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World Clydesdale Show to Offer Many Educational Seminars to the Public in Madison, Wisconsin in October
The largest gathering of hundreds of Clydesdales from all over the United States and Canada will be exhibiting at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin on October 20-23, 2011. This is a great opportunity to bring the family to see these magnificent horses, and experience their power, size and incredible beauty up close. The general public will have the unique opportunity to watch Clydesdales and their exhibitors compete at the highest levels of halter, hitch, and riding competitions ever in the United States. The World Clydesdales Show will also include many free public education seminars through-out the show as follows:

Cathy Zahm - Round Pen Work, Selecting and Fitting Harness and Vehicles, and Hooking Young Clydesdales for the first time.

Cathy's broad background spans over 30 years of training horses in harness and under saddle, her specialty has evolved to focus on working with Draft Horses. She has been a featured speaker at "The Equine Affair" in Ohio and "Horse Progress Days". Cathy has produced several videos on training and fitting Draft Horses that will be available at the World Show.

Carl Ade - The Equine Athlete: Cardiovascular and Muscular Adaptations to Training and Detraining
Carl Ade M.S. is a PhD student in Anatomy & Physiology within the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. Carls presentation will combine his experience with horses and his knowledge within exercise science. He has a passion for Draft Horses and has competed with Belgians, Percherons, and Clydesdales with hitch geldings.

Kala Ade - Equine Facility Master Planning and Design Considerations

Kala Ade is an Equine Project Manager with GH2 | Gralla Equine Architects. She brings years of equine experience to the GH2 equine design team and has a deep and sensitive understanding of the requirements for functional, safe and efficient equine facilities.

Will Lent - Draft Horse Shoeing

Owner and operator of The Will Lent Horseshoe Company and Farrier Supply in Shelby, Michigan. They also offer educational classes and clinics throughout the year, and will be available at their booth to discuss feet, conformation and shoeing throughout the World Show.

Kathy Lindsey - Riding Clydesdales

Kathy Lindsey has been involved in teaching equitation and training horses since college. For 12 years she was the Equine Management Instructor at Lakeshore Technical College, teaching all aspects of equitation, training and horse care.

Buck Wheeler Use of the Stableizer and Udderly EZ MIlker How to properly start and desensitize your young / older horse or mule How to extract colostrum or milk your mare using the Udderly EZ Mare Milker

Buck Wheeler is President / CEO of Wheeler Enterprises Inc., EZ Animal Products, and Oak Tree Farms along with his wife Karen, Buck invented and patented The Stableizer and Udderly EZ Milker. His story and products have been highlighted in many Equine magazines, including: Draft Horse Journal, Western Mule Magazine, Thoroughbred Times, Blood Horse, Quarter Horse Journal, Sheep, Goat and Cow magazines.

Marion Young - Grooming and Preparing Clydesdales for Show

Marion Young was born and raised in central Scotland in the heart of Clydesdale Country. She is a third generation Clydesdale person. Marion has judged many of the big shows including, twice at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Four times the Great Lakes International, and many others.