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Months April July 2011

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Dear Friends and family, As always we are super busy here in Guatemala. Deborah had our baby, Felicity Grace, on August 1st. Whether it is a baby throwing up, a child getting his head stuck, something mysteriously breaking, or a local asking for advice, we keep ourselves pretty busy. God has continued to provide for our needs and keep us safe. We are still looking for a couple to run our girls home for raped and abused girls. There is a great need. We received two more calls in the past two months. As you can see above, you can now support us electronically online. Check it out! ( Our child sponsorship program is still running. Check it out! (

April 2011
Nate & Lizzie Left After committing for 6 months and leaving after one and a half years, Nate & Lizzie Hurley moved back to the United States. We are so thankful that they could come and help us as we first started running the home. Nates computer and teaching skills and Lizzies nursing skills came in handy many a time. Josh and Donna Came A couple of months before Nate and Lizzie were planning to leave we still had no one to fill their spot. We went to a mission conference in Florida and ask the church to pray that God would provide someone. They prayed and God answered. The day after the conference I got an email from the director of Orphan Resources that they had a couple who was looking to commit two years at a childrens home. Knowing it was God and feeling peace they that were sent by God, we spoke with Josh and Donna twice before they came down. Things have been going great and Joshs car and construction skills, and Donnas cooking and nursing skills make them a perfect fit! A church in distress A small local church that had been greatly supported by Tom Stukenberg, Deborahs father, had some pastoral problems. Being his relatives, the church decided to ask us to help. Deborah and I hold a prayer service on Saturdays and a Bible study every other Sunday. A man from the nearby town holds a church service on Wednesdays and a Bible study every other Sunday. It is rather interesting considering that more than half the church speaks an Indian dialect called Tzutujil. We managed to get their New Testament on an mp3 device. We are able to play the Bible in their language, and then talk about it. We have also been showing them missionary videos and talking about them. We are praying a pastor will be found soon so that the church will be able to grow more.

May 2011
Karina came May 5th Karina came at two months old. She was taken from her parents because of their addiction to alcohol, a common thing here. She was small for her age, but very happy. After four days, we had to take her to the hospital. She had the Rota Virus. She spent six days in a hospital. We had to take turns staying there because the nurses do not take care of the children in the hospital. Kids sick with Rota Virus Karina brought with her the Rota Virus. A virus that can kill babies. All of our babies got it except for one. Many of the children and adults did as well. We had a very hard couple of weeks, but eventually everyone got better. Thank you for your prayers. Martinas Surgery Money was raised for Martina to have some plastic surgery. The team that had done her other surgery did this one as well. After having a plastic surgeon come and look at her and take photos, the team decided that she would need some skin on her neck worked on and more of her eyes. The Surgery was a success and Martina can see better and no longer has a tight section of skin on her neck.

June 2011
Eluid & Esther came out Deborahs sister and brother in law moved out near us for six months. Their house is being worked on in the city. Eliud teaches most of the children their school. This is a huge help for us. Purchased the bulls We purchased two bulls in hopes of saving some money. Grazing is free around us and we hope to slaughter them for the meat. It also gives the kids and I, a chance to learn something. The children help take care of them and take them to graze. Started Audio Ministry After getting the New Testament in the local language, we really wanted to use it. None of the churches here use the Tzutujil Bible because none of them can read it. They only use the Spanish Bible and the pastors explain what it says. A couple times a week we hook up a stereo system and blast Christian Spanish music and the Bible as loud as we can. Local wood cutters told us it can be heard coming through the trees at almost a mile away.

July 2011
Renting Land We are renting a piece of land 100ft X 180ft for a large garden. We hope to save some money and grow our own veggies. We also hope to have extra to sell. As with the bulls, we plan to learn something new and get the kids involved and learning something they could use in their future. Team here We had a team here all month. Rich Liester and his team came and helped with everything. Babies, chores, cooking, road repair, yard clean-up, and bull castration are just some of the things they helped with. Thanks a bunch, team.

Child Highlight

Name: Maria Esmeralda Itzep Zacarias Age: 13 Yrs Sex: Female Home Town: Santa Cruz, Quiche Arrival Date: Nov. 25, 2010 DOB: Aug 1, 1998

Story: Maria came to us on Nov 25th, 2010. We picked her up from the court in Quiche via air. She had a very rough life. From a young age her mother prostituted her out. Around age 7 or 8, she was taken from her mother by some neighbors along with all her other siblings. The rest of her siblings were passed around to people who wanted to adopt them. No one wanted Maria so she lived in the hospital for almost three years until finally a woman took her in. Maria lived with her for 2 yrs until coming home from school one day she was assaulted and raped. The women then turned her over to the court because she was afraid. Maria has a very meek spirit and is very loving. Despite all shes been through, Maria has settled in very well and has received the Lord. Please pray for Marias emotional healing as well for her schooling. Maria is struggling in the 3rd grade. Maria loves to help around the house and take care of the bulls.

Prayer Requests

For safety in our travels and from robbers. For baby Karinas recovery That the new volunteers are doing well For providing all our needs That God provided Josh and Donna to help us That we have had a mild rainy season so far Deborahs delivery was quick and the baby is healthy

Lord, He Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good Psalm 136:1

Please Pray
For continued safety in this rainy season and from robbers For the church leaders to find a full time pastor For the people of our town, that they will be convicted to walk the Christian walk That we will have wisdom to raise these children in a Godly home. That the adoption laws will be changed and corruption will be eliminated That support will continue to come in. That God will send a couple to run a girls home for us.

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith Matt. 21:22
Please keep all of us in your prayers. Feel free to e - mail us at or call at 011-5024407-0519 or 011-502-4407-1480. We would love to hear from people. If you would like to support us on a monthly basis or to give one time gifts please see the information below on page 4. Please do not write our names on checks. Attach a note with the check as to who it is for. Thank you all for your support and your e- mails. God Bless.

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