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Are changes coming

national media and golf fans. It also
reduces the first three tournaments to
glorified qualifiers, albeit ones with size-
able purses.
The most palatable option for the PGA

for Tour Championship? Tour is another tweak to the points distri-

bution. The changes made after last year’s
initial FedExCup season achieved the aim

Questions raised (again) about FedExCup format

of creating more volatility in the week-to-
week standings, but there was too great an
emphasis on simply making the cut.
Adjusting the points system a bit will
By Mike Blum not have much effect on who wins the

FedExCup. But there is a change that
could create at least a little drama, even if

n its first two years, the FedExCup is
0-for-2 in creating an exciting finish history repeats itself and Woods, Singh or
to determine the winner of the $10 some other top-ranked player dominates
million bonus for finishing first in the the first three tournaments.
season-long points standings. Since it’s considered the Championship
Last year, Tiger Woods had all but of the four playoffs events, a significant
wrapped up the title before he scored his increase in points for the finale at East
runaway victory at East Lake. Lake would be a reasonable solution, and
This year, first place in the FedExCup could pretty much ensure that no one will
points list was 100 percent decided prior have the FedExCup title locked up before
to the Tour Championship, thanks to the Tour Championship, even if someone
back-to-back wins by Vijay Singh in the does what Singh did this year and wins the
first two playoffs events. first two.
Playing the Tour Championship with What the critics of the current playoffs
nothing on the line except the tournament system — and there are many — fail to
title did not sit very well with tournament comprehend, is that golf is not like the
officials, and the PGA Tour is likely to NFL, MLB or NBA. It’s not even compa-
again tweak the points system, and pos- rable to NASCAR, the organization the
PGA Tour looked to when devising its
FedExCup champion Vijay Singh
sibly the format, before the 2009 season
gets underway. playoffs format.
As has been pointed out in these pages In team sports, you play the regular
on more than one occasion, there is no way There is no way the Tour Championship starter. That tour’s odd method of season to get to the playoffs. The playoff
to guarantee a dramatic finish to the winner will win the FedExCup based solely reducing the field each day in its season teams then eliminate their opponents until
FedExCup points race unless one of two on his victory. That would almost totally finale, leading to a final day shootout one team emerges as champion.
options are explored, neither of which will devalue the first three playoffs events and among eight players, is your basic gimmick NASCAR utilizes the first three-quarters
be well received by the other three tourna- will not occur. solution designed to attract attention to an or so of its season to determine a set
ments that make up the playoffs. The LPGA option is also likely a non- event that is almost totally ignored by the
[ See FedExCup, page 6 ]

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Controlling Distance
while playing golf.

Accurate Distance

Control with Wedges

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John Barrett

The wedges in your bag now become sig- EDITOR Mike Blum
nificant to producing known distances
By Jeff Frasier backswing. To achieve this you must make inside your full swing. Utilizing each CONTRIBUTORS
PGA Director of Instruction a more synchronized turn of the body. wedge in conjunction with the different Jeff Frasier
Chicopee Woods Once you have started your backswing, lengths of the backswing will produce Jackie Cannizzo, Women’s Golf Editor
limit your turn to how far your lower body more distances to rely on when hitting into Lake-Finlay Image Group
A significant part of playing golf has to has moved. If the shoulders turn past your the green. Joseph Field
due with the short game. In fact, 65% of lower body, you will produce too much Steve Dinberg
golf is short game. I have recognized over power. However, you still need to allow Example: Georgia Golf Course Owners Association
the past several years that many golfers are your arms to move freely and softly to • Full Swing Sand Wedge Distance – Cindy Acree, Executive Director
beginning to practice more shots around complete the motion of the backswing. 100 yards
the green to help improve their The most repeatable length • Controlled Swing (3/4 Length) Sand MARKETING & ADVERTISING
scores. However, the difficulty in a backswing is when the Wedge Distance – 85 yards J.R. Ross, Sales Representative
still occurs in the wedge play lead arm is parallel to the • Controlled Swing (1/2 Length) Sand Rick Holt, Corporate Sales
from 30 yards to 100 yards from ground and the most common Wedge Distance – 60 yards
the green. length is the ¾ backswing. If • Controlled Swing (1/4 Length) Sand ART DIRECTOR

When a player makes a full you would like a challenge, try Wedge Distance – 45 yards Lori Montgomery
swing, usually the club has making a backswing that
been selected based on the dis- would be short of parallel. These distances are produced with a Sand
tance away from the flag. If the Learning to control the length Wedge and 4 different controlled swings.
player has struck the ball with of each backswing will help If you carry more wedges, you produce
Jim Arendt, Chicopee Woods Golf Course
good contact, the ball will reach its poten- you become more accurate with your dis- more known distances.

tial distance, but may struggle with tance control.

How many Wedges

direction. Once that player has reached a

Improves Scores
Patrick Richardson, Wilmington Island Club
full swing wedge distance, he is left with

should I carry?
usually one or two clubs to choose from. It
is harder to control how far the ball will Simply take a few different wedges to Brian Stubbs, Country Club of Columbus
travel with a throttled down full swing. The The average golfer carries two wedges in the practice facility and work on making a
direction now improves, but the distance their golf bag. Those wedges are different controlled swing. Once you feel comfort- HONORARY PRESIDENT
becomes a struggle. based on the skill of the golfer. Almost able with the repeatable length of the

Controlling the
Danny Elkins, Georgia Golf Center
every golfer carries a sand wedge and backswing (lead arm parallel to the

Length of the Swing

either a pitching wedge or gap wedge. I ground), begin experiencing the different BOARD OF DIRECTORS
recommend that a player has at least three lengths that will help you improve your Bud Robison, Callaway Gardens
wedges in the bag to help control those distance control. If you struggle with con- Marten Olsson, The Club at River Forest
Improving distance control inside 100 tough distances. tact to the ball, try placing the ball in the Steve Godley, Jekyll Island Golf Club
yards is fairly simple. It requires a more middle of your stance and make sure to Bob Elmore, Bacon Park GC
• Pitching Wedge with a loft of 47-48
suitable and repeatable swing. Controlling finish the swing. Shawn McKinnon, Berkeley Hills CC
the length of the backswing can improve Take note to the distances you are hit- Richard Hatcher, Ansley GC
• Sand Wedge with a loft of 55-56
your distances with all your wedge shots. ting the wedges. They may change over Jeff Dunovant, First Tee of East Lake
Let’s first discuss the more repeatable the first couple months of practice. Scott Mahr, Barnsley Gardens Resort
• Lob Wedge with a loft of 60 degrees
swing. Different from that of the full swing, However, when your rhythm improves you Clark Spratlin, Blue Ridge Golf & River Club
a controlled swing must eliminate the You may have to make an adjustment to are ready for the course. Dan Mullins, Classic Golf Management
small muscle power and the coil in the the clubs you currently carry in your bag. Josh Williams, Savannah Golf Club
Rodger Hogan, Royal Lakes Golf & CC



Tour Championship wrap-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 PGA pro-file: Winston Trively. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22


Near miss for Mickelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Travel FORE You: Florida panhandle . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 OPERATIONS MANAGER Jeff Ashby
Ryder Cup observations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Golf FORE Juniors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Cink has praise for Azinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 GGCOA update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 FOREGeorgia is produced by Golf Media, Inc.
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Koch wins Match Play title. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Chip shots: Tournament round-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Georgia PGA web site:
Another win for Koch in Griffin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Course reviews: Bear's Best, Druid Hills . . . . . . . . . 30



playoffs two weeks after the PGA Lake is the solution.
[ Continued from the cover ] Championship and moved the Tour Now that it has seen how the points
Championship from early November to system has played out under two scenarios,
mid-to-late September, has achieved its pri- the Tour has a better feel for what works
number of drivers who will compete in the mary aim. Although there has been little and what doesn’t. Next to no volatility
closing events (against standard-sized race suspense regarding who would walk away (2007) doesn’t work. Neither does an
fields) to decide the points champion for with the $10 million bonus, the playoffs exorbitant number of points awarded
the year. have included some dramatic battles in the (2008) for just making the cut.
Neither format fits golf. individual tournaments, last year’s Tour Increase the points for the Tour
Unlike the team sports or NASCAR, Championship an obvious exception. Championship (or Playoffs Finale as a
golf ’s regular season exists for something a Last year’s playoffs included battles name change some have suggested) by at
little greater than simply determining who between Steve Stricker and K.J. Choi, the least 25 percent, which would be fitting
is going to make the playoffs. Golf has memorable Phil Mickelson vs. Woods duel for the culminating event. Then see
four major championships, which are in Boston, and Woods against Aaron what happens.
prized much higher by players and media Baddeley and Stricker the following week. The gimmick solutions that have been
than a late-season group of connected This year’s playoffs began with a stirring offered are just that. Gimmicks. Two years
tournaments offering a huge amount of finish in New Jersey in which 11 players is not enough to scrap a mostly logical and
bonus money. finished within two strokes of Singh, who reasonable system because two of the
Sergio Garcia
The Tour Championship has been in bested Sergio Garcia on the second game’s best players have drained the drama
existence for a little over two decades, and extra hole. Singh broke out of the pack from the hoped for suspenseful finish.
one thing has remained constant. The with a tremendous final round to win the In its first two years, the FedExCup play-
winner of the tournament is nothing more the PGA Tour to get its best players next week, with Camilo Villegas out- offs have produced several exciting
(or less) than the winner of the tourna- together for four weeks in the late summer, dueling Jim Furyk and Anthony Kim in tournaments that have given golf fans a
ment. It’s not like winning the Super Bowl, by which time the top American players St. Louis. reason to remain interested in the sport
or the World Series or the NBA Finals. have pretty much shut it down for the The terrific final round shootout at East after mid-August. Maybe the third time
That was the case before the FedExCup season, with the exception of the Lake did not decide the FedExCup, but it’s will be the charm next year and there will
Playoffs were inaugurated and that’s still Ryder/Presidents Cup. highly unlikely that the fans who witnessed be a real battle for first place in the final
the case. There is nothing the PGA Until the FedExCup was introduced last the proceedings in person or on television standings.
Tour can do to supplant the stature of the year, the PGA Tour season lost steam after were much concerned about that. If not, it might be time for the PGA Tour
four majors, none of which is operated by the PGA Championship in early August, There has already been some conjecture to consider some alternatives, but things
the Tour. even though there were at least 10 weeks of about the possible alteration of the Tour haven’t reached that point yet. Not every-
As such, the use of the term playoffs by tournaments before the top players re-sur- Championship format to guarantee that thing works out exactly as planned, but
the PGA Tour created a somewhat inflated faced for what had increasingly become an what happened the last two years does not that doesn’t mean you completely scrap the
idea of what they really were. anti-climactic Tour Championship. occur again. Neither a match play format original idea for something that offers little
What they are, in reality, is an effort by The new format, which began the nor a limited field Sunday shootout at East other than the fact that it’s different.


Villegas captures exciting duel at East Lake
Defeats Garcia on first playoff hole
By Mike Blum

he 2008 Tour Championship at
East Lake Golf Club began with
two strikes against it.
Defending champion Tiger
Woods, the game’s No. 1 player, had long
since been scratched from the field because
of knee surgery, the second time in three
years he has missed the event. Anthony Kim
Without Tiger, there was still anticipa-
tion that the battle for the FedExCup and
its $10 million first place bonus would be fifth birdie in six holes.
decided in Atlanta. Those hopes were Several minutes later, Mickelson got a
dashed when Vijay Singh won the first two birdie putt on the 13th to drop, with the
playoff events to lock up first place before four contenders all within a stroke of each
ever setting foot on the course. other with five holes to play.
The third strike pitch never made it Kim, who had taken the lead with a birdie
home plate. Four of golf ’s most dynamic at 11, lost his share of the top spot when he
personalities staged a dramatic Sunday suffered his only bogey of the day at the
showdown that provided 14th. He hit 16 greens in regulation but had

Camilo Villegas
the tournament with its just a pair of birdies to show for his efforts,
first suspenseful finish in with the 14th one of only two holes on
Atlanta since Phil which he missed the green.
Mickelson out-dueled Villegas hit the 15th in two, but his eagle
Woods down the stretch heat and the tourna- ground with 69s, setting up the final round putt from the back of the green almost rolled
in 2000. ment competitors last fireworks. off the front edge and he missed his come-
Mickelson was among year. “After winning a couple of week ago, I backer for birdie. Mickelson and Garcia
the four lead actors in Sunday’s action- “I’m proud of the way I came back today told myself I will do anything I need to do both birdied the hole minutes later, lifting
packed shootout, but was not the player after making double bogey on 6 and bogey to keep putting myself in that position them into a three-way tie for the lead
left standing when the tournament reached on 7.” again,” Villegas said. “I did just what I with Villegas.
its conclusion after a playoff, the first since Villegas began the final round in fourth wanted. I gave myself a chance.” Both Villegas and Mickelson bogeyed the
East Lake initially hosted the Tour place at 3-under 207, two stokes behind Villegas rolled in birdie putts of 8 and 15 16th to hand the lead outright to Garcia,
Championship in 1998. playing partner Kim and Mickelson, and feet on holes 3 and 4, and with Garcia who had battled back with a pair of birdies
Camilo Villegas, the 26-year-old five in back of Garcia, who moved to the scrambling for pars early in his round, the after being 3-over on the day after 10 holes.
Colombian who was winless in his first front with back-to-back scores of 65 and former Florida Gator quickly closed within Villegas got a break when his tee shot at 16
three seasons on the PGA Tour until two 67 on Friday and Saturday. two of the lead. hit a tree and deflected back into the fairway,
weeks before the Tour Championship, Kim had control of the tournament Just as quickly, Villegas was seemingly out but he came up short with his second shot
needed one extra hole to dispatch Sergio through two rounds, racing to a four-stroke of contention. His tee shot on the length- and took bogey after what he described as “:a
Garcia, at 28 the second oldest of the four lead after a sensational opening 64 that ened par-3 sixth splashed down in East very, very bad chip and a very, very bad putt.”
contenders. included eight birdies. Mickelson was Lake, and he missed a putt from close range Mickelson drove into the trees left of the
Mickelson missed the playoff by one among three players tied for second at 68, for a double bogey. Another bogey followed fairway and had to play a run-up second,
stroke, as did 23-year-old Anthony Kim, the first of his four straight rounds in the at the seventh, leaving Villegas four behind with his ball stopping in an awkward lie just
who has skyrocketed to stardom in just his 60s. co-leaders Garcia and Kim. above a bunker, resulting in a testy pitch
second year as a tour pro. Villegas, who was 4-over par the first day Villegas got things started by holing a 12- shot. Mickelson gave himself a chance to
Villegas, who won the previous without a birdie until he eagled the 15th, footer at the eighth and two-putted the save par, but his putt lipped out, leaving
FedExCup playoffs event at Bellerive in St. opened with 72, but put himself back in par-5 ninth for birdie after carving a beau- Garcia alone in first place at 7-under.
Louis, had seemingly shot himself into and the picture when he birdied four of the tiful 5-wood onto the green. As he made the Needing a birdie to pull even, Villegas
out of contention in the span of five holes final six holes on the front nine Friday for turn, Villegas was two off the lead, shared by faced a demanding approach to the 17th,
on the front nine before engineering a spec- an outgoing 31 en route to a 66. Garcia, Kim and Mickelson at 6-under. with the pin cut just over the front bunker
tacular comeback highlighted by five That pulled him within five strokes of Both Kim and Mickelson played solid and only four paces from the left edge of the
birdies in a six-hole span. Kim, who came back with an up-and-down front nines with eight pars and one birdie green, with the lake on the re-positioned
That sizzling stretch midway through the 69 that left him two ahead of Garcia and each, Kim’s coming early at 2 and hole lurking to swallow up any shot that
round vaulted Villegas from a four-stroke three in front of Mickelson, who was 3- Mickelson’s at the eighth after he drove into missed to the left.
deficit into sole possession of the lead. He over for the day before five birdies in a a fairway bunker. Villegas fired a 7-iron just over the
briefly gave up his spot atop the leader six-hole stretch on the back nine. Garcia’s Villegas had bogeyed the converted par-5 bunker, with the ball settling within 11 feet
board before rebounding with a clutch 65 was low for the day and could have been 10th three days in a row, but this time he of the cup.
birdie at the difficult 17th to pull even with better without a closing bogey at the par-3 managed to find the hard-to-hit fairway and “Probably the shot of the tournament
Garcia and force a playoff. 18th. finished off the hole by drilling his birdie there,” Villegas offered. “I pretty much had
“I’m proud of myself,” Villegas said after Kim managed just one birdie in a shaky putt from 28 feet. to birdie that hole to give myself a great

his final round 66, the best score of the day 72 Saturday, missing 10 fairways and 8 A par at the 11th ended Villegas’ birdie chance, and that’s exactly what I did.”
on a renovated East Lake layout that greens. Garcia took advantage, matching run, but he trickled in a slippery 11-footer at
reclaimed its championship status after the low score of the day to grab the lead. the 12th and pulled even with Kim when he
taking a beating from both the summer Both Mickelson and Villegas held their dropped a 42-foot bomb at the 13th for his ( See Tour Championship, page 10 )


Another near-miss for Mickelson in Georgia
Almost scores second victory at East Lake
By Mike Blum to finish the tournament at 290 after three

scores of 73 or higher.

hil Mickelson has enjoyed many As one of the more thoughtful PGA Tour
of his greatest moments in golf members and one of four players on the
in Georgia. Tour Policy Board, Cink’s words carry some
But he has also endured a few of weight, and he weighed in on the FedExCup
his biggest disappointments. just prior to the Tour Championship.
Mickelson’s tie for third in the recent “I think we’ve provided a great show the
Tour Championship did not fall into either last three weeks and the system has been suc-
category. He was unable to add to his vic- cessful in doing that. Everybody has been
tory total in the state, which includes the playing, and in the past, a lot of guys
2000 Tour Championship, the 2004 and wouldn’t be playing.”
’06 Masters, three BellSouth Classic wins Cink says the Tour will likely address the
(2000, ’05 and ’06) and three national points allocation system later this year, and
junior titles in Roswell all the way back in believes, “There will probably be
the 1980s. some changes. We have a good system and it’s
But his near miss at East Lake did not getting better. I don’t see anything wrong
come close to matching the disappointment with it.”
of his runner-up finish of the 2001 PGA Phil Mickelson Although the Tour Championship did not
Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, or decide FedExCup, Cink does not think the
his four third place showings in Augusta. tournament was diminished by that fact.
“I thought it was a fun day with the four But a change in dates in the hopes of better of the week, the scoring average dropped “The top 30 is a feather in your cap if you
of us dueling it out and having it come weather resulted in a watered-down field, below the final numbers from 1998, the first qualify. Just being a part of the field is spe-
down to the last shot,” Mickelson said of the with Mickelson among the vast majority of time East Lake hosted the event. cial. I have more of a connection to East
battle between himself, Anthony Kim, top PGA Tour players to skip the event the Cink had the dubious distinction of being Lake than just having a locker down there.
Sergio Garcia and champion Camilo last two years it was held in mid-May. in the first group off the tee in the final My college team played there a lot, and it’s
Villegas. Despite his recent snubs of a tournament round, but came through with a 1-under 69 still wonderful to play there.”
“I just came up a little short.” he won three times, Mickelson remains a fan
Mickelson put together four rounds in the favorite in Atlanta. Having the Tour

Tour Championship
60s, the only player to accomplish that feat Championship at East Lake on a permanent
at a considerably tougher East Lake. His basis will keep him coming back despite the nine, ten holes. I don’t know why, because
showing for the week was in line with his demise of the city’s annual event at I’ve been playing nicely and it shouldn’t be
(Continued from page 8)
play for much of the season. Sugarloaf… any different. But I just didn’t commit to
“I had some ups and downs, but on the Among those most impacted by the loss my shots the way I should have, and I paid
plus side I was more consistent this year than of the AT&T Classic is Stewart Cink, a res- He holed the putt to pull even with the price.”
in the past.” ident of the Sugarloaf community. Truth be Garcia, and after everyone parred 18, Garcia shot 71 to finish at 7-under along
In 21 starts, Mickelson finished 23rd or told, Cink may not miss it as much as you Villegas and Garcia headed back to the with Villegas. Mickelson and Kim both
better 19 times. Take away one bad hole at might think. His recent track record in the 18th tee for the playoff. shot 69 for a 6-under 274 total. The only
Pebble Beach and a mediocre third round in tournament hasn’t been that great, and the Garcia pushed his tee shot right of the other player to break par for 72 holes was
the FedExCup playoffs event in Boston, and demands on Cink’s time during that week greenside bunker and caught a fluffy lie Ben Curtis, who was 2-under at 278.
Mickelson could have finished in the top 25 are considerable, and have likely impacted with his pitch, failing to reach the putting Villegas enjoyed a stellar college career at
in every start he made in 2008. His year his results. surface. A two-putt par was enough to give Florida, and has settled in Gainesville after
included wins on two of the PGA Tour’s However, compared to his play at East Villegas his victory, which was worth $1.26 graduating in 2004. In his first full season
most respected courses (Riviera and Lake, Cink has done just fine on the course million from the $7 million purse. as a tour pro, he played well enough on the
Colonial), a playoff loss in Phoenix, top 10s where he lives. Cink tied for 24th in the The win also gave Villegas second place ’05 Nationwide Tour to earn a spot on the
in the Masters and PGA Championship and recent Tour Championship, finishing ahead in the final FedExCup standings, adding PGA Tour in ’06, and finished 38th and
a mostly successful role in the American of just four players in the 30-man field. another $3 million to his expanding bank 41st on the money list in his first two sea-
Ryder Cup victory. In four of his five starts at East Lake, Cink account. sons with a trio of runner-up finishes.
Mickelson ended his year in a near statis- has finished between 18th and 25th, with Garcia wound up third in the standings His first win as a pro came late last year
tical tie with Garcia for lowest scoring his best showing a tie for 11th last year, after suffering a fourth narrow defeat since in Japan, with his closest call this year prior
average on tour, was seventh in the final when East Lake offered little resistance his playoff win over Paul Goydos in the to the FedExCup playoffs a third place
FedExCup standings after starting the play- scoring, It was also the only time Cink has Players Championship. Since then, he finish in the final AT&T Classic. Villegas
offs in third, and was third in earnings with broken par for 72 holes on what he con- finished one stroke out of a playoff birdied five of his last seven holes at TPC
almost $5.2 million. siders his home course. in Memphis, lost by a shot to Padraig Sugarloaf for a closing 66, and had a make-
The Tour Championship represented After his first trip around the re-grassed Harrington in the PGA Championship able eagle putt on the 18th to join Ryuji
Mickelson’s only Atlanta appearance in and renovated East Lake in competition, and lost to Singh in a playoff in the Imada and Kenny Perry in the playoff.
2008, as the change in dates of the now Cink said, “It’s not nearly the same golf FedExCup playoffs opener. Villegas began the FedExCup playoffs in
defunct AT&T Classic ended his participa- course it used to be. The greens are so chal- Add his uncharacteristic winless showing 42nd position, and would have finished
tion in the event after he won back-to-back lenging; they’re fast and hard and the in the Ryder Cup, and it’s been a tough last first had he not missed the cut in the play-
titles at TPC Sugarloaf 2005 and ’06. fairways are so narrow now.” two months for Garcia. offs opener by one stroke.
“I loved that golf course and I loved its The scoring average the first day (72.233) “Just really disappointing,” a weary “It was an expensive cut,” said a smiling
location the week before the Masters,” was the highest ever for one day at East Lake Garcia said after his playoff loss. “I felt like, but slightly rueful Villegas. “That’s the way
Mickelson said. “It was a perfect situation.” in the Tour Championship, but by the end for whatever reason, I struggled the first this game goes.”


Stone Mountain
Golf Club

A t lant a,
Your Game Awaits You.
The Frog Golf Club

For Tee Times

Captains’ decisions did not decide Ryder Cup
Team effort lifted U.S. to surprise win
By Mike Blum media is second-guessing the captains for been different, and he would have been crit- as Mickelson, Furyk and Tiger Woods
their singles order, and Faldo again was icized for sending out his lesser players at struggled for points in the Americans’ recent

fter losing five of six Ryder Cups, castigated for placing Poulter, Lee the end. setbacks.
the last two in European routs, Westwood and Padraig Harrington in the The Europeans did not lose because of The Americans came in with a supposed
the U.S. team entered the most final three positions. their captain’s miss-steps and the Americans huge disadvantage because of the absence of
recent competition as a decided Faldo led off with Sergio Garcia and did not win because their captain made all Woods, who is 10-13-2 in five Ryder Cups,
underdog. Casey, arguably Europe’s two most talented the right moves. The U.S. won because its four of which the U.S. lost. As sacrilegious as
In one of the more surprising outcomes in players. He followed with Robert Karlsson, 12 players performed better than Europe’s it might seen, the U.S. may have been better
the event’s recent history, the Americans who birdied seven of his last 10 holes the day 12 players. off without Woods, who is not especially
scored a decisive 16 ½ to 11 ½ victory. The before to get a half in 4-ball play, and Justin It’s that simple, although no one with well-suited to a team environment.
U.S. triumph ended Europe’s run of success, Rose, who was 2-1 in team matches and a press credential at the Ryder Cup The U.S. turned in a true team effort. No
as well as silencing the silly speculation that took down Phil Mickelson with a superb would entertain such a straightforward American player was part of more than two
the biennial matches were no longer com- singles effort. explanation. winning matches, with Steve Stricker the
petitive and America’s golf fortunes were on Next came Henrik Stenson, who won the One of the main reasons America’s 12 only team member not to earn at least one
the decline. 2007 WGC Match Play Championship and outplayed their European counterparts was W. And Stricker’s birdie putt on the 18th to
manage a half in a Saturday afternoon 4-ball
was one of the most consequential moments
of the matches.
Six of the 12 American participants were
Ryder Cup rookies, as Azinger chose only
one player with previous experience among
his four captain’s choices. Azinger came in
for some criticism himself for his pick of
Chad Campbell over Scott Verplank, the
lone American who has actually thrived in
the heat of recent Ryder Cup competition.
Campbell delivered one of the shots of the
matches, earning the U.S. a full point with a
brilliant second to the par-5 18th in Friday
morning foursomes. Campbell and playing
partner Stewart Cink turned in a pretty
dismal performance the next morning, and
Campbell followed with a similarly sloppy
effort in singles. But he wound up with a
win and a 2-1 record because he had the
good fortune to play Harrington, who was
bad before the matches were clinched and
worse after they were decided.
Jim Furyk Justin Leonard Azinger made a decision before the
matches to divide his players into three
groups of four, and was not going to play
As soon as the matches ended, writers and was third in the event this year. They were the unexpected poor showings of Europe’s anyone outside his group. The strategy
broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic followed by arguably Europe’s second tier No. 1 and 2 stars. Garcia was 0-2-2 and worked even though he utilized at least two
weighed in with a variety of opinions on Ryder Cuppers – rookies Oliver Wilson and Harrington 0-3-1, with a slightly ailing of his players in the formats least suited to
why the two teams won/lost, with the typi- Soren Hansen, veteran Miguel Angel Garcia sitting out a team match for the first their playing styles, while limiting his
cally hysterical British press lambasting Jiminez, and rookie Graeme McDowell, time in five Ryder Cups and Harrington overall options.
European captain Nick Faldo. who had some nice moments in the clearly off his game after his twin major Cink, who struggles to hit fairways but is
While Faldo, never a favorite of the fickle matches. championships earlier in the summer. among the most proficient birdie makers in
British media, was roasted for his alleged Wilson, Hansen and Jiminez all lost in the Faldo was also second-guessed for leaving the game, played only foursomes, where
strategic failures, U.S. captain Paul Azinger 6-7-8 matches, which is where the Cup was Garcia, Harrington and Westwood out of he was 1-3-1 in previous Ryder Cup
was lauded for his supposed brilliance, and decided. Wilson, who starred in college at the lineup once each, even though none of appearances.
support is building for him to return as Augusta State, played admirably in a losing the three won a match and Europe had its Ben Curtis, an accurate driver but the
captain in 2010. effort against Boo Weekley, who was best results of the four team sessions with lowest ranked of the 12 Americans in
Faldo was ripped for his selection of Ian 7-under after 10 holes and closed out a 4&2 Garcia and Westwood on the sidelines. birdies, was used exclusively in 4-ball, and
Poulter over Darren Clarke as one of his win with a birdie. Hansen was all square Like Garcia and Harrington, Westwood was pretty awful in that department, man-
captain’s choices, and all Poulter did was with J.B. Holmes before Holmes birdied 15 was winless in the matches (0-1-3), but that aging all of two birdies over two matches.
play the best golf of any of the 24 players in and 16 to win 2&1. Jiminez, who has not was due more to the quality of play by his Stricker almost single-handedly managed a
the matches, going 4-1. Paul Casey, Faldo’s distinguished himself in previous Ryder opponents than his own shortcomings. half for the U.S. the second day after the two
other pick, did not play quite as well, but Cups, drew American ace Jim Furyk and When your supposed three best players go were thumped the previous afternoon.

when you make seven birdies in a singles suffered a predictable defeat. a combined 0-6-6, chances are you’re Pairing up two of the team’s shorter hitters
match, including one on the 18th for a half, Faldo could have juggled his lineup a bit, not going to win, no matter what the in 4-ball also is not the wisest strategy, but
you’ve done your job. swapping the guys at the bottom with those captain does.
One of the favorite pastimes for the golf in the middle. The results would not have Just ask U.S. captains who have watched [ See Ryder Cup, page 14 ]





Cink finally part of Ryder Cup victory
Gives Azinger much of credit birdie ride ended at that point.
Cink managed just one birdie the rest of
the match, and lost three holes with bogeys
or worse. He went on to lose match 2&1,

By Mike Blum
his third singles loss in four Ryder Cups.
“Everybody bought into it,” said Cink, The American duo rallied from a 3-down Despite the somewhat disappointing
who felt Azinger’s approach “took away a lot deficit after seven holes, taking the lead after finish to his individual Ryder Cup experi-

.S. Ryder Cup captain Paul of the uncertainty over who you were 14 holes before Europe pulled even at the ence, Cink got to experience something he
Azinger went into the recent playing with. I thought it was a factor,” in 15th. Cink made a clutch par putt at the had missed out on during his three previous
matches with a well-defined plan the American victory. 17th to keep the match all square before he appearances on the team.
that included a novel approach Cink was paired with Campbell in alter- and Campbell teamed up for their fifth Victory.
to pairing up the 12 American players. nate shot matches, which had not been birdie of the match at the 18th. “That was awesome,” he said. “It’s a fan-
Azinger made up his mind well before the Cink’s favored format in his three previous It was the only loss for Poulter and Rose tastic feeling; satisfying mostly.”
matches to subdivide his team into three Ryder Cup appearances. Cink had played in the matches, as they combined for a 7-2 The American team was in the rare position
groups of four players each, with all three foursomes in five of six sessions in the last record, two of only three Europeans with of being considered the underdog on home
teams having their own assistant captain. three Ryder Cups and was 1-3-1. He was winning marks in the matches. soil, and Cink said and his teammates put
That left Azinger to oversee the entire oper- unbeaten in four best-ball matches, Things didn’t work out so well the next that to use.
ation much like an NFL head coach. notching a win and three halves, but did not day when both Cink and Campbell strug- “We went out there with not a lot to lose.
In the four sessions of team matches, the play in either four-ball session at Valhalla. gled, falling 5-down to Poulter and Rose We saw it as an opportunity to prove people
players never paired with someone outside With both players ranked among the top after seven holes. The U.S. duo won three of wrong.”
their self-contained units, and Azinger 20 on the PGA Tour in greens in regulation, the first four holes on the back nine to Cink and his teammates were aware that
waited until the last of the 16 matches to the pairing of Cink and Campbell was based reduce the deficit to 2-down, but lost the the media, NBC golf “expert” Johnny
split up his six base pairings. on a solid premise, although Cink’s struggles next two holes and the match 4&3. Miller among them, took some shots at the
Azinger divided his players into groups to hit fairways (he is around 180th out of In his last singles appearances in the 2006 Tiger-less American squad, and that some of
defined by aggressive personalities (Phil about 200 players listed in the category) and Ryder Cup and ’07 Presidents Cup, Cink captain Azinger’s decisions were questioned.
Mickelson, Anthony Kim, Hunter his ability to produce birdies (among the top had buried Garcia and Nick O’Hern under But Cink credited Azinger with creating
Mahan, Justin Leonard), more reserved 10 on tour) would make him a more logical an avalanche of birdies, and started his “a comfort level” more associated with
types (Stewart Cink, Chad Campbell, choice for best ball. match against Graeme McDowell in the American Presidents Cup teams, with the
Steve Stricker, Ben Curtis) and a down Cink said his experience in alternate shot same fashion. After consecutive birdies at Ryder Cup results from Valhalla closer to
home trio of Southerners (Boo Weekley, was the main reason Azinger used him in holes 2, 3 and 4, Cink was 1-up, but his those of recent Presidents Cup matches.
J.B. Holmes, Kenny Perry) with Jim Furyk that format. In addition to his five Ryder
filling out that group as Perry’s partner. Cup foursomes matches, he was 4-1 in that

Ryder Cup
All that resulted in some pairings that format in the Presidents Cup.
could have been open to some second- With Cink and Campbell playing alter- roaring start in singles with his early KO of
guessing. But in the wake of the Americans’ nate shot, that left the somewhat odd a sub-par Garcia. He and partner
16 ½ - 11 ½ victory, there is already discus- pairing of Stricker and Curtis as a best ball (Continued from page 12) Mickelson seemed headed for a 2-0-1 mark
sion about Azinger returning as the U.S. team. Of the 12 players on the U.S. squad, in team matches before they both went in
captain in 2010 in Wales. Stricker and Curtis ranked 11th and 12th in when you win, any second-guessing is the tank midway through their second four-
After the U.S. win, which ended Europe’s birdies on tour coming into the matches, rendered moot. somes match, blowing a 4-up lead after
recent domination of the matches, Azinger and were two of the four ranked below Azinger was the winning captain because six holes.
received the strongest endorsement possible 125th in driving distance. he got some big time efforts from a majority Although Mickelson again came away
– from the players who comprised the win- On paper at least, the two did not make of his players. with a losing record (1-2-2), it was one of his
ning American team. much sense as a best ball team, and had it Justin Leonard, 0-3-5 in the previous better showings in the Ryder Cup, with the
not been for a clutch putt by Stricker on the Ryder Cups, and Hunter Mahan went exception of his struggles in the latter stages
Stewart Cink 18th hole in the second day of competition, 2-0-1 in team matches, including a decisive of his foursomes loss with Kim. Mickelson’s
the duo would have gone 0-2. win in 4-ball. Mahan then teamed with on-again, off-again putting completely left
Cink and Campbell were also one hole Mickelson the next day in 4-ball to get a half him in his match against Rose, who kept up
from being 0-2 as a team, but that one hole against a sizzling Karlsson, with both teams the European tradition of stellar play against
helped validate Azinger’s decisions as captain. 9-under par in the best ball format. Mickelson in singles.
Tied with Ian Poulter and Justin Rose Although Mahan squandered a half point in Furyk, whose Ryder Cup team record was
after 17 holes of their opening round four- singles with an errant drive on the 18th terrible (3-11) coming into the matches,
ball match, Cink smashed a huge drive on against Casey, he produced the most points managed to go 1-1-1 with local favorite
the par-5 18th and Campbell followed with of any American player (3 ½), going 2-0-3. Kenny Perry, with the two comprising a
a perfectly-played long iron to give the Mahan had the experience of competing slightly odd pairing based on their divergent
Americans a short eagle putt. Although Cink in last year’s Presidents Cup to draw on, with personalities and styles of play. Perry strug-
missed the putt, the U.S. won the hole and Weekley (World Cup), Holmes and gled in two of the three matches with Furyk,
the match with a birdie, helping the Anthony Kim (both Walker Cup) also but the two teamed for the lone American
Americans to a 3-1 lead after the first day ses- having a little experience representing the victory in an otherwise sloppy showing in
sion that the team would never relinquish. U.S. in team competition. Saturday foursomes.
With most of the longest holes at Valhalla Although neither Weekley nor Holmes Perry, whose previous Ryder Cup experi-
being even numbered, the strategy was for played particularly well in team matches, ence was not a pleasant one, then responded
the longer hitter of the two to tee off on they scratched out a win and a half, and with what may have been the most vital
those holes, and Cink’s huge drive gave nearly went 2-0. Not surprisingly, Holmes American win in singles, taking out
Campbell the chance to hit an iron into the was erratic in his singles match, but his two Stenson with a superb showing that included
18th green. late birdies vindicated a potentially question- birdies on four of the first five holes. That

“Me and Chad both played our roles,” able decision by Azinger to select him. was the first of four straight U.S. wins that
Cink said. “I hit a good tee shot and he hit Kim emerged as the American player with assured the three-match losing streak
a perfect iron.” the brightest future, getting the U.S. off to a was over.


City Club Marietta:
short on length,
long on enjoyment
By Mike Blum

olf is supposed to be an enjoy- The 12th is the only par 3 with length and
able pastime. But when you’re any danger. The hole measures 180 yards
hitting a succession of fairway (downhill) with a pond just short of the
woods into 400-plus-yard par 4s green, which is cut out of a hillside with no
and 200-yard par 3s, it doesn’t seem like the level ground around it and a very delicate
same game you watch on the weekends, short game shot from wherever you miss.
where tour players hit wedges into 450-yard The 13th is among the shorter par 4s (307
par 4s, long irons into par 5s and short irons yards), but a finger of a lake looms just in
into par 3s. front of the green down the left side to dis-
The average golfer is never going to hit courage longer hitters from going at it with
the same clubs into holes as tour players on a driver. Trees are tight off both sides of the
the 7,000-plus yard courses that host tour fairway, and the lake borders the back of the
events, but there is at least one Atlanta area green, creating some trepidation with the
daily fee layout that provides a similar expe- short second.
rience from the back tees. There aren’t many par 5s with more
City Club Marietta is the shortest regula- treacherous lay-up shots than the 14th,
tion course in the metro area, but its absence which is reachable in two if you can thread
of length is more of an asset than a liability, your tee shot down the left side to avoid the
with its tree-lined fairways, rolling terrain trees just off the right edge of the fairway that
and large, undulating greens more than block access to the green from long range.
compensating for the modest yardage totals. When you add the absence of length and can create some surprisingly demanding There is precious little room between a pond
From the back tees, City Club Marietta an extremely diverse mix of entertaining, if short game shots produce far more over par on the left and an out-of-bounds fence on
measures just 5,721 yards, playing to a par occasionally perplexing holes, you have one scores than you would expect. the right on the second shot, with any errant
of 71 with three par 5s, one of which ranks of the best golf experiences in all of Atlanta, The most interesting of the par 4s on the attempt to go for the green in two almost cer-
with the best and most demanding par 5s in unless your idea of a rewarding day on the opening nine is the sixth, a narrow dogleg tain to meet a very unpleasant fate.
all of Atlanta. course is getting beat up by a layout with left with a significantly downhill second shot A creek fronts the green on the downhill
Some of the holes play shorter than their more distance and more hazards than you that will test your distance control, pro- 15th, which is short (320) but extremely
yardage thanks to elevated tees, most can comfortably handle. viding you leave yourself with an narrow, with a precise lay-up required to
notably the first and 10th holes. But there City Club Marietta has been around in its unobstructed approach. A sharp drop-off find the fairway on the dogleg left. Bunkers
are several par 4s of modest length that play current configuration since the early 1990s, over the green can make things dicey if you along the right side are a ball magnet and
considerably longer than the numbers on when the course was acquired by the city of make the wrong choice. make the approach shot over the creek a lot
the scorecard because of their decided uphill Marietta. The course was the original The opening nine includes two entirely more imposing than from the fairway.
nature. Marietta Country Club, with its members different par 5s, with accuracy again a vital The excellent greens have ample amounts
The 411-yard opening hole is the only par selling the course to the city after building a element. The narrow fourth hole is just 472 of size and roll, but some well-placed
4 over 370 yards, with two of the par 5s new course in Kennesaw. yards with an uphill tee shot and sharply bunkers make several of the targets appear
under 500 and just one of the par 3s longer Georgia-based golf course architect Mike downhill approach, which allows longer hit- uncomfortably small from the fairway. The
than 140. Young did an extensive renovation on the ters to entertain thoughts of going for the middle (5,396 yards) and forward (4,715)
Because of its absence of serious length, course, which has undergone one change of green in two. However, an imposing bunker tees are also of modest length, making it an
City Club Marietta offers the opportunity to note since then, the conversion of the 14th fronting a very shallow green makes it tough equally friendly layout for seniors, juniors
post a score better than your average. But if hole from a par 4 to par 5. to get close even with a wedge third shot, and women.
you are unable to hit it straight and solid off The first order of business when playing assuming you can keep your lay up between City Club Marietta is managed by Classic
the tee, or struggle a bit on some of the City Club Marietta is to keep the ball in the mounds and trees on either side. Golf Management, with PGA professional
testier putting surfaces you’ll face, the final fairway. Although there are a few parallel The eighth has length (570 yards), a Al Morrison the head pro and Ken Dixon
numbers you jot down on your scorecard holes, among them the first and last holes on narrow, downhill tee shot through a chute of the club manager. PGA professional Dan
may be a bit higher than you would expect both nines, there are not many tee shots that trees and a large expanse of woods on the Mullins heads up the instruction program,
from a course with such a minimal yardage don’t require a fairly high degree of accuracy. corner of the sharp dogleg right that big hit- which has a long history of involvement in
total. The course is rated at 67.7/121. Out of bounds is within reach on several ters will attempt to fly. Water just short of a junior golf in the community.
If an enjoyable day on the links is more holes, mostly for those who hit it right to wide, relatively shallow green poses a Because of its location, course conditions
important to you than the score you post, left. But the bigger concern is the tree lines, problem for those who can cut the corner, as and player friendly layout, City Club
you are not likely to find a better place to tee almost all of which allow recovery shots, but well as for players without the length to Marietta is a popular choice for outings and
it up in the metro area than City Club with no guarantee you can easily extricate reach the green in two or who have to pitch tournaments, with a quality grill and the
Marietta. The course is consistently in excel- yourself from trouble. out from the trees. presence of the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta
lent condition, the greens fees are among At just over 250 yards, the dogleg right The eighth is the lone hole on the Conference Center next door assets in that
Atlanta’s most reasonable and its compact, second hole appears to be a birdie waiting to opening nine where water is a factor, but regard.
non-developed setting makes it one of the happen. But the trees that line both sides of there is a four-hole stretch on the incoming For information, call 770-528-4653 or
easiest in Atlanta to walk. the fairway and the long, angular green that nine where hazards are just that. visit


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Koch rolls to victory in Match Play event
Never plays 18th hole
in any of 5 victories

By Mike Blum who won the tournament in 1996, and

Brannen, who won the event twice in the

hawn Koch played five rounds of 1980s, gave the Georgia PGA’s senior con-
golf over three days to win the tingent two of the eight spots in the
Yamaha Georgia PGA quarterfinals, and were responsible for two
Championship at Callaway of the biggest upsets in the tournament.
Gardens, and played so well in his victories Brannen, the head professional at Augusta
that he never had to play the 18th hole on Country Club, knocked off No. 1 seed Matt
the Mountain View course. Peterson 1-up in the third round. Peterson,
Koch, an instructor at Country Club of the head professional at the University of
the South, only played the 17th hole twice Georgia course, reached the finals last year
in his five matches, closing out the champi- before losing to Lee, an assistant at
onship match on the 15th, defeating Atlanta Chicopee Woods.
Athletic Club Director of Instruction Chan Godwin, a veteran teaching professional
Reeves 5&3. who works out of the Godwin Creek First
It was the second Georgia PGA victory for Tee facility in Columbus (named for his
Koch, who also won the 2006 Yamaha father), took out second-seeded Sonny
Atlanta Open at Dunwoody Country Club. Skinner in the second round. Skinner, the
Koch came into the Match Play head professional at River Pointe in Albany
Championship as the 10th seed, with the and a veteran tour player, won the tourna-
players seeded on their current standings on ment in 2006, the first year it was played at Match Play champion Shawn Koch
the Divots points list. Reeves was seeded Callaway Gardens.
12th, with No. 3 Jeff Hull, who lost 2&1 to Hull defeated Brannen 4&2 in the third
Koch in the semifinals, the only top seed to place match, with Lee edging Godwin 1-up square after three before Koch won three of Georgia PGA and Tennessee PGA, and has
make it past the quarterfinals. for fifth place. Godwin, an infrequent tour- the next four holes with birdies. also represented the Georgia PGA in the
Tommy Brannen, seeded 17th, lost to nament contestant of late, was seeded 34th, As he had done in his previous matches, biennial Billy Peters Cup matches against
Reeves 1-up in the other semifinal match. and was the only player to reach the third Koch quickly jumped on top in the finals the GSGA.
Three of the top seeds, all of them former day who had to play two matches each of the against Reeves, going 2-up with birdies on “In singles, I’ve always been competitive,”
champions, were knocked out in the quar- first two days. The top-seeded players all had the first two holes. The lead reached 4-up Koch says. “It comes down to one hole at a
terfinals. Sixth-seeded Clark Spratlin, who first round byes. before the turn, with Koch recording six time, and I just try to play the hole better
won the tournament three times between The seventh place match also went to the birdies plus a concession in the match. than the individual I’m playing against. If
2001 and ’04, lost to Hull 1-up. Fourth- 18th hole, with Stevens, the Director of Koch credited his play in the tournament you make a mistake, I just try figure out how
seeded Craig Stevens, a two-time Match Instruction at Fox Creek, winning 1-up over to an improved relationship with his putter. to make par from here.”
Play winner, also lost 1-up to Reeves. Spratlin, head professional at the still under He says he has been “hitting the ball very Koch didn’t have to figure out how to
Defending champion Greg Lee, seeded construction Blue Ridge River & Golf Club. well pretty much all year,” but once he make par too many times in his five victo-
ninth, took Brannen to the 20th hole. Koch has a track record of success in reached the putting surface, things had not ries, and was able to play more aggressively
The fourth quarterfinal loser was also a match play, and finished third in the event gone as smoothly. after consistently taking early leads.
past champion. John Godwin, who lives in last year, his first appearance in the champi- “I’ve been inconsistent with my putting, Like most of his fellow club professionals,
Pine Mountain, lost 5&4 to Koch. Godwin, onship. He defeated defending champion but that was the best putting display I’ve Koch has to make an effort to find enough
Skinner in the quarterfinals, and after losing done in a long time. I felt like if I could time to work on his own game, which makes

Chan Reeves
to eventual champion Lee in the semis, came get it on the putting surface, I could make it difficult for him to be as sharp as he would
back to beat 2005 champion Weinhart for anything.” like going into tournaments.
third place. Because he has the length to reach the par “I teach an awful lot at Country Club of
Over the course of his five matches, Koch 5s at Mountain View, Koch felt his game the South, and to prepare for tournaments,
made 21 birdies on the course that hosted matched up well with the course. But he said I’ve got to be more sensitive how I practice.
the PGA Tour for more than a decade, the he “did not play the par fives phenomenally I don’t know if I can be consistently compet-
last time in 2002. He made only a handful well. A lot of my birdies came on the shorter itive in big events. Time won’t allow it.”
of bogeys and never trailed in a match, par fours.” One event Koch definitely wants to be com-
jumping out to early leads by notching seven Although match play is an infrequently petitive in is the Georgia PGA qualifier for
of his birdies on the first two holes. used format, he does have some background the PGA Professional National
“I played really well the whole week,” in it, dating back to his amateur days from Championship, which will be played in late
Koch said. “I was 3-up in almost all the his native Michigan. He reached the finals of October.
matches.” the prestigious Western Amateur in 1998, Koch was doubly disappointed he did not
The only players to make it to the 17th the same year he won the Michigan qualify for the 2008 PNC, which was
hole against Koch were Hull and Chicopee Amateur, which uses the same format as the played in Georgia at Reynolds Plantation.
Woods head professional Jim Arendt, who U.S. Amateur. He competed in four U.S. Two Georgia PGA members posted top
lost to Koch 3&1 in the second round. Public Links Championships and one U.S. 20 finishes to qualify for the PGA
Koch closed out his match against Hull, an Amateur, but his match play experiences in Championship, which was played in Koch’s
instructor at the University of Georgia those events were short and not as sweet. native Michigan.
course, with a birdie on the 17th. Hull was As a professional, Koch has experienced “My mother lives 20 minutes from
the only player who managed to stay even some match play in the Assistants’ Cup Oakland Hills. Not having a chance to
with Koch after two holes. They were all matches between teams representing the qualify for that was hard to take.”
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Koch strikes again with win in Griffin Classic
Opening 67 leads
to 4-stroke victory
stroke off the lead at that point. But after was a definite factor.”
five birdies and a clutch bogey save on the After six birdies on his first 13 holes in
par-4 eighth, Parrott did not make a birdie the first round, Koch admitted being
on his final eight holes. He seemed headed “excited with that and I wanted to see if I
for outright second until he put his tee shot could get a couple more.” But on his 15th
in the water on the par-3 18th and hole of the day, Koch’s short par putt hit the
By Mike Blum his seventh birdie of the day left Koch with suffered a double bogey to finish in a tie for back of the cup and popped out, leaving
a 67 and a two-stroke lead over three the runner-up position at 141 after a Koch to wonder that happened.
inning tournaments back-to- players, two of them new to Georgia PGA closing 70. Undeterred, he rolled in a 25-footer for

W back is never an easy task, but

Country Club of the South
instructor Shawn Koch
accomplished the feat in a surprisingly
effortless manner.
competition – Towne Lake Hills assistant
Chris Nicol and Wayne Leal of Dick’s
Sporting Goods.
Nicol, playing in his first Section event,
was 4-under after 10 holes, highlighted by
John Wade, the head professional at
Currahee Club, scored three straight
birdies in the second round beginning at
the third to get to 4-under for the tourna-
ment, but a pair of bogeys later on the front
birdie on the next hole, but a second bogey
in three holes at the difficult eighth left him
with a 67 and a 2-stroke lead.
Koch came back out the next morning
determined to do something more than just
Koch, who won the Georgia PGA’s an eagle on the short, par-5 third. He nine stalled his charge. Wade finished with hang on to his lead.
Match Play Championship two weeks ear- started fast again in the final round with a 70 for a 141 total and share of second. “I wanted to shoot the low round today
lier, added the Griffin Classic to his victory birdies at 2 and 3, but did not manage Tim Weinhart, who has won the Griffin and not protect the lead.”
list, scoring a 4-stroke victory over a trio of another birdie the rest of the day and fell tournament twice, most recently in 2006, A birdie at the short, par-5 third and
runners-up. back with a 76 to tie for eighth at 145. was five strokes behind Koch after an another at the seventh kept Koch comfort-
“I just kind of rode the momentum,” Leal, who did not have a bogey on his opening 72, but shot back into contention ably in front of his pursuers, but he
Koch said shooting 67-70 for a 7-under scorecard in the opening round, struggled with five birdies in a 7-hole stretch, begin- three-putted the eighth from long range,
total of 137. “I know I’m playing well, so I to keep the ball in play the second day and ning at the fourth. Like Parrott, Weinhart leaving him with a slim margin over
wasn’t worried about playing poorly and I shot 81 after being 1-under par on the also pulled within one shot of the lead, but Weinhart and Parrott, who both were
wasn’t putting pressure on myself. I tried to round after five holes. back-to-back bogeys at holes 11 and 12 applying plenty of pressure.
manage myself as much as the golf course.” Although Koch showed no signs of ended his hopes of a come-from-behind “I looked at it is as motivation,” Koch
Koch did not take long to establish his backing up, carding birdies on two of his victory. said of his challengers. “I knew minus-one
position at the top of the leader board. first six holes in the final round, his lead Weinhart ended up with a 69 to match for the day wasn’t going to do it.”
Beginning his first round on the 10th tee, was not increasing thanks to some torrid the low score of the day and share second at Koch responded by hitting an 8-iron
Koch birdied three of his first five holes. starts from several players. 141 with Parrott and Wade. The other 69 within 10 feet for a birdie at the 10th, and
After turning the front nine in 3-under 33, Brookfield Country Club assistant the final round was posted by Fox Creek he saved par by getting up-and-down at the
Koch notched consecutive birdies on holes Michael Parrott birdied three of the first instructor Brian Dixon, formerly the head 11th, holing another 10-footer.
2, 3 and 4 to get to 6-under only 13 holes four holes to get to 4-under for the tourna- professional at Griffin Country Club, “In the 14th fairway, I knew it was my
into his opening round. ment, and wielded a hot putter that got which has hosted the tournament on an tournament to win or lose,” Koch said. He
A late pair of birdies sandwiched around him to 5-under after 10 holes, just one annual basis since 1992. Dixon tied for led Parrott by two strokes, with no one else
10th at 146. closer than four back. Koch placed his third
The only other player to finish under par shot on the long par-5 below the hole and
Shawn Koch at Griffin Country Club, which was in its drilled a 15-footer for birdie to expand his
best condition in years and was made more lead to three.
difficult by a healthy layer of Bermuda Koch put himself in a similar position at
rough, was veteran tour pro Sonny the 15th and again rolled his birdie putt
Skinner of River Pointe in Albany. square in the middle of the cup for a birdie
Skinner shot 69 the first day to take a to all but lock up his victory.
share of second place, but five holes into his With two holes to play, Koch led Parrott
opening round, Skinner seemed poised for by four strokes and needed two pars to
an even better score. Skinner birdied four achieve his goal of shooting the low round
straight holes on his first nine and turned of the day. But an errant tee shot at the
in 32 after five birdies on Griffin 17th resulted in a bogey, and he missed the
Country Club’s back nine. But Skinner, green at the 18th for a bogey-bogey finish
who won the tournament in 2000, notched and a score of 70.
just two birdies over his final 27 holes and “The tee shot at 17 was just not a very
settled for a second round 74 to finish good swing,” Koch offered. “If I just had a
fifth at 143. one-shot lead going to 17 and 18, my focus
Tying for sixth at 144 were Jordan would have been a little stronger.”
Arnold of Achasta GC in Dahlonega and Having a little break between his Match
Marietta Country Club instructor Todd Play win at Callaway Gardens and the
Peterson, who had nine birdies in two Griffin Classic was beneficial for Koch.
days, but also nine bogeys. Peterson shot 32 “I was not fatigued; I was excited and
on his first nine, finishing at 2-under 70, coming off a little high. I couldn’t wait to
and followed with a 74. get back out on the golf course.”
Tying Nicol for eighth at 145 was Glen Koch’s lesson sheet was full when he
Herrell of Cairo CC. Greg Lee of Chicopee returned to his teaching job at Country
Woods and Gregg Wolff of Willow Lake Club of the South, and as a result, “I did
shared 10th with Dixon at 146. not get preoccupied with how well I was
Koch had a game plan for the narrow, playing.”
tree-lined fairways of Griffin Country The victory was worth $3,000 for Koch
Club, and that was to leave his driver in the and moved him up to fifth in the Divots
bag with a handful of exceptions. points standings for 2008, with Koch
“I only hit two drivers yesterday and having no results of note for the year before
three today,” Koch said. “I knew the rough his consecutive victories.



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Trively thriving in small town environment
Former Atlanta area pro enjoying life in Colquitt

By Mike Blum
people in the community who are not very
mong the necessary attributes of familiar with golf.

A working as a golf professional is

the ability to adapt to different
situations within the frequently
unstable industry.
PGA professional Winston Trively had
At the same time, Trively is making his
best effort at keeping his own game in shape.
He has been a competitive player in the
Georgia PGA in recent years, even though
he has to spend several hours in his car to
spent two decades in the golf business, make it to the tournament sites.
working primarily at private and semi- Trively has placed between 11th and 16th
private facilities, including six years at in the Georgia PGA Divots points standings
Georgia National in McDonough. each of the last three years, and came into
Prior to becoming the head professional at the final event of 2008 in 10th place with a
Georgia National, Trively had divided his chance for his best ever finish.
time between a pair of seasonal positions at “It’s a commitment I’ve made personally
Grandfather Golf and Country Club in the to play as many of the Georgia PGA events
North Carolina mountains and at a small as I can. It’s something I want to do, and as
private club in Vero Beach, Fla. long as I’m playing at a reasonably high level,
Trively had become accustomed to the I’ll still make those drives.”
Trively has earned his points mainly
through a succession of solid finishes, but

made a serious bid at winning the Yamaha
GEORGIA PGA Atlanta Open at the Golf Club of Georgia in
Winston Trively 2005, losing in a playoff to Chan Reeves.
“I feel like I could have done a little better
if my putting was better,” said Trively, who
on the course “are a lot for “I try to handle both sides. That’s what is has spent his years of competing in the state
occasionally nomadic existence of a club this area.” needed for this type of environment. I enjoy chasing after a relatively small group of
professional, and in the spring of 2006 was As the only course in Miller County, and it, but it creates long hours.” players who have captured the vast majority
ready to make another move. This time he with only four or five others within 50 min- Trively has transitioned from working in a of the Georgia PGA titles.
didn’t have to leave the state of Georgia, but utes, Crooked Oak has a definite niche in its metropolitan area, albeit in a community “I don’t have the time to work on my
the change in circumstances was consider- part of the state, but it’s an admittedly small atmosphere, to a real small town situation. game to allow me to get to that point, but
ably greater than he had experienced in his niche. “I was looking to do something a little on any given week I’m capable of going out
previous moves. Crooked Oak does around 10,000 rounds different, and I like the autonomy of the job. and winning.”
From a club located in Georgia’s largest a year, Trively says, with a busy weekend in I love the community. I grew up in a small Trively, 45, began his stint as a club pro-
metropolitan area, Trively moved to a small season including about 80 golfers. Those town and the people here have been very fessional after completing his education at
community in the southwest part of the numbers are up about 20 percent from when welcoming. I couldn’t be happier.” the University of North Carolina. A native
state, with his new course the only one in Trively took the job in 2006. Trively has brought the experiences of of North Carolina, Trively is nearing a
the entire county. “We don’t have tee times,” Trively says. working at clubs in North Carolina, Florida decade in his adopted home state, and has
For the past 2 ½ years, Trively has been “It’s first come, first served.” and his years at Georgia National with him found a job where he can have an impact on
the head professional and general manager With such a small base of golfers in to Crooked Oak, with one of his primary the local community, something that can be
at Crooked Oak in Colquitt, a municipal Colquitt, Trively points out that “more than efforts an attempt to introduce the game to difficult to achieve in a larger setting.

Hampton Club to restore

course with a unique story of its own. half our play comes from outside the county.
Crooked Oak has been open for play since Our goal is to create very good playing con-
1998 and is jointly owned by the city of ditions to draw from outside the county.”

its Joe Lee layout in 2009

Colquitt and Miller County and endowed With Colquitt not far from Georgia’s bor-
by the Ruth T. Jinks Foundation. The Jinks ders with Alabama and Florida, Crooked
family, which Trively says had no connection Oak attracts golfers from Dothan and
to golf, “made a commitment to the golf Tallahassee, with Bainbridge and Albany the
course to fund our operating expenses and only Georgia cities within driving distance
losses, should we incur them, in perpetuity.” of the course. The Hampton Club on St. Simons Island head professional, says the course
In a predominantly rural, agricultural part Trively’s role at Crooked Oak is different will be celebrating its 20th anniversary should be back in excellent condition
of the state, golf is not a primary recreational from the previous clubs he has worked at, next year, and will undergo a complete by the week of the Georgia-Florida foot-
activity, with most of the courses either small and he is involved with just about everything restoration of the Joe Lee design that ball game, typically the busiest of the
country clubs or bare bones public facilities. regarding the operation of the facility. will keep the course closed for about six year on St. Simons.
Crooked Oak is a quality, public layout, “I’ve always been on the inside of the golf months. The overseeding will keep Hampton
the last one designed by the late Georgia- shop; operating the shop and merchan- The club is in the process of removing Club green treeline to treeline
based golf course architect Arthur Davis, dising,” he says. “Here, I teach and run the Bermuda grass from the fairways throughout the Winter before the
whose excellent body of work includes Fields tournaments like I did at bigger facilities. and replacing it with overseeded rye for course closes on April 1 to re-grass with
Ferry in Calhoun, Stonebridge in Rome, But now I’m much more connected to the the Winter months, and the beginning new Bermuda and do some other minor
Royal Lakes in Flowery Branch and Berkeley course conditions.” of that process left the course with improvements.
Hills in Duluth. To assist with the work on the course, almost no grass on the fairways for a The club is expected to be closed for
“It’s a very good, playable layout,” says Trively had to prepare and apply for a pesti- few weeks. six months, with the scheduled re-
Trively, who notes that the 50-plus bunkers cide spraying license, part of his duties Rick Mattox, Hampton Club’s PGA opening Oct. 1.
outside the shop.
Travel Fore You
invited to take a little risk with the hopes of
PANAMA CITY a reward. Even though most of the ever-
present tree lines are within reach, Norman’s
design encourages the use of driver off the
tee. Shark’s Tooth measures just over 6,500
yards from the second set of tees, with both
the senior and women’s tees comparable in
length to those at Camp Creek.
Both courses are managed by Troon Golf.
The WaterColor Inn and Resort is a 60-
room boutique property with rooms
overlooking beaches and dunes. For those
preferring vacation homes, golf packages
for Camp Creek and Shark’s Tooth are also

Camp Creek hole #14

Panama City area’s

allure continues to grow
SouthWood #2

offered for the luxury homes in the coastal

WaterSound and WaterColor communities.
In addition to Camp Creek and Shark’s
Tooth, the resort features a third course
Camp Creek, Shark’s Tooth add to riches of Fla. Panhandle designed by Davis Love’s company, the
Origins Course. The course can be played
One of the favorite out-of-state golf desti- bordered by a striking expanse of white and greens, and can be avoided with a rea- as a regulation 6-hole course, a 9-hole exec-
nations for Georgians is the Panama City sand dunes that set off the lush green sonable amount of accuracy. utive course or a 10-hole par-3 layout,
area, with vacationers from the metro course conditions. In addition to its aes- As with many Fazio courses, Camp Creek depending on which tees are used. The
Atlanta area having a particular affinity for thetic appeal, Camp Creek has been ranked features mostly generous landing areas and Origins Course is a perfect fit for families as
the Florida Panhandle. among the top 10 Florida courses you can sizeable, undulating greens, with the nat- well as novice golfers.
In recent years, the Panama City area has play by Golfweek, and in the past two years ural setting enabling Fazio to limit his For information on golf
raised its golf profile, with two of the most has hosted qualifiers for both the U.S. Open standard volume of bunkers, although packages, visit,
prominent additions to its roster of courses and U.S. Amateur. there are a few holes that are notable excep-, or
a pair of standout designs that are associ- From the back tees, which measure over tions. The design of the putting surfaces
ated with the award-winning WaterColor 7,150 yards, Camp Creek has a hefty slope and the surrounding danger can make for The St. Joe real estate company also
Inn and Resort. rating of 152. But with five sets of well- some scary approach shots and challenging developed SouthWood Golf Club, a semi-
The two courses are Camp Creek, spaced tees, it’s no chore to find one that putts, but that should come as no surprise private facility in Tallahassee that is a home
designed by acclaimed golf course architect best suits the skill levels of its visitors. to those familiar with Fazio’s work. course to the Florida State men’s and
Tom Fazio, whose creations are known Yardages vary from 6,689 (blue) to 6,304 Camp Creek has been consistently women’s golf teams, and is in close prox-
world wide, with many of them in Georgia (white) to 5,776 (gold) to 5,150 (red), pro- ranked among Florida’s top courses since it imity to the FSU campus.
(White Columns, The Frog, Eagle’s Landing, viding reasonable options for everyone opened, with its combination of superb SouthWood was designed by Gene
St. Ives Country Club, Reynolds National), who tees it up. course conditions and Fazio’s intriguing Bates and PGA Tour player Fred Couples,
and Shark’s Tooth, designed by TPC The dunes may provide much of the layout ensuring its lofty status for years whose Georgia courses include Hamilton
Sugarloaf and River Club architect Greg visual allure to Camp Creek, but as you to come. Mill in the Atlanta area and Sanctuary Cove
Norman. would expect from a northwest Florida Shark’s Tooth, which opened in 2002, is a in Brunswick.
Camp Creek, which opened in 2001, is a course in close proximity to the gulf, water is short drive away from Camp Creek along The course opened in 2002, and was
private/resort course for its members as a frequent presence and serious hazard on the shores of Lake Powell. This year, the honored by both Golf Magazine and Golf
well as resort guests of St. Joe’s WaterColor Fazio’s appealing but demanding layout. course was ranked among Golfweek’s “Best Digest as one of the top public courses to
and WaterSound Beach Resorts. Other than the par 3s, three of which Residential Courses” in the U.S., the third debut that year. Last year, SouthWood
The course features a unique “dune- require carries over water, the hazards at straight time it has made the list. introduced traditionally-designed guest
scape” appearance, with many of the holes Camp Creek are located along side fairways Although the course is a bit longer than cottages which are available for overnight
Camp Creek from the back tees (just over or stay-and-play accommodations.
7,200 yards), its course rating and slope SouthWood is located within a residen-
numbers are considerably friendlier. Five tial community, with its layout featuring
fairways border Lake Powell and two other Spanish moss-draped oak trees that pro-
holes play toward the water, but the vide much of the course’s character.
opportunities to find serious trouble are SouthWood has some length from the back
not quite as numerous as at Camp Creek. tees (7,172), but the next two sets are signif-
Shark’s Tooth features several wetlands icantly shorter, and the senior and forward
areas and streams that require crossing on tees are very accommodating.
bridges, and the natural setting tucked Although water borders several holes,
amid oaks and pines along the shore of the there are few forced carries and the modest
lake make it one of more visually attractive course rating and slope numbers attest to
courses you’ll play. the layout’s playability.
Shark’s Tooth # 6 As you might expect from Norman, there For information, visit
are a few holes where bigger hitters are


Golf FORE Juniors

Klotz fires 68
for GPGA win
the Georgia PGA Junior Tour event at
Wilmington Island against older competitors.
Kurey, the only entrant in the girls 12-14
Jonathan Klotz Kelly Pearce
Jonathan Klotz of Columbus closed with division. posted a 162 total to finish one
an impressive 68 to win the Georgia PGA’s stroke ahead of Kimberly Graff, who was
Columbus Junior Classic at the Country first in the 15-18 age group.
Club of Columbus. Klotz opened with a 73 Garretson shot a final round 69 for a schedule. Hoschton’s Emilie Burger won 15 after posting a 217 total.
to lead the field by a shot, then turned in 1-under 141 total to edge Scott Wolfes of two of the three tournaments, with At Forest Hills in Augusta, Alexander
the tournament’s best score to run away St. Simons by one stroke for the overall Alpharetta’s Amira Alexander taking first shot 154 to win girls 12-14 by six, with
with the event. Tyler Erickson of Bonair boys title. Garretson finished 14 strokes in her age group in all three. Wright winning girls 16-19 at 145, three
was the runner-up, six shots behind. ahead of Caleb Morris in the 14-15 divi- In the season-ending SJGT strokes ahead of Burger.
In the 14-15 division, Jimmy Beck of sion, with Wolfes winning the 16-18 age Championship at the Georgia Club, Burger John Edge of Atlanta was the boys 16-
Columbus shot 151 to nip Christopher group by six strokes over Joel Sawyer of was the girls 15-19 winner with a 213 total, 19 at 145, two ahead of Jacob Tifton of
Guglielmo of Cumming by one shot. In the Elberton. highlighted by a second round 69. Blaire Evans and Tom Howard of Alpharetta.
12-and-under division, Joshua Crews of Buster Bruton of Dalton shot a second Minter of Marietta and Kendall Wright of Sepp Straka of Valdosta was the 14-15 and
Albany beat Parker Derby of Columbus by round 71 for a 151 total to take first place Suwanee tied for second at 222. Alexander overall winner at 139, shooting 67 the final
one with a 160 total. In the girls division, by two strokes over Tyler Young of won the girls 12-14 division by six strokes day. Emanuel Kountakis of Martinez won
Kelly Pearce of Albany was the overall Kennesaw in boys 12-13. with a 237 total. the 12-13 division by eight strokes with a

Burger, Alexander
champion at 162, 10 strokes ahead of Tyler Smith of Fayetteville was the boys 147 total.
Kimberly Graff of Lilburn.

among SJGT winners

16-19 winner with a 211 total, one stroke At the University of Georgia course,

Garretson, Kurey
ahead of Taylor Huse of Peachtree City Burger won with a 147 total, two strokes in

win in Savannah
and Franco Castro of Alpharetta. Daniel front of Carrie Metz of Carnesville.
The Southeastern Junior Golf Tour Kim of Kennesaw shot 212, including a Alexander shot 154 to win her third
recently held three events in Georgia, second round 68, to win boys 12-13 by six straight tournament by six strokes. Jessica
Michael Garretson of Acworth and Emily including its Tour Championship for the over Shea Sylvester of Roswell. Cody
Kurey of Alpharetta won the overall titles of 2008 and two of the early events on the ’09 Shafer of Evans lost in a playoff in boys 14- [ See Juniors, page 28 ]

“We Will Give You Something To Smile About”


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Golf Business News

Barnsley Gardens Resort: GGCOA Course of the Year

GGCOA, FORE Georgia raffle tickets online via credit card: PGA

Set Susan G. Komen

The Georgia Golf Course Owners but looks especially beautiful in Fall when
Association recently selected its GGCOA the leaves are changing. It’s close by, too. For TOUR Superstore, Last Minute Tee Times

Cure Benefit Raffle

Course of the Year Presented by Hilda W. more information about Barnsley Gardens (LMTT), GolfAtlanta, Blue Heron GC,
Allen Real Estate. The GGCOA Board is proud Resort, visit Canongate Golf Clubs, or visit the GGCOA
to announce that Barnsley Gardens Resort is Check it out! Homepage at and follow

GGCOA Networking
this year’s recipient. Georgia has so many The GGCOA and FORE Georgia are using the link. Donate Now!
outstanding golf clubs and courses, that golf to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the 2009 British Open Golf Trip for Two Raffle

and Golf Outing

being selected for this award really is an Cure Greater Atlanta for October Breast The GGCOA continues to work with

for Energy Solutions

honor. Interestingly, for the second year in a Cancer Awareness Month. Our Grand Prize VisitScotland, the Official Tourism Bureau of
row, a resort course won. Last year, Reynolds winner wins the Pink Golf Car, or available Scotland, to promote golf trips to the home
Plantation won the award. color of choice, or a $5,000 Shopping Spree of golf. Get your chance to win a trip to the
The GGCOA is certainly not the first While we hear talk about finding alterna- at the PGA TOUR Superstore! The raffle will 2009 British Open at Turnberry. You can win
organization to recognize Barnsley. The tive sources of energy, the GGCOA is include drawings for other valuable golf this golf trip for two, which includes: airfare
Resort has won numerous awards from Golf partnering to find some solutions for energy prizes, too. Leading up to and through for two, accommodations, 2 rounds of golf
Digest, Conde Nast, and others. Barnsley costs. The GGCOA is working with a couple October, we will be selling raffle tickets, for for both of you for 2 days, and 2 days at the
Gardens Resort will be recognized at the of groups to offer savings on natural gas, only a $20 donation. The PINK Club Car Golf British Open for each of you. There are only
NGCOA Annual Conference in New Orleans through Catalyst Natural Gas, and a bulk fuel Car will be on display at PGA TOUR 400 raffle tickets available for this trip. So,
in February. purchasing program, in which clubs can Superstores through our drawing date of your odds are pretty good! Donation is only
Selection criteria include: 1. Quality of the save at least $.30/gallon and as much as Sunday, October 26 at 4:30 pm at the PGA $50 for a raffle chance. Tickets will be avail-
course, 2. Quality of management, 3. $.60/gallon, on the exact same fuel they usu- TOUR Superstore Roswell location. Come able at some of our GGCOA member clubs.
Significant contribution to the game of golf, ally purchase. Our corporate members get out and join us, even though you do not Or, once again, visit us at to get
4. Significant contribution to its community, these savings, too. Catalyst will also share need to be present to win any of the prizes. your chance. Raffle tickets are available now
and 5. Member of the GGCOA. information on how to save on electricity. Raffle tickets packages are available for through time they are sold out. Purchase a
Barnsley Gardens Resort won, not only for Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Join us $20 each, 3 for $50, or 7 for $100 for this raffle ticket as a holiday gift. The drawing is
its outstanding course called “The General,” on Thursday, October 23rd at Windermere great cause. planned for December.
but also for its resort amenities, such as Golf Club for our Networking & Solutions Many golf organizations around Metro
accommodations, restaurants, spa, horse- Event and Golf Outing. Come out for the Atlanta are helping us use golf in this effort For more information about the GGCOA,
back riding; and outdoor sportsman day, play golf, and save $! (If this event to create awareness and raise money. You and any of these programs or events, please
activities, such as fly fishing and clays. sounds familiar, that’s because we had to can go to any of the following groups, or visit us at or, contact us at
Barnsley is a great getaway any time of year, postpone our Annual August event because look for their emails about the raffle, to or 770-235-0735.
of hurricane rains.) make your tax deductible pledge by buying

PGA Tour Superstore

October 13 October 20 October 23

Roswell: Cobra Night, 6-9 p.m. Roswell: Tour Edge Night, 6-9 p.m. Buckhead: Tour Edge Night, October 29
6-9 p.m. Duluth: Bobby Jones Night,
October 14 October 21 6-9 p.m.
Kennesaw: Cobra Night, 6-9 p.m. Kennesaw: Tour Edge Night, October 27
October 15 6-9 p.m. Roswell: Bobby Jones Night, October 30
Duluth: Cobra Night, 6-9 p.m.
6-9 p.m. Buckhead: Bobby Jones Night,
October 22 6-9 p.m.
October 16 Duluth:Tour Edge Night, 6-9 p.m. October 28
Kennesaw: Bobby Jones Night, *DEMO DAYS BY STORES
Buckhead: Cobra Night, 6-9 p.m.
6-9 p.m.

PGA TOUR Superstore has 515 Garson Dr., NE 1005 Holcomb Woods Pkwy. 2911 George Busbee Pkwy. 4000 Venture Dr.

four great Atlanta locations: Atlanta, GA 30324 Roswell, GA 30076 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Duluth, GA 30096
404-364-6900 770-640-0933 770-422-4949 770-495-7100


Golf FORE Women

Atlanta EWGA Member

corresponding organization. The Aldila

Lori Whitaker Wins National Title

Shaft Company features a pink shaft that
has been made famous by Paula Creamer
with all proceeds going to the Komen
Foundation. Sweet Spot Golf line of golf
clubs all have pink accents and ribbons
with proceeds going to cancer research. C-

Golf Rallies for a Cure

thru grips feature pink, pink ribbons and a

for Breast Cancer in

By Jackie Cannizzo in 2007 that saw $8.3 new grip called “In the
Women’s Editor million dollars raised across Light” with proceeds going

the Month of October

PGA Professional the country. to Breast Cancer Research.
Country Club of Roswell The events are set up at The Atlanta division is
clubs with a simple closest run by 7-year breast cancer
Lori Whitaker of Cumming won the The game of golf seems to have a natural to the pin contest. The par- survivor Linda Jamison. Golf
largest women’s amateur golf competition philanthropic nature to it. There are more ticipants pay a $20 fee and Pride grips also is proud that
in the United States as she captured the charity golf tournaments in the state of they receive a pink ribbon 25 cents from the sale of
Executive Women’s Golf Association’s Georgia and the U.S. than there are golf pin and a choice of a sub- their pink and black DD2
National Championship at The Reserve courses. The respective tours, PGA, LPGA scription to one of the main grips goes to Y-ME National
Vineyard in Aloha, Oregon on September and Champions Tour all give back to the sponsors, Conde Nast publi- Breast Cancer Organization
26th & 27th. The championship sponsored community that they play in each week. cations (Golf Digest). The and has raised over $30,000.
by Callaway Golf hosted 200 They give to all kinds of chari- winner of the contest then Footjoy has apparel, shoes,
women from all existing ties and they seem happy to do wins a significant prize. If and gloves featuring pink
chapters in the U.S. and it. So it only seems natural that you or your club or associa- ribbons and Wilson Golf fea-
Canada. when October was named tions are interested in getting involved with tures a women’s line of clubs, balls and
The event is in its 13th year “Breast Cancer Awareness a “Rally” go to gloves benefitting the Breast Cancer
of existence and the compe- Month” that the game of golf There are other events that are hap- Research Foundation.

Pictor, Spinucci Take

tition has grown more and women’s golf would be pening to raise money and awareness in
intense each year. The players very involved. Georgia this coming month. The Georgia

GSGA Team Event

now have a local qualifier, The largest golf organi- Golf Course Owners Association is raffling
then advance to a sectional zation dedicated to raising off a pink golf cart benefitting the Atlanta
qualifier. Whitaker won both to advance to money and bringing awareness to the Chapter of the Susan G. Komen
breast cancer cause is “Rally for the Cure”. The 23rd annual event was held at Sea
the national finals. According to Whitaker, Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer
Founded in 1996, the organization linked Palms Resort on St. Simons Island on
she was surprised at how good the compe- awareness month. The tickets are $20 each,
itself to the Susan G. Komen Foundation September 8th and 9th. It was the first win
tition was at the finals and realized that 3/$50 or 7/$100. The tickets may be pur-
which was started in 1982 by Nancy for Brenda Pictor, who is the reigning
several players had just come from the chased at area PGA Superstores or at
Brinker in honor of her sister, Susan senior player of the year and the third win
USGA Senior Amateur. The drawing will be held
Komen. The Komen Foundation is the for Ginette Spinucci. This is the first time
“It was an awesome event, said Whitaker. on October 26th at the Roswell PGA
largest grassroots breast cancer organiza- that the two women have teamed
“I played very steady for two days and had Superstore.
tion dedicated to supporting those with together and it was their second round of 8
no blow up holes, I just hung in there. It felt Also golf manufacturers are on board in
breast cancer as well as funding research under 64 that bested local duo Julie Criss
great to compete at that level, especially marketing to women and giving back to
to eradicate the disease. The organization and Danielle Davis.
after being sidelined from playing golf for the cause. The following products are avail-
almost two years due to an injury.” has raised over $1 billion in the fight. able to women with proceeds benefit a
The event is a unique amateur event as The “Rally for the Cure” golf events have

there are multiple flights with women been an integral part of the fundraising
golfers of all ages and abilities. Whitaker, a efforts for the Komen Foundation. In 1996,
Nortel Sales Executive, was one of the best the first year, they had 365 clubs partici- Greenbrier. Shawn Yim of Buford tied for
players in the field who holds a 3 handicap. pate in a “Rally”, with over 16,000 golfers (Continued from page 26) 11th and Jordan Janico of Duluth tied for
She is inspired to compete more in the participating. Today there are 3,300 clubs 15th. Austin Barreras of Peachtree City
upcoming year and maybe someday work and 1.4 million participants. The events are tied for 27th. Caitlin Pisciotta tied for 12th
Haigwood of Roswell was second.
in the golf business. often held in conjunction with other in the girls division.

FedEx supports
Shawn Yim of Buford was the boys 16-
The EWGA was formed in 1991 and events at clubs as their main mission is to
19 winner at 144, edging out John Skeadas
raise awareness.

East Lake’s First Tee

boasts over 100,000 members. The organi- of Savannah and Tyler Erickson at 145.
zation is dedicated to providing According to Eileen Honey, Senior
Sam Straka of Valdosta shot 149 to win by
opportunities to its members to learn, play Coordinator for Special projects, the
one in boys 14-15 over his brother Sepp
and enjoy the game of golf for business organization has reached well beyond The First Tee of East Lake received a check
and Blake Usry of Evans. Joe Philaphat
and for life. Chapters provide a wide range their 1.4 million participants in the “Rallies.” for $5,000 from FedEx during the recent
lost in a playoff in boys 12-13 at 152 after
of golf, social and networking activities for Honey also says that the “Rallies” unite Tour Championship. It was part of a
posting a 152 total.
advanced to beginning golfers. The EWGA women all over the country in the golfing $50,000 donation the company made to
American Junior Golf Association:
has 120 chapters in 40 states with 3 chap- community. According to Honey, the state the national First Tee program.
Franco Castro of Alpharetta tied for 11th
ters in Georgia. The chapters are in Atlanta, of Georgia has or will hold 48 rallies this at the American Junior Golf Association’s FedEx also hosted a clinic for about 50
Augusta and on the Georgia Coast. For year alone. She is very impressed with the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass. students prior to the tournament. It fea-
more information or to join, go to clubs that are involved. Clubs such as Seth Reeves of Duluth was 13th and tured instructor Hank Haney and PGA Tour Country Club of the South, Country Club of Dean Hester of Dublin tied for 38th. professional Stewart Cink. They fielded
Roswell, The Landings in Savannah, and Billy Kennerly of Alpharetta and Zach questions from the attendees and helped
Atlanta Athletic Club have all had rallies. Estep of Lawrenceville tied for eighth at them through a putting course.
This year Honey hopes to top a record year the Woodward Video Junior at The


Chip Shots
Davis takes first
in GPGA Senior
total and a one-stroke victory. Castro tied
for seventh at 274.

Robinson wins 3rd

on Tar Heel Tour
Russ Davis, the Director of Instruction at
Cherokee Country Club, won the E-Z-GO
Georgia PGA Senior Championship at The
Frog in Villa Rica, posting a 4-under 140 total David Robinson of Sandersville scored his
to win by two shots over a trio of players third Tar Heel Tour victory of 2008, winning
who tied for second place. a playoff in Charlotte, N.C., to take home the
Davis shared the lead with an opening first place check of $22,000. Robinson shot
score of 68, and followed with a 72 to take stroke. Teams from Athens CC, Wilmington Tech in the final round. 139 in the event, which was shortened to 36
home first place money of $1,250. Davis led Island and Royal Lakes tied for third at 136. Tech led the Bulldogs by 10 shots after holes when the final round was rained out.

Noll tops Gregory

five Georgia PGA members into the recent the first round, but Georgia pulled even Robinson has earned $105,000 this year, the
PGA Senior Professional National going to the final day of the tournament. first player to break the $100,000 barrier on

in Atlanta Am final
Championship, which was played at PGA With Georgia getting three scores of par or the tour.
Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Fla. better on the par-70 layout, the Bulldogs Nationwide Tour player Blake Adams of
Tying for second at 142 were Legacy Golf posted a 282 total to defeat the Yellow Eatonton won a Tar Heel event in Blytheville,
Dalton’s David Noll defeated Augusta State
Links instructor Bill Spannuth, who also Jackets by five strokes, 859-864. S.C., shooting a final round 65 for a 54-hole
golf coach Josh Gregory 2-up at Rivermont
shot 68 the first day, Chuck Knebels of Hudson Swafford, who shot 68 the final score of 200 to win by one stroke with a
Country Club in the finals of the GSGA
Hawks Ridge and Daryl Batey of Charlie day, and Thomasville’s Harris English led birdie on the final hole. Kevin Kisner was
Atlanta Amateur Match Play Championship,
Yates Golf Course. Tying for fifth at 143 were Georgia, tying for third at 215. Macon’s fourth and Ringgold’s Luke List, who led
avenging a recent loss to Gregory in the U.S
Tommy Brannen of Augusta CC and Russell Henley tied for ninth at 216, with after 36 holes, was fifth, three strokes
Mid-Amateur Championship.
DeWitt Weaver of the Legends at Chateau freshman Patrick Reed of Augusta 21st behind Adams. Kisner lost in a playoff in
Noll, who has won multiple GSGA titles
Elan. Weaver shot 69 the first day. at 219. Goldsboro, N.C., with List tying for sixth.
including the 2005 Match Play event, had a
John Nigh of Indian Hills, John Godwin Tech’s Cameron Tringale was the tour- PGA Tour pre-qualifying: Qualifying has
tough battle early in the tournament,
of Godwin Creek in Columbus and Gordon nament medalist at 211, with John Tyler begun for the 2009 PGA Tour, with two
defeating No. 2 seed Brandon Nelson of
McIntyre of Mystery Valley tied for seventh Griffin tying for third at 215. Georgia courses hosting recent pre-quali-
Roswell, the stroke play medalist, on the
at 144. Both teams struggled in the season- fying events.
20th hole in the second round. Nelson shot
Davis, Knebels, Brannen, Godwin and opening Carpet Capital Collegiate at The At Jennings Mill, three Georgia golfers
68 in the qualifying while Noll was seeded
Nigh represented Georgia in the Senior Farm in Rocky Face, with Georgia placing advanced to the first stage of qualifying,
15th after a 73.
PNC, with Brannen the lone Georgia PGA seventh and Tech 11th, 12 and 16 strokes scheduled for late October. Nick Cowper of
Gregory knocked off defending cham-
member to survive the 36-hole cut. He was behind tournament winner Tennessee- Atlanta tied for fifth at 285, with Drew
pion Greg Bradford of Talking Rock, who
in position after 36 holes to finish in the top Chattanooga. Tringale and David Dragoo Bowen of Monroe and former Georgia PGA
was seeded first, 1-up in the quarterfinals,
35 and qualify for the 2009 Senior PGA tied for seventh for Tech at 215, with Henley member Trae Cassell, now living in
and then got past fourth-seeded Chris Hall
Championship, but fell back after a poor low for Georgia, tying for 20th at 218. California, also advancing.
of Kennesaw 2&1 in the semis. Noll
third round. The Bulldogs finished third in the NCAA At Kinderlou Forest, five Georgians
defeated Winston Morris of Marietta 3&2
Age group winners were Spannuth (55- Preview at Inverness in Toledo, Ohio, with moved on to first stage. They were Brad
in the other semifinal match.
59), Louis McHughes of Newnan CC Adam Mitchell tying for 10th and Smith of Atlanta, Jamie Bowen of
GSGA Public Links: Matt Corbitt of
(60-64), Weaver (65-69) and Savannah’s Joe Swafford, Savannah’s Brian Harman, and Dawsonville, Chris Holroyd of Augusta, TPC
Macon, who recently regained his amateur
Rullan (70-and-over). Henley all among the top 25. Tech tied for Sugarloaf assistant pro John Duta and
status, won a three-way playoff to take
Seniors Division: Mike Schlueter of seventh with Tringale and Chesson Cody Lowry of Smyrna.
the GSGA Public Links Championship at
West Pines and Wyatt Detmer of Orchard Hadley in the top 20. Advancing from qualifiers outside the

Hooters Tour plays

The Frog.
Hills shot 68 to share first place in a Georgia state were former Georgia resident Joe
Corbitt finished with a 7-under 137 total
PGA Seniors Division tournament at the Deraney and Nick Mackay of Columbus in

2 events in Georgia
to tie Ryan Wilson of Pooler and Mark
Creek at Hard Labor State Park. Bill Arizona, and Drew Nelson and recent
Whisenant of Douglasville, a member at
Johnstone, Dan Mullins and Eddy Young Georgia Tech golfer Kevin Larsen in
The Frog, with Whisenant making a birdie
tied for third at 73, with Craig Hartle sixth The Hooters Tour recently wrapped up its California. Larsen placed second in his pre-
on the final hole to earn his way into the
at 74. 2008 season, with two of its late summer qualifier and Deraney was third.
Central Chapter Championship: Sonny events played in Georgia. There will be 11 first stage qualifiers, with
But Whisenant bogeyed the first playoff
Skinner of River Pointe in Albany won the Former Auburn golfer Andrew Medley sites including Florence, S.C., Durham, N.C.,
hole, with Corbitt and Wilson going to the
Central Chapter Championship at Albany’s won a rain-shortened tournament at and three in Florida. Callaway Gardens will
fifth extra hole before Corbitt won with a
Stonebridge G&CC with a 133 total, five Southern Hills in Hawkinsville, with a 36- host one of six second stage qualifiers Nov.
par. Corbitt shot 65 the first day to lead
strokes ahead of runner-up Andy Blanton hole total of 131. Former Augusta State 12-15.
Whisenant by one stroke, but followed with
of Country Club of Columbus. Gregg Wolff golfer Emmett Turner tied for third at 134. LPGA qualifying: St. Simons’ Garrett
a 72 while Whisenant came back with a 71.
and Bob Windom tied for third at 142, At Bartram Trail in Evans, Chip Deason Phillips and Newnan’s Jean Reynolds both
Wilson had rounds of 68 and 69.
followed by John Godwin and Winston of Lexington, S.C., won by four strokes with advanced to the finals of LPGA Tour quali-
Cason Hammock of Columbus, a
Trively at 143. a 19-under 261 total. Former U. of Georgia fying, which will be played in early
member of the Columbus State golf team,
McGladrey Team Championship: A golfer Kevin Kisner of Aiken, S.C., tied for December in Daytona Beach.
was fourth at 141. Hammock reached the
team from Savannah Golf Club won the eighth at 267, with Ringgold’s Thomas Phillips finished seventh in Rancho
semifinals of the U.S. Public Links
Georgia PGA McGladrey Team Hagler shooting a final round 63 to place Mirage, Cal., with a 5-under 283 total, while
Championship earlier this year.

Bulldogs take title

Championship at Berkeley Hills to qualify 16th at 269. Roberto Castro of Alpharetta Reynolds tied for 20th in the second sec-
for nationals at the Pinehurst Resort. and David Robinson of Sandersville tied tional qualifier in Venice, Fla. Jennifer

at Macon’s Brickyard
The team of Savannah GC instructor Josh for 20th at 271. Kovach of Braselton and amateurs
Williams and amateurs Scott Weeks, Kevin Major Manning of Clarkesville, a former Margaret Shirley of Roswell and Nicole
Halligan and Toby Browne Jr., shot teammate of Turner at Augusta State, won Wildes of Baxley failed to make the 36-hole
10-under 134 in the best ball competition to Georgia defended its title in the Brickyard cut in both qualifiers, with Shirley missing
a Hooters Tour event in Elgin, S.C., going
edge out a team from Chateau Elan by one Collegiate at Macon’s Brickyard at Riverside, by just one shot in Florida.
wire-to-wire to finish with a 21-under 267

winning a head to head duel with Georgia
Course Reviews

Bear’s Best (Public)

5342 Aldeburgh Dr., Suwanee; 678-714-2582;
STAFF: Craig Riddle is the Club Manager; Cole Register is the Golf Professional.
PAR/YARDAGE: Bear’s Best plays to a par 72 with four sets of tees – Gold (7,037 yards);
Blue (6,447); White (5,951); and Red (5,076).
COURSE RATING/SLOPE: 72.5/140 (Gold); 70.3/137 (Blue); 68.0/125 (White);
70.0/127 (Red).

ABOUT THE COURSE: Since it opened in 2002, Bear’s Best has vied for the title of top daily
fee course in the Atlanta area, offering a unique layout that consists of 18 holes replicated
from some of the finest designs of Jack Nicklaus. After taking a look at the relatively rugged
terrain on which the course was built, Nicklaus determined what holes of his would work
best in the setting, and the layout flows nicely, with no holes out of place from a design
standpoint. There are a number of holes that will be familiar to golf fans, including two each
from Muirfield Village and Sherwood Country Club, the 18th from Castle Rock, one of the
“Bear Trap” holes from PGA Golf Club and three from courses in the British Isles that have
hosted major international events. In all, 11 of the 18 holes are from courses that have been
the site of televised tournaments. Although there are several holes where poorly struck
shots will be severely penalized, Bear’s Best is not an overly demanding layout, especially
by Nicklaus standards. The back tees have been lengthened about 200 yards, but the
yardages from the other three sets are unchanged. The course is very playable from the
blue tees, with only the par-4 18th from Castle Rock having serious length. Bear’s Best fea-
tures mostly generous fairways, although the Bermuda rough is a significant factor. As a
group, the greens are on the small side, and with a handful of exceptions do not have an
excess of undulation. Only about one-third of the holes have water in play, but those are
definitely hazardous, most notably the par 3s from Muirfield Village and the Bear Trap, and
the par-4 eighth from a less familiar Nicklaus design. The par 5s are hazard free but relatively
tight, and provide some scoring opportunities along with four short-ish par 4s, including
the first and 10th holes from Sherwood CC. There are some interesting design features
around the greens on several of the opening holes, with the layout holding your interest
from the first tee shot to last putt. The course is casually upscale, with typically outstanding
conditions and a forecaddie program making it a strong attraction for out of town visitors
and corporate outings.

Druid Hills Golf Club (Private)

740 Clifton Rd. NE; 404-377-1766;
STAFF: Paul Hattimer is the General Manager; Randall Couch is the Golf Professional.
PAR/YARDAGE: Druid Hills plays to a par of 72 with five sets of tees – Black (6,860 yards);
Blue (6,479); White (5,956); Burgundy (5,502) and Green (4,842).
COURSE RATING/SLOPE: 73.6/139 (Black); 71.8/133 (Blue); 69.4/124 (White); 72.2/128
(Burgundy); 68.7/119 (Green).

ABOUT THE COURSE: One of Atlanta’s venerable private clubs, Druid Hills was extensively
renovated five years ago by acclaimed course architect Bob Cupp, with the changes
including a significant addition of length and a few major revisions to holes. The character
of the course has not changed appreciably, although a few of the par 4s are considerably
more challenging than they were because of the added length to both the black and blue
tees. The rolling nature of the layout remains one of its main assets, with the biggest change
coming on the par-4 15th, which was formerly a flat hole on a flood plain. The green has
been moved well up a steep hill, resulting in a testy approach shot on a hole of modest
yardage. The green on the third hole, one of two wonderful short, downhill par 4s capable
of producing a wide range of scores, was moved closer to a bordering creek, with the green
at the uphill, par-3 sixth also re-positioned a little closer to a lake which is not seriously in
play on the hole. Despite the additional length, Druid Hills remains a relatively short course
by modern standards, with the top amateurs who compete in the annual Dogwood
Invitational still capable of posting some spectacular scores. But for the club’s members and
guests, the course has a little more bite, especially the par 4s that open both nines and the
two finishing holes, a 225-yard par 3 and the lone par 5 of serious length. The remaining trio
of par 5s offer excellent scoring chances, although the well-bunkered seventh and
risk/reward 14th require considerable precision to take advantage of their absence of
length. Along with the added yardage and re-positioning, the putting surfaces were also
upgraded, with the outstanding bent grass surfaces making for some slick putts on the
greens with a decent amount of slope. Cupp’s work has certainly enhanced the course,
which again ranks among the best in the metro area.


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