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Co-Creative Mayan Wavespell e-Calendar II

Synthesizing Mayan Dreamspell, Lunar Cycles & Western Astrology energies to inspire you to plug in to your higher self
and co-create your life and the world we live in at the highest level!
12 Wavespells & 5 Lunar Cycles plus GAP days, Lunar & Solar Eclipses and the best planting days, too!
from July 21st, 2011 to December 23rd, 2011

"To finally understand what being co-creator of your life really is produces a feeling of wonder. You find you are not out there alone, doing it all by
yourself, nor is the Universe out there doing it all without you. There is a harmony in the coming together of your own 'separate', delightful,
expansive destiny, mingling and alive within the Divine power that is constantly urging you toward greater understanding of who you are. What
makes your life so enjoyable is your sense of participation in a co-creative wonder in which you have choices. Co-Creation is vision-making and
you are all vision-makers. If you can imagine it, you can create it."
~ Bartholomew ~
How to use this Wavespell Calendar
In February 2010 my friend and I discovered the power of ceremony when anything! That's fantastic confirmation. I always take the book, "The
linked with the wavespell, lunar cycle and galactic signature of the day. It Mayan Oracle" by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner with me and read
was sooooo powerful that I thought you might find it a useful tool as well, so aloud the energy of the day as it's an excellent triggerer of personal
I have created this unique calendar with the intention that it will inspire andintention and ceremony ideas. Of course, the ceremonies can be done by
support you on your journey towards full self-realization! yourself with excellent results but I do find that co-creating them with
another person really solidifies the intention somehow. (we are in the 2000's
I have found that when you're aware of the energies available, specifically after all! The 1000's were about Individuation. The 2000's urge us to
for the New Moon, and you put them to use instead of going at cross- become aware that there is an 'other' that we could share with, be
currents you really do open to new levels of your being. It's like a super- compassionate to, create with) I like to do a ceremony on the New Moon,
highway of growth and expansion when you're aware of the archetypal First Quarter, Full Moon and the Last Quarter just to keep the thread
wave that wants to carry you along with it. This calendar is meant to trigger going. (it's so easy to forget and get wrapped up in something else and lose
your own intuition, your own creativity, your own expression. Check out the the thread!) It is key to remember what the New Moon was all about for you
energy key at the back to make your own correlations. This is an Ah-HA! in order to see what your personal journey is and where you end up. Our
tool. The more Ah-HA's you have the more you grow yourself and the ceremonies usually include creating something out of what we find around
more you recognize that you are exactly where you're meant to be. You're in ourselves, in nature, so that the time spent focused lovingly creating
the groove of your Self. On your Path. You're vibrating harmoniously with something meaningful and beautiful sends a clear message to the Universe
the world around you. You're growing and playing and letting go and that we are, indeed, serious about working with these energies. Energy
transforming and being creative and plugging in to your divine self. You're follows throught, after all! Then, we will often meditate with a specific
experiencing all of it. All the energies are here. Play with them. Get to know theme in mind. Perhaps we will face a specific direction depending on the
them. Let them get to know you. It's a tool to support your being self- direction of the daykeeper and do some toning or chakra work. Maybe we
empowered, intuitive, creative and inspired! will write or play or all depends. Let the energies live you! One
thing I have noticed, though, is that the intention of the ceremony really
I love creating the ceremonies with my friend, spontaneously, on the day. We gets locked in when you spend some time afterwards writing and expanding
take all the energies into consideration plus, of course, our own intuition. on what came up for you. I hope you enjoy working with these energies as
You may find that you're already in tune with the energies without reading much as I do!
~ All times are PST ~ If you're in Europe add 9 hours (EST) ~
~ If you're in Australia add 16 hours (EDT) ~ If you're in New Zealand add 19 hours (NZST)
All quotes that are italicized without credit
are from the stunningly wise book, "The
Mayan Oracle" by Ariel Spilsbury and In Lak'ech
Michael Bryner. If you get one book on the
meaning of the daykeepers and tones, get
this one! White Crystal Mirror
~ All photos by Tracey Gendron ~
How to use your Personal Wavespell...
Through working with my own wavespells over the past several years I have Daily Questions
found them to be an amazing intention-settting time as well as an indicator
of the main theme(s) for the next 260 days until your next galactic birthday. Day 1: How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration?
I suggest that you keep a journal during these 13 days. Start your day by Day 2: What are my relationships teaching me? What are my Obstacles?
writing down any dreams you have and interpreting them the best you can. Day 3: How does my creativity express my spiritual journey?
Then, read the day's question and synthesize it with the energy of the Day 4: What form will my spiritual journey take?
Day 5: What is my core purpose? My central intent? My individual vision?
Daykeeper for that day. Write down the question and glean the answer from
Day 6: How do I balance the Male and Female energies within myself in order to
the Daykeeper's energy...allow the Ah-ha!'s to bubble up. bring Heaven/Paradise to Earth?
Day 7: What can I do to stand in the light of my full mystical power?
Then...go about your day... Day 8: How do I resonate harmoniously with the new Golden Octave? (the new
energy on earth)
At the end of your day write down what happened during the day. What Day 9: How do I shine the light for others?
interesting events? Conversations? Emotions? Did something new happen? Day 10: What does my heart desire to manifest?
Even the smallest detail may hold significance...what animals crossed your Day 11: What do I need to let go of in order to be truly liberated?
path? Check out their symbolism. See if the days events help you to answer Day 12: How can I utilize my relationships to explore and expand any of my self-
the day's question. It's the Ah-HA!'s we're after because the more you have limiting constructs? ...and how do I Inspire Co-operation?
them the more you know yourself and the more whole, complete and Day 13: How do I surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern of my Essence Self ?
potentiated you become!

Everyone will be different but I have always found the following days to be
the most significant: Day 1 and Day 13 (the bookends to your wavespell),
Day 10 because it shows you what your heart desires and Day 11 as it shows
you what you need to let go of so that you can be truy liberated. Of course,
your Galactic Birthday is the most important day! Celebrate! Embody all
that you are!

To find out what Daykeeper your Wavespell starts with turn to the last page
of this calendar to the Tzolkin Synchrometer page.

If your wavespell isn't included in this calendar and you'd like to see when
your last one was please request the last calendar I made (Dec 2010 to July
2011) here:
Let the magic continue! I printed my e-Calendar out and put it in a binder so I could take it anywhere!
Happy White Rhythmic Wizard Year!! square trine
July 26, 2011 to July 25, 2012 Grand Trine between these planets: trine

Last year, with Red Overtone Moon we remembered our core purpose, our central planets have and will notice it the most. The tension that has been felt since the
intent, our individual vision - why we wanted to be born at this time! This year, with Spring of 2010 will finally be released as your structures finally transform into a
White Rhythmic Wizard we are called to balance seemingly opposite energies within truer reflection of your unique self and you bring more personal responsibility into
us...bringing them together, bridging them...our divine male and female selves, our being an active participant in the creation of your juicy unique life - hurray!!
sense of responsibility vs. personal freedom, the need for outer recognition vs. inner
recognition, retaining a sense of our sense of individuality in all our relationships You may notice that there is an abundant of Self-Existing and Planetary tones that
but not too much (ha!)...bringing the sense of wanting to share and be in a mutually fall on the key lunar phases - we are being encouraged to actually transform the
beneficial relationship into your sense of self being separate and independent. Lots physical world in a real, tangible, practical and physical way - and the Grand Trine
to bridge here and White Wizard, Rythmic energy, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and a slew in earth signs is definitely supporting us in this. Rhythmic energy also wants us to
of others planets are helping us with this! brings Heaven/Paradise to Earth. This isn't an impossible request! It is completely step at a time...make it real, make it solid, create paradise here. Make
White Wizard primarily reminds us to align our heads with our hearts. See through your world a gorgeous, benevolent, stunningly radiant, delicious World. Why not?
the eyes in your heart. Think with our hearts. This is a great reminder for all of us Open to heart-knowing and limitless possibilities!
'white' signs as we tend to be up in our heads a lot! "Through the lens of heart-knowing,
guide, direct, and align your intentions."

This year is all about letting go of control and a need for power so that magic can
simply happen. Put all that control energy into empowering yourself. "Empowerment
comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and commitment to your evolution. Self-empowerment is not to
be found outside oneself. When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy, your energy
naturally expands to include more of who you are, and magic flows synchronistically into your life."
Uranus in Aries is so supporting this!

To me, White Wizard energy embodies the two very different energies of
Capricorn/Saturn and Aquarius/Uranus. Capricorn and Saturn restrict, focus, are
responsible and create structures and forms. Aquarius and Uranus, on the other
hand, are spontaneous, vibrate at a higher level, abhor restrictions and just want to
be free to go off in any direction that they choose at any time, totally free of binding
structures and forms! It's a "I should" vs an "I want." Ack - how to bridge these two
energies? Well, as it happens, Pluto squaring the Uranus/Saturn opposition is
helping to transform these guys. People with Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn This is a paradise I stumbled upon in Mexico - it looks unreal but it's real!
Significant Dates in 2011 and Uranus in Aries
Many shifts in 2011! "Again, you must be free from fear of convention, of what your neighbours say, which
is rather difficult - much more difficult than freeing yourself from fear of gods.
~ February 10th ~ we moved into the larger Mayan consciousness cycle: Conventions are made for weaklings and weaklings are produced by conventions."
The "Universal Cycle" where we "develop the unlimited ability of Conscious
Co-Creation." These cycles ar spiralling ever faster to the 'end date' Dec 21, What a perfect Statement for Uranus in Aries. Aries is opposite Libra
2012, which, of course, is not an 'end date' at all. We're just moving in grand (the 'other') - it is all about you!:
cycles and we're all here to participate in the birth of something new!
~ March 11th ~ Uranus moves into Aries. The Self-Realization Revolution! "You must be able to stand alone, indifferent to companionship, indifferent to
~ April 4th ~ Neptune moves into it's own sign: Pisces. The last time loneliness, because they do not exist. For, if you are in love with Life, Life has no
Neptune was in Pisces was from 1848 to 1863, so you see how new it is! We'll loneliness, has no companionship. IT IS."
have Neptune in Pisces until 2025. Expect to feel more plugged in to your
higher self, All That Is, and at home in the Ocean of Oneness! "It is as individuals that you must become centres of that dynamic energy which
~ July 26th ~ New Mayan/Dreamspell Year in White Rhythmic Wizard sweeps aside all the unessentials - as individuals, not as an organized body. If you as
an individual are adamant about something because you know it to be true, then you
A few words on Uranus' movement into Aries will change the world. But you cannot change the world if you are yourself
(Written on May 28th, 2010 but still pertinent!)
Krishnamurta, 1929
I've been meditating on the significance of Uranus moving into Aries for the
first time for a few months now but it wasn't until a few nights ago when I had
Isn't that empowering, inspiring, vitality-generating, action-taking stuff ?!
the bright idea to see what was going on in the world the last time Uranus was
in Aries from 1927 to 1935 that I got it! The stock market crash and the great
depression spring automatically to mind but this wasn't what I was after. My I looked up his chart to check him out and was not surprised at all to
thoughts were circling the idea that Uranus was going to Revolutionize find that he was born with Uranus opposite his Sun (Self) and trine his
(because that's what he does best) the Ego (Aries). Soooo I quickly googled Mars (the ruler of Aries!). So he really is the perfect Uranian being to
just: 1927 1928 Ego and, lo' and behold....JACKPOT!! The very 1st web page express this energy to us.
that came up was a lecture by Krishnamurti from 1929 while Uranus was
firmly in Aries and it blew my socks off ! Perrrrrfect. Through his words I have really come to know what the highest
vibration of Uranus in Aries can and will be for many of us: Nothing
His words vibrate with Uranus in Aries energy. Here are some of my favourite less than a one-man/woman Revolution (or Evolution as some like to
relevant excerpts that just ooze Uranus in Aries energy: say) taking place within each of us!

" If you want to change the world, if you want to destroy the shadow that lies across it and During the last 7 years when Uranus was in Pisces, Uranus was working
make it healthy, pure and strong, you yourself must be strong; you yourself must be free from quietly, but powerfully, from behind the scenes - revolutionizing the way
all fear of these things. That is what I want you to do. You must destroy those things which we feel and relate to the immaterial, non-physical, unknown, divine,
are false, unessential, which create superstition and chaos. And to do that, you yourself must worlds. I don't think that anyone would disagree with me if I said that
be beyond the clutches of fear." from 2003 until May 2010 many of us went through our own personal
Uranus in Aries
Spiritual Revolution, don't ya think? Realizing that, wow, our culture has You'll see how Revolutionary Uranus really is when we look at Uranus' past.
only brought us up to see half the story! Uranus brings unusual, revolutionary ideas to people in mass movements
and an idea that was once highly unusual becomes alllllmost mainstream!
So, from that quiet and profound energetic combination Uranus, having
been in Pisces, the last sign in the 12 energy cycle, moves into Aries: 1968 to 1974: Uranus in Libra: Peace & Love, man. (Neptune got things
Spring! Youth! Birth of a brand new Cycle! New Eyes to see with...and going earlier as it aspected both Pluto and Saturn) Libra's ruler is Venus:
lots of energy to take Action with! Everything we've been idealistically Love & Harmony.
been dreaming about (remember Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius
for so long and then Jupiter in Pisces, making our dreams and ideals even 1975 to 1980: Uranus in Scorpio: Sexual Revolution (Scorpio rules sex and
bigger?!) wants to move into reality now. Move into Action. taboo subjects)

As we move into Spring, and Aries Sun (March 22nd ish, 2011) there are 1981 to 1987: Uranus in Sagittarius: Revolution in Consciousness
going to be a whole lotta planets in Aries. At the most SIX planets in Aries Expansion. The New Age movement got going, lots of channeled material
at one time - woah baby! Spotlight on this new energy! came through. Harmonic Convergence in 1987)

Be all that you've dreamed of Being! 1988 to 1994: Uranus in Capricorn: Structural/Political Revolution.
Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution, Berlin Wall collapsing, Perestroika in
Russia, the end of the Cold War) Uranus reeeeally dislikes restrict1995 to
2002: Uranus in Aquarius: Technological Revolution. We all got computers
To the right we have during this period, didn't we? Connecting humanity. I was a total Luddite
Uranus... Betcha didn't until 2000!
know that this is what he
looks like?! He is tilted 2003 to 2010: Uranus in Pisces: Spiritual Revolution. Think was a
different world, spiritually speaking prior to 2003 wasn't it? How many
sideways - different than people and parents and young people you know have opened up to mystical
all the other planets! (of and spiritual ideas during that period?
course, that's Uranus!)
This gives you a big clue to 2010 to 2019: Uranus in Aries: Revolution of Independence & Self-
Uranus' energy...He is Realization. Waaahooo! Stepping away from the box, away from the
tribe...being gloriously your Self: strong, courageous, beautiful, independent,
unique, anti-status-quo,
individual and always springing from the clarity of Being your Self ! Time to
and walks to the beat of 'come out'!
his own drummer. Cool
eh? Uranus in Aries combines a helluva lot of independence, personal freedom
and uniqueness. Not to mention the surprise factor, actually. Don't be
surprised if something really unexpected happens or if something happens
more Uranus in Aries...
that shocks or surprises you - Uranus likes to mix things up because Expand into your True Self and take it with you
sometimes that's just the thing you need in order to Shift into a new
wherever you go and on whatever
new paths you will forge...
This summer, 2011, and last summer too, we've got a pretty challenging
line-up but I think we'd all agree that...something's gotta give, right? One
look at the state of the structures of our world tells us...time for radical

We are all being urged to move into embracing our individuality, strength,
courage and to take action towards what is going to make us truly fulfilled!
If we don't like the way this game has been arranged we don't have to
play! We can start our own game.

Uranus in Aries fully supports, in a huge way, those of us who want to

break away from living in a normal, restrictive culture (with whacked
values) to living a life more in alignment with Nature, Beauty,
Love....perhaps on acreages, growing our own food, with like-minded
people nearby to trade food and services with. (is this a tangent!? I don't
think so! haha) Aries is the Pioneer! And Uranus doesn't like status quo or
having an outside authority tell you what to do (yuck). I would totally
expect new villages to crop up around the world as more people move to
the countryside to start their own communities! This ain't communal
living. These are new villages! How exciting....!

If this idea is up your alley you should check out The Ringing Cedars
Revolution Ning group. They are actually starting these communities all
This is the country road to my new home in Mexico - pure heaven!
over the world (it has totally taken off in Russia). To see if it resonates you
might want to read the first Anastasia book by Vladimir Megre - I know it
With millions one-man/woman Revolutions (Evolutions) I
totally inspired me when I read it in the Spring of 2009. The book is very
think we've got something here!
very empowering - I highly recommend it. (just ignore the little bit of a
puritanical streak it has in it :)
SupaLove to you all,
Sooooo as this note comes to a close I hope that your self-realization
In Lak'ech
engines are revving and that you're ready for take-off !
White Crystal Mirror
How appropriate is it that The Red Moon Wavespell ushers in the New Year on July 26th since we have just spent
the last year in a Red Overtone Moon year? Perfecto! The energy 'bookends' for this wavespell are Red Moon and Red Dragon
- the sub-message for the year ahead is: Remember who you are, why you wanted to be born on earth at this time and notice
just how supported and nurtured by Source you are! Source is encouraging you to use it as a springboard to leap into All That
You Are! Red Dragon speaks to all things One: Individuality, your unique spark AND that our unique, individual selves are
made of the same stuff as everything else, springing from the same Source - that we are All One. This wavespell encompasses
the integration phase of the last New Moon cycle that started on July 1st with Red Resonant Moon. We have become beacons
of awakened awareness! That's a nice energetic wrapping up for the year eh?

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus and White Lunar Dog urges Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the New Moon
us to integrate and complete what we learned about ourselves for this whole in White Planetary Mirror:
past year in Red Overtone Moon. White Lunar Dog reminds us that New ~ Party! ~ Take a mirror with you and look through it at the world to see a new truth...
Beginnings are afoot! Examine the gifts and teachings in all your relationships ~ Write down your self-judgments and judgments you have of others. Ask to be shown
for the past year. Integrate. "As you express more authentically who you are, you draw the truth of the matter. Cut through illusion to Truth.
your true family closer to you." Welcome new allies and friends into your life.... ~ Create a heart and place natural objects inside to represent what your heart desires to
manifest in the real world.
The first New Moon of the year is in White Planetary Mirror ~ silver, sword, mirror, optical calcite, sage, pomegranate, orchid, air, north.
with the Sun and Moon in Leo at 7 degrees conjunct Venus in Leo at 2
degrees. You know all the tension that has been created between Saturn
opposite Uranus this past month? Well, this New Moon is helping both these
planets to get along now. They get along by turning their attention away from
each other (relationship vs. responsibity vs freedom stuff) and turning it
towards the Venus, Sun and Moon in Leo conjunction. In other words it is time
to bring in love, pleasure, beauty, art, warmth and fun! All this Leo energy
encourages you to just let your hair down and have a party! Entertain, feel
good! Anchor these light warm feelings deep within you and use them to access
where you already are truly free and where you already are being responsible.
White Mirror and Mercury opposite Neptune (both at zero degrees) remind us
to use our relationships as mirrors so that we can see ourselves more clearly. If
you have had any illusions or delusions about yourself or any of your
relationships now is the time to look them squarely in the eye, take out your
sword of discrimination and slice away all illusion so that you may see the truth
of the matter. Slice the murk away from your ideas and make an extra effort to
be very clear in your communications with others. Now is the time to tap into
Source (Neptune) and be a channel for divine wisdom: write, communicate,
sing the messages you receive. Planetary energy and the Grand Trine all in
earth signs supports the manifestation of what your heart desires to create in
the real, solid physical world of matter! Jupiter's task within the Grand Trine is
to grow the sense of abundance in your life. Create, think big, transform the
phyical world around you! "See the gifts in your magical mirror!"
What does your heart desire to manifest in the physical world?
Red Moon Wavespell
"How do I become a lighthouse of awakened awareness...
and surrender to the perfection of feeling the circuit of love being completed through me?"
July 22 Last Quarter
July 21 July 23 July 25
0 degrees 02 min July 24
10:02 pm
Day out
July 26 trine
trine Grand trine between: July 27 July 28 July 29

Happy New Year!

Paradise is brought to Earth
through you!

July 30 trining and sextiling the opposition July 31 Aug 1 Aug 2

Grand trine between: opposite

New Moon
7 degrees
11:40 am Manifest good
vibrations and clarity
"Being never develops. Being simply is. Then what is development? Development is only a kind of awakening to the truth that you are.
The truth does not grow; only recognition grows, remembrance grows." OSHO
The White Wind Wavespell encompasses the testing phase of the First Quarter moon in Red Self-
Existing Serpent and the Full Moon culmination in Yellow Spectral Human. The intention we planted on the
White Planetary Mirror New Moon on July 30th is bearing fruit now! Did you ask to see the truth? To replace
judgment with acceptance? Did you intend to slice away any delusions or illusions you had? Well, Yellow Human,
with her Spectral tone that strips away all that is superfluous, agrees! It's time to empty oneself in order to be filled
with purified, expanded, high frequency energies! The bookends of this wavespell, White Wind and White
Wizard, and the Aquarius Full Moon point towards this being a wavespell to clear out the cobwebs of the
mind...let the clutter in the attic of your mind blow away so that clarity of thought aligned with heart will reign!

The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio and Red Self- Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the Full Moon
in Yellow Spectral Human
Existing Serpent tests us. How is the manifestation of something new ~ Write about how you are transforming and giving power to the following aspects
in our lives, based on seeing the truth of the matter instead of being deluded (!) of self: Saturn: the essential structures in your life. Mercury: ideas from the past.
coming along? (see White Planetary Mirror New Moon) Red Serpent and the Mars: ego or where you want to take action in your life. Jupiter: where you feel
intense Scorpio and Pluto vibration today (we even have a 13 degree Moon!) abundance in your life. Uranus: Where you'd like to be more free. Uniquely you!
wants us to be aware of what our desires are and to see the abundance we Neptune: Past ideals from your soul that you may have forgotten.
already have. The T-Square between Uranus, Mars and Pluto could bring ~ Collect high frequency items to fill your cornucopia! You and it are One!
intense surprises. Discharge any intense emotion you may have before driving. ~ grass, harvest, chalice, cornucopia, bird of paradise, fire south
Walk away from power struggles. Have fantastic sex instead! Don't let the
powerful energy available right now get stuck in your Ego. Pay attention to the
signs and signals your body is giving you this week. Self-existing energy tells us to
"channel your creative energy constructively, generating the power for practical manifestation."
Let's just get that ole Ego out of the way and step into powerful action! (Pluto &
Mars) Red Serpent reminds you to follow your gut-level instincts and intuition...

The Full Moon in Aquarius and Yellow Spectral Human

encourages us to blossom into our highest potential as a human being. To do this
it is necessary to let go, release and powerfully transform what is no longer
serving our highest purpose. It is very interesting that on this Spectral day, Pluto
(planet of stripping away, transformation and purification) is aspecting six
planets! Spectral and Pluto's goal is Liberation of Self from compulsive or
unconscious behaviour. Yellow Human is concerned with purifying and
cleansing the body in order to receive higher frequencies that support a higher
frequency on this planet. The Grand Square this month seems to focus on
transforming the Ego. Less ego and more compassion (Mars in Cancer), courage
and positive action. Let go of any stories you have about yourself that are
keeping you from being all that you are. Take a look at the story from an
expanded position and re-tell it from your soul's perspective. Then....expand into
All That You Are! You are a beautiful radiant high frequency being!
Harvest all that you are with this Full Moon! "Lift your empty cup, that it might be
filled and quickened with expanded consciousness." You are the cornucopia! Harvest the energies of abundance! High frequency fruits & flowers to overflow your cup!
White Wind Wavespell
"How do I open to the beauty and inspiration of the present moment...
and surrender to the perfection of allowing magic to happen?"
August 6 opposite opposite
August 3 Aug 4 Aug 5
First Quarter
13 degrees
4:08 am Listen to your
body's wisdom

Aug 7 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10 Aug 11

Aug 13 Grand Square continues opposite

Aug 14 Aug 15
Aug 12 Pluto aspects 6 planets:
Full Moon Empty yourself
20 degrees then...
11:57 am
fill yourself with
expanded presence!

"The true spiritual person is one who has understood that there is so much wonder, mystery, and life totally beyond the realm of finite understanding
that they have fallen into a space of gratitude, joy, and acceptance of it all." Bartholomew
The Blue Eagle Wavespell encompasses the integration phase of the New Moon in White Planetary
Mirror on July 30th and the brand New Moon in Blue Cosmic Hand! I'm curious to see how this lunar cycle plays
out - what with it falling on a Cosmic, wild card, day and all! Cosmic energy calls for a radical frequency shift and
a going with the flow and Blue Hand speaks to endings and beginnings, completion and gateways. Even the degree
of the New Moon in Virgo at 5 degrees, indicates Change and Adventure. Where will we be at the end of this lunar
cycle on September 27th? We shall see! The bookends of this wavespell, Blue Eagle and Blue Hand remind us to be
compassionate, to believe in our visions and dreams and to acknowledge our divine gifts and to use them.....

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus and Yellow Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the New Moon
Rhythmic Sun brings us the integration of all we've brought out into the in Blue Cosmic Hand
light of day since the New Moon in White Planetary Mirror on July 30th. The ~ Visualize completing one thing within the next Lunar cycle and it!
Grand Square in cardinal planets continues but....we have a new T-Square ~ Celebrate your beauty and power by dancing, singing, twirling!
between Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Neptune and the Moon. This totally supports ~ Write about what your spiritual gifts (dance, song, divination, healing, art)
Yellow Sun energy! Everything points towards being compassionate, having have come here to serve?
unconditional love for ourselves and others and a heightened sense of ~ deer, completion, opening, beauty, dance, hand, magnetic blue, water, west
connection and sensitivity to everything around us. The missing leg in this T-
Square is Scorpio - so we're encouraged to leap across to the intimacy and deep
connection that Scorpio offers in order to stabilize this energy. Rhythmic energy
reminds us to be balanced and to bring paradise to earth through embodying the
higher frequencies. Yellow Sun and a very strong Neptune support!
"Unconditionally accept yourself as you are." "You are the sun's love made visible!"

The New Moon in Virgo and Blue Cosmic Hand

brings us a new 28 day cycle that encourages us to become more awake to the
spiritual tools and gifts we were born with. This is the cycle to stand in your full
beauty and power so that everyone around you is invited to be all that they are,
too! Cosmic energy asks us to surrender and just go with wherever the energies
want to take us. Perhaps you are feeling a little out of control? Go with it!
Cosmic Hand is guiding us to a new gateway, to a new level of being. Just trust
and allow yourself to be guided to this new opening. With Blue Hand
something is completed during this lunar cycle and new something opens up.
Celebrate! The Grand Trine in earth signs continues making it really easy to
access abundance and to transform physical reality into our own creation. Just
release all control and surrender to the perfection of everything you are
experiencing right now. Cosmic energy tells us to, "open to the workings of destiny
offered by universal movement." "With fluidity, move through the gateway that opens for you.
Blue Hand is there, awaiting you." "Dance till the stars come down from the
rafters! Dance, dance, dance till you drop!" Auden.
Experience the flowing quality that is the beauty of the cosmic dance!
Blue Eagle Wavespell
"How do I compassionately serve...
and surrender to the perfection of knowing that when I am standing in my full beauty and power,
it invites others to be all that they are too?

August 16 Aug 17 Aug 18 Aug 19 Sept 20

August 21 Grand Square continues

New T-Square between: Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24
Last Quarter You
28 degrees
2:54 pm are valuable
in and of yourself
August 28 Grand Trine between earth signs and these planets:
Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27
New Moon
5 degrees
8:04 pm towards
the new Opening....
"We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake...It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a
few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look...
To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." Thoreau
The Yellow Star Wavespell includes the testing phase of the New Moon in Blue Cosmic Hand on August 28th.
This First Quarter Moon reminds us that we're in a White Rhythmic Wizard year, too, and not to forget to align our heads
with our heart. The bookends of this wavespell: Yellow Star and Yellow Sun remind us to be benevolent to others, to radiate
harmony, love and happiness to all that we meet...and the harmonious Grand Trine between all earth signs in Jupiter, Venus,
the Sun and Pluto make this easy. We just have to plug into the energies available: Abundance, positivity, luck, benevolence,
(Jupiter) love, beauty, pleasure, (Venus) radiance, energy, (Sun) all amped up and intensified by Pluto....he's infusing these
planets with pure power. The power to transform this pleasure into something tangible and real in your physical world. It's also
a wonderful time to heal if you've had a long illness or to heal others if you have that gift.

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius and White Resonant Wizard tests
us. Have we really let go of control in order to our allow our lives to flow naturally and
authentically? The integrity of White Wizard is supported here by the Sagittarius Moon at 11
degrees sextiling Saturn in Libra at 15 degrees. Infuse your responsibilities with integrity. "Through
the lens of integrity, examine your motivations and actions." The fact that the Sun and Moon are at 11
degrees speaks to the Aquarius/Uranus aspect of White Wizard. The moon in Sagittarius
happens to trine Uranus today, too, bringing out White Wizard's freedom-loving side! Also, you'll
notice that the tone is Resonant: 7. The tone for the year is Rhythmic: 6 - so this first testing
phase is reminding us of the bigger picture for the year! Go back and read about the White
Rhythmic Year we are in at the beginning of this calendar to refresh your memory. Align your
own will with divine will. See through the eyes in your heart. Don't give away your power by
looking for approval outside yourself. Be self-empowered. "Act with integrity, and magical outcomes will
naturally blossom!" Resonant energy reminds us to be still, re-charge our batteries in nature and to
stand in the full light of our mystical power.

Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the the First Quarter Moon
in White Resonant Wizard
~ Create your living, magic wisdom wand to feel your natural alignment with divine will.
~ Meditate somewhere outside in Nature. Be still and quiet. Feel your cells dancing healthily
will all other vital cells around you.
~ Drop your consciousness down into your heart. See how that feels.
~ Ask your heart questions and write down the answers.
~ What would you like to powerfully manifest in your life using the earthy Grand Trine?
~ Lots of healing energy is available right now. Bathe yourself in a healing meditation....
~ jaguar, heart, integrity, wisdom wand, all-seeing eye, opal, crystal ball, air, north

Pick up your wisdom wand!

Yellow Star Wavespell
"How can I be the love, be the harmony...
and surrender to the perfection of radiating bliss, love and compassion to others?"

August 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 September 1 Sept 2

Sept 4 trine sextile

Sept 3 Sept 5 Sept 6
The Grand Trine in earth signs continues:
First Quarter
11 degrees Integrity
10:39 am &

Sept 7 Sept 8 Sept 9 Sept 10

"Please be aware that this is a benevolent universe. It is on your side, and when you join the universal harmony
all the forces of the Universe will move in to help you. It is their desire to have you as a co-participant, not isolated." Batholomew
The Red Dragon Wavespell holds the space for the Full Moon in White Lunar Wind and the integration phase of the
Last Quarter in White Planetary Dog. While you are being highly present and checking the authenticity of your foundations remember to
trust that you are fully supported in whatever you choose to shift into. Red Dragon's love and support reminds you that you are part of the
circuit of love - be present with this feeling of love flowing through you in the giving and receiving circuit. The last lunar phase that began
with the New Moon in Blue Cosmic Hand is coming to a close during this wavespell. Have you been feeling a radical shift taking place? Are
you being called to go with the flow of change? The reason I chose one of my praying mantis photos to represent White Wind is because I
always feel, when they visit me (and they visit often, while I'm working they climb right up on my computer!) that they are bringing a
message to be alert, curious, hyper-aware and super-conscious and....present, very very present. See what messages you receive during this Full
Moon in White Wind while being super alert to all that is going on around and inside you.....

The Full Moon in Pisces and White Lunar Wind brings all things 'opposite' to Ceremony inspirations for the Full Moon in
White Lunar Wind
our attention for examination. Both Lunar and White Wind energy are concerned with ~ Do a breath meditation
examining the polarity of male and female energies within ourselves. It looks to me like ~Create a ceremony that represents two polarities within
we are able to access a positive, creative dynamic between our male and female aspects you. Then create a 'third point of light' that has you step
because Venus and Mars are sextiling each other very nicely. The 'opposites' that are out of the polarity into the bigger picture.
actually opposing each other today are the Sun and the Moon (as always happens during ~ wind, breath, inspiration, integration of polarities,
spiral whirlwind, two, white light, air, north
a full moon) The archetypes called forth by the Sun/Moon opposition are the Father and
the Mother and/or our Conscious and Subconscious Selves. So, perhaps these are the
relationships within us and outside of us that desire our attention at this time. You're
being asked to see the gifts within these relationships. White Wind reminds us to be
present. "Presence is simple. It is like being caught in the moment by the beauty of Nature." Slow
down. Breathe. Open to being guided and inspired. "Awaken to the unseen that already infuses
your experience!" Become so expansive and large, like the Full Moon itself, that you can
hold and encompass all the duality and polarity of our world....and still move gently and
easily with the breeze....

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini and White Planetary Dog encourages us to
integrate all that we surrendered and opened to with Blue Cosmic Hand on the New Moon on
August 28th. The Grand Square continues to challenge us but Planetary energy shows us how we
can put it to real use now! What foundations motivate your choices? Is it time to create a new
foundation in alignment with your true heart's desire? White Planetary Dog thinks so! Venus and
the Moon are involved in the Grand Square and so, with White Dog energy you are being asked to
recognize that you are at choice at every moment. Now is the time to heal past emotional issues.
Step into the other person's skin to see what it looks like from their perspective. White Dog brings
breakthrough and new beginning energy to this last quarter moon. Remember to open your heart
to your old and new companions of destiny! "With your guides and conpanions, you have the ability to
manifest your inspired visions and dreams." White Wind asks you to be super-present like
one of my many praying mantis visitors!
Red Dragon Wavespell
"How do I enjoy being totally supported by Source...
and surrender to the perfection of having the courage to move into the Unknown?"
Sept 12 opposite Sept 14
September 11 Sept 13
sextile trine
Full Moon
19 degrees
See the gifts
2:27 am in your
Sept 15 Sept 16 Sept 17 Sept 18 Sept 19

Sept 20 Grand Square between five planets

Sept 21 Sept 22 Sept 23
Last Quarter Manifest
27 degrees
6:39 am with

"Love with freedom - if you have it, you are a king or a queen. Love gives you the roots into the earth, and freedom gives you the wings" OSHO
The White Wizard Wavespell holds the space for the New Moon in Red Self-Existing Earth and the First Quarter Moon
in Blue Planetary Night. White Wizard reminds us of our task this whole year: to align our head with our heart, to open to heart-knowing
and new possibilities, to have integrity and to be self-empowered. Infuse these next 13 days with this energy. I find it interesting that on the
new Moon the Sun and Moon are at exactly 4 degrees 00 minutes (in Libra). Wow! The 4 reflects the Self-Existing energy available on that
day and encourages us to give our thoughts discpline and form. What beautiful, harmonious (Libra) idea wants to manifest into the real
world? (besides dark chocolate :) The two sweet zeros suggest that anything is possible - just plug in to Red Earth's guidance and stay alert to
synchronicities, signs and signals for the next 28 days. What animals are visiting you right now? What is their message for you? What new
possibility are you being guided to see through the synchronicities you experience? "Align your own will with Divine will." (that's what those two
little zeros mean to me!)

The New Moon in Libra and Red Self Existing Earth Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the New Moon
urges us to harmonize our own energies with the natural forces of the earth and in Red Self-Existing Earth
to take time to center ourselves in nature to receive powerful, healthy earth ~ Call in synchronicities to guide you
energies. Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra suggests that there may be some ~ Walk barefoot, hang out in a tree or on a boulder, plant a flower
~ earth force, incense, centeredness, crystal healing, moss, fuschia, earth, east
relationships challenges (not being able to feel love from another or for another.
Not to worry this will pass quickly!) but it also supports Self-Existing energy: we
can give our values discipline and form at this time. Because there are five planets
in Libra there is an abundance of energy available to beautify and harmonize.
Since the New Moon is in Red Earth this suggests to me that we should take
some time to make our homes and gardens lovely. If you are designing a house
or garden use the golden mean and sacred geometry to harmonize both with the
natural earth forces. All will benefit! Take time to walk barefoot, sit quietly in
nature and hug a tree! We also have a very tight T-Square between five planets.
With Uranus exactly opposite Mercury, Sun and Moon expect to have super
unique and genius ideas popping into your head! Pluto, in exact square with the
Sun and Moon suggests deep psychological forces at work, emotional power
struggles and past patterns and habits, homelife and relationships that need to
transform. Intense! The missing leg of the T-Square in Cancer reminds us sto
self-nurture - be good to yourself during this 28 day cycle! Focus on pleasure,
harmony, being kind to yourself and receive strength from the earth.

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn and Blue

Planetary Night tests us as the T-Square continues. The difference with
this T-Square is that Neptune is now in a harmonious relationship with Venus -
and Mars is in a harmonious aspect with the Sun and Mercury. So, we have
some help here! The dream-field where all ideas, hopes and dreams and visions
live is awaiting our input (Neptune trine Venus) and Mars gives our thoughts and
ideas energy. Can we co-create the world we want to live in while being tested? Of
course we can! Lets manifest our hearts desire with Planetary energy and
consciously dream an even more beautiful world alive!
Harmonize your energies with the natural earth forces
White Wizard Wavespell
"How do I step more fully into self-empowerment...
and surrender to the perfection of knowing that everything that is happening right now is serving my evolution perfectly?"
September 27 Tight T-Square between
September 24 Sept 25 Sept 26
conjunct in
New Moon
4 degrees 00 minutes!
4:09 am Harmonize
Sept 28 Sept 29 Sept 30 October 1 Oct 2

October 3 T-Square continues but with: trine

Oct 4 Oct 5 Oct 6
and sextile
First Quarter
10 degrees Co-Create
8:15 pm your
heart's desire!

"We are Stardust. We are Golden. And it's time for us to get back to the farm" Joni Mitchell 1969
The Blue Hand Wavespell encompasses the culmination phase of the Full Moon in Blue Overtone
Monkey and the integration phase of the Last Quarter Moon in Blue Cosmic Storm of the new lunar cycle that
started with the New Moon in Red Self-Existing Earth on September 27th. The bookends for this wavespell are
Blue Hand and Blue Storm. Blue Hand asks us what it is that we would like to complete during this 13 day
wavespell. Once we complete what we need to complete new gateways and openings are presented to us. Finish
what you need to finish and then watch for the opening. Always remember, with Blue Hand, that when you stand
in your full beauty and power you invite others to be all that they are too! Blue Storm holds the space for you to
"give up what you seem to be in order to become fully what you are."

The Full Moon in Aries and Blue Overtone Monkey Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the the Full
encourages us to release any pent up seriousness so we can play! Lighten up! Moon in Blue Overtone Monkey
Know that your core purpose at this time is to be transparent, open-hearted and ~ Do something that is fun and hilarious just because.
playful! The seriousness must go. We can see that the serious thoughts we've had ~ If seriousness have overtaken - write yourself a delightful NEW script!
since the First Quarter Moon have dissipated now as Mercury has moved away
~ Remember a few of your childhood dreams. Dance, play, paint, draw or
from Saturn...but the seriousness does still linger in the form of the Sun/Saturn
sing them alive! Hang upside down from a tree - get a new perspective!
opposition to the Moon. This can feel a little depressing - but you can use Mars
in harmonious aspect to the Moon to be exuberant (but not overbearing. Oh ~ monkey, spontaneity, inner child, humour, dolphin, aquamarine, water, west
my, we have some juggling to do!) With Mercury in close trine with Neptune let
our thoughts turn to magic, spirit, transparency, being open-hearted and
compassionate. "Speak your truth directly." Blue Monkey reminds us that any
disruption or aspects of your world that are turned upside down at this time
simply desire to be seen and then altered. Break the pattern. "When things seem too
complex, simplify." Be playful when sorting out your concerns at this time. With
your imagination amplify them to such an absurd level that the seriousness
discharges. It works! "Peel off layers of concern and reclaim your wholeness."

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer and Blue Cosmic

Storm completes this intense (and very 'blue'/feeling-intuitive) wavespell.
Can you feel the excitement in the air? Changes are afoot! Blue Cosmic Storm
is encouraging us to surrender to the perfection of all that is happening right
now. Allow all intense feelings to help propel you through the seemingly
insurmountable 'wall' to your freedom! Every level of your being is being
transformed and purified right now - allow it to happen. It is a great time to get
rid of any addictions you may have, too, as Pluto and Blue Storm's influence is
deep and long-lasting. Pluto is also giving your thoughts and values power right
now. What do you like? What do you desire? Why? Have a deep, intimate two-
way conversation with someone. (Scorp likes the deep questions!) Jupiter is right
there bestowing much positive growth and reminding you that you already
'have' soooooo so much. Radically shift into your new found freeeeedom!
Entertain a fresh, new perspective!
Blue Hand Wavespell
"How do I open to a new level of my being...
October 11
and surrender to the perfection of knowing I am free to choose something
new at any moment?"
opposite trine

Oct 8 Oct 9 Oct 10 trine

October 7

Full Moon
18 degrees
Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 14 Oct 15 7:06 pm

October 19 Pluto aspects four planets:

Oct 16 Oct 17 Oct 18
Last Quarter
26 degrees
8:30 pm
"I want every human being to live to the fullest; minimum is not my way. Live to the maximum, or if you can go beyond the maximum, then fantastic!
Go! Don't wait! And don't waste time waiting for Godot...." OSHO
The Yellow Sun Wavespell is one of the quieter, gentler wavespells we've had in quite a while. Since
there is no Grand Square or T-Square to contend with it's like we are given this time to integrate all that went on
since the summer. The abundance of Scorpio and Pluto energy, not to mention the New Moon in Scorpio and
White Resonant World Bridger all point toward profound permanent changes being made on a deep level. The
bookends, Yellow Sun and Yellow Human remind you to be unconditionally loving to yourself and others, to
accept yourself and others and to radiate your warmth to those around you. Yellow Human encourages you to
cleanse your body, purify it, so that it may receive more expanded energies. All in all it's a powerful, deep and quiet-
on-the-surface Wavespell. Improvements are being made on a deep, deep level!

The New Moon in Scorpio and White Resonant Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the the New
World Bridger urges us to let go, release and forgive in a very Moon in White Resonant World Bridger
gentle but deep way. There is an abundance of profoundly deep, ~ Meditate on what you need to release, forgive or let go of...while lying on
investigative, truth-discovering, un-masking energy available right now your back, totally surrendered and at ease. Write it all down.
through the four planets in Scorpio and in the way that Pluto is ~ Play the Transformation Game with trusted friends! (it's an amazing game
harmoniously aspecting the Sun and Moon. Smooth, deep sailings into created by the Findhorn people)
releasing and surrendering is what this 28 day lunar cycle is all about. ~ surrender, release, death, revelation, forest green, gardenia, air, north
"Free yourself from the desire to be in control and let go of how you think things
should be. Surrender is freedom" Resonant energy encourages you to find a
quiet spot either outside in nature or with a view of a beautiful, natural
green space to meditate and re-charge your batteries. You don't even
have to meditate in the traditional way. Simply be in Nature. Soak up all
the vital, alive, healthy energy that is present in all living things. Feel the
one-ness between you and everything around you. There is no
separation. Your cells are aligned perfectly and correctly just like theirs
are. Resonant energy is very healing and with all this Scorpio/Pluto
energy around healing and the transformation of un-aligned cells into
aligned cells is supported. With White World Bridger, all that you
release and let go of and forgive during this 28 day cycle will aid you in
standing in the light of your full mystical power! Move into the ease that
surrendering brings. With Neptune opposite Mars and Saturn sextile
Mars your energy is best spent in surrender and contemplation
quietly planning. There is not alot of energy available right now for
hard physical work or exercise. But there is a lot of energy available for
deep, permanent transformative work. "You are being requested to die a
symbolic death. In such death, ego structures fall away to reveal the garden of the
true self." "Like yeast, surrender enlivens and empowers you to experience more of
life's fullness." Spend quiet time in alignment with the healthy vibrations in nature
Yellow Sun Wavespell
"How do I radiate unconditional love and acceptance to others...
and surrender to the perfection of uniting my cleansed body with expanded frequencies?"

Oct 20 Oct 21 Oct 22 Oct 23 Oct 24

October 26 Four planets in Scorpio:

Oct 25 trine Oct 27 Oct 28
New Moon
3 degrees
12:56 pm powerful
Oct 29 Oct 30 Oct 31 Nov 1

"Just keep remembering there is a job to do and it is to increase your joy, your love, your light and your dance of delight! To any extent you can bring
delight into the living process of this planet, you are helping those who at this moment do not have the foggiest notion such a thing is possible."
~ Bartholomew ~
The Red Skywalker Wavespell is very 'red'! Red energy is ruled by the East: new projects, new
perspectives and a rising up to the dawn of a new day, refreshed. After the deep, quietly transforming and
integrating Yellow Sun wavespell we just had - this makes sense! Renewed, we are called upon to be the
ones that bring Heaven/Paradise to Earth, to shine the light of our experience and knowledge for others
and the last day of this Wavespell, Red Serpent reminds us to be passionate about life! Listen to our body's
wisdom, work with our chakras to keep them spinning healthily and to be intimate with others. The Full
Moon is a gorgeous blossoming of our trust in how we are perfectly supported... Be large, this wavespell!

The First Quarter Moon in Aquarius and Red Magnetic Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the the Full
Skywalker is wanting us to get creative with the way we are Messengers of Moon in Red Solar Dragon
the Light. As the star-seeded beings who answered the mythic call to aid earth ~ During your meditation sit inside an infinity symbol - then imagine that
and all people in raising their vibration, we have a job to do! Magnetic energy love is coming into your heart as receiving love and then out through your
asks us to call forth the resonance of our true vibration. "Now is the time to embody
back as giving love. It loops around in figure-8 style - let the loops get larger
your true identity of Love. Skywalker assists in expressing self-love so that you truly have
compassion for other "yourselves." As the Maya say, "In Lak'ech: "I am another yourself !"
and larger. Amazing feeling as you give and receive this wonderful feeling!
With Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Sagittarius and trining Uranus ~ root, source of life, primal trust and nourishment, spiral vortex, earth, east
your thoughts and ideas connect nicely with your inner Sage or Bodhisattva.
The 9 degree Moon supports your accessing the deep wisdom that living many
different lives bestows on you. (the number 9 is a number of old souls, way-
showers) Idealism runs high. Fresh new ideas for new communities and villages
are being dreamt up now that are more in alignment with more authentic
values. Uranus in Aries gives us courage to to create these new communities as
does Red Skywalker. Loosen your moorings and step into the Unknown!

The Full Moon in Taurus and Red Solar Dragon is showing

you just how supported by Source you really are. Trust that all the inner and
outer resources you desire for a wonderful life (that influences others
beneficially! Can't forget Solar energy!) are supplied to you. Your desires are
met. A sense of security and abundance is blooming within you. Red Dragon
reminds us that we are fully supported and nurtured by All That Is. Mercury
conjunct Venus at exactly 10 degrees in Sagittarius are acting like a 'singleton'
in today's chart supporting the Solar energy available today. Sagittarius loves to
grow and learn and then shine the light of their experience for others. Inspire
someone today with your generosity of spirit! I love the fact that these two
planets are at 10 degrees, too, backing up the 1, Unity, Individual yet undivided
from Source (0) energy of Red Dragon. Perfect! The Grand Trine today makes
it easy to take powerful action towards growing the knowing that you really do
spring from a benevolent, abundance-providing, supportive, nurturing place...
Love, abundance and total support is yours - put yourself into the circuit!
Red Skywalker Wavespell
"How do I become the Bodhisattva I am...
and surrender to the perfection of being passionate about Life?"
November 2 Gentle T-Square between:
Nov 3 Nov 4 Nov 5
First Quarter
9 degrees
9:38 pm I am a
Messenger of Light!
November 10

Nov 6 Nov 7 Nov 8 Nov 9 Support

others as
you yourself
acting like a singleton
Grand Trine:
Nov 11 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 14
Full Moon
18 degrees
1:16 pm

"Move into the world of light and pure consciousness as far as you possibly can and it
will benefit the entire planet." ~ Bartholomew ~
The White World Bridger Wavespell is the container for the finishing up of the last lunar cycle and the beginning of
a new lunar cycle. I find it very interesting that the New Moon in White Resonant World Bridger back on October 26th was followed by the
next three of it's lunar phases in red daykeepers. I'm getting the picture that that lunar cycle was definitely about waking up refreshed, renewed
and ready to go which we will be once the New Moon rolls around on November 24th! Which brings us to the importance of this next lunar
cycle in Blue Planetary Eagle which is also a partial solar eclipse. This will be the first New Moon since our renewal! With all the Sagittarius
energy around and the wild card energy that an eclipse brings it is a great time to do a very important ceremony that acknowledges your
hopes, dreams and visions for your own world as well as the greater reality and to plant them within yourself so that they may grow into
Reality. The Grand Trine in earth signs supports this! ~ "By simply embodying Light and Love, you become the one who creates miracles on Earth."

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo and Red Self-Existing Moon Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the New Moon
urges us to integrate all the quiet surrendering and deep healing that the New
Moon in White World Bridger brought to us on October 26th. Red Self-Existing in Blue Planetary Eagle:
Moon encourages us to bring the remembrance of who we really are into the ~ Write down your dreams and visions for your world and the larger world.
significant forms of our life. As a spiritual being having a human experience Then, collect natural items that represent these dreams and plant them so
how do you want your life to be? Self-Existing energy reminds you that as the that they will grow...
architect of your own life you are the only one who can infuse the forms of your ~ eagle, cobweb, compassionate service, global consciousness, belief in oneself
life with who you truly are. Job, relationship, family, home - these are the forms hope, lavender, heather, lilac, amethyst, water, west
that await the infusion of the dreams and visions you've always held for them.
Neptune trine Saturn and Red Moon energy both support this. For the next 7
days until the next New Moon be alert for signs and symbols of guidance.
"Channel your creative energy constructively, generating the power for practical manifestation!"

The New Moon in Sagittarius and Blue Planetary Eagle

is extra special because a partial solar eclipse is included too! This lunar cycle is
asking us to look at our beliefs and ideals and to see how they inform & create
the life we are living. Eclipses bring surprises, endings, new possibilities and
beginnings. The four planets in Sagittarius and Blue Eagle all point towards
manifesting the highest vision and dream that you hold for yourself and the
world. Amazing New Moon! The Sun & Moon square Chiron (wounded
healer) plus Blue Eagle's energy may bring up old wounds that need healing.
Now is the time to heal. Remember that when you heal yourself, you heal the
world! This 28 day cycle holds the most power for all planetary servers to
transmute their own pain/fear etc. into light and in doing so infuse the
collective consciousness with light! The time 10:10 reminds us that a new cycle
is commencing. Planetary energy asks, "What does your heart desire to
manifest?" and Blue Eagle answers, "My dreams and visions for my life and the
world!" Saturn, Neptune, Mercury & Venus are all aspecting each other nicely
and supporting this manifestation. The Grand Trine between Jupiter and Mars
& Pluto (exact at 6 degrees) ensure powerful growth. Be compassion!
Realize your most cherished dreams!
White World Bridger Wavespell
"How do I release control and slip into ease...
and surrender to the perfection of being a clear mirror for others?"
November 18 sextile and trine
November 15 Nov 16 Nov 17 Grand trine between:

Last Quarter
25 degrees
7:09 am Soul-informed
Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 22 Nov 23

November 24 Grand trine between:

sextiling both ends of the opposition Nov 25 Nov 26 Nov 27
square Chiron
New Moon
2 degrees Manifest your
10:10 pm visions & dreams!

Partial Solar Eclipse!

"When I say, "Just be yourself," I am saying to you, "Just be unprogrammed, unconditioned awareness." OSHO
The Blue Storm Wavespell contains a lot of energy around the theme of communication, conceptualization, ideas and
writing. The missing leg of the T-Square on December 2nd is in Gemini and the Full Moon and total lunar eclipse is in Gemini. I see that
Uranus is nicely trining the eclipsed Moon in Gemini and this tells me that while the rational left brain is being other-wise occupied we have
an amazing opportunity to receive original seed-packets of information through our right brain that will inspire and inform us! This reminded
me of this Uranian/Mercurial quote from a favourite book of mine: "A young man with an active mind," Ulrich reflected, "is constantly
sending out ideas in every direction. But only those that find resonance in his environment will be reflected back to him and consolidate, while
all the other dispatches are scattered in space and lost!"...And so Ulrich felt that what he had just thought was not entirely without significance.
For if, in the course of time, commonplace and impersonal ideas are automatically reinforced while unusual ideas fade away, so that almost
everyone, with a mechanical certainty, is bound to become increasingly mediocre, this explains why, despite the thousandfold possiblities
available to everyone, the average human being is in fact average." Musil. This is a call to share your original thoughts with others!!
The First Quarter Moon in Pisces and Blue Overtone Night is Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the Full Moon
testing us. With Mercury retrograde and a T-Square setup between the Sun,
Moon and Mars in Virgo ALL at 9 degrees (wow!) you may find yourself going
in Blue Cosmic Monkey
over the past with a very self-critical and judgemental eye. "Remember that belief ~ Do right brain exercises: draw or write with your left hand or let your
systems that are ready to be transformed draw to themselves the way through their shadows. Go divine child create a vivid detailed vision of a day in your life that you can feel.
deep within. See what jewels might be hidden in the heart of your darkness. The truth you find ~ Do something totally spontaneous or allow someone to bring total
in that darkness often holds the greatest potential for growth." All the 9's tell us that spontaneity into your life today!
wisdom and guidance is available whether it comes from within or through a ~ monkey, inner chiled, trickster, throat chakra, aqua blue, water, west
friend. The missing leg of the T-Square is in Gemini which tells us that the way
to stabilize this aspect is to communicate your dreams, visions and ideas to
others. Don't keep them to yourself. Communicate! (or at the very least write!!
Pluto and Venus, conjunct in Capricorn are aiding the T-Square by making the
"Power of Love" available - use this powerful energy to transform using love.
Blue Night reminds us that out of the place of potential all is created. Dream!
The Full Moon in Gemini and Blue Cosmic Monkey includes a
total lunar eclipse. Last year we had a lunar eclipse in Gemini on Dec 21st and a
good Gemini friend of mine said it was the most magical day of his life and he
didn't even know it was suppoed to be special for him - so that's pretty cool! This
is the second Full Moon in Blue Monkey lately so perhaps we need to pay
attention to it's message! The last was on October 11 with Overtone energy.
Once again we have a very 'blue' (intuitive/feeling-oriented) Lunar cycle. It feels
to me like this full moon is reminding us that life is change. Trying to freeze it
into a rigid, secure shape isn't natural. Blue Monkey may bring disruptions as a
way of reminding us that the best ride is when you just totally surrender and enjoy
wherever the river takes you. What a trip, what a ride! Be as spontaneous as life
itself ! Cosmic energy asks you to pay attention to synchronicities and asks, "What
movement is being called for now?" Radical frequency shifts are available to all of
us right now. Shift into surrendering to the perfection of Life..shift into being the
transparent, open-hearted Divine Child that you are! Let your rational left brain
take a little vacation. Mercury is retrograde and we're experiencing a lunar
eclipse in Gemini so say hello to your right brain and do what truly gives you joy!
Go with the flow and enjoy the ride!
Blue Storm Wavespell
"How do I break through the 'wall' to freedom...
December 2
and surrender to the perfection of being wonderfully T-Square between
transparent and open-hearted?" 9 degree planets

November 28 Nov 29 Nov 30 December 1 being aided by:

First Quarter
9 degrees
Dec 6 1:52 am
Dec 3 Dec 4 Dec 5

Dec 10 Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini!

Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 9 trine retrograde

Full Moon sextile Chiron

18 degrees
6:36 am Right brain
sharing of ideas!
" You are pure Self, pure Consciousness, pure Light, moving through all of the past and the future. You have never been anything else, you can never be
anything else. You and the source are One. All separation is illusion. So know your Self and be free!" ~ Bartholomew ~
This Yellow Human Wavespell is the last wavespell before our traditional New Years day on January 1, 2012.
Since I'm a 'both and' kind of person, I like to look at everything. Everything has meaning for us fire signs! :) If you'll remember,
last year's New Year's Day fell on a Yellow Galactic Star day which gave us that vibration throughout 2011. Incredible vibration!
It was about all of us reeeeeally aligning with the new Harmonic vibration available to earth! The coming year, 2012, is Red
Solar Skywalker. The details of that will be avialable in my next e-Calendar. Sooooo this Yellow Human wavespell is about
wrapping up the old 2011 energy. The last full lunar cycle for 2011 ends with this wavespell. Yellow Human asks us to eat well,
take care of our human forms, even cleanse if we can so that we can receive more expanded higher frequency energies into our
human form. Yellow Seed, the other bookend to this wavespell, reminds us that all the gifts and talents we have inside us will
grow and blossom at exactly the perfect time. Trust that you are blooming. All in good time. Relax.....

The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo and White Resonant Ceremony inspirations and exercises for the Last
Mirror integrates all we healed, discovered and manifested Quarter in White Resonant Mirror:
since the New Moon in Blue Eagle on November 24th. The ~ Perform a Sword Ceremony where you slice away all self-judgments and
theme is: Clarity in your relationship to yourself and your judgments of others. Stand in the light of full acceptance of everything!
~ Go outside and re-charge in nature or during your meditation go to a
relationships to others. What kind of criticism and beautiful, restful green place. Take a mirror with you and look through it...
judgments are being reflected back to you through your ~ sword, flint, timelessness, discrimination, spiritual warriorship, air, north
relationships? Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra are
squaring each other and are in 'mutual reception'. That is:
Saturn rules Capricorn and Venus rules Libra so there is a
cross-over of energies that intensifies the themes of the two.
We have fear, restriction, structure, focus and responsibility
on the Capricorn/Saturn side and love, beauty, values, art,
harmony and relationships on the Libra/Venus side. These
energies are being challenged right now. White Resonant
Mirror reminds us that when we slice away all illusions we
have about ourselves and others we will be set free!
Sometimes we just have to take out our sword of
discrimination and cut away all that does not serve our
evolution. Saturn trine Neptune and sextile the Sun makes
it relatively easy for us to slice away that which is not in
alignment with our true vibration. Resonant energy
reminds us to enjoy a quiet green space to re-charge our
batteries and to stand in the full light of our mystical power!
Stand in the light of acceptance of yourself and others!
Yellow Human Wavespell
"How do I empty myself in order to be filled with the fruits of my true desire...
and surrender to the perfection of knowing my heart's dream is emerging?"

Dec 11 Dec 12 Dec 13 Dec 14 Dec 15

Dec 17 sextiling both sides of the opposition

Dec 16 Dec 18 Dec 19
trine square
Last Quarter Simple,
25 degrees
4:48 pm natural,
Dec 20 Dec 21 Dec 22 Dec 23

"Your responsibility is to be dynamic, creative human beings, expressing this pure, conscious awareness in whatever way makes your life begin to explode."
~ Bartholomew ~
Daykeeper & Tone Energy Key
Red Dragon: primal trust in divine Blue Monkey: balancing the Magnetic: independence,
unity, growing essence self.
nurturance, giving/receiving love, serious/fun axis, play, spontaneousness,
Lunar: polarity, co-operation,
communicate your dreams and desires. laughter, inner child, transparency.
White Wind: present moment, going Yellow Human: re-wiring in order Electric: change, movement,
with the flow, inspiration, truth, to receive higher frequencies, cleansing, flow, creativity, trinity,
simplicity, co-creator of reality. abundance, harvest, cornucopia. integration.
Blue Night: Being a Conscious Red Skywalker: bringing heaven to Self-Existing: manifest your
Dreamer, co-creating, abyss, journey earth, loosening your moorings, dreams, give your ideas
into self, dream exploration. stepping into the Unknown, courage. discpline and form.
Overtone: core purpose,
Yellow Seed: seeding new White Wizard: integrity, aligning
foundation, central intent.
possibilities, entelechy, growth, self- your will with divine will, allowing Rhythmic: organic balance,
germination, creation, opening. magic to happen, heart-knowing. bring heaven to earth, roots.
Red Serpent: passion, intimacy, Blue Eagle: dreams and visions, Resonant: practical
sexual and creative energy, body ompassionate service, belief in oneself, application of your mystical
wisdom, desire, instinct, kundalini. planetary server, commitment, hope. power, mystical alignment.
White World Bridger: death, Galactic: New Golden Octave
Yellow Warrior: intelligence, grace,
of harmony! Empowerment,
rebirth, release, forgive, let go, surrender, galactic conduit, trusting your inner harmonic resonance, one heart
ease, humility, revelation. guidance, divine communication. Solar: shine the light for
Blue Hand: spiritual tools and gifts, Red Earth: being centered, others, expansion, mastery,
healer, completion, being powerful and grounded, Earth keeper, crystal healing, complete.
beautiful allows others to be the same. barefeet, synchronicity, loving nature! Planetary: what does your
Yellow Star: new harmonic vibration White Mirror: shadow examination, heart desire to manifest?
for the Earth, expanded love, harmony, discrimination, clarity, honesty, clear intention, motivation.
way-shower, radiant influence, starseed. mirror for others, spiritual warriorship. Spectral: stripping away,
disintegration, letting go.
Red Moon: self-remembrance, Blue Storm: purificiation, intensity Crystal: stability in expansion,
intuition, cosmic communication, inner of feeling, transformation, breakdown union of polarity, framework of
master, beacon, signs and signals. and breakthrough, freedom. connectedness, wisdom.
White Dog: heart chakra, companions Yellow Sun: bliss, unconditional love, Cosmic: universal movement,
of destiny, resonating with others, break- ecstasy, union, crown, radiance, pure wild card, unexpected change,
through, new beginnings, guides. conscious awareness, enlightenment. mix things up, synchronicities.
Astrological Energy Key
Aries, ruled by Mars: Willful, child-like, energetic, courageous, The Sun: Who we are and who we are becoming, consciousness,
initiator, strong ego, impatient, pioneer energy, bold. I will. Fire sign. strength, vitality, health, lighting up the subject.
Taurus, ruled by Venus: Likes security in the material world, stable, The Moon: Our emotional nature, what makes us feel safe and
beauty, money and possessions, sensual, stubborn. I have. Earth sign. secure, habits, needs, feelings.
Gemini, ruled by Mercury: Quick wit, movement, communicator, Mercury: The mind, communication, ability to reason and turn
fact-knower, can be scattered, clever, charismatic. I think. Air sign. ideas into action, how we conceptualize, intellect.
Cancer, ruled by the Moon: Empathic, extremely sensitive, family- Venus: Our values, what we like, how we relate to another, love,
oriented, protective, sympathetic, moody, creative. I feel. Water sign. beauty, pleasure, romance, art, culture, harmony.
Leo, ruled by the Sun: Warm-hearted, entertaining, show-off, fun, Mars: Our ego, how we get what we want, where we put our
loyal, leader, proud, assertive, dramatic, creative. I am. Fire sign. energy, will, action, confidence, war, competition.
Virgo, ruled by Mercury: Detail-oriented, analytical, critical, health- Jupiter: What we believe in, benevolence, Guide/Teacher,
conscious, service, creates something useful, clean. I analize. Earth sign. expansiveness, growth, joy, good fortune, philosophy, travel.
Libra, ruled by Venus: Relationship-oriented, sharing, indecisive, Saturn: Restriction, calls for pruning, focus, discipline, fear,
loves beautiful surroundings, attractive, harmony-loving. I weigh. Air sign. structures and forms, responsibility, Authority, ambition.
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto: Intense, pulls back the mask to see the under- Uranus: Personal freedom, revolution, unique individual spark,
lying truth, secretive, possessive, intimate, sexual. I desire. Water sign. Individuation, 'expect the unexpected', wild card. Higher
Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: Adventurous, optimistic, lucky, traveller, vibration of Mercury: Genius & Inspiration.
moral, philosophical, excessive, self-reliant, honest, frank. I see. Fire sign. Neptune: Our connection to our Divinity. spirituality, music,
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn: Focused, busy, hard-worker, disciplined, poetry, dreams, other dimensions, non-physical, other-worldly,
conventional, practical, sober, masterful, practical. I use. Earth sign. compassion, illusion and delusion, drugs and alcohol, psychic
Aquarius, ruled by Uranus: Unique, unconventional, aloof, requires ability. Higher vibration of Venus: Unconditional Love.
personal freedom, likes to feel part of things, humane. I know. Air sign. Pluto: Transformation, intensity, healing energy, death, power,
Pisces, ruled by Neptune: Psychic, imaginative, in their own world, breakdown/breakthrough, power struggles, purification &
inspired or delusional, merging into One, martyr. I perceive. Water sign. refinement. Higher vibration of Mars: Powerful healing energy.

New Moon: A new Full Moon: Full Conjunction: Synthesize the energies of the 'pod'. When planets are
aspect of yourself is awareness of the aspect sitting right beside each other within 6 degrees to 10 degrees.
being brought up for brought forth by the New Sextile: Positive aspect. Creative opportunity. 60 degrees apart.
examination and Moon. Intensity. Trine: Positive aspect. Harmonious energies. 120 degrees apart.
discovery. flowering,. Square: Challenging aspect. At odds. 90 degrees apart.
First Quarter: Push Last Quarter: Reaping. Opposition: Challenging aspect. Relationships and the 'other' are
through the challenges Integrating all that you challenged, polarized. 180 degrees apart.
to bring clarity & experienced during this
strength. Testing. Create New Moon cycle. From New Moon to Full Moon: plant seeds for above ground crops
From Full Moon to New Moon: plant underground crops
Tzolkin Synchrometer
Use the Tzolkin calendar grid at the right to find your wavespell and to see when
the Galactic Activation Portal (GAP) days are.

To find your personal wavespell first locate your day keeper somewhere on the left
column. Then move across horizontally until you find your Tone. If you don't
know what your tone looks like, go back to the Daykeeper & Tone Energy Key.
Once you've found your square move up up up until you find 1 dot. Look over to
the left to see what Daykeeper is there and, voila, that's the daykeeper that your
personal wavespell starts with!

Example: I am a White Crystal Mirror. My personal wavespell starts with Blue Hand. My
Galactic Birthday is always on the 12th day of my wavespell: the Crystal Mirror day.

For an in depth page on your personal Wavespell go here: and click on the Daykeeper that
your wavespell starts with. You'll be able to see the dates of your past wavespells as well as
your current and future one.

Galactic Activation Portal Days

What are they? There are 52 of them and they are represented, at the right. by
the black squares. On these days the veil between the worlds is thinner and it's
easier to access the akashic records, guidance and inspiration. If you were born
on a GAP day that might explain your unusual gifts and odd phenomenon that
you magnetize to yourself ! Intensity and amplification of everything is a keyword
for GAP days. You'll notice that the Red Serpent and Yellow Seed wavespells
have ten GAP days each! Woah, intense wavespells! It was during a Red Serpent
wavespell in November 2004 that I pleaded, intensely with the Universe to give
me a big road sign to show me where to go within 24 hours DID! That's
how I got to Mexico! Never under estimate GAP days. An intense, sincere
request to the Universe or your guides to help out will not go un-noticed! :)

The GAP days in my calendar are shaded in grey.