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Mr. Vivek R.

433, App. No. #3
Hamilton Street
Harrison 07029
Ph: 202-679-4023/862-576-2700

Curriculum Vitae

To have in-depth knowledge of computers and to be a computer professional. An advanced
development or research position in the networking industry, in the areas of Internet and web-based
advanced services, resource allocation and traffic management in next generation networks, and
distributed computing.

Umrer College of Engineering, Umrer, Dist-Nagpur, Nagpur University, Nagpur (M.S), India.
B.E. Computer Engineering 2006
Degree: 1st Division 60.49 %( 8th Sem-76%, 7th Sem-65%)

Lok Jeevan Vidyalaya And Junior College, Bela, Tal-Umrer, Dist-Nagpur (M.S), India.

Division: 1st Division with 68%

New English High School And Junior College, Nagpur (M.S), India.
S.S.C. 1999
Division: 1st Division with 70%


Operating system: Red Hat Enterprise Edition 4, Red Hat Linux 8, Knoppix, Windows 98,
Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 advance server/server.

Linux Environment:

Network Services:
• Apache Web Server for hosting single website and / or multiple web sites using
Virtual Hosting.
• Samba Server for connectivity between Windows and Linux systems, sharing
directories printers and managing Samba shares.
• Using Firewall, iptable based network layer or transport layer security for specific
ports or IP address.
• Installation of Linux using NFS, FTP, and HTTP, also with Linux ask method.
• User and Group administration and their Policies.


Ambika Computers, Nagpur

System Administrator
July 2006 – Jan 2008
• Working on Order management module of ERP for the client Herbalife Corporation Ltd.
• The system, which is connected with the eight real time systems all perform the dedicated
task. Mentioning a network security of a system, distributed computing and communication
protocols e used by networks.
• Work as Desk Assistance.

Ambika Computers, Nagpur

Trainee Engineer
July 2005 – May2006
• Member of Intranet Chatting Application software development & Maintenance team.
• Managing a network and design one module of Software.


 Title: Intranet Chatting Application (Final year project).

Description: This project dealt with development of chatting
application for Intranet Network, which consists of
terminals working on different operating system.
Responsibility: Design a module of an application Using JAVA.
Configuring and maintaining a LAN network.
Interacting a application between Linux & Windows
terminals. Establish network connection between them.
Guide: Mr. S.M. Malode & Ambika Computers.

 Title: Railway Reservation System (mini project 6th Sem.)

Description: This project dealt with development of an application
for railway authority and passenger to check reservation
availability, timetable, managing reservation and record
of a passenger.
Responsibility: Design front end of an application In VB.
Guide: Mr. S.V. Sonekar.

 Title: Mobile Gallery Management (mini project 6th Sem.)

Description: This project dealt with development of software for a
Cell-phone Shop to maintain record of that purchase
and sale.
Responsibility: Design Front end of an application In VB.
Guide: Mr. S.V. Sonekar.

Software development Distributed systems, protocol stacks, device drivers, user interfaces
Programming languages Java, C, C++, VB 6.0,VB.Net,PHP,HTML
Operating systems Windows 95/98/NT/XP, Linux, Digital Unix.
Platforms JDK 1.1/1.2, Java RMI, Visual C++, TCP/IP.


• National Cadet Crops-Best Cadet 1997.

Awarded as best cadet at national Integration Camp held in Jorhat ,Assam, India organized by
National Cadet Crops(NCC).
• Silver Medal in Swimming 1997
Awarded by Silver medal in divisional level in swimming competition.
• Represented Nagpur District in State level Swimming Competition.

• Refereed papers for 12th Annual International conference HiPC(High performance

Computing)2005 on Sensor Networks and Embedded Applications.
• Refereed papers for national Level Paper Presentation SPARK 2006 on Embedded Network
Security organized by ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education).
• Refereed papers for national Level Technical Symposium INNOVATEUR 2006 on Linux &UNIX
Clustering organized by SKCET-ACM & CSI student association on computing machinery.
• Refereed paper for state Level Paper Presentation AAGAZ 2005 ON VLSI design organized by
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education).


Name : Mr. Vivek Mahale

Father’s Name : Prof. Rajendra R. Mahale.
Date of Birth : 4th March 1983.
Languages known : English, Marathi, Hindi.
Nationality : Indian.
Gender : Male.


I, Vivek R.Mahale declare that the information furnished in the Resume is true
and reliable to the best of my knowledge.

Date: -
(Mr. Vivek R. Mahale)