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Consequently , a customers percepion of you is not based on

what you are – it is based on how you appear – and vice


The good news is that , crucially, we can modify our observable

behaviours ! this gives us a fabulous opportunity to modify a
customers perception of us , so that we have the best chance of
achieving harmony and comfort in our communication. This is
where we must adapt – this is how we become more flexible.

The word preference , is extremely important. All of us are

capable of being a Listener and a Speaker and we may find that
we move along this axis, depending on the situation at the time
However , we all have a preference for a position on this axis- a
point where we are most comfortable

To repeat, the word preference is extremely important. All of us

are capable of showing a rational focus and an emotional focus
We may find that we move along this axis, depending on the
situation at the time . However, as with the Listener/ Speaker
axis, we all have a preference for a position – a point on the axis
where we are most comfortable.

Quite often in our working lives, there is the need to counter

such negative perceptions of our own behaviours, and we
achieve this through VERSATLITY.

We each carry all four of the quadrants. W all have some

Rational Speaker Mars or Rational Listener Pluto , etc., in us.
However, we all have adominant one. It may be very dominant
over the others (for example, you may be able to think of a very
extreme Mars), or marginally dominant, where the preference
and behaviours are less extreme.

1- we each carry all four of the Style Gods and we have

access to all of them (e.g. a Mercury salesperson is
perfectly capable of putting together a well-researched and
formatted territory pland; a Pluto can enjoy a pary as much
as anyone eles) . So, we each prefer to use our energies in
a different order and to a different degree. However , we
do tend to have a home base, where we prefer to be, where
we are most comfortable- we all have a dominant Style

2- No style God is better or worse than another, each has its

strengths and weaknesses! All the Gods get results, but
sometimes in different ways. Certainly, in selling, it is easy
to see the respective strengths and possible weaknesses of
each Style God- each can learn from the others and
contribute to the others.

We must focus on, and adapt to observable behaviours. It is

impossible to draw conclusion about a customers Style through
guesswork about his/her "inner self" . instead, we must focus on
the wealth of observable behaviours that are available to us
these will give us all the clues we need- and it is observable
behaviours uponwhich any assessment of customer style must
be made

When we discuss flexibility, we are not referring to a change in

your personality- we are not asking you to modify who you are,
your "inner self" instead, we are aiming to increase flexibility in
your observable behaviours. Your behaviours represent the most
comfortable way for you to achieve your goals. The aim is to for
you to assess your natural behaviours and to nurture others, so
that overall you can be even more flexible and effective in your
sales relationships!