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Dedicated Micros is expanding its product range by technology, which allows products and technology
developing a range of live analysis and intelligent to seamlessly operate together, the AnalyticsCapable
video security solutions for the surveillance market. portfolio of solutions makes monitoring pro-active
and improves efficiency by alerting operators to
Utilising DM’s unique DSP architecture and events as they happen rather than relying on post
leveraging its groundbreaking NetVu Connected event analysis.

DM’s portfolio of analytics solutions include: The combination of world leading DVR technology
and intelligent video solutions, all developed in-
house, is completely unique in the industry and
f Object Tracking & Direction provides unrivalled benefits to your monitoring and
detection capabilities by enabling analysis of activity
and objects that adds real value to your security
f Object Left

f Object Counting These analytics solutions are compatible with the new
generation of Dedicated Micros NetVu Connected
f Object Removed products, such as the DV-IP RT and IP Camera. Look
for the AnalyticsCapable logo on compatible DM
f Intrusion Detection / Perimeter Protection products.

Single User Interface

By integrating the analytics portfolio into NetVu All products, including those containing
ObserVer, Dedicated Micros provides the user with AnalyticsCapable technology can be managed form
seamless control and viewing from a single viewing this one interface. Users only require one viewing
platform, irrespective of the devices location. platform, reducing operator training and removing
the need for the user to be familiar with more than
one system.

NetVu Connected Technology f Protection of high value mobile assets

The DM AnalyticsCapable solution provides seamless
integration with other NetVu Connected products f Monitoring for left / abandoned objects
allowing users to expand installations with
AnalyticsCapable technology.
f Monitoring for removal of objects
Products can be upgraded with software to enable
the analytics capability either during installation or f Protection against perimeter intrusion
after, allowing the customer to deploy analytics as
they require without the need to replace any part of
the installation.

Alarms raised by events can be viewed and recorded

on the associated DVR, allowing the user to review
both live and recorded footage as required. By taking
full advantage of this seamless integration, users are
able to link their analytics solution into their existing
CCTV installation, connecting the alarms raised with
alarm settings and relays controlled on the DVR.
Compatible products

Dedicated Micros AnalyticsCapable solution is available DM’s portfolio of analytics solutions include:
via a software upgrade on AnalyticsCapable Digital
Video Recorders and other NetVu Connected devices. f DV-IP RT
f DV-IP Server
f DS Server
f SD Range
f CamVu range of IP Cameras
f DV-IP Codec

About Dedicated Micros

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Dedicated Micros Fine-tuned with years of experience in the CCTV
(DM) is the world’s leading manufacturer of Digital business, globally Dedicated Micros’ equipment now
Video Multiplex Recorders and end to end IP CCTV records more than seven million images every second
products for security applications of every day.

DM's success is rooted in the invention of the world's Installed in some of the most prestigious and security
first video multiplexer - a monitoring product which conscious locations, the technological developments
records continuous images from a number of cameras pioneered by Dedicated Micros have formed many of the
onto a single video cassette tape - the basis for today's building blocks for the success of today’s CCTV industry.
sophisticated CCTV security surveillance equipment. A catalogue of prestigious awards also reflects Dedicated
Micros commitment to innovation and excellence.

To find out more about our range of Intelligent Video Solutions contact:

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