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Monday, October 17 [Ramones] rejects the tyranny of meaning 1.

Todays group writing: Your groups has been asked to sit on a panel to discuss early punks contribution to the cultural world. Specifically, you are to respond to Nicholas Rombes claim that punks most radical gesture is that it recognizes and valorizes the artifice of pop culture (83). Respond to the validity of this claim. Make sure that you have at least one consenting and one dissenting POV in your group. Rombes has Judy is a Punk in mind as the best example of the above sentiment. You can find it at our Portfolio under Additional Songs. 2. Redefine punk, especially in the light of Rombess book on Ramones. 3. Grading criteria. 4. Songs for Wednesday: Chorus Of One / Strike Anywhere; Damaged Goods / Gang of Four (Portfolio); Washington Bullets / The Clash Kate 5. Also, please read The Problem with Music and Punks Earnest New Mission for Wednesday. This will catch us up on our readings. 6. Upcoming Stuff: a. Advising next week. Ill bring a sign-up sheet to Wednesdays class. b. This Fri./Sat.: the punk rock/mildly pornographic film Return of the Living Dead at DFS. c. Denver Film Festival tix on sale this week. d. Saturday, October 29: dinner at El Diablo followed by CBGB show at Hi-Dive. Please let me know by this Friday if youre attending.