have the kind of passion
required to be deserving contestants. Somehow, they all looked tired, even before the
matches began.. their minds seemed distracted.

When people like you and me fail to deliver in our professional lives, we DO pay for it...
so why not these demi-gods suffer a bit... just for a change?

and it doesn’t look they are taking it too badly.

What hurts me the most is that Sachin was clean-bowled, on Zero, in

what might be most probably his last World Cup match.

-G. 23
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hey hi!!
Mala tar cricket madhyle "Mandira Bedi" (with creative dress designer) pekshahi kami
samjate..tarihi WC chya matches aawarjun baghte. WC chalu hoychya kititari aaadhi
yenare timetable.. ad world cha WC fobia.. "Team India" la sphuran chadhave mahanun
rachleli..gaani.... TV, radio, newspaper.. magazins.. internet

saglikade toch vishay. Agdi.. sadhya kapdyachya Rs 10/- sabnaavar war, sadhasa
cricket vishyee prashana...aani ameesh matra WC baghyala janachye..haha!!
Tar evdha sagla watawaran.. mag khelaat tich "jigar" havi na. Aani ti disli nahi, mag
konalahi waait watel. harayache dukha kami zale aste ..jar ladnyachi urmi disli asti tar.
Aani.. ti asti..tar kadachit players na lokshobhachi evdhi zal lagli asti..after all, fans are
also humanbeings...

Jay Maharashtra
Aplya kheladuna advertise passon vel milto khuthe, tar te practice kartil???
hya sarvana 1varsha ghari basavla phije. Aapan sarvajan ratra jagun hyanchya match
baghaychya ani he thithe mast enjoy karun match harnar.

Aaple kheladu agdi hawarat jhale aahet ase mee samajto. Tyana phakta ads madhoon
paise milavnyache ewdhe kalte. Aata aaplya sanghaat ti eki ani ti desh bhakti chi bhavana
urleli nahi. Eka maage ek sagle paisa maage dhawat aahet. Pan BCCI ni suddha thode
jaastich kele aahe. Tyani pratyek kheladula max 3 endorsements chich parwangi dili
aahe. He chukiche aahe, karan ad karna vayaktik nirnay asla paheje, BCCI cha naahi.
Theek aahe, jar performance dila nahi, tar paise deu naka. Ani seniors na ta-ta mhana,
mahntaat na, "They have overstayed their welcome...".

Hey Hi!!
Saglech jan kheladuncha "ad" chya maage ka? Aapan diwasatun 100 wela ad pahato..
mahanun aaplya tyacha overdose hot asava. Aani changle khelele tar "ad world" madhye
pan magni asel nahi tar tyasahi vegla kahi karaychi garaj nahi.
Parva ek mast joke wachala...
"Arjun aaplya aai Anajali la sangat aala "Aai baba sixer war sixer marataat,," Anajali
bharteey naari.. "are ti ad asel.."

Raatrabhar jaagnyachi garaj kay?

Ekhada booki gatha....tyala vichara aaj kon jinknaar te....ani nivaaant welewar zopa!!!
soppe ahe!!
Nikhil Ukidwe 24
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

My Haiku: The Great Indian Game Show

Drunk Captain, Fallen team
Murdered Coach, Missing diary
Big Billion Wins, Gentleman’s game

Note: This was written before end of Srilankan innings.

Rahul Vaidya

Hey hi!!
Shirlanka jinklyananter..

Niraash Dukhi Udaas bhartiy

Bhavishachya kaljit kheladu
Kaffalak investors ICC
niwaant palak,ekta kapoor


A veneer of fairytales
only a band aid to cover the fractured hearts
I don't believe in fairytales

Amit Rajput

Distressed Indians
Look down on the team
Till a win against The Lame.


---------------------------------- 25
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Rave Party - Pune

See image of all the caught during raid on rave party in Pune -
ya paiki koNihi aapaNas mahit asel tar mazya vatine tyala ek kansulat haNavi ...
puNyacha naav kharaab kelya baddal ..

Jo var Nyaylayaat gunha siddha hot nahi tovar kunalahi doshi manu naye.
Ya paiki barech lok nordosh asanyachi shakyataa aahe.
Halli Punyaat Swayamghosheet Sanskruti Rakshakaancha far peek aala aahe.
kansulat haNyasathi itar baryaach goshtee aahet.
Shrirang Joshi

Shrirang I disagree with you...

Apan phakta gunha siddha honyachi vat baghat rahaycha ka? Hya asha kityek gosti
hotat ani mag kalachya padadya aad jatat.. loka hya gosti nantar visarun jatat ani
knowingly or unknowingly apan hya gosti swikarat jato...
Isnt it just enough that those people were found there at that place drunk? Ka ti pora pori
tithe bhajani mandal madhe arti karayla geli hoti..?

Some comments of their parents are... "these kids didnt know they also had charas and
other drugs they are going to consume...." Now what to say to those parents... cant even
laugh on that... Do you think that is true enough to save their ass..?

I wud say their should be strict disiplinary action to be taken against each and everyone
who was found at that place in the party... No one should be spared from in the name of
bail or anything...

Pratikriye baabat aabhar.
Mazya mate Samajala sudharavinyapurvee manasane swatala sudharave.
1. Sarvajanik sthalee aapali waganook aadarsh asaavi.
2. Itar vyakteenkade baghnyachi drushtee hi nikop asaavi.
3. Sabhyateche a maryaadeche palan karave.
4. Vaiyakteek hitapudhe samaaj-hitacha balee deu naye.
He sarva karoo shakanaryani Samaajala sudharvinyachya goshtee karavyat.
Kunacha Kayamcha Ilaj karane / kansulaat hanane ashee bhasha vaparane mhanje
asabhya - va asanskrutpanache lakhsan aahe.
Shrirang Joshi 26
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Ya aslya faltugiri mule Pune kaay, akkhya deshachi waat laagat aahe. Part la gelela
pratyek manushyala tithe kaay chalu ahe, he nakkihmahit aste. Gunha karne aani gunha
karnaryanche samarthan karne, he ekach goshta aslya kaarnane, tya rave partit aslelya
pratyek manushyacha photo paper madhye chapoon aanla pahije. Aani, nantar mag
nyayalayeen kaarvayee karoon, partyche aayojan karnaryana phashi dili pahije.


Atak jhalelyanpaiki kadachit kahi jan nirdosh astil hi. Pan nishedh hya goshticha
karavasa vaatato ki tyanni yenarya pidhila chukichya aadarshachi pahili paayri chadhun
dakhavli ahay. Jar aaj apan gapp baslo tar udya tumchya/amchya mula-mulinchya
hyasam vartanabaddal aakshep ghyaycha kinva changale valan laavaycha adhikaar
aaplyala asel kaay?

Ekhadi ghatana Punyatach kaay - deshaat kinva jagaat kuthehi ghado -aapali pratikriya
kashi ahay hyavarunach aaplyanantarchi pidhi shiknaar ahay. Saglyanni ghadlya
prakaraabaddal gappa basa ani pudhchya pidhila deshodhadila laava; mag hich chuk
tyaveli tyanni keli ki tevha paschattap karun kaay upayog aahe?! Ghadalya prakaraat
kaay gair hotay hay apan joparyanta pudhchya pidhila patavun det nahi toparyanta aaplay
uttardaayitva paar padat nahi.

Kadachit aaplyala kaansulaat chadhvayche adhikaar pan nahit, kadachit astil hi...Pune
shaharachya premapoti nighalele udgaar asavet asa me maanto. Pan khare pahile tar
Bhartiya parampara, tatva-moolya ani asmita hyavar shintoday udaale ahet. Ani hya
prakaarat saamil asnaaray aaplech deshvaasi kaay kinva ithe shikshanakarta aalele para-
praantiya kaay -sagalech sujaan ahet - tyanna apan karat aslelya krutiche dushparinaam
mahit ahet - kaaran itkya vela prasaar maadhyamanni ordun-ordun sangitlay ahay...

Taridekhil tay hyaat sahabhagi hotay...ani pakadle gelyavar shivi-gaal pan kela. Asha
paschattap-vihin mansanvar aapla krodh tari ka vyartha ghalvaava? Pan, tyanna
"maraychi haus ahay na...khushaal maru det!" asa kitihi mhanavasa vaatala tari "Saare
bhartiya majhe baandhav ahet" ashi shapath lahanpanapasun ghetaana jo jivhaala nirmaan
jhaala ahay, tyaala kaay karave? Na rahavun bolale jaate...raagavle jaate.

Krupaya sambandhit bandhavanni aamchya bhavana samjun ghyavya ani aapla maarga
sudhaarnyacha praamanik prayatna karaava hich apeksha! Amhi tumhala vaalit taaku
ichhit nahi ani dweshbuddhi pan rakhun thevnaar nahi; pan kamit-kami aamhi
chuklo...parat chuk nahi karnaar ani pudhchya pidhyanna hi karu denaar nahi...ashi
gvahi/hami amhaala deu shaklaat tari pushkal jhaala!

Sanchet Dighe 27
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

I think Rave Party Episode is blown out of proportion....I don’t think this is a big
crime.....In Goa this happens every night.....wat happened to Nithari case...Police is still
not came to conclusion to this case....and they are after such minor issues like Rave
Party.....Taking drugs is not crime in my far as person is not forced to have
drugs and he is not underage
Pratek mansala mahit aahe to kai is his personal choice...loka daru pitat..cigrate
pitat...mag Rave party madhe charus/drugs ghetat...and they know the drawbacks....only
thing is if they are not harming anybody...i have no problems with such parties and Police
also shd not have any problem... There are much larger crimes to take care of than these
Rave Parties....common leave them alone...they know very well about their future...and
they are themselves responsible for thier destruction....

And drug addiction SHOULD not be treated as crime (like alcoholism), it is more like
disease. In such cases, counseling is much more effective.
Kanfatit marna sopa asta.. paN tyani kaahi sadhya hota naahi.

Its fine to say consuming the drugs is personal choice.

But possession, sale, or purchase of drug is certainly a crime. The drugs are proven to be
dangerous for human life so certainly its a crime.
However, I do agree that consuming drugs should not be considered as very BIG crime,
since it does not (directly) harm other than the person who consumes it.
Since this is not big crime like harming others, the punishment should be softer.
I would like bring up another topic for discussion with this thread -
Should there a mild punishment like doing some service for community, social cause for
this addicts?
Or to other milder crimes like road accidents, eve-teasing (up to certain extent), damage
to public property, spitting on roads, throwing garbage.....
Such a punishment can help the country's growth in some way rather than spending the
tax payers’ money on feeding the prisoners.
Views are welcome
Ashutosh Joshi

I hate to disagree. Consuming drugs causes harm to other people. It has been established
that drugs and crime-rate go hand in hand since drug users need to get quick money to
buy drugs.
We need to throw these people in jail and beat the xxxx out of them. We don’t need this
western virus in India.
harsh 28
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Harsh,
The modus operandi of the whole problem starts with the Drug Peddler that makes a
business out of this... In U.S.A. the whole problem was caused due to the drug peddlers
gave away free chocolates or cigarettes laced with the drugs to school going children,
making them drug addicts at a very young age... What about India in this case (Pune)?
I agree to your second point that those people who were caught should be put behind bars
and treated like Criminals... but do not blame Western Culture (DRUGS ARE NOT
MADE IN USA or UNITED KINGDOM) for that...we have to blame Pakistan and
Afghanistan as its the worst Virus that is spreading the drugs to the whole world...
Its very easy to blame Western Culture for everything... why should people from India
follow the Western culture when they know that our culture is the greatest there is?
To copy Western Culture is very easy... as they really do not have any values like us... I
(a) Family Values
(b) Respect for teachers
(c) Respect for their wives (well in India I have seen many families who treat their
women with contempt and disrespect)
(d) Love and Care for their new born babies... (they keep them in a crib in a separate
room and close the door and go to their room for privacy... due to which there was an
influx of Hippy Culture...
(e) In Western Culture the equate Love to Sex... for them love does not spring from heart
but they make love...

BUT its not all that bad... they have their good points too...
1. They have a larger heart and would line up to help a person who need blood
transfusion or Bone Marrow transfusion... they also take over the hospital payments of
poor and needy people...
2 When they trust you they do it completely...When they become your friends they will
be the friend you will love to have around you... as they are dependable...

People from Western Culture have been exposed to the Indian Culture and they love the
basic principles of our culture and we should be proud of it...however there are
I have a great number of Western Friends as I live in California, USA for 31 years and
they have adopted Indian style of living and culture... as a matter of fact they go to the
temples and attend pujaa session and also have their wills made that their bodies be
cremated in a Hindu style... Some of them go to the University to study Vedas... Show
me one Indian who goes to the University to learn Vedas.

If you go to Indian Temples here you will find White Americans playing Mridangams
and tablas, Veena and Saarangis, reciting Sanskrit Slokas... I am sure many of us do not
know Sanskrit and must have taken French or German in High school and omitted

So in short, Western people are fascinated by the good side of Indian Culture, then why
should the Indian be enamored by the bad (worst side of Western Culture??? 29
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

We as a human try to come up in life by study and practice of good things which the
Western people are doing where as the people (like those caught in Pune) try to fall in the
dirt and roll in it like who is to blame?

God has give us this life so lets make the best use of it...

Thank you

Ha ha.. Putting people in Jail and beating blah blah.. U will make the helpless victim even
more helpless.
We have Alcoholic Anonymous for drunkards. What we need is similar thing, good
counseling, and proper rehabilitation.
And I agree. Those who sell drugs and smuggle them, should be given harsh punishment.
May be death penalty like in Singapore. But not for those who only consume them.

hi Rahul
Please go thru the list of people arrested. Most of them have rich parents who don’t care
what their children are doing. And who don’t see drugs as a big deal.

The first time I was offered a brown sugar in Pune was long time back. It was during a
rockfest in Fergusson college, the gang was mostly Maharashtrians from Mumbai with
rich parents, I think 2-3 guys father were the pilot in Indian airlines.
I have seen and observed the drug problem first hand in India and overseas for a long


By the way guys do you know that drugs were used in India since a long time???
Ganja and Opium was available in any Panwallas shop...
most of the working mothers who had kids to look after, but no means to look after them
gave a little Opium in the milk so the child would sleep till she came back home...
Sometimes the child would die due to overdose...

Anyway as it is illegal, these "poor and helpless" people should be punished... If not why
should a poor murderer be given Life Imprisonment or Death by Hanging? They also did
those crimes unknowingly in a fit of rage...
Lucky 30
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

1. Trust me no one has given them free chocolates. It does not happen this way in India.
2. It is the market in USA and Europe, which is to be, blamed not the producers in
3. I do not agree that our culture is the greatest but that’s a point for another discussion,

You must not be aware of the marketing techniques used in the western part of the
world... If you say that nothing is offered fro free... its true... but only when the children
are hooked on to the drugs in their young age they will crave for it and then go and buy it
at whatever price its available... That is the crudest marketing... but it has helped some of
the people in getting a lot of money and power...

First they give out free products, and when you are sufficiently hooked on it or
comfortable with it then wham they got you by the balls and make you pay for it... some

1. Just a few months back they sent every home with a Gillette Fusion Razor free... its
definitely better than the earlier model (at least I liked it and so did others) so now we are
buying the blades at a higher price since then...

2. You must have definitely heard of AVG (Anti-Virus) Software... previously they were
giving this software for free with the license to use for a year with all the updates... now
they only give you free for 30 days... then it becomes inactive...

3. Gevalia Coffee send you a free coffee maker with designer set of mugs, with an
agreement that they will ship you at least 2 to 3 bags of coffee every month...

4. If you visit the wine country, in Napa valley, California... they will give you different
varieties of wines to taste... (many people go there just to get intoxicated by their free
shots) but many do buy a case or many as per their capacity...

In India too if you go to a sweet shop you can get free sample of barfi or pedha so that
your tongue which would like the taste would make you, buy at least half a kilo to two

Yes my friend they did give free drug laced goodies to school going children... at least as
it was reported in New Jersey... An Indian mother noticed that her son came from school
with read and heavy eyes as if walking in sleep... and she took him to the clinic and the
doctor said that h has been under the influence of drugs... when he came out of the trance
he told her that some person was distributing chocolates 31
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

She reported it to the local police and they kept a watch and nabbed the guy... anyway
that Indian family moved back to Mumbai as then they were scared that they would be
targeted by the Drug cartel...

Well its up to you to believe it or not... but tell me my friends if drugs are not produced...
how would you buy? Only if you produce certain things in access then its exported to
foreign countries for foreign exchange...

I know you have hot against the Western people or their culture... so lets leave this
discussion at that...

I do not think that poor people can afford such luxuries... so people who do drugs... I
would not have any compassion but the people who deal and sell drugs should be skinned
alive, or made to consume all the drugs forcibly...

In USA the fine for the Drug Peddler is that his car and property are sized and auctioned,
while he is put behind bars with no pay-role...

Lucky 32
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

We Desi parents are too competitive

Hi all,
I have wanted to talk abt this topic with you all for some time now but just didn't get a

Why are we desi parents so competitive when it comes to our kids? Lot of Indian kids
here in US have busier schedules than a company executive. They go to school and then
for piano, tennis, karate, kumon(to enhance their skills in school), dance, music, skating,
etc etc etc. Kids have no time to day dream and just stay home and do nothing. Why? ?
When I had to choose a school for my daughter, I chose the one that had very less desis.
And I did this to protect me from all the other desi moms :) B'cos the typical conversation
between me and others would have been - "what? your kid is not taking a million classes?
why? don't you want her to be a doctor/singer/dancer/karate
champion/Nobel prize winner ???? " :) I strongly believe that kids need time to do
NOTHING, to day dream, to fight with their brother/sister, think abt something to annoy
We still expect our kids to become doctors and scientists. What is wrong if they want to
be a chef (look at Sanjeev Kapoor, he did very well in life) or be an entrepreneur or a
teacher?? Kumon classes in US are filled with Indian kids. What is the hurry to teach
2+2=4 to a 3 yr old ??? We want our kids to skip grade and go ahead. And I'll tell you
what happens to such kids in US - till 3-4 grade everything goes fine but by sixth grade,
all the other American kids shoot up, grow taller, bigger and this desi kid remains the
baby of the class and gets all sorts of problems trying to fit into older age group.

I don't know guys, this is what I think. We Indians need to take a chill pill sometimes and
let our kids excel more in day dreaming.

I guess what my fiancé says makes sense now. She says - We both have been thro a bit of
stress, both academic and of life. Our kids should be free from all kinds of restrictions. If
its a son, she says, she wouldn't let him study at all. He should be absolutely free from all
the burdens. He should go to school only if he wishes to. College education is out of
question. He should be free from all the inhibitions. He should happily beat up other
children and we shouldn't scold him. We should earn enough for his sake so that life
wouldn't bother him even if he becomes a mawali.

Its too early to comment but I will keep you all updated on his progress.

Amit Rajput 33
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Well Amit, Keep me updated about your whereabouts.. I will want to protect my kids
from yours.. ;)

I perfectly agree with Anjali's observation that now a days kids are overburdened.. But I
have a feeling that parents are to be blamed more than just peer pressure. Today’s parents
want more freedom with life and want kids out of way as much as possible. May be its
because today's parents work more than ever before. They spend more time traveling than
ever before. And of course peer pressure has its own part..

But I feel that we are creating a generation of zombies where everybody will think alike
and behave alike.. (Like contestants of Ms World :p)


I think the problem is that desi parents want their kids to do too many things. The Indian
attitude of Jack of all trades and master of none.
I met one of my cousins in India and believe me his 4 year old son, knows a few words
from Marathi, Hindi, English, and German. He already plays little bit of Tabla/Peti and
his mom was talking about his exam results etc etc. I was totally speechless.
My son is 3 years old and does nothing of this sort*lol* I do not see anything wrong with

I do not completely agree with all of you. As far as singing , dance etc classes are
concerned I agree Indians stress too much. But regarding education I believe they do the
right thing.

There are several reasons for an Indian parent to stress on studies. We Indians grow up in
extremely competitive environment. We struggle a lot compared to our counterparts in
other continents. Population may be a culprit to some extent. Education is mainly the
means to better life for middle class.

Another reason is dignity of labour.(We can improve on this) Indians believe only in air
conditioned offices, cars etc. Alternate professions are looked down upon.
It is this environment that makes them push their children.

Believe me I hated college, its "Indian Parents" who are responsible for what I am today.
Thanks to them....
Arati. 34
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Arati,
The point here is that how much to stress on education. Whether learning 5 languages at
the age of 3 will help him in being a world class writer? Whether attending Kumon class
will make a child an Einstein?

The importance of education should be limited to making sure that the child knows what
is being taught in the class well. Not that he should be able to do calculus at the age of 10.
(This e.g. is taken from Kumon official website. The founder’s son was able to do
calculus at the age of 10 following this methodology. But the website fails to mention his
further achievements).
And I am not saying that the child must be stopped from learning things. If the child has
aptitude for Math he will surely excel with little guidance from parents.
I am very sure, the next Einstein will not be from the generation that attended special
math coaching at the primary school level.

> Arati said --

> But regarding education I believe they do the right thing. > There are several reasons
for an Indian parent to stress on studies. > We Indians grow up in extremely competitive
environment. We struggle a lot compared to our counterparts in other continents.
> Population may be a culprit to some extent. Education is mainly the means to better life
for middle class.

Education is important, but that doesn't mean that you start teaching addition/subtraction
to a 3 yr old!!!!! You say that we Indians grow up in extremely competitive environment
- that's b'cos everybody is doing nothing but trying to be a doctor/engg/scientist/software
guy. Why not encourage our kids to become a good, honest policeman or a great teacher
or a journalist ??? Also, have you guys noticed that most Indians of our generation have
no hobbies, no passion in life. That's b'cos as kids we were asked to study study study.
You said - "Education is mainly the means to better life for middle class" – but that does
not hold true to most of the desis here in US. They earn good money, have big houses,
and drive very good cars. What do you say to that?

Hey hi!!
Are parva tar aankhi ek kissa... eka music shop madhye ek young couple CDs ghyala aale
hote. Tyana lahan mulanchya CDs havya hotaat sanskaar (??) karnyasathi, tyat shlok,
stavan hya sarva barobarch english rhymes, baalkatha , panchatantra and Albhabet aani
numbers shivnaarya pan. Mag tyana vicharle gele "kiti varshacha aahe?" (karan barobar
koni lahan mul disat navata..). Kai mast lajle doghe.. aani sangitale "due aahe.. 4
Uff!! Bola aata..
Varsha 35
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

"What is wrong in being a good, honest policeman or a great teacher or a journalist"

Answer is simple. In India it doesn’t pay.

Journalist/Teacher/ Policeman do pay well and give lot of respect if the person is extra
ordinary and lucky too. But every body cannot hope to be extraordinary or lucky either.
Thus the safest bet is to become Engineer/Doctor.

Days are changing, and journalism might soon become a great profession. Likewise
Lawyer. But no hopes for those who want to be a policeman :).
Rahul Vaidya

I agree with Rahul that jobs Anjali mentioned don’t pay much. In US even if a person
does not go to college they can get a good job, and most of the jobs do pay well. It does
not harm an American to dream during school days, never go to college, and pursue their
dream profession as they get paid well.

Hobbies is a totally different issue.

spending habits of Indian and American are different.(saving vs. spending) But nowadays
Indians do have hobbies and are also ready to spend a lot on their hobbies(but again
reason is that education has given them money).

Anjali regarding "day dreaming"- thanks to "day dreaming" Americans, many Indians
have ended up having jobs in US:)
If all Americans would go to college like Indians they would not need us:)

Its not the education it is the attitude due to which Indians get the jobs. Indians are ready
work harder and longer hours to get something done. Any employer appreciates such

Hi all,
Well, I was reading all the replies and counter-arguments in it from all of you. I would
like to mention my couple of observations:
1) It is the condition of Indian parents not only in the US but also in India. Moreover,
further I would say that it is the condition of parents in Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Japan,
and China also. I mean the spirit of competition and the style of putting stress on

2) Personally I feel it is a kind of BOOM .........I mean, this was the condition of parents
50 to 60 years back in the western developed countries. That is to engage their child in as
many activities as they can. After all they wanted to make their children obviously 36
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

doctors, scientists etc. They wanted to be the most efficient and alert parents (as per child
psychology) in the development of their ward. What is the result after 60 years of such
BOOM? Now, very few wants to continue for University education. Most of the children
doesn't get along with their parents they leave the home at the age of 17-18 as they
can get money from their government's social welfare funds.
Here in India also all such BOOMS are there among wealthy parents. Parents who don't
have sufficient money for feeding the whole family and for giving basic education to
their children .........will never come under this BOOM.

3) Monetary attraction and attraction to be in a developed western country are the only
reasons to go to professions like MBA, s/w field, Engg and medicine. Nobody want their
children to study languages and be a good linguist or a research scholar in any field. Even
nobody wants to become a research scholar in any field. Because there is no money. Even
in marriage market it counts. I do remember that there is (and still it is there) a BOOM
among upper middleclass and middleclass people for sending their children to US for MS
or PhD. The pattern is already set: 10th - 12th (sci) - Engg/ Medicine/MBA/MA
Psychology - GRE + TOEFL - MS (US) or PhD (US).
For children from poor families or village families: 10th -12th (sci) - DEd - or Graduation
(BEd) - either primary or secondary teacher. If a person manage to get further for MEd
then can become a lecturer in the college. Here I have written almost standard patterns.
Those who manage to get into Indian civil services or regional civil services become
expert in managing everything including money that they have spent to get into the
system. For son/daughter of a politician cum industrialist in education (like Karad,
Kadam etc) they become instant Principal's of any college set by their father's institution.

4) I also have heard that many of these NRI's now started realising that their children are
not taught proper Indian culture and history. So they want their children to learn Indian
history and culture along with Mathematics and science. In some colleges in the US and
Canada it is compulsory (from their parents) for undergrad students (Indian) to take
Indian history and culture as one of the subjects to pass their undergraduate course.

5) Indian picture is always confusing to me as I can see both the sides at the same time.
Like on the one hand you can see Indian industrialists like Tata are buying the companies
in the western countries and on the other hand there are thousands of farmers who are not
able to pay their debts. On the one hand we can see so many Indian students going abroad
to study or even many foreign universities are coming to invest in India but on the other
hand there are many children who are not getting basic quality education and food and
the quality of Indian higher education research (through universities) is going down.
I cannot predict anything regarding this BOOM of competitive parents .......where it will
Only I would like to pray that "GOD GIVE THESE PEOPLE A THOUGHT
It is enough for me if they could become good and sensitive human beings.
Aparna 37
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Re: We Desi parents ... stop comparing please, and also no dictatorship I am just got out
college, so I know the effects of competition on my parents. The problem with them is
that they ignore the details
and read only the headlines. For example "My son is going to the United States". This
line is commonly heard by my mom, who asks me a 1000 times, why I have Failed to go
to the US. But the details most of the times as much as 75% - 80% cases say : "My son is
going to the United States. He did not score enough, so we are trying to get him to do an
MS." C'mon, if I get 60%, do a PG and get a good job in a good company, why should I
go to the US? Why do parents keep comparing us with others?
Sometimes, in their quest to see their kids "do something great", they do not think twice
in insulting their kids in public, like "Arre tula kahick kalat nahi, amkya amkya chya
mulani amkya amkya college mahoon degree milavli aahe, to mhanto tech khare
asnaar." Gimme them a break guys, give us a chance. Are parents ashamed to call that
particular kid; their son or daughter, as in the case above?

And worst of all, "tichi mulgi he he amka amka karte, tu mulga asun suddha ase karu
shakat nahis mhanje kaay?" What crap. Are girls nothing? Should they only sit and keep
the house? And this has been heard from mothers who are working women themselves.
So does this lady mean that she is inferior than some male working at an equivalent
position in her office? Why do parents not think twice about what their words sound like
to their children?

And remember that all kids are not the same. A friend of mine did not do well till 12th.
He hardly ever crossed 60%. Today, he is successful in his career as a hospitality
manager in some UK hotel.
His parents gave him full freedom, otherwise he would be doing something that he might
to have liked.
Let children decide what they want to do. Give them proper advice, but please do not
enforce your will on them.

Hello NImish,
I can totally understand what you are saying. The example that you gave of that friend of
your who did OK (acc. to lot of parents) till 12th grade and now has a good career - that
was a perfect one.

What saddens me is that parents of my generation are repeating the same mistakes that
our parents did. Let the kids live a little, please. Every 3 yr old who can add 1+1 is NOT
going to become Einstein. When will parents realize this??? If the kid says "I want
to learn dancing" then you join a dance class. And not that the other kids are doing it so
you force your kid to learn.

What parents don't realize that younger kids don't know how to show their frustration
BUT when they grow up and follow careers that did not wish for then all comes crashing
down. 38
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

What is worse that having your grown up kids say to you "You did not let me follow my
dreams" ??

Generations till now have already proved to the world that we Indians are intelligent but
let our kids prove to them that they are also very creative, adventurous, athletic and can
win lots of Olympic gold medals. :)

I do agree with Anjali, but differ slightly.
People are looking for all round development of kids. Parents are making
personal/professional sacrifices do spend quality time with kids. Though the number of
these parents may not be very huge, but yes there is a change.

I totally agree with her as we are so much in comparison mode always. One need to
respect individuality of the kid. You cannot have photocopies---( I mean whatever other's
kid does ours should also do).
But yes there is long way to go, but there is hope.
Vijay Deshpande

interesting discussion,
very true, in India white collar profession is preferred. forget abt. journalist or policeman,
if u r a carpenter, shoemaker / repairer, u r nothing.
I feel every profession is needed in our world, and no profession is to be looked down on.

I have been visiting India every three or four years and I notice changes, towards
betterment as well as towards worse. The more u see the world, more efforts u take to
"change the world"

Abt. education in India my observation ( at least in pune) is that it is just 'ghokampatti'.

students don't learn to learn by experimenting but they read and learn things by heart. if
one learns things 'by heart' I mean willingly, while one wants to know how things work
and not just to get good score in the school, they will certainly learn better.
hobbies are not always hobbies to 'spend money on', hobbies can also be watching nature
without camera or whatever. just observing and trying to understand things.
I am hopeful, that things r changing, also in India.
we compare India with an elephant, it takes time, and still he starts running.

Nalini 39
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Tamilnadu-madhil Marathi manasathi

Tamilnadu madhil marathi
Namskar Mandali
Tamilnadu madhhe jar apali marathi manse astil tar tyana tikade marathi jevanyachi soy
ahhe ka? Kuni asel tar sanga? ani jar nasel tar aplyala kahi tari vichar karayala havay
Tumchya uttarachi vat pahat ahhe
Kshitij Yelkar

You mean WHOLE of TamilNadu? or some specific towns/cities?
And, "aaplyaala kaahitari vichaar karaayla hawaa" mhanje nakki kaay karaayche? Do you
plan to start a chain of Marathi restaurants? I didn't get the direction of your mail.

Rather than worrying about what Marathi maaNus will eat in TamilNadu, we should be
thinking about Marathi people right here in Maharashtra. With the Udupi and Punjabi
hotels swarming in every nook and corner of almost all major cities in Maharashtra, it is
getting difficult to get pure Maharashtrian food here itself.

Hey hi!!
Aaplya savayeech aata global zalaya aahet...aamchyakade tar ekhada parmparik padharth
bhaher khaalla ki tyala "gharguti" mahanychi padhat padli aahe.


Hi G,
As soon as I read the heading of this mail I thought of different
situation of Maharashtrians in Belagaon..... But when I read the mail I felt it as a wrong

I was thinking about right from food styles to languages. South Indian food like Idali,
Dosa, Utappa have become very familiar and we have accepted it as one of our food
items. We have also accepted Punjabi food. Even our Vada-Pav, Pav-bhaji is accepted
everywhere in India. I don't find any reason to search for Maharashtrian food in
Tamil Nadu. Jaisa Des vaisa Bhes......similarly we can eat the food items in Tamil Nadu.

Yes, when we go to Bengal, Arunachal or Nagaland where most of the food items contain
Non-veg food, a person like me will ask for veg food. If you go in the west then Indian
food is very famous. Why we want to divide Indian culture and food in various states? 40
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Why to discriminate and bring communalism? I mean such things starts from very small
events. When Marathi books and libraries are banned in Belgaon, when Marathi medium
schools are closed down in Belgaon by Karnataka government, it was just for political
reasons. How many people think from a pure language point of view? Language and
culture goes by hand in hand. This is how we have lost so many precious Indian
languages. If we start separating the states by language then don't you think so that it will
not take much time to divide India? Why in Assam Bihari people are killed? Why
Keralites and Tamilians they don't accept Hindi and want to be separated from India? I
am sure if we continue so, then Mumbai will become a Union Territory in next 10 years
as in Mumbai many languages are spoken.
Same thing can be said about Bangalore. Pune is also becoming an IT city. It might
happen in Pune as well. Do you think is it correct?

Think and reply.


Hi all,
The best thing I like abt us Maharashtrians is that we perfectly adjust to any situation or
place. Where ever we go, we rarely face problems with food. We are not like lot of south
Indians who HAVE to have sambar and HAVE to have their particular pickles. Believe
me, my in-laws, being Telugu people, always have major problems when they travel.

Traveling with them here in US is a major event. Once when we had taken them to Las
Vegas, I had carried with me rice, rice cooker, daal , etc. And the first thing we did after
reaching Las Vegas is to buy a big dabba of dahi :)

So, instead of worrying what Marathi people are eating in Tamil Nadu let's worry abt
how Marathi people can come up in other areas, like business, networking, etc.

Hi Anjali,
My experiences are exactly opposite..
You find more number of tamilians and Telugites in Mumbai (and even Pune) than
Maharashtrians in Chennai. (Hyd is an exception as it is very near to Maharashtra

And you will find more of them even in US. Maharashtrians are just a miniscule minority
compared to south Indians and Punjabis..

Then how do u think we adjust to any situation?

Rahul Vaidya 41
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Hi Rahul,
First of all, we have Mumbai and hence Marathi people don't need to go to Chennai and
other places. People from other cities come to us. We have more south Indians in
Mumbai because of obvious reasons. What was there in Chennai and Hyderabad 15 - 20
yrs back? Nothing to challenge bright minds. And hence lot of south Indians came to
And do you really think there are less Maharashtrians in US? Do you know that Seattle
has a huge Marathi convention this coming June ??!! We have a Marathi convention
every 2 yrs !!! I agree that there are more south Indians, Punjabis, and Gujjus in US but
Marathi junta is not less either.
Only thing that I see as a problem is that Marathi junta is not well connected and
networking is not that good. We lack business skills and don't have the support system
like the Gujjus and Punjabis. We are more into Kala and Sahitya (which is great) but we
need to improve our other skills now.

Gautam hit the bull’s eye....

I don't understand one unavailability of OUR food a big problem such that
somebody SHOULD DO SOMETHING about it..?
If yes, then I think we are still stuck in attitude. This is the age of globalisation. Ones
success depends on how much faster he/she adjusts to changing conditions. and this is
true about the community as well.

I think we should really stop CARING about such trifle of problems.

As far as starting off a chain of Marathi Restaurants goes...its a really good idea..
We can invest in this.

Abhijit 42
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

India - China - Maharastra

What our politicians and news papers do not tell us.
This has a direct effect on industrialized states like Maharashtra.
India-China bilateral trade in 1999 was 2 billion dollars.
India-China bilateral trade in 2005 was about 19 billion dollars, with India enjoying trade
India-China bilateral trade in 2006 was about 25 billion dollars, with China enjoying
trade surplus of around 4 billion dollars.
Indian trade deficit (with China) of 4 is not a big deal.
That is unless you look at the detailed picture.

Indian exports to China are mostly in low-value added goods like Iron ore.
Indian imports from China are mostly industrialized goods.
Do you spot the problem? We are exporting base commodities and in return we are
loosing jobs due to import from China.
Our industries will collapse if this state of affairs continues.
We must put in protectionist methods till China learns to play a fair game.


Industry is already lobbying to stop export of iron ore.. I expect that the lobbying will
work soon..
And why do you always think that the deficit is always bad? That is too generic a
We should have more data than just deficit that too only of a single country to make big
judgments of what is good for a country and what is not..
If it was so easy why do we have PhDs in economics as both PM and finance minister? :)\
Rahul Vaidya

I am not talking about deficit over here.
In 2006 China exported around goods worth 14.50 billion us dollars to India. This means
our manufacturing was cut-off by the same amount, which further means a huge number
of jobs were lost.
Indian industry cannot compete with China who use unfair trade practices.
As to the prime-minister, don’t forget that he leads a very fragile government (this is why
this government introduced reservations for Muslims, and further thinking about
reservations in the private sector). Further, a PHD does not necessarily make him an
excellent prime-minister. Take a look at the most successful prime-ministers/presidents
around the world and check out their degrees.
harsh 43
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

he he.. I was just stating with respect to economics.. Don’t u think a PHD in economics
will make him understand better regarding the economy than you and me?

Fair or unfair, it is not a solution to protect the Indian industry.. We will only give shelter
to mediocre products. And why do you think that 14.5 billion trade means 14.5 billion
loss of manufacturing efforts. Don’t u think that they are better in producing electronic
goods while India doesn’t have the required competency? We are better at IT than they
and many Indian IT companies are setting up shops there.

In this globalize world, such things don’t matter any more.

Rahul Vaidya

A PHD in economics does not make him the best person in managing the economy. If
that was the case then every finance minister at least in the western world would have had
a doctorate.

This is just an Indian obsession with paper degrees that I completely fail to understand.
And this is something that I could never explain to my European friends.

However, the bad part is that having a doctorate in economics may make him susceptible
to managing the economy at the micro-level and that will never work for a country as
large as India. Managing at micro-level would only work in case of city-states like

As to producing electronic goods: what makes you think they are better?

Mate! the quality of Indian products is way better than "made in" China products. Think
of China as a big "ulhasnagar" industry. They don’t spend a dime in research (they just
steal the technology), they don’t spend a dime in terms of environmental effect
(compared to even India), land is up for grabs and you have to hold a gun to their head to
make them pay better salaries. They don’t give a damn for quality and have a lot of
experience in terms of stealing from other people’s pockets.

I had the mis-fortune of working for a couple of Chinese employers*s*

Unfortunately we Indians are always stuck in our internal argument and never care about
external factors.
However, the long term forecast for fuel is considerably below the current level. In fact
fuel prices have started going down and we will see a massive backslash to China coming
from Europe and USA within an year or two.

harsh 44
Marathi.Net Mind Storms Vol. III

Wrong move to stop goods from china on account of loosing jobs, Indian industrialists
are sucking people and non competent they should be more competitive
No need to protect them.
They want higher margins ,profits and don’t want to improve on quality.
If CHINEES products are cheap and good quality why stop Indian industries should learn
to be more productive.


dear Rahul it is good that industry is lobbying. Only PhD is not enough. hi level
motivation is required at any level but particularly top level. I have reservation abt PCC.
He is going along with Left people that are never on Right side. any way these are my
Vilas Bhagwat

I agree with you, high level of motivation is certainly needed.

When we talk about economy of the country, in essence we are talking about people, the
ability to understand people, manage people, and motivate people and so on.

Look at any economic crash since 1950's and look at any economic revival during the
same period. Look at the factors and you will find it is always people, people, people.

A PHD has got nothing to do with ability to manage people. May be it is a requirement
for RBI chief, may be finance minister. But certainly not prime-minister.

In fact looking at the independence day speech, I feel he is going down the wrong path
(as pointed out by Murthy chairman of Infosys).

ps: as to deficit may not be harmful.. take it with a tone of salt. There lots of other pre-
requisites for deficit to be a successful growth vehicle. 45

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