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ASSIGNMENT 2 INTERVIEWS (90 MARKS; 20%) PART 1 Interview with Faculty Lecturer (45 marks; 10%) Instructions: 1. For the interview to be conducted, you are required to set an appointment with your faculty lecturer/potential supervisor a week before the set date. 2. Audio file of the interview and an interview transcript must be submitted as documented evidence of the interview conducted. INTERVIEWER: Student Name Matric No. Contact No. Interview Venue Interview Date & Time 3. Possible items/areas to ask: Problem statement/ problem worth investigating Choosing an area, title or topic for URP (PSM) Research objectives and/or Research questions Results or outcomes in engineering research Scope of research novelty, applicability, Signature & Stamp Name Contact No. INTERVIEWEE: Lecturer

Significance of research: commercialisation of research

Research methodology: Materials, instruments and methods Proposed work schedule/ Gantt Chart for PSM I and PSM II Academic writing style/ convention: APA, IEEE, CBE etc.

Length/number of words or pages for proposal (PSM I) and final report/ dissertation (PSM II). PART 2 (10%) Interview with UHL 4042 Lecturer (45 marks; 10%)

Instructions: After conducting your interview with potential supervisor/ faculty lecturer, discuss your findings with your UHL4042 lecturer during the second interview. INTERVIEWEE: Student Name Matric No. Date & Time CHECKLIST (to be submitted with this assessmen t) Part 1 Form with Lecturers Signature Gantt Chart Soft copy (CD) Hard copy (Transcript) SCORE Language Task Fulfilment Communicati on Skills Appearance Total Part 2 Total Part 1 OVERALL / 15 / 15 / 10 /5 / 45 / 45 / 90 % /10 /10 /20

Possible questions to be addressed: 1 Give examples of at least 2 problems that are worth investigating. 2 What do you understand about research objectives? Give at least 3 examples. 3 What happens when research objectives have been achieved? 4 How do you limit your research? 5 How is the quality of a research/ project measured?

6 7

Give examples of materials, instruments & methods usually used in engineering research. How many stages or phases are there in a research project, from start to finish, from PSM I until PSM II? Briefly describe your initial proposed Gantt chart.

8 What type of academic writing style/ convention has your faculty/lecturer suggested for writing the proposal and the final report/ dissertation?

What is the required length/number of words/pages for the proposal & the final report?
Language (15m) 1-3 46 79 10 12 13 15 Task Fulfilment (15m) 1-3 46 79 10 12 13 15 Communication Skills (10m) 12 34 56 78 9 10 Appearance (5m) 1 2 3 4 5

Descriptors Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good