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HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: This is a 41-year-old male who havehad(0.

50, SV AGREEMENT) been experiencing pain on the right shoulder on lying down in bed for the night. It has been going on off and on(1.50, OMISSION) for the last one and a half years.year(0.50, SINGULAR). Sometimes, he also has a neck pain. What he does is turn to the other side, and this diminished the discomfort. Incidentally, there is no discomfort during the day. He remembers having an injury to the right shoulder at the same time when this problem started. He never had x-ray or being treated for any doctor. He also mentioned about having a polypspolyp(0.50, SINGULAR). that was removed few years ago, and wanted a colonoscopy. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: Reviewed. SOCIAL AND FAMILY HISTORY: Reviewed. ALLERGIES: None. MEDICATIONS: He is on(0.50, FORMAT) 1. Levothroid 200 mcg per day, and. 2. Lipitor 20 mg one q. daydaily. (0.50, FORMAT) PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: GENERAL APPEARANCE: He is an overweight, well-developed, and well-nourished, ambulatory, coherent, and in no distress. VITAL SIGNS: Weight of WT 197 pounds, height of 5 feet 9 incheslbs. HT 59. BP 120/80. (0.50, FORMAT) Pulse of 70 per minute, blood pressure 120/80, temperature/min. Temperature 97.2. HEENT: Head is normocephalic. EyesEye(0.50, SINGULAR FORM): Pupils are equal and reactive to light. Nose is normal. Ears: Normal tympanic membrane. Throat: No oral lesion. SKIN: No rash. NECK: Supple. Thyroid is not enlarged. Negative for carotid bruit. There is no deformity along the cervical vertebrae. There is no deformity. LUNGS: No rales ________. Appreciated(0.50, BLANK). HEART: Regular Is in regular rhythm without with no(1.50, INCORRECT VERBIAGE) murmurs. ABDOMEN: Soft

Is soft with no point of(1.50, OMISSION) tenderness . EXTREMITIES: No edema and growth. No gross (1.50, INCORRECT VERBIAGE) deformity. There is a full range of motion especially to the right shoulder. There is hematuriasymmetry(3.00, INCORRECT MEDICAL TERM) in both shoulders jointshoulder joints(0.50, PLURAL FORM). No crepitus. No deformities noted. DIAGNOSES: 1. Right shoulder pain. 2. Neck pain. 3. Hyperlipidemia. 4. Hypothyroidism. PLAN OF TREATMENT: 1. He will have TSH and lipid level in August. I will send him for x-ray of the right shoulder and cervical bones. For the mean timemeantime(0.50, FORMAT), he will be on naproxen 500 mg b.i.d. post sebum. Patientcibum(3.00, INCORRECT MEDICAL TERM). The patient was advised and I will follow him up in one month. Thank you. NP: 17 LC: 31.01 QA: 45.18%