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[size="7"][b]Evil Craft: The Resurrection[/b][/size] Thank you to all the faithful players who have been waiting so long.

After a long break in activity, the server known as Evil Craft is now returning to welcome both old and new members. Villages will be up and ready for the new players to establish themselves and take advantage of much of the facilities the Staff of Evil Craft has worked hard to offer to our public. We're dedicated to giving a more community based survival experience to our players and encourage everyone to work together to turn the endless forests and wastelands into a world we can all be proud of. Incredible and Awe Inspiring Construction will be rewarded with in game Trophies and Prizes so do not hold back. Evil Craft is an Adult Oriented Server. We ask that all our players, both old and new, act in a mature manor and not cause trouble for the others who are looking for a fun and engaging sand box experience. [size="3"][b][u]News[/u]:[/b][/size] [2011.10.16] The server officially goes public. Our first new players are whitelisted. [size="3"][b][u]Our Rules[/u]:[/b][/size] 0. Have Fun, its a Game! 1. Never NEVER [b][i]NEVER[/b][/i] alter any Red Stone Circuitry, or else! 2. Respect the authority of the Owner, The VIPs and the Mods. Theyre here to help you. 3. Be kind to your fellow players. Greifing and Stealing are not allowed or tolerated. [size="3"][b][u]Our Staff[/u]:[/b][/size] [b]Server Owner[/b] Redstoner_Pro [b]Very Important Players (V.I.P.s)[/b] Adamisk AyaMayume bc_swat1 Dragon998night KillemNasty LilSheeBear MrBeland Scrando [b]Moderators[/b] At this time there are no Moderators In the future we will be considering allowing more players to become Moderator Status,

however we ask that you let us approach you about the topic when the time comes. We will not be promoting anyone to this position if the Owner and current Moderators do not feel the individual can meet their expectations. [size="3"][b][u]Add-ons and Plug-ins[/u]:[/b][/size] A few of these plug-ins require that the player be using the Spout Launcher available on the bukkit website. Spout offers a wider selection of visual improvements and built in add-ons and functions almost exactly like the standard MineCraft Launcher. You can get it [url=""]by clicking this link![/url] ChatManager Citizens CleanroomGenerator Essentials EssentialsChat EsentialsSpawn FalseBookBlock FalseBookChart FalseBookChat FalseBookCore FalseBookExtra FalseBookIC godPowers HeroicDeath iConomy LazyRoad LogBlock LogBlockQuestioner LWC LWCpp LWC-Economy milkAdmin RemoteToolkitPlugin mmoCore mmoParty mmoTarget Modifyworld Multiverse-Core Permissions PermissionsEx Questioner Register Spout

SpoutBackpack SpoutEssentials Stargate [May be removed TBA] Towny VoxelSniper WorldEdit WorldGuard [size="3"][b][u]Towns[/u]:[/b][/size] [b]"Rana Taure"[/b] is elven for Wandering Forest. It is an unnaturally large forest who's canopy effectively absorbs the sun's rays before they can reach the forest floor. There are plenty of vacant plots available for purchase as well as farming plots. There is a new resident district just outside of Rana Taure which all new town members receive a free plot until they can afford to buy a plot within town. Local Tree Farm, Sugar Farm and Mines are there and established to make for an easy start. [b]Mayor:[/b] RedStoner_Pro [b]Resident Status:[/b] Recruiting [b]"Endsville"[/b] has entered a new age in the new world, leaving behind the mud huts and simple woodland living for a more medieval feel. Endsville has become this quiet little village on the border of a vast Ocean. Situated within protected walls in the desert, this may become that little village everyone will want to vacation to on cold MineCraft winter days. [b]Mayor[/b] MrBeland [b]Resident Status:[/b] Recruiting [b]"Mortilius"[/b] is safe within fortress like walls and it's citizens can enjoy the views of the large courtyard which looks upon a massive Town hall. The town promises to be a key player in the EvilCraft Nation and should not be overlooked. [b]Mayor:[/b] Scrando [b]Resident Status:[/b] Recruiting

[size="3"][b][u]Application to Join[/u]:[/b][/size] <start> [b]MineCraft User Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] (Duh) [b]Weapon Of Choice:[/b] [b]Have You Ever Griefed For Fun:[/b] ([i]Be Honest, We All Have At One Point[/i]) [b]Favorite MineCraft Option:[/b] ([i]Farming, Redstone, Mobs, Biomes, Etc.[/i]) [b]Redstone Skill Level:[/b] ([i]0 for no knowledge 10 if you know it all[/i]) <end>

Please post the above information in a comment below. Upon acceptance, you will receive a Private Message from either the Server Owner or one of The VIPs in this forum containing the IP Address in order to access the Evil Craft Server. [size="3"][b][u]Attn: All Applying Players[/u]:[/b][/size] The first wave of new members are asked to assist in finding the bugs and other plug-in issues before the doors of our server open completely. Please be patient if you are not immediately accepted into our server, we are working as fast as we can to be 100% ready. Thank You.