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Reiki...Sacred or Secret?

Symbols, Initiations, Attunements

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

There are many ways that people are introduced to and

relate with Usui Reiki energy. There are a multitude of
different teaching methods and initiation attunement
styles. It is in the spirit of Reiki for practitioners and
teachers to honor all manners of teaching and attunement.
However, it is equally important to make wise choices
regarding how we personally wish to learn and experience

Regardless of how one is introduced to the various levels

of Reiki energy, the experience can be greatly enhanced
when the sacred nature of Reiki is honored and preserved.

Over the past 14 years during which I have worked with

and enjoyed Reiki, I have encountered many people and a
myriad of opinions regarding the symbols and
attunements. Some people have the concern that by
holding the symbols and initiation process as sacred, it is
about secrets, control, and withholding information.

I find it interesting that a result of embracing Reiki into

our daily life, is often an examination of our personal
issues related to power and control. When Reiki is
incorporated into all aspects of our life, we soon learn that
among the greatest lessons it teaches us is the importance
of relinquishing our desire, or perceived need to be in
control. When we do release our attempts to control, we
can truly allow our life to be guided, and mastered by
Divine Love.

It is intriguing to me that the tools and ceremonial process

that assist us in activating Reiki, the very essence of
Divine Love, can also be catalysts to confront our fears of
trusting that God is the guiding force driving our life.
Personal power issues can create filters that prevent us
from recognizing that ‘the only TRUE power is Love".

Secret Symbols, or Sacred Tools?

It is often exclaimed that Reiki symbols and initiation

attunement processes are "secret". However, I would ask
you to consider that perhaps a more accurate description is
that the symbols are sacred healing tools, and the
attunement a sacred ceremonial practice. Perhaps what
some perceive as keeping secrets is actually a way to
honor Reiki, and show respect for its true nature.

In Webster’s dictionary the word secret is defined as

"concealed, kept from general knowledge". The word
sacred is defined as "regarded with reverence".

Symbols have been used for centuries to represent

different aspects of spirituality. The symbols used in Reiki
are connected directly to Divine consciousness. Each
symbol is a representation of a unique vibration and serves
as a key to activate certain frequencies of energy.

In 1989, when I was first attuned to the energy connected

with Reiki symbols, I was told that I must not show them
to anyone who has not been attuned to them. I agreed to
this, and I uphold this agreement today. I personally
consider this a sacred vow.

The symbols serve as sacred healing tools in my Reiki

practice. I feel that the profound results they often produce
for my clients, and myself are due in part to holding a very
deep respect and reverence for the symbols.

Initiation Attunements-
Attunements-Sacred Ceremony

Attunement can be defined as the act of "matching

vibration" with a specific spiritual energy or frequency of
light. Attunements adjust the vibration of an individual.
They can take place through transmission from one person
to another, through spiritual or energetic practice, or
occasionally through spontaneous occurrence. The
purpose of a Reiki attunement is to bring us into a
harmonious relationship with the Reiki energy, and to help
lift the veils and filters we may be holding between our
lower self and our God self.

A Reiki initiation is activated by a Reiki master-teacher,

who has been trained in the attunement technique, and
who shares the process with a person who has the spiritual
desire and intention to receive an initiation attunement.

One of the things that takes place in a Reiki attunement is

that our subtle energy system, clears and releases denser
energies. Also our chakras and etheric field are
strengthened so that we are capable of receiving and
transmitting high frequency healing light, at will and for
extended periods of time.

With the rapid acceptance of Reiki energy by healers

around the world, we find that the strength of the energy is
increasing exponentially as more people are attuned, or
receiving Reiki treatments. As the strength of Reiki
increases, the power of the attunement to clear and fortify
our subtle bodies is intensified as well.

Long Distance Attunements?

Although I honor all ways Reiki is taught, I do find it

disconcerting when students receive their first initiations
into Reiki by long distance transmissions, or over the
internet. My hesitancy with this is not because I doubt that
the initiations work, but because of the inability for the
student to be physically observed and assisted by their
Reiki teacher.

I also feel a bit sad for the student who misses the
opportunity to experience their initiation attunement in a
physical sacred space. Space that has been aesthetically,
and energetically created or chosen by a Reiki Master. A
Reiki teacher who has experience with sacred ceremonial
space, created for the express purpose of sharing the Reiki
attunement process, can greatly enhance the student’s

Even though we are dealing with spiritual energies, we do

live in a third dimensional world. The purpose of using
Reiki is to bring high frequency spiritual energy into the
physical realm.

Receiving and accepting an attunement

as both a spiritual and a physical
experience is a true blessing.
This is me on Mt. Kurama the
Sacred Mountain where Usui
Sensei discovered Reiki. This
picture was taken after a seven
hour hike up and around the

This is a photo of a shrine on

Mt. Kurama. When I stepped
inside for the first time, my
soul began to sing. This is
truly a sacred place, where
Divine Love is omnipresent.
Tiger is symbolic of change in
I took the picture of this tiger
the entrance to the Main Hall on
the sacred mountain Kurama
in Japan.

Dr. Usui discovered Reiki

during a
spiritual experience on Mt.

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