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Name 7

Annisa wahyuni Eva Saskia Handika Wiradana Herlambang M. Kelas : XII IPA 7

Seks free is a sexual relationship outside of marriage performed, either consensual or in the world of prostitution. Sex is a natural instinct of every living creature on this earth. Not only humans have the instinct of sex, but also including animals and other living things (plants).Sex is necessary to maintain the viability of a species or a group (species) of living beings. The main purpose of sex is to create interest repeuduksi regeneration. This means that every living creature to have sex for procreation in order to maintain and preserve offspring. In addition the purpose of sex is as a means to obtain satisfaction and relaxation in the life (for humans). Sexual activity (for humans) should only be done when the existing legal bond between men and women, the bond is called a marriage. That intercourse outside of marriage constitutes a violation of the norms (both religious norms and norm-noram other applicable) and merupak an act of sin is great and very heavy hukumannnya. We often hear the good from stories of friends or from news about the human behavior of today often have sex outside of marriage (is part of the sex-free). Sex is sex wild done illegally in the sense already violate existing norms. If a man should not have sex outside of marriage (sex), because it is more likely to veterinary properties. Let's compare with the animals who had sex at will, with a different partner and made an important wherever there is a will. Animals do it because they were not awarded the mind and thoughts to see which ones are good, which bad, which is appropriate and what is not worth it. In addition, the animals are not bound by norms that require him to megikuti rules of the applicable norms and the binding of a human being. If human sexual activity is free, meaning their degree no more than a humanfaced animals, because human beings endowed by God's mind and thoughts to be able to choose which is good, which bad, which is appropriate and what is not worth it.

Lust is a very decisive in the occurrence of free sex. Sexual intercourse performed when the passions have mastered himself. Lust makes one forget everything-everything, termask forget the Lord, which he knew was how to keep these desires can be channeled. Therefore, as human beings by God ang diberukan excess dibandingfkan with other creatures, control our desires so that our degree of high-bias more than other creatures. Because diasaat we lose by the passions, then our degree equal to an animal.

The impact of free sex

Teens or young people are the hope of the nation. On their shoulders, the front and ideals of this nation is at stake. They are educated to recognize school, be polite, moral, religious, environmental care,concerned about the future, and a myriad of other positive values. But as mostteenagers, they are not separated from the fun world of teenagers who become familiar. Within reasonable limits, the teen years often leave the impression ofsweetness. Merely mejeng at the mall is not anything haraam. But not a few ofthose who "go" too far. They became out of control. Tail is excessive. For exampleentangled in a rahrah party marijuana, putau, ecstasy, and other demons pills. Not a few among those who became pregnant out of wedlock due to free sex (freesex). Shortcuts through the abortion was performed, to eliminate the baby yet they want. There are several reasons that can justify the outbreak of "fee-sex" is, among which are 1. Negative Influence of Mass Media 2. weak Faith 3. The absence of sex education is correct, accurate and based on religious values. 4. Lack of parental supervision. 5. Wrong in choosing friends Dangers of casual sex : Creating a bad memory Result in pregnancy abortion (abortion) and infanticide

The spread of the disease one is HIV / AIDS. Incurred a sense of addiction

a) Conclusion
Free sex very big impact, not only the result of self but also family and people around. Stay away from promiscuity that leads to sex bebas.Tingkatkan faith as a bastion of sin.

b) Recommendations
How to prevent free sex actions, namely: Increase the faith and always hold ourselves to God the Almighty. Stay away from drugs and promiscuity without limit. Grow norms and social values. Avoid negative things. Fill our days with activity and exercise. Avoid negative association. Selective to peers. Loya but still carefully follow developments in technology. Healthy life without terpau narcotics. Do not destroy the future. Achieve goals without sex. Think of all our actions with an effective and comprehensive accordance with the result that we will receive. Avoid casual sex since an early age to not get along without limitation norms and ethics. Say "no", if the couple wants courtship activity exceeds the limit. Especially for young women demand sex as "Proof of love", do not meet, since the most damages are the women. Remember, once a woman loses her virginity, she lifetime will suffer, because the norm is adopted in our society

still glorifies purity. Unlike women, male virginity can never be proven, while the examination obstetrician can be determined whether a girl her hymen was still intact or not. 9 What often happens is that couples swept out of control because of dating activity. for a few tips for not swayed: 1. Intend that the purpose of dating is to know each other more closely. 2. Avoid places that are too quiet or a place that contains sexual activity. 3. Avoid eating foods that stimulate the before / during courtship. 4. Avoid reading / porn films that stimulate the before / during courtship. 5. Do not be obeyed if the couple demanding excessive courtship activity, while noting that it would pollute the purpose of dating. It is therefore that of a healthy style of courtship is something that needs to be considered in order to avoid the things that are not desirable. Healthy dating Style include various elements which are as follows: 1. Physical Health. There is no violence in dating. Are prohibited from hitting, slapping or kicking. 2. Emotional Health. Relations are good and comfortable, mutual understanding and openness. Must recognize their own emotions and the emotions of others. Must be able expressing and controlling emotions well. 3. Social healthy. Dating is not binding, meaning that social relationships with others should maintained so as not to feel strangers in their own environment. Not good if a full day together with a boyfriend. 4. Sexual Health. In dating we should look after each other, ie do not do things that at risk. Do not perform activities that are risky, let alone have sex.