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THIS AGREEMENT of LEAVE & LICENSE made this day of-------, 2011. between Mr. Gopi Nath residing (having their contact Address) at : -B1/143 CLOVER GARDENS , NAYLOR ROAD OPP ATUR PARK, OFF MANGALDAS , ROAD PUNE 411001 (hereinafter called the LICENSOR which expression shall, unless excluded by or repugnant to the content include their heirs, successors, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assignees) of the ONE PART AND Info Dynamic Group residing (Having their contact Address) at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(hereinafter called the LICENSEE which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the content include their successors executors, administrators, legal representatives and assignees) on the OTHER PART.

i . ex e

THAT THE LICENSOR hereby allows the LICENSEE to use the following described premises located at : D/3, Revati Tower, Nr. Ramdev Nagar Cross Road, Ahmedabad. Admeasuring 175 Sq. Yards, comprising of 2 Bedrooms, a Drawing cum Dinning room and a kitchen etc. NOW THE DEED WITNESSTH AS FOLLOWS : 1. LICENCE FEE : That the Licensee shall pay to the Licensor of the premises, the License fees of Rs.16,500/(in words Rupees Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred only) which is including Society

Maintenance per month on or before the 7th day of each English Calendar Month. 2. DEPOSIT : Licensee shall pay to the licensor a non interest bearing security deposit of Rs.49,500/- (in words Rupees Forty Nine Thousand Five Hundred only) which will be refunded back by the Licensor against vacating the premises and clearing all the outstanding towards Electricity, Telephone Bill, whichever applicable as per the Agreement and producing the copies of payments made to the concerned authorities to the Licensor. And one month License fee will be paid in advance. 3. a) OTHER CHARGES ELECTRICITY : That the Licensee shall pay the Electricity Charges separately which will be exclusive of the Licence fees. b) LOCAL AUTHORITY TAXES : That the Licensor shall pay the Local Authority Taxes of Gram Panchayat/ AUDA Charges and Municipal Taxes and Cesses between this agreement period shall be paid by the Licensor. c) SOCIETYS / ASSOCIATIONS COMMON MAINTENANCE CHARGES : That the Licensor shall pay the Society s / Associations Common Maintenance charges towards Common lighting, sweeping, security, water pumping, bore-well maintenance, lift, parking etc. which will be inclusive of the License Fee. + x



That the Leave & License Agreement is Granted for a period of Eleven (11) months commencing from the 4th day of August , 2011. and License fees stand from that date.


RENEWAL OPTION : Licensor and Licensee shall have an option to renew this agreement further with mutual consent. And if this agreement were renewed further the Licence fee will be increased by10% cummulatively.


NOTICE PERIOD : Within one (1) month of receipt of notice from either side in writing communicated by regd post A. D./courier on the contact address mentioned hereinabove will be sufficient to terminate this Agreement, and on such termination, the Licensee will hand over the vacant possession of premises back to the Licensor.


That the Licensee shall not sub-license, assign or sublet the part or whole of the said premises to anybody during the License period.


That the Licensee shall not carry out any structural additions to the building layout, fittings or fixtures without consent of the Licensor.


The Licensee shall not keep any hazardous items goods etc. in the said premises which is prohibited by the law.


The Licensee shall not carry out any antisocial activity prohibited under the prevailing Act of law.


That the licensee shall not create any nuisance annoyance or hindrance in the said premises or its surrounding neighbourhood and the Society / Associations rules and regulations will be binding to the Licensee and its occupant.


That the Licensee shall permit the Licensor / his agent to enter upon the described premises for inspection and carry out repairs etc. as and when necessary.



That the Licensee shall bear the current day-to-day minor repairs and maintenance to the said premises. When the licensor shall take possession back on that time premises and its furniture and electrical fixtures etc. should be in good and working condition. If any damage is observed it will be repaired and the amount will be deducted from the security deposit.


That Licensee fails to comply on any of the terms mentioned in this Agreement, Licensor shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and the Licensee shall be liable to hand over the vacant and peaceful possession back to the Licensor immediately.


That the said premises is let to Info Dynamic Group-------- for the Residential Use of His Company Employees only.


It being the express intention of both the parties that this is purely a Leave & License agreement and nothing herein contained shall constitute any tenancy or subtenancy between the Licensor and the Licensee.


That the original copy of this agreement will be retained by the Licensor and a Duplicate copy on a non judicial stamp paper will be retained by the Licensee. 18. The terms of this Agreement shall not be altered or added to nor shall anything be

omitted from this Agreement except by means of an Agreement in writing duly signed by the parties hereto. The Licensee shall not be entitled to any further renewal for any other reason whatsoever. 19. The Licensor shall hereby deliver the said premises to the Licensee complete in all ) Fans, ( ) Tub lights and a water

respects duly repaired with electrical fittings, like (

connection. And he/she/they also agree(s) that the Licensee paying the License Fees hereby (reserved and performing the conditions herein contained) shall peacefully and quietly posses and enjoy the said premises during the currency of the Agreement without interruption or disturbance by the Licensor. 20. Licensee is not liable for any damage to the premises on account of natural calamities. 21. only. 22. Electricity Meter service No.________________ and Meter Reading at the date of In case of any dispute, all claims will be settled in the court of the Ahmedabad City

possession was _____________.



___________________________________ LICENSOR

_____________________________________ LICENSEE

__________________________________ (WITNESS)

_____________________________________ (WITNESS)


Details of Deposit amount Cheque and other Eleven Post dated Cheques Name of ____________ As per Bellow No. Cheque No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Amount Bank & Branch Date

:7: ANNEXURE(A) The following fixtures, fitting and Amenities are provided as on __ day of _______, 2011. at :________________________________________. in good and working condition. We ( the Licensee ) also agree to return them in the same condition ( normal wear and tear excepted ) at the time of vacating the above mentioned premises. Sr. No. Particulars Quantity

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Electricity Meter service No.____________________ and Meter Reading at the date of possession was _____________.

___________________________________ LICENSOR

_____________________________________ LICENSEE

__________________________________ (WITNESS)

_____________________________________ (WITNESS)

i . ex e