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Heavenly Father Hears and Answers my prayers- Sharing time Juniors Juniors- Act out Daniel and the

Lions Den Lions- mask Daniel King Wicked Princes Angel

Have you ever been to the zoo? Did you ever see lions in a den? Did the zoo keepers let you go in with the lions and pet them? [no] Of course, not. The lions are fierce and might hurt you. Today I want to tell you about a story in the Bible about a man named Daniel. One time he had to spend a whole night in the lions den! Daniel was given a top job in the kingdom of Darius because he was a faithful hard worker. This made the other princes jealous of Daniel. The only way they could find him at fault was to make a law that was against his religious beliefs. The princes tricked the king and got him to pass a law that said no one could ask a petition of God or man, except to the king for thirty days. Daniel was a man of prayer. He had a habit to pray to God three times a day. Daniel knew of the law, but he continued to pray each day as he always did. King Darius liked Daniel, but when the princes told him that Daniel had broken the law, the king had to punish Daniel. He realized too late that the princes had tricked him into passing such a law. The king ordered that Daniel be cast into a den of lions. The king hoped that Daniels God would deliver him, saying, Thy God who thou servest continually, he will deliver thee. A large stone was placed over the den of lions and was sealed. The king was so worried about Daniel that he couldnt sleep that night. The first thing the next morning, the king went to see if Daniel had been killed. He cried out to see if Daniel was alive and Daniel answered him, My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions mouths, that they have not hurt me. The king was overjoyed and had Daniel pulled out of the lions den. He then brought the men who had accused Daniel and threw them in the den of lions, along with every member of their families. The lions tore them to pieces before they could even hit the ground.

Sharing Time Seniors Story of the brother of Jared- Ether 2:16-3:13 The brother of Jared prayed unto the Lord to know what to do in order to prepare for the Jaradites journey to a promised land. The Lord heard his prayer and commanded them to build barges to sail to a choice land. The Jaredites built 8 barges. The barges were really tight and there was no light in them or holes for breathing and he was scared they would die in them. So the brother of Jared asked the Lord how they could have light and how they could breathe in the barges. The Lord told him to make a hole in the top of the barge and in the bottom and when they need air to unplug one of the holes and if water comes in plug it back up and open the other one because one would always be on top of the water so they could get air. Then the Lord asked the brother of Jared what he wanted the Lord to do so they could have light in the barges. The Lord told him that they could not have windows or they would get crushed and they could not have fires because it would burn the barge. So the brother of Jared went up into the mountain Shelem and made 16 small stones that were white and clear and prayed to the Lord and asked him to touch the stones to make them glow with light. The Lord touched the stones one by one with his finger. The brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord touch the stones and he fell to the Earth with fear. The brother of Jared did not know that the Lord has flesh and blood just like us. The Lord said he saw his finger because of his exceeding faith. The brother of Jared then asked the Lord if he could reveal himself to him and the Lord did. The Lord then told him to write the things he had seen and the Lord would bring them forth at a later time. Questions: Cut out 16 circles to represent the rocks and number them from 1-16. Tape them to a board and have the children pick a rock, then ask the question corresponding to the rock number. 1. 2. 3. 4. Who told the Jaradites to build barges? (the Lord) Why were the Jaredites told to build barges? (To sail to the promised land) How many barges did the Jaredites build? (8) What did the Lord tell the brother of Jared to do to the barges so they could breathe? (make a hole at the top and the bottom of the barge, unplug them for air 5. Besides the need for air in the barges, what other problem did the brother of Jared need the Lords help in solving? (How to light the barges) 6. How many stones did the brother of Jared make out of rock? (16) 7. Describe the stones that the brother of Jared made. (White, clear, transparent glass) 8. Where did the brother of Jared go to pray? (the mountain or Shelem) 9. What did the brother of Jared want the Lord to do to the stones? (touch them so they would shine) 10. What did the brother of Jared see when the Lord touched the stones? (The Lords finger) 11. What did the brother of Jared do when he saw the finger of the Lord? (fell to the earth in fear) 12. Why was the brother of Jared scared when he saw the finger of the Lord? (He didnt realize the Lord had a body of flesh and bone and was afraid the Lord would smite him) 13. What did the brother of Jared realize when he saw the finger of the Lord? (that the Lord has a body of flesh and bone)

14. In order to see the finger of the Lord the brother of Jared had an exceeding amount of what? (faith) 15. Did the Lord show himself to the brother of Jared? (yes) 16. What did the Lord tell the brother of Jared to do after he revealed many things to him? (write the things down and seal them up)